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Fan Creation:The Marked

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The Marked
Mark mattlarge.jpg
Matt Parkman has been Marked.

"The Marked" is the self-appointed nickname of Heroes Evolutions ARG fans.


The name is a reference to the the mark seen on various evolved humans, including Ted Sprague, Matt Parkman, and Hana Gitelman, all of whom seem to be "going after" the Company, whose front is none other than Primatech Paper Co.

Since the Heroes Evolutions ARG began with the Primatech Paper website and certain events that revolve around it, it was only natural that members use the moniker "The Marked" to refer to themselves.

The group was founded January 26th, 2007, one week after the announcement of the Heroes Evolutions experience at The term was coined by user sabre0link.

On the last page of War Buddies, Part 6, Hana sends out a "Call To Arms" message. The majority of the usernames appear to be from members of "The Marked". In fact, only about 20 names in the graphic novel are not on The Marked list. Of the first 200 names on The Marked, only about 40 are not in the graphic novel (though not all names on the page are visible--some may be hidden behind text boxes).

"The Marked" were used in an advertisement for Heroes Evolutions that played at Comic-Con '07.


The list of members is located on the message boards.

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