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The Lost Volumes

The Lost Volumes is one of many popular RPGs (created by member Inner-Demon) played on the site known as [1] This RPG is the story of a group of Heroes quest to stop the End of the World from ever occurring. It is set in the Five Years Gone universe and shows how dark the world will become.


Part One: End of the World

Work in Progress! To be edited soon!

Full story is Here: [2] "End of the World"

Part Two: Fall of Man

Work in Progress! To be ahead of the game, check this out! [3] "Fall of Man"


Gregory S. Holmes

"You Cause The End Of The World..."

Born Gregory S. Holmes, this young man would eventually be led to see the end of the world. As a child he followed a simple life, growing up with his older sister, Lara Holmes, the two shared a close relationship, a bond between brother and sister that couldn't easily be broken. When he was nine years old, Greg and his family were visiting New York City, unfortunately, it was November 8, 2006. The day of the Explosion.

Greg watched helplessly as Peter Petrelli exploded, taking with him half of New York. Upon opening his eyes, though, Greg discovered he was no longer in New York, but in Egypt, some few thousand years in the past.

Holmes was once a Time Traveler, involved in dozens of major occupations, including World War Two, a Civil War in Egypt, and was once partnered with Noah Bennet some time before the explosion. He is well trained in his many abilities, and holds a Medical License, specializing in infectious diseases and diagnostics. Greg is also fluent in at least four languages.

He also has an obsession with Genetics, more specifically, the Supergenome which gives Humans Extraordinary Abilities. Having spent his entire life searching, Greg would eventually discover the specific code that granted Supernatural abilities. Experimenting on himself, Greg would gain Telekinesis and Flight. Of course, the tests would come at a price; Greg Holmes was dying from the Genetic Injections. The Experiment would also cause Greg to lose his original ability; Time Travel. His genetic structure was breaking down.



In his early life, Greg was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He lived comfortably, his father being a proud business man. Of course, his mother never seemed to make much of herself, as she was always home, wasting away. He had one sibling, a sister, named Lara Holmes, the two were close, as few brothers and sisters are, and shared a deep bond that never seemed to even bend.

When he was nine, Greg took a trip with his family to New York City, it was elections time and quite cool outside. He and his sister, who was eighteen at the time, decided to go off on their own while their parents were busy, doing God knows what.

On a trip to Kirby Plaza, the two siblings were separated by a roaring crowd, Greg was shoved around until he could finally see what was causing the panic; a man, Peter Petrelli, was glowing bright with radiation, he was going to explode. Closing his eyes tightly, the last thing Greg saw was Peter scream out in pain, and then a blinding light. Afterwards, there was nothing, Greg felt no pain, no sign of death. It wasn't what he expected.

He opened his eyes to find an endless desert, Greg was in Egypt, at least three thousand years ago. Holmes would soon realize that he could Time Travel, it was a magnificent ability. Unfortunately, he still couldn't control. Partly because his emotions were so shattered, he was dead set on saving his sister, but it wouldn't let him jump to another time.

After a day of wandering the desert, Greg collapsed, falling unconscious. He would spend two years in Egypt, fully learning their language, and distinguishing himself from the rest. Greg would also learn more about Superhumans, discovering they existed even this far back in time. It was Superhumans who helped build the pyramids.

He also would begin his obsession with discovering what made these Humans tick, where their powers came from. Luckily the Egyptians and their Pharaoh had knowledge about Superhumans that was well beyond its time. Of course, this also led to a Civil War breaking out, and the attempt to overthrow the Pharaoh.

Realizing he wanted no part in this, Greg gathered up scrolls and papers and fled, the Egyptians had been ordered to burn all of their findings, all proof of Superhumans was lost. Before Greg could ever be caught, he was thrown through time again.



Greg Holmes spent most of his childhood being tossed around through time, countless eras, new experiences, he saw the world, and he saw what it really was. He grew up quickly, in his time he has easily read hundreds of books, he considers himself the smartest and the best, a right he deserves, arrogance that, as he would claim, he earned.

When he was eighteen, Greg was thrust into the middle of World War Two, he was one of the first soldiers to exit their ships on D-Day, this was one of his most beloved experiences, as a child he was fascinated with history, and now he was actually living these moments, these snippets of time spread across him like string, and it was his picking.

Immediately after D-Day, Greg jumped through time again, finding himself in London, England. It was February fifth, 1962. Greg was there not only to witness the Great Celestial Conjunction, but also the Birth of The Company. Greg would one day discover the Company actually carried a file on the 'one that got away', it was a long day, and Greg had aided in the escape of a young boy who could go invisible. The two escaped, and the Company would never forget. Fortunately, they were never able to identify Greg.

After his run in with the mysterious operatives, Holmes grew curious about their objective, and what exactly they knew. he spent nearly a year researching, traveling through time. He eventually found himself in back in Texas, some couple of years before The Bomb, with his ability nearly under his control, Greg was able to infiltrate The Company, and make himself a member. He was quickly assigned work with Noah Bennet.

Greg ran a number of operations with Bennet, but he had his priority, he was there to gather intel. He couldn't believe what The Company knew, the information they had gathered since 1962, especially on the Supergenome, but they still hadn't figured out the puzzle, a mystery Greg was obsessed with discovering.

After pulling together a number of files, Greg erased any proof he was ever there, including the false name he used at the time, and escaped. That was when Greg came across a man known as Professor Suresh, it appeared the Company was keeping a very close eye on him and Greg soon discovered why; he was studying people who were different. Or, at the least, trying to find one to prove his theory, that they existed.

After another year, Greg found Chandra Suresh, he soon manipulated his way into the man's home, and began piecing everything together. Greg would never reveal to Chandra what he was, that would have ruined his plan. What he wanted was information, details on what exactly Chandra was theorizing. That was when he saw "The List", and all the pieces of the puzzle fell into place.

At the time The List carried only a handful of names, but, even if indirectly, Chandra had discovered the code that gave people like Greg their unique ability. With this information, and that of what he gathered from the Company and the Egyptians, Greg began to experiment.


Experimentation & The End-

Greg became his own experiment, running countless tests and injections on himself, trying to solve the puzzle. Eventually the day came, the previous night Greg blended a specific genetic cocktail, and injected himself with it. The next morning he awoke to discover he could fly. He had solved the mystery of the genetic structure. But only his. A cocktail like this would have to be matched to each specific individual, and mixed properly to contain the correct power. At the time, Greg had no idea it was even dangerous, but what he was tampering with was unstable, and would have negative affects.

Slowly Greg found that he was easily losing more and more control over both abilities, but he knew that he still had something left to do. After all these years, Greg felt he had enough control to attempt a jump through time to save his sister, to change what he neglected so long ago.

Focusing, Greg jumped through time, but what he saw wasn't what he expected. It was the End Of The World, streets littered with death and decay, there didn't seem to be any sign of life within miles. Holmes found out he was in Washington, and discovered a paper that mention a decline in the climate. Another paper he found revealed more information, and slowly Greg began to realize where things went wrong.

Most of the events seemed to involve a specific group of people, he wasn't sure how, but Greg was positive they were responsible for the End Of The World, and if the papers were any indication, these few Superhumans were going to destroy their world, and wipe out all of humanity.

But Greg was a Time Traveler, he could avoid the end of the world for his entire life, he had an amazing ability. He could bend time to go anywhere, and he had only one thing on his mind, saving his sister. Jumping again, Greg traveled back in time.


Reunion & Lost Years

After witnessing the End Of The World, Greg was determined to find his sister, and his jump was successful. Unfortunately it was only after the bomb had already exploded, and he quickly realized he no longer was able to jump further back in time. Holmes would spend the better part of two days searching for his sister, and he managed to find her. She was alive, barely, and inside a New York hospital.

Lara was able to escape the blast radius, but took in severe injuries, the doctors were surprised she had even held on that long. Journeying to the hospital, Greg crossed his parents, two people he hadn't seen in over a decade, he paid them no mind, though. He was here for his sister, he didn't care what became of his parents.

Greg found her hooked up to a number of machines, including a life support system, she was indeed dying. Greg revealed to her who he was, and at first she assumed it was a cruel joke, at that point in time, young Holmes was assumed dead by the explosion, and his sister believed it. But he managed to change her mind, telling her stories of their childhood that only he and her would even know of.

The two bonded once more, sharing a hug, and, for the first time, Greg saw his sister cry. It had felt like an eternity since the two last saw each other, and to Greg it really was. The young man proceeded to tell Lara of his journey, of what he had seen. She was amazed, awed, he had done things she could only dream of.

Greg shared one last tale with her, about the horror he saw that was coming in the future, Lara spoke that he should change it, fix it, but Greg protested, he wanted to save her, fix his mistakes. Unfortunately, before anymore could be said, Lara flat lined, she soon died sometime after. At her side, Greg made a promise that day to do whatever was necessary to save the world, he would not let the world end because of a bunch of idiots. He would keep his word.

Not long after, Greg would erase all proof of his previous life, of the young Holmes existence, and he started a life of his own, he obtained his medical licence for this time period, as well as continued with his experimentation. Young Holmes soon became a renown Doctor, he was known all over the world for his bizarre cases, and his high intelligence, Greg was a Doctor countless others were referred to. Eventually Greg concluded that he could no longer time travel, that he was stuck here, permanently. He couldn't use his ability, if he failed to save the world, then all would be lost. Greg was the world's only hope.

Soon after, Greg granted himself another ability, Telekinesis, with flight still under his control, and telekinesis quickly mastered, Greg felt he was ready for anything.


Medical Expo, Nine Days Before The Cure Was Released


Roland Murry

"The Light Is Overrated."


Meara Amanom


Brennan Hattaway

Growing Up

Brennan was born and raised in Lansing Michigan, with his father taking off very early in his life. This has left the responsibility of raising him to his Mother and Grandmother who took it in stride and did the best they could. When he was little he was very energetic, always wanting to play fight and jump around. In general he always loved to play and have fun.

In his early school years he fell into the average category, never striving to succeed even though he could. He did however always make sure that he was the center of attention. Weather it be making jokes or mouthing off, he always made sure that he was the one in the spotlight. This usually got him in trouble, but nothing ever too serious. In high school he started to straighten out, getting straight A's and even taking college level courses by the second half of his freshmen year.

By the age of 14 Brennan began his sophomore year of high school, and with it came the knowledge that he was a special. After finding out what he could do, he became a recluse in his own world, doing everything he could to find out what it was that made him the way he was, and how he could change it. Through much reading and internet research, he discovered that his abilities were genetic, therefore making it impossible to change himself.

Even though nobody but him knew about what he was, he still isolated himself from the rest of the world. He lost most of the friends that he had making himself even more of a loner before finding his way to the drama department at his school. It was here that he found his place and it was here that he found what he needed to make it through high school.


Senior year

With Brennan's senior year came the realization that he was missing something. So he worked out a ploy to escape into what he believed to be the real world. It was to be a couple of weeks that he was to be on his own, living his life, and seeing what the world had to offer. He tricked his mother into believing that he was going to a conference on Bio-Genetics, hopped on a bus, and made his way to New York.

It was in New York that Brennan just happened to stay at a hotel full of specials. After barely escaping with his life, and destroying half the building, Brennan fell into the company of Matt Parkman, head of Homeland Security.


An officer

Matt Parkman took Brennan under his wing, actually making him a member of Homeland Security. At first all was good, until he found out what was really happening. It wasn't long until Brennan ran into another special. He had the ability to control fire, and they were holding him against his will. With a quick turn of events, Brennan turned the tables double crossing Matt, and freeing the special. unfortunately in the end both were recaptured.

Brennan was pumped full of drugs and placed in a cell. He couldn't concentrate enough to use his abilities, and just knew that he was going to die, never seeing his family again. That was until Matt came and rescued him. It had turned out that somewhere deep down inside Matt had known what he was doing was wrong, and now he was making up for it. Unfortunately Matt didn't make it out, and before he died he gave Brennan a drawing done by his son. Brennan promised to reach Matt's family as soon as he could, and then left to save the other special.


Being a Hero

Brennan then fell into the company of a group trying to stop a deadly virus. He wanted to help them any way possible and thats exactly what he did.

Eventually their fight was taken to the pentagon, where Brennan almost had his head cut open by Sylar. Fortunately enough he was saved by Greg and Sylar ended up being killed. He then disintegrated a wall, creating an escape route for the Heroes as the pentagon exploded.

Instead of celebrating with the rest of his team though, Brennan instead kept his promises and sought out Matt's wife Janice, and his son, Matt Jr.


Home Sweet Home

After returning home, he was faced with the decision of weather or not to tell his family about his secret, and what he had really done over the past weeks. His mind was ultimately made up after discovering that his mother hated his kind, and even took it a step farther to do her best to get rid of them. She created her own group, who's sole purpose was to "educate" the world on the dangers of super humans.

After an intense emotional battle, Brennan finally broke down and told his mother the truth about him, hoping that it would be enough to bring her out of her hateful state. Surprisingly enough, he got his desired results, and more. He also discovered that his own grandfather, whom he thought had died in a car crash, was actually a super human himself, and was killed because of it.

Brennan then decided to go off to college in New York. There he stayed in touch with Janice, babysitting Matt Jr. From time to time. It was then and there that he realized that he had all the family, love, and support that he needed.


It ends with a crash

about two years after the destruction of the pentagon Brennan decided to finish out his senior year at NYU. Its on the train to his college that he meets Keeny, Penny, James, Rol, and Meara. all of whom would become close acquaintances. Eventually the train De-rails crashing miles beneath the grounds of New York, and the only survivors are Brennan and a small group of supers.

After getting off the train, the group investigates what has happened, and decides that the only way to get out would be to find a map of the sewers. After finding the map, the Heroes are faced with Armored creatures whom would have surely killed them all if it hadn't been for Claude the invisible man. After the fight they find that Rol and Meara have been kidnapped, and the group follows Claude to his home where they learn how to get a handle on their abilities.

Throughout the ordeal Brennan makes a very strong relationship with Keeny, almost feeling as if shes a mother figure to him. His relationship with James is also a unique one in that they both have very different opinions, but in the end want the same thing. After finding the hiding place of the "Swords" The hero's go in and rescue Rol. They then hear the piercing screams of Meara and chase after her, only to lose her in the end.

After learning the the Swords hideout is wired, everyone scrambles out of the sewers through a man hole, but before its closed the explosion knocks them all back. After getting up and being mobbed by people, Brennan watches as Rol runs away to save Meara on his own, James disappears into the back of an ambulance, and Keeny dissapear out of nowhere. Brennan is now alone, confused, and baffled by the events that have just taken place, and curious as to what his future holds for him.

To Be Continued...


Powers and abilities-

Brennan has the ability of Disintegration. This allows him to pull the molecules of any non-living object apart and turn them to a dust like state. What exactly he can disintegrate largely depends on the size and mass of the objects, and how tired he is. At his current point he can disintegrate a concrete wall. His powers like most are also very dependent on his emotions; Anger and frustration in particular. In the begging his ability used to pent itself up, forcing Brennan to have to use them every so often. He is now a the point were this no longer occurs and he is in full control. By playing around and practicing with his powers, Brennan has also learned that he can re materialize the objects he disintegrates, and that he can control the object while its in its dust like state.


Lindsey Halls

"Tell us what's happening or this watch goes tick, tick tick, boom."


Lindsey, or Liz as she prefers to go by, was born in Anaheim California on February 17, 1995. She had a bland, average childhood with two younger brothers (Identical Twins) until she was a Freshman in High School. Not only had a grim future graced the world, but Lindsey's parents went through a messy divorce. Her mother was granted custody and they got to see their father on holidays. Her father moved to New York, and her mother stayed in Anaheim. The summer before her Senior year in high school, she's visiting her dad. She went on a two day trip to Washington DC to look at the sights and colleges.

Her last stop was the Financial Building.


Powers and Abilities

Lindsey has the power of energy transference and creation. At her current age and experience level, she is only able to transfer energy into objects. This excess energy disrupts the atoms and causes said object to explode (similar to those of Gambit from X-Men[4]). She has the potential to release the energy outwards, shown by her new found habit of snapping her fingers and creating sparks of pure energy. Recently she discovered under extreme emotional or physical conditions she produces more energy and might lose control.


Other Notes

During an ambush on enemy labs, Lindsey was thrown out a window and landed on the broken glass. Medics were able remove 80% of the shards, however there were minuscule pieces that remain under her skin. The medics told her that her skin would grow around some of the glass and not cause further damage. However the skin around the remaining glass would never recover from the shock and the glass would reopen wounds under her skin when she moved. Her back is scarred and she will always be in some amount of pain from it. _______________________________________________

Keeny James

Growing Up

Keeny James grew up in Brighton England, in a house in a small and quite impoverished town near the famous St. Nicholas church, to an intact family and a grandmother who instilled in Keeny a love of the written word. She grew up idolizing her mother, a wonderful cook who settled down from being a woman of the world to have a family. Around dinners when she was young Keeny gained an appreciation of the effect food could have on the never perfect family, many arguments solved over a hearty meal.


16 Marks The Spot

Debating a career in culinary arts, Keeny's life was shattered and yet given purpouse when her brother of one year older, Jonathan, always a bit of a spoiled brat, showed his true inner courage by intervening in a family feud with the James family's next door neighbors, leading to being shot by a drunken neighbor. The quick thinking of the neighborhood doctor saved John from certain death and changed Keeny's life forever. She took up the medical profession and graduated as a nurse shortly thereafter.



Keeny James moved to Australia with a boyfriend, Michael. A drunk driver took his life shortly thereafter, and Keeny gained a new appreciation for the sanctity of life, choosing to express it by traveling to Sudan on humanitarian work. Tragedy struck again, something that became a theme in her life. The one great love in the life of Keeny James, Harlan was a fellow doctor without borders in the Sudan. For a time, there was happiness, but death reared its ugly head once again as Harlan took a bullet in a pointless civil war, prompting Keeny to move, this time to New York.


New York and The Crisis

A regular workday was interrupted by the seemingly endless train ride to her diner, where Keeny met the people that would change what was left of her life. On that train she became friends or at least acquaintances with Penny, James, Brennan, Aurora, Lucio, Rol, and Meara. On the train she passed time by speaking to the others until Rol and Meara arrived, a criminal on their trail. The ensuing events led to near-death for almost everyone involved, but the quick thinking of all involved ended with Keeny helping to resolve the situation. Overcome with perturbing and unsettling feelings, she instead ignored them and any chance to prevent the train de-railing and crashing miles beneath the ground of New York, the only survivors left being herself and a small group of super powered survivors. She helped using her medical training in the aftermath and gained the respect and friendship of the rest of the group. Not much for plotting and action-adventure, she mostly stayed back and helped to keep the group level headed as they traversed the sewers in search of a map. The unsettling feelings surfaced again, later to be reckoned as some sort of emotional foreknowledge of her own demise, as they encountered strange armored creatures with hostile intentions. Keeny bravely(and foolishly) took the gun from Brennan and went after the creatures first, finally overcoming her grief and regret over her past in time to be nearly killed by one of them. That was until Claude Raines, the Invisible Man, arrived on the scene and saved her life at the last possible seeming moment. Her once strong relationship with Brennan became strained as Claude pushed all of them to the limit in almost sadistic training that ended with Keeny learning the true potential of her power when fed by her own emotions. She began to fall for the mysterious and haggard stranger who appeared out of nowhere, but would never let it show as she cracked jokes and mocked his sewer dwelling ways. Eventually she admitted it to herself, but then it was too late, even if that was ever an option. For Claude would be gone within moments as the group rescued the captured Rol and Keeny made the terrifying realization that the "Swords" were in fact a hive mind of sorts dedicated to death. The group rushed out of the sewers through a man hole but in the ensuing explosion Keeny disappeared.


The End Of Keeny James

Three days into the Crisis, Keeny James was home late that night, satisfied with a job well done as a plant for mysterious benefactors upon that fateful train ride. Finishing her shower just in time to receive the most important phone call of her life she confirmed to her employers that the train incident of which she had so masterfully shown to be ignorant to the causes and events surrounding it was a perfect test for the group which would be ready on time. Then she felt it- something more evil, more disgusting and malevolent than anything she had experienced- to the point she began to shake and dropped the phone. Turning to the shadow emanating such intimidating yet contradicting emotions- hatred, vengeance yet also below it heroism, heart and strength, she knew it was over. Free from grief, free from regret, Keeny James was soon free from life as she was given a brutal slaying, many questions about her seemingly transparent and yet in fact mysterious life left unanswered...


Extraordinary Ability

Emotional Empathy, the ability to feel the thoughts and feelings over others around her subconsciously, at an autonomic level. She gained more skill with it over the years, able to focus on one person or even to use it as a mild form of radar to recognize "emotional presences." The strength of the ability led to her caring, kind personality. However, the drawback was feeling what others felt, to the point of sickness if confronted with a truly malevolent presence- such as the event that led to her tragic death. _______________________________________________

Memorable Quotes

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