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Fan Creation:Incidental Heroes

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Incidental Heroes

Incidental Heroes is a fan-produced online video series that blurs the line between Heroes and the real world.

What happens when the lines between reality and fantasy blur? When fictional characters come to life? What is reality? Fantasy? Fiction? What defines it? Aren't they all part of the one world we live in and create?


  • Incidental Heroes is a weekly fan-produced online video series that parallels the TV show Heroes. The show centers around Mackenzie Perrin, an avid Heroes fan who discovers she's an evolved human herself when she begins to see dead people. When Chandra Suresh visits her, she is thrown into a new, exciting, yet frightening world balanced between reality and fantasy. Mackenzie Perrin's experiences are filmed by her neighbor Sean with whom she became friends because they were both Heroes fans.
Mackenzie Perrin
In-story stats
Known power Clairvoyance
Age 33
Date of birth January 4, 1974
Home New York, NY


Mackenzie Perrin

Mackenzie Perrin is an evolved human in the fan-produced online series Incidental Heroes who discovers she can see dead people. She lives in New York City.

Mackenzie is an ordinary New Yorker who begins to have extraordinary experiences. She and her neighbor Sean become close friends through their love for Heroes and get together every Monday night to watch it together. At night Mackenzie begins to have what she initially believes are dreams about Chandra Suresh visiting her. She brushes these "dreams" off as an overly excited imagination until one morning when she is getting ready for work, Chandra appears and tells her that he needs her help.


Sean is Mackenzie's friend.


Episode 1: Revelation

Mackenzie is visited by Chandra who tells her that he left a bag for her with his friend Jimmy before he died. Mackenzie reluctantly calls Jimmy.

Episode 2: Confirmation

Mackenzie goes to the gas station where Jimmy works to retrieve the bag Chandra left for her.

Episode 3: Chandra's Letter

Mackenzie reads the letter Chandra left for her before he died.

Episode 4: Mohinder Calls

Mohinder, in his quest to contact people on the list, leaves a message for Mackenzie.

Episode 5: Harbinger

Mackenzie calls Mohinder using the number Chandra gave her to warn him about Zane (who is really Sylar).

Episode 6: Passage

Mackenzie travels to Pennsylvania to warn her family that they are on the List.

Episode 7: Arrival

Mackenzie arrives in Pennsylvania late at night.

Episode 8: Witness

Mackenzie interviews her family's neighbor.

Episode 9: Return

Mackenzie has a visitor before returning home.

Episode 10: Intruder

Mackenzie arrives home to find her apartment trashed.

Episode 11: Insomnia

Mackenzie has a sleepless night as she contemplates what to do next.

Episode 12: I'll Call When I Get There

Mackenzie leaves for Las Vegas.

Episode 13: Leaving On A Jet Plane

Sean tries to catch up with Mackenzie in Las Vegas.

Episode 14: The Plan

Mackenzie and Shawn arrive in Las Vegas and Kenzie unveils her plan.

Episode 15: Visions in Las Vegas

Mackenzie has a surprise visitor.

Episode 16: Linderman will find you

Mackenzie goes to see Linderman.

Episode 17: Viva Las Vegas

Mackenzie & Shawn cut loose in Las Vegas.

Episode 18: Gone Missing

Shawn emerges from behind the camera because Mackenzie goes missing.

Episode 19: Something to Remember

Shawn receives a tape upon returning to the hotel.

Episode 20: Homeward Bound

Shawn heads home.

Episode 21: Fact versus Fiction

Shawn arrives back in New York.

Episode 22: The Truth Hurts

Mackenzie watches the old Incidental Heroes videos.

Episode 23: Questionable Ally

Mackenzie and Shawn are visited by a stranger.

Episode 24: Reunion

Mackenzie finds some useful information in her file.

Episode 25: Confrontation

Mackenzie confronts her sister in-law.

Episode 26: Deal

Mackenzie makes a deal.

Episode 27: Unrealized Powers

Mackenzie attempts to contact her now dead previous kidnapper.

Episode 28: Mac's Back

Mackenzie returns to New York on a mission.

Episode 29: Over a Cliff and an Email

Mackenzie receives some disturbing news.

Episode 30: Closed Casket, Case Open

Mackenzie attends her brothers funeral.

Episode 31: No Answers, Only Signs

Mackenzie sees a sign.

Memorable Quotes

"Apparently I not only see dead people. I see dead people from TV shows."

- Mackenzie Perrin (Episode 1: Revelation)

"How was I supposed to know he could hear through a PHONE, Sean!?"

- Mackenzie Perrin (Episode 5: Harbinger)

"You're my Ando!"

- Mackenzie Perrin (Episode 13: Leaving On A Jet Plane)

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