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Doyle's luck
Doyle is very lucky with Sylar .

On certain occasions, Doyle was lucky with another villain.



Eric Doyle appears behind Sylar after he injected Meredith with adrenaline and takes control of his limbs. Doyle says Meredith is his to love or kill. Sylar asks, "Do you really think that you can control me?" and, despite not having control of his body, is able to escape Doyle's control. Doyle collapses to the ground, bleeding from the nose.

And here was the first appearance of the Doyle's luck, because Sylar would have killed him very well, but he didn't.

Cold Snap

As Danko walks into his living room he finds Doyle tied to the ceiling like a puppet with a gift tag on him. Later on, he is being held in Building 26, sedated and strapped to a bed with numerous other evolved humans. Later, Danko mentions "the half-dead puppeteer" as one of the gifts that Sylar gave him.

Here, too, he was lucky with Sylar because once again he would have killed him but for some reason did not do so, presents him to Danko.

Let It Bleed

Sylar again fights Doyle, throwing him toward the table Samuel was drawing on. Samuel tells Doyle to get every one to safety. Once he leaves, Samuel says he could've killed Doyle and Sylar says that he will get to him.

Again, Doyle has been spared from Sylar, this indicates Eric has large, large, large amounts of luck.

Brave New World

Fortunately for Doyle, Sylar became an hero before fighting (again) him, and Sylar dindn't kill him but he only tied him up with the power lines.

Memorable Quotes

"Meredith is mine. Mine to love. Mine to kill."

"You really think you... can control me?"

- Eric Doyle, Sylar (Dual)

"That's not you. You're like me."

"No. I'm a hero."

- Doyle, Sylar (Brave New World)


<gallery> Image:DoyleSylar.jpg|First... Image:Eric the Marionette this time.jpg|...second... Image:TK in 413 (1).JPG|..and third time where Doyle is alive after meeting Sylar.

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