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James Dolan
In-story stats
Known ability Intuitive Aptitude
Abilities Acquired
See list
Nickname John's Father
Age 42
Date of birth 1965
Home Stays on the run
Occupation Formerly:
Company Agent
Child Son:
John Dolan

James is an evolved human, former member of The Company.

Character History

James, once a former member of the Company, stays on the run, for they are now after him because he lied about not having am evolved human for a son. He left his son John Dolan and wife about ten years ago when John was about five. They never saw him or heard from him since. He possesses the same abilities his son inherited, but seems far more skillful, and powerful then John. After leaving the company, he traveled. He spent time in Japan, and other countries. He has learned how to fight and has practiced each byproduct of the ability to protect himself. This use of his time has come in handy many times. He came back to his son after John's mother had been killed by Danko's team. He flew down and picked up John and flew them both to Russia. There he told him everything about his life. Before and after leaving the Company. When John refuses to listen, he runs from his father. He flies after him, and states that if he leaves him they will catch him. He still does not want to listen, and breaks free from his father's grasps. James begins running after him again, then notices a wanted poster for him. He realizes that the team is here, and then becomes frightened that they will eventually find him, or John will just tell where he is in his frustration. He the excepts the fact John will not listen. He catches up to him, and says if he will not listen to him, to do what ever he wants. But he raises his hand and begins erasing his entire memory, saying he cant know a thing when they come for him. He leaves his unconscious son and flies away. He wiped his memory to save himself. But he says he did it to save John, so he can even believe it himself.

Evolved Human Abilities

James has acquired many abilities over time. He has shown to have mastered most of them. It is unclear who he acquired all of them from. The abilities he has acquired include:

Energy Propelled Transportation
Memory Manipulation
Induced Radioactivity
Force-Field Projection


  • It is currently unknown the whereabouts of James now.

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