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Exposed is a fan creation made by William Strauss. It is set three years in the future and revolves around a new world in which the general public is aware of the existence of evolved humans. Their existence was made aware by a devastating battle in Washington between Samuel Sullivan and the heroes.


In Season Four of Heroes, entitled "Redemption", a carnival was introduced, run by the mysterious Samuel Sullivan. Samuel tried to gather evolved humans into his family and, as his power grew, several of the heroes began to realize the danger that they were in. One of the heroes, Tracy Strauss, left the carnival to seek help. She, along with Edgar Delgado, Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet, worked together and managed to draw Samuel away from the carnival and into Washington. Once there, a devastating battle ensued with Samuel ripping a crevice in the earth and exposed the existence of evolved humans to the entire world. Samuel was killed in the battle, and the survivors were left to deal with the aftermath.

About one month after the battle, the American Government passed a new law, entitled "Linderman's Law". This law prohibits the use of abilities in public and, if any evolved human is caught using their power in an inappropriate way, then they can and will be imprisoned. A few weeks after America activated their newest law, "Linderman's Law" went global and evolved humans all over the world found themselves in a sudden hardship.

Evolved Human Rights suddenly became a controversial issue and, when evolved humans cried out in protest, the government finally gave in and authorized a special "Yellow Card". Yellow Cards can be handed out to any evolved human who can prove that they are not a threat to society and that they can limit the use of their ability or stop using their power completely. Evolved humans took to this action with mixed responses. Some praised the government for giving them the chance to become normal while others cried out in outrage at the prejudice that they were receiving.

When two years passed since the battle in Washington, things began to quieten down. That is, until a renegade terrorist group, led by Daniel Buzzetti, destroyed a government building in Seattle. New laws were imposed, curfews were made, and another battle began. Some humans saw this attack as a sign of war and, gathering together, they began to conspire ways to rid the world of the "freaks" once and for all.

The three year mark passes without much hassle and the world continues to become darker and darker. With multiple underground groups preparing to strike against the evolved humans, life is becoming harder. And if the humans do attack, and they do start a war, then the fate of the world will lie in the balance...


Exposed has a total of 12 Main Characters that the story revolves around. These characters are:


Chapter 1: Menace

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