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Approachers is a Heroes spinoff based in Bentonville AR.


List of Characters

  • Allisa; Colins Girlfriend
  • Brian; Evolved human with super strength
  • Carol; Mandy's best friend
  • Colin; Evolved human with the power of flight
  • Jake; Evolved human who can tell the future
  • Lily; Evolved human who can heal with a touch
  • Lisa; Evolved human who can cause things to explode
  • Mandy; Evolved human who can generate diamonds
  • Nick; Evolved human who can create fire and ice
  • Ryan; Evolved human who has telekinesis


After a night of the world's most spectacular eclipse, 3 kids discover that they have extraordinary abilities.


As Brian, Colin, and Jake discover their gifts, Jake is imprisoned for the murder of a fellow student, Alex. 3 more kids; Lily, Mandy, and Ryan; discover their abilities, while Lisa refuses to believe that she may have an ability.


Lisa discovers that she is the source of all the explosions near her, Ryan and Brian get into an argument that would have become a fight, if not for the use of Nick's new ability, and is helped by the ability of Dr. Cal

First Blood

The 12, the organization that killed Alex, sends two operatives after Nick, Colin and Lily meet,

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