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Heroes Fan Fiction

DAMIEN BARCADIN is a young boy discovering new abilities in a Heroes Fan Fiction.


Heroes Fan Fiction - Volume One: Birth is a fan fiction story by greenarrow7 about an eighteen year old boy, Damien, who is on the verge of discovering his extraordinary abilities. He interacts with many of the show's regular characters, such as: Elle, Hiro, Bob, Noah, Ando, the Haitian and more.


SUMMARY The main character Damien Barcadin learns of his X-Ray ability that his father lost to Arthur Petrelli. At the end of the story, Damien leaves home.


SUMMARY Damien meets Nathan and an unconscious Peter after the episode Genesis. He after a brief touch of Nathan's arm, he walks away and flies as he is about to get hit by a car. He flies back home and discovers HRG and the Haitian back at his place, with his father unconscious on the ground. He blacks out...


SUMMARY Damien meets Elle and Noah, learning of the Company's plan to train him to kill Sylar. He learns of his Gene Mimicry as he tries to replicate Elle's ability. He soon starts absorbing all the electricity around him and in an effort to contain him he is shot.


SUMMARY Damien learns of a special "chemistry" between himself and Elle. He is "offered" to work for the Company and agrees. Bob and Elle let him into Level 5, as Bob tells Damien that Elle has chosen two "special abilities" for him. The first one is revealed as Flint's ability.


SUMMARY Damien successfully replicates Flint's ability and learns that his next challenge is Baron Samedi. As Baron is about to kill Damien, Elle distracts him allowing Damien to replicate Baron's impenetrable skin. Bob speaks to Damien later, sending him on a mission with the Haitian and Noah Bennett, to recover Molly.


SUMMARY Damien goes on his first mission and pleads with HRG to allow him to absorb James Walker's ability even though he's dead. After successfully doing this, it begs the question if he can absorb an ability of dead or alive people. After getting a call from Bob, Noah gives Damien a small list of people with abilities that can help him take down Sylar. Damien then flies away to Tokyo, Japan to get Hiro's ability.


SUMMARY As the hunt for Hiro continues, Damien meets Ando. After traveling on the train, Damien spots Hiro.


SUMMARY Dressing up in the Season 1 Sylar disguise, Damien replicates Hiro's ability and travels to the future, watching the showdown between Future Peter and Future Sylar. He tries to absorb Sylar's ability but is thrown back. He then speaks to Peter and absorbs all his abilities. He teleports back to the Company where he tells Elle he needs to talk to her father before collapsing.


SUMMARY It is discovered that Damien is suffering a genetic disease and is only able to use Future Peter's abilities. He reads HRG's mind and finds out that Elle's memory is about to be erased. Phasing through the wall he tries to stop HRG but finds out the Haitian is present. Later, it is revealed that Bob ordered Elle's memory of Damien to be erased.

Memorable Quotes

"Who are you?" Peter asked.

Closing my eyes I quickly answered, "I'm just like you".

- PETER, DAMIEN ("Frozen")


Heroes Fan Fiction- Volume One: Birth

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