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Held by: Damakah Roku
Ability to: Convert matter into energy and apply that energy to create or replicate powers.

E=mc2 is the ability to increase the speed of matter and convert it into energy.


  • Damakah Roku is the only person known to hold this ability.


With this power, the user is able to take any matter he/she touches and increase the speed of the matter to convert it into energy. Once that energy is produced the user is able to absorb the energy and harness it. With this newly acquired energy the user may apply this power to create or replicate any power imaginable.

The effects of this ability cause the user to develop a Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). Each user has a maximum limit to the amount of energy he/she is able to house in his/her person and when the maximum limit is exceded the user's Dissociative Identity Disorder will manifest and the user will remain in this state until his/her maximum energy limit is brought under control, or the user's body adjusts to the energy level.


  • Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a condition in which a single person displays multiple distinct identities or personalities (known as alter egos or alters), each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment.

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