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Fan Creation:Sylaire

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"Sylaire" is a fan-created coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Sylar and Claire Bennet.



Sylar travels to Union Wells High School looking for a cheerleader with rapid cell regeneration, and accidentally kills Jackie while throwing Claire into a wall. Watching Claire regenerate, he follows her calmly, even subduing Peter with relative ease. He finds her at the top of the stairs, and tries to catch her, but ends up killing Peter instead and leaving him for dead.


Noah confronts Sylar over his fascination with Claire - Sylar calls it an evolutionary imperative, and says that he must have Claire, for she is ripe and innocent. Noah demands that he stops talking about his daughter in that way, but Sylar continues. Noah leaves him in the dark as a response.

The Fix

Sylar asks Noah how Claire is.


Sylar slams Noah into the window and escapes from his cell, intent on traveling to the the Bennets' home to find her. Once there, he meets Claire's foster mother, Sandra, and tells her about his obsession with Claire. Sandra finds this strange, but Sylar disagrees, and soon ends up nearly killing her, only for Noah and the Haitian to stop him. Sylar escapes.

Graphic Novel:Road Kill

Sylar regrets not being able to take the cheerleader.

Five Years Gone

Sylar and Claire meet up in the Petrelli Mansion, Sylar hugs her. Sylar tells her that he wanted to make everybody aware of them, although Claire worries that people are afraid of the truth. Sylar tells Claire of what he has done recently; he has met Candice Willmer, became the President, and now he wants to eliminate the competition - starting with her. Claire tries escaping, but Sylar stops her and starts cutting her. Claire's last word is "Sylar".


Sylar watches Claire talking with Ted, Matt, Peter, and Noah. He decides to follow her, and keeps watching them, managing to get Ted away from her and Peter.


Sylar tells Mohinder that his blood can cure the Shanti virus with the help of Claire's blood.

The Second Coming

Sylar, without giving notice, visits Claire in her bedroom to take what she has while talking about his experience "south of the border". Claire knocks him unconscious with a cheerleading trophy and runs away, but Sylar cuts off all exits, including windows and the phone. She grabs a knife to defend herself, while Sylar wanders around her. She eventually hides in the closet, which Sylar walks over to.

Deciding not to open the closet, Sylar tells Claire that he does not want to hurt her, as he already has what he wants. Claire manages to stab him and attempts to run, but Sylar slams her into the wall and staggers forward.

Removing her brain, Sylar examines and gets an almost orgasmic feeling when he finds her ability during his examination. Afterwards, he puts her back together again, and comments that both of them will live forever.

One of Us, One of Them

Noah is opposed to working with Sylar, especially since Sylar's recent attack on Claire, but Sylar rationalizes that since Claire can't die she was never in any danger.

Whilst Claire is being suffocated by Meredith in a storage container, she reveals that she wants to learn to fight so she can hurt Sylar like he hurt her.

I Am Become Death

Four years in the future, Claire comes into Gabriel’s house in Costa Verde and begins to threaten the residents. After a tense conversation, Claire says that this once was her house, but Gabriel took it from her, just like everything else. Gabriel tries to apologize but she doesn’t listen to him.

Angels and Monsters

Whilst Claire is talking to Stephen Canfield, Noah and Sylar arrive together, to take Canfield back to level 5, which shocks Claire. Canfield then creates a vortex and runs out while it starts to pull in the flooring. Claire tries to hold on to a pipe but loses her grip. Sylar rescues her. The vortex dissipates and Sylar tries to apologize to Claire, realizing what he put her through. Claire refuses to accept his apology and Noah tells Sylar never to talk to his daughter again.

Noah drives Claire home, explaining that he did what he had to to protect his family. Sylar is in the back and says that Claire finally sees Noah for what he really is; a user who doesn't consider either one of them human beings.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Sylar is testing his newly acquired lightning powers with Elle when they’re interrupted by Arthur who asks Sylar to find Claire. Sylar and Elle go to the Hotspur car rental agency and Sylar checks in with Arthur. Arthur thinks that Noah has Claire, and Sylar knows where he’ll go because he knows how Noah thinks.

The Eclipse, Part 2

After recovering from having his throat cut, Sylar goes to the Bennet house with Elle and they threaten to kill Claire's parents if she doesn't go with them. Sylar then says that he’s going to finish the job by delivering her to Arthur. However, before Sylar can kill Noah, Hiro teleports him and Elle away.


At Primatech, Noah, Angela, Claire and Meredith arm themselves and go out into the hallway, only to find dead security guards. Sylar is in the surveillance room and puts the building into emergency shutdown. He tells them over the loudspeakers that he killed Arthur. He says they see him as a monster, but notes Claire did that to him. He says that, one by one, he’s going to prove to them that they’re all monsters, just like him.

Noah figures out where Sylar must be broadcasting from and starts leading the others there. Sylar taunts them over the loudspeaker while Claire explains how to stop someone who can regenerate. Sylar talks to Claire, saying they can’t be damaged except by a broken heart. The group splits up and Claire and Angela enter the study. Claire figures Sylar is looking at them on the security cameras and calls him a "sick bastard". Noah and Meredith barge into the surveillance room to find a security guard with his throat cut. Sylar informs them they’re not hunting him: he's hunting them.

Claire tries to call out but the phone lines are dead. Angela tells her that she’s giving Sylar the attention he’s been starved for. The phone rings and Sylar tells her that Claire can walk out with Noah and Meredith if Claire shoots Angela dead. When Claire refuses, Sylar suggests she give him Noah instead and tells her to talk to Noah about who turned him into a monster. Claire says if he hurts her father, she’ll hunt him down and kill him. Sylar says, "You've gone from cheerleader to stone-cold killer. Who's the monster now?". She cocks the shotgun, glances at Angela, then shoots the phone. "You are", Claire says.

Sylar transmits an image of Noah and Meredith trapped on level 5 to Claire in the study. Angela warns that Sylar wants them to go down there but Claire doesn't care. They make their way down the hallway but Sylar abducts Angela and then ambushes Claire. He asks why Claire continues to protect Noah after all the lies and neglect. He drops her and she runs away to the cell. Noah tells her the keypad code only to discover Sylar has ripped it out. After Claire has freed them, Meredith asks for a minute alone and tells them to go after Sylar. Claire says she'll come back for her and goes with Noah.

Just before Sylar kills Angela, Claire stabs him in the brain with a piece of glass. Her, Angela and Noah then leave the building just as Meredith completely loses control of her ability consuming herself, Sylar and the whole building in flames.

A Clear and Present Danger

Claire is going over college brochures when Angela comes in and says that an elite education is vital. Claire isn't so sure but Angela insists she try to have a normal life. Claire worries about Sylar but Angela insists that he is dead. Her granddaughter doesn't believe her, saying that her father keeps going on trips and she'll find Sylar if no one else believes her.

An Invisible Thread

Claire goes to find Nathan not realizing that Sylar has beaten her there and has already knocked him out and assumed his appearance. Sylar tries to wake Nathan up in order to "suck out" his memories, but has to resign to drawing what he needs from Nathan's cuff links. Nathan's aide enters the room, with Sylar facing the other way, and announces that Claire is there to see him. Sylar morphs into Nathan and turns around. He tells her to send Claire in.

Claire walks into his office, but is weary about whether or not she's meeting her father or Sylar. Sylar touches her necklace to get the memories of her and Nathan in Mexico in order to convince her he's Nathan. She wishes to accompany him to warn the President of Sylar, and Sylar agrees she should come. Claire doesn't notice Nathan's body in the bathroom, even when Sylar leaves the door open. He slips on Nathan's jacket and the two head off to the Stanton Hotel. Liam Samuels, the White House Chief of Staff, greets Sylar, as he and Nathan attended boarding school together. Sylar signs in with his left hand, which Claire does notice. Sylar claims to be ambidextrous, but Claire is suspicious. They get in the elevator, where an agent named Frank accompanies them up to the Presidential suite.

Claire hears her phone ringing and checks to see who it is before answering. Noah asks her if she's alright, and Claire tells him she's with Nathan. When Noah asks her how she's sure it's Nathan, the Claire on the phone shushes the real Claire and turns back into Sylar. Noah is shocked to learn who he is really speaking to. Sylar hangs up and proceeds to make Claire pour them some wine. He tells her about his father, and then reminds her that everybody eventually dies—except for them. He proposes that Claire might one day come to love him, and tells her that she could be his First Lady. Claire, however, swears that she will try to kill him every day for the rest of her life.

Peter and Nathan are shown to the top floor by an agent named Jason, and arrive at the Presidential suite just as Sylar throws Claire out of the room. Sylar charges his hands for battle, as Claire prompts the Petrelli's forward. Nathan and Peter fly into the room, with the door slamming shut behind them. Claire tries to open the door, but is forced to watch through the crack instead. A brief duel commences, resulting in Sylar and Nathan flying out the window. Claire rushes in and finds Peter, unable to fly. They go downstairs while, back in the hotel room, Nathan is thrown by Sylar onto a piano. Sylar then slits Nathan's throat and watches him bleed to death. He comments that Claire will be very mad at him before shape shifting into Nathan, and leaving the room.


At Arlington University, Claire is having breakfast in the cafeteria with Gretchen. Gretchen suggests that her friend might want to talk, but Claire says she needs to figure it out on her own. Gretchen takes her hand and Claire pulls away so she can go to her next class. Sylar comes up and asks Gretchen if her seat is taken. Claire goes to her class and finds Sylar waiting for her. He's written her name on the board and says that he's there to learn.

Sylar tries to connect with Claire.

Sylar admits that Claire must hate him, but claims that he's off his game and warns Claire to help him. He reveals the tattoo of her on his arm and insists that it's destiny. Sylar explains that they told him he needs a friend so he can make a connection and not be alone any more. Somehow, Claire is supposed to help him. When Claire says she wouldn’t help him if her life depended on it, he says that it's not her life she has to worry about. Claire notices Gretchen's backpack nearby and she tells him to get it over with. Sylar promises that Gretchen will be reunited with Claire once Claire answers his questions. He begins drawing on the chalkboard, noting that they were both adopted and raised by parents who didn't understand them. As Sylar notes that neither of them can be killed, and both of their fathers are cold-blooded killers, Claire slips a pencil up her sleeve. Sylar explains that despite their equal formative experiences, they somehow ended up different. Claire gets up and tells him he's a psychopath. When she tries to walk away, Sylar telekinetically slams her down and says if she doesn't help, he'll slice Gretchen apart. He tells her he'll use Lydia's duplicated power to see in the depths of Claire's soul and get the answers he needs. Sylar touches her head and then kisses her.

When he's finished, Sylar notes that Claire does the same thing he does: use her gift to build walls and refuse to connect with other people, people like Gretchen. He talks about reading Gretchen's memories when he tied her up in the dorm room, and realizing that all the pauses between her and Claire were significant. Claire insists he doesn't know what he's talking about, but Sylar describes her as the invulnerable girl who won't leave herself vulnerable to someone else. Claire manages to grab the pencil and drive it into Sylar's eye, and then leaves to find Gretchen in her dorm room.

Claire runs to the dorm and frees Gretchen. The lights flicker and Claire warns that it's not over. The windows shatter inward and Claire figures that Sylar is trying to flush them out. They take refuge in a closet and Claire apologizes for pulling away from her at breakfast. She admits that she's afraid of being hurt and has built walls around her. Gretchen says it's okay, but Claire admits that Sylar was right about how they both want to avoid being alone, and neither one knows how to fix it. She describes how she hides behind one attribute her power, and closes herself off to everything else. Gretchen suggests that for Sylar to become human again, he might have to get rid of his powers. "Gretchen" then transforms into Sylar. He explains that Gretchen is back at the cafeteria, and Claire realizes he never took her. He gets up and leaves.

Brave New World

Sylar watches Claire reveal her ability, and comments to Peter Petrelli that Claire has made it a "brave new world."


Heroes 101.

In Pass/Fail, Sylar notes the following similarities between himself and Claire:

  • Adopted and misunderstood
  • Abandoned
  • Cannot be killed
  • Fathers are cold-blooded killers

Memorable Quotes

'Save the cheerleader, save the world' ... Have I been saved, or do I still need saving?"

"You are saved for the time being.

- Claire, The Haitian (Godsend)


"I've waited a long time for this."

- Future Claire, Future Sylar (Five Years Gone)

"Are you going to eat it?"

"Eat your brain? Claire, that's disgusting."

- Claire, Sylar (The Second Coming)

"Wait! What about me? Aren't you going to kill me?"

"Poor girl. There's so much about yourself you don't even understand. Your brain is not like the others, Claire. You are not like the others. You're different. You're special. I couldn't kill you even if I wanted to. You can never die. And now, I guess...neither can I."

- Claire, Sylar (The Second Coming)

"Are you okay?"


- Sylar, Claire (Angels and Monsters)

"I'll keep trying to kill you for the rest of my life."

"Well, everybody needs a hobby."

- Claire, Sylar (An Invisible Thread)

"Claire's going to be so mad at me."

- Sylar, after killing Nathan (An Invisible Thread)

"He's had me trying to figure out what his issues are."

"Seriously? How'd that go?"

"Pencil in the eye."

- Claire, "Gretchen" (discussing Sylar)

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