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Fan Creation:Gabrielle

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Sylar Lightning.jpg
Elle coaches Gabriel to use his lightning.

"Gabrielle" is the fan-coined term to describe the relationship between Elle Bishop and Gabriel Gray.



After Sylar witnesses Mohinder inject Maya, in Isaac's loft, with Claire's regenerative blood, Elle arrives as he is about to leave. Sylar shoots at her smashing a pane of glass. Elle retaliates firing lighting at him, first missing him, then hitting him in the back sending him through the glass door, injured. Sylar staggers out of the loft with Elle chasing after him. She goes back to Mohinder, who tells her that Maya, Molly and himself owe her their lives.

The Butterfly Effect

After going to her father's office to ask for forgiveness, Elle sees that Sylar has killed him and stolen his ability. She goes to Noah's cell in level 5 and throws him a gun stating that Sylar is in the building. As Noah looks at the window of his cell he watches as Elle is telekinetically thrown past by Sylar. He goes out of his cell and sees Sylar and shoots at him. Sylar collapses to the floor and quickly regenerates, regaining consciousness and saying, "ouch". Sylar then proceeds to throw Bennet against a wall picking up his gun and turning it to gold, taunting Elle. Sylar then starts to slice Elle's head open, but the massive amount of pain it is causing her, causes her to let of a massive electrical outburst, knocking Sylar out but also releasing the other level 5 prisoners. Later as Elle approaches Angela, who is watching over Sylar, she promises to track down the level 5 escapees. However she is told that because of the incident that she is no longer employed by the Company.


In 2006, Elle and Noah are keeping surveillance on Gabriel Gray as he struggles to control the act he considers 'sinful' and vividly remembers his first victim. He is attempting suicide by hanging himself in his watch store when Elle enters and finds him hanging and moments from death. She breaks the rope with a blast of electricity and manages to convince a confused and groggy Gabriel that the rope broke by itself and it is a sign that he is forgiven by God. With Noah monitoring her progress via hidden cameras from the back of a Primatech van across the street, Elle bonds with Gabriel over peach pie, and eventually finds herself beginning to fall for him. She also fakes amazement and ignorance when Gabriel demonstrates his secondary ability. When she objects to Noah about how they are manipulating Gabriel, he says she can quit but she'll be on her own.

Elle steals a list of individuals with abilities that Gabriel was attempting to throw out and under pressure from Noah manages to contact and bring an evolved human, Trevor Zeitlan, to Gabriel's apartment. She expresses admiration for Trevor, taunting Gabriel into using his telekinesis on Trevor. However, when Gabriel prepares to kill Trevor, she shocks Gabriel with lightning. Realizing that she's lied to him, Gabriel first telekinetically slams her into a wall and then tells her to get out. She flees to the van and is forced to listen over the surveillance cameras as Gabriel opens up Trevor's skull. Later, she objects to their mission, noting that they could have saved Gabriel rather than manipulating him into killing again. Noah insists that saving Gabriel wasn't their assignment and they have to follow orders.

It's Coming

Elle is confined in a locked room and chained to the floor. Arthur Petrelli ushers Sylar into the room and leaves them together. Seeking revenge for the death of her father, Elle fires lighting bolts at Sylar, killing him repeatedly. Each time his regeneration power heals his wounds, he tells her to take her vengeance and she keeps attacking him until she collapses, sobbing. She begs Sylar to kill her but Sylar unchains her and takes her hand. Sylar helps her to come to terms with the death of her father. As he does so, he discovers that he has duplicated her ability without having to study her brain. The two sit together and she first generates an electrical arc to match his, then shows him how to unleash bursts of lightning. During that time she is in relatively intimate contact with him.

Later, she and Sylar are released and she goes to Arthur's office to watch him sketch the eclipse.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Sylar tests his newly acquired lightning powers while Elle looks on. Sylar says he needs to prove himself to someone, but says she wouldn't understand. They're interrupted when Arthur comes in and asks Sylar to find Claire. Elle insists on going with him, admitting that being a "Company" girl is all she knows. Sylar asks Arthur if he's okay with it, and Arthur says it's a good pairing. Then Sylar and Elle go to the Hotspur car rental agency and Sylar checks in with Arthur. Arthur thinks that Noah has Claire, and Sylar knows where he'll go because he knows how Noah thinks. Elle is worried about him, thinking that he's obeying authority too easily. Sylar tries to ring the bell for the agent, but Elle tells him that she told the car rental agent that Sylar is a serial killer who kidnapped her. When Sylar wonders why, she explains that she doesn't want Arthur or anyone else making him into something he isn't. She says they can do and take whatever they want. The agent comes out with a rifle and says he knows what's going on. Sylar tries to explain without success and Elle pressures Sylar by asking who he really is. The clerk strikes Sylar, drawing blood, and says he'll be a hero for turning Sylar in. Sylar glares him, his injury regenerating, and says he hates heroes.

Claire is still practicing her swinging but is tiring out. Noah wonders where her anger has gone and tells her to swing at him. She tries and he asks what she's thinking. She talks about how she hugged him every time he'd come back from a trip in the hope he wouldn't leave. She hits him in the leg and asks why he left, then walks toward the door. Elle comes in and tries to use her lightning, but nothing happens. Noah draws a gun and tells her to leave, but Sylar comes in behind him. However, Sylar's power doesn't work either. Noah and Sylar struggle and Noah drops his gun. As Noah dislocates Sylar's shoulder, Elle picks up the gun and prepares to shoot Noah. Claire throws herself in the path of the bullet and falls to the ground. Noah knocks Elle unconscious and then picks up Claire and gets her out of the house. Sylar picks up the gun but passes out from the pain before he can shoot.

Elle relocates Sylar's arm and he tries to use his powers without success. He takes the gun and admits that he used to understand everything, but now nothing makes sense. Sylar admits that it's a relief not to feel the hunger. Elle admits she pushed him to become a monster and he says it wasn't her fault, she was just following orders. She says they can't take what they want any more but Sylar questions that, grabs her, and kisses her passionately. Outside, Noah is drawing a bead on him with a sniper rifle.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Sylar and Elle have just finished making love in Stephen Canfield's house. Elle wonders what happens if their power loss is permanent, and Sylar says if it is then she gets what she wants. She asks him what he thinks she wants and after kissing her, says they have a chance to reinvent themselves, free of powers or parents. Elle admits it's scary, and then notices a laser sight on Sylar's forehead. She pulls him out of the way as Noah opens fire. They get to cover as he bursts in, and Elle returns fire. They head out the door as Noah shoots her in the thigh. Noah chases them, following the trail of blood. They hide behind a junked car and Noah yells at them to run, and that he wants them to scared like Claire was.

Elle and Sylar take refuge in a drug store and Sylar tries to treat Elle's wound. A clerk asks them if they need help and Sylar throws money at him, then warns Elle that they have to split up before Noah gets there. Elle warns that Noah is better trained and will kill Sylar, and suggests they set a trap together. Sylar wonders if he deserves to die, but eventually agrees and takes her into the back storage area. Sylar and Elle run into the storeroom and spot Noah on a security monitor. Sylar shoves Elle into a freight elevator, closes the gate, and sends the elevator down. Elle bangs on the doors, begging him to bring her back. Noah arrives and Sylar tackles him. Noah slams Sylar into the shelves, and Sylar asks what would happen if Claire could see him there out of control. Distracted, Sylar manages to land a few punches but Noah drops him to the ground. He grabs a packing knife as Elle's elevator comes back up. She watches in horror as Noah cuts Sylar's throat. Noah exits the storeroom, leaving Sylar for dead.

Noah returns home where Claire is laying in her bedroom. She accuses him of abandoning her again and viewing her as just an assignment, and notes she died again and he missed it. Noah realizes the significance of her coming back and runs downstairs, only to find Sylar and Elle waiting for him, their powers restored. Sylar disarms him using telekinesis and Elle threatens to electrocute Sandra when Claire tries to grab the gun. Sylar says they're taking Claire and he's going to finish the job by delivering her to Arthur. He starts to choke Noah but Noah says that Arthur and Angela aren't Sylar's parents. He's read Sylar's files and knows the truth. Elle says he's lying and Noah says that she knows who Sylar is and she helped create him. Noah says there's no way they can have a normal life, not after Sylar killed Bob. Sylar starts to slice open Noah's throat but Hiro appears, teleports away Sylar, then returns and teleports Elle away. Sylar is standing on a beach when Elle appears behind him. Sylar explains that Hiro was responsible and asks Elle if Noah was telling the truth about his parents. He has her sit down and touches her forehead. She flinches briefly and then they lay back on the beach. Sylar says he's been thinking about them finding themselves, free of their parents and their powers. He says she was wrong and that nobody really changes. Elle says that he did. But Sylar states that it was temporary and that now he has his powers back, he knows neither one of them is going to change because they're "both just damaged goods". He starts to slice open her skull as she screams in agony.

Our Father

Sylar, extremely remorseful at the way things turned out, covers Elle's body in petrol and ignites her body with her own ability, saying goodbye to her once and for all.

Memorable Quotes

"Hi! Do you like pie? Ugh...That rhymed, didn't it?"

- Elle (to Gabriel) (Villains)

"I forgive you. All you have to do is forgive yourself."

- Gabriel (to Elle) (It's Coming)


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