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Fan Creation:Maudrey

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Audrey thinks that Matt is cute.

"Maudrey" is a fan-created word coined to describe the relationship between the two characters Matt Parkman and Audrey Hanson.


Don't Look Back

In Los Angeles, Officer Matt Parkman is helping secure a crime scene when he begins to hear a little girl's frightened voice. He follows the voice into the house and to a small hidden room under the stairs where the missing girl is hiding. FBI agent Audrey Hanson confronts him about his discovery of the missing girl. Matt says he just got lucky. However, Audrey isn't convinced. She asks if his anger at failing the detective exam would drive him to set himself up as a hero, and he tells her that Sylar is responsible, not him. Audrey tells him only six people even know Sylar's name and arrests him on spot.

One Giant Leap

In an interrogation room at FBI Headquarters, Audrey questions Matt about how he found Molly Walker, the little girl rescued from the crime scene, and how he knew the name "Sylar". Matt confesses that he's hearing people's thoughts. Audrey doesn't believe him. After he successfully reads Audrey's mind, "that nobody believes in her", she enlists him in the investigation. She asks him to speak to Molly. As they approach the safe room where Molly is being kept, they hear the Molly scream and see Sylar dragging her off. Matt comforts her while Audrey pursues Sylar. She draws her gun on him and orders him to stop, but her forces her to point her gun at her own head. Before he can make her fire, Matt arrives and saves her by firing several rounds at Sylar, who gets up and escapes while Matt is making sure Audrey is alright.

Nothing to Hide

Audrey walks in on Matt changing in a locker room. Together, they go to investigate the murder of a doctor. Their investigation leads them to Theodore Sprague's home where Audrey keeps Matt safe from the high levels of radiation. They head to a hospital to where Audrey watches in awe as Matt powerfully rescues a young nurse and talks down a possible terrorist. Audrey is convinced of Matt's skills, and arranges for him to take the detective exam orally so his dyslexia won't be a hindrance.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

Matt and Audrey have a spat about Matt punching a detective, but they put aside their differences to interrogate Ted Sprague. When Ted threatens to blow up Audrey, Matt takes charge and defuses the situation.


While investigating a crime scene, Matt and Audrey discuss relationships and gender differences. Later, they work in close quarters all day interrogating people. At the end of the day, they share a moment in the car. Matt hears Audrey thinking that she thinks Matt's kind of cute.


Audrey trusts Matt's hunches enough to lead a SWAT raid on Primatech Paper Co. When the raid is a bust, Audrey defends Matt to her superior, but ends her relationship with Matt regardless.

Memorable Quotes

(Thinking) "Gotta say, he can be cute. Oh, God, did he just hear that?" (Aloud) "Did you just read my mind? You can't do that. It was a stray thought, I -- You can't do that."

"You really think I'm, uh ... 'cute'?"

-- Audrey, Matt (Fallout)

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