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User:Ambro.Baby/Coital Mimicry

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Coital Mimicry
Held by: Ambro:Baby
Ability to: Copy the abilities of any evolved human the possessor sleeps with.

Coital Mimicry is the ability to replicate abilities possessed by those with whom the individual chooses to pursue an adult relationship.

It is not known exactly how the ability manifests, whether it is at the start of love-making or at the end, nor is there a specific intensity or length of exposure.

Hehehe, "length".

And "exposure".


Ambro.Baby is the only person known to have this ability naturally. At the beginning of his manifestation, his control index was very low. However, with practice, he is now able to control the power and make it last alllllll night. But rarely does, because he's got a full-time job and would much rather get a decent night's sleep, thank you very much.

There is evidence that the mimicry requires the other party to be present.


  • The precise limits of the ability are not known.
  • The ability is unlikely to appear on an episode of Heroes, due to it being a family show.
    • This ability might also get me into trouble. It is not known whether Troublekinesis is an absorbed ability, or simply a side-effect.
  • Peter Petrelli was theorised to possess this ability, and that he absorbed his broad range of abilities with the help of Rohypnol, which functions in a way similar to Isaac Mendez's heroin. However, the events shown in Dual did not match this ability, suggesting either Peter and Nathan had the quickest quickie ever, or the synthetic version is somehow different. The fact he gained the abilities of his brother, niece and mother is immaterial.


  • AmbroBaby thought he had absorbed electric manipulation from an unknown source today. As it happened, he was simply getting static electricity shocks from the filing cabinets due to wearing new shoes on the carpet.
  • Although waffles neither help nor hinder the ability, having them for breakfast the next morning with a cup of tea is greatly appreciated, cheers.

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