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Fan Creation:Talk Heroes

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Talk Heroes
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The original main page

The Heroes expanded universe, formerly known as Heroes UK, is a fan fiction message board set up in the United Kingdom.


The Heroes expanded universe (Heroes EU) is a forum dedicated to continuing the Heroes world after the cancellation of the series. Stories are all set in the same unofficial continuity and may reference or interact with each other. Submissions are allowed in many different formats with the only real rule for acceptance being that the story can't contradict what has come before it.


Originally known as Heroes UK, the site was set up after the message board on the official BBC site closed down. The forum was created by the user "Wallfly", to act as a replacement to the BBC forum. In July 2010, Wallfly passed the forum over to the user "Sylar" who gave the forum a revamp.

After Heroes was cancelled the forum was changed, adding more sections for users to post in. The site has an ever growing community with over 80 members to date.

The site features fifteen topics split into four sections:

The first section is The Forum. This is made of updates, Contact Admin and Staff. Staff is only visible to administrators and moderators.

The second section is Heroes. This is made up of Heroes, Actors, Merchandise, Role play and Art.

The third section is General. This is made up of General Chat, Movies, Television and Video Games.

The fourth and final section is Fun. This is made of Jokes, Funny Pictures and Fight Club. Fight Club is where users can challenge each other to "fights", in which two users have ten posts to insult each other using a particular theme. The winner is then decided by other users unless a user gives in or doesn't come up with an insult.


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