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Water Slicing Manipulation
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The water is hitting the criminal in a paralyzing way
Held by: Gulp Ninja and Robert Booth
Ability to: By living underwater and learning Ninja moves, you are able to Ninja toss the water dripping from your body (when you want it) and hitting the target in a paralyzing way.

With the Water Slicing Manipulation , Gulp Ninja can use his Ninja-Powered hands to allow him to fight crime with his hands. From growing up and living underwater, water drips from his fingertips when he wants it. Combining these, he's allowed to ninja toss the water and hit his criminals in a paralyzing way.

Ability development

You are born, or injected, with a certain level.

Level 1

At Level 1, you have to restore the water. For example: if you sleep in water for 8 hours, you get 30 gallons to use. Your water automatically comes out of your fingers, you can't choose where it comes out unless you are a Level 2 or 3.

Level 2

At Level 2, you have water to use all the time (you don't have to restore it). You also get to choose one part of your body for the water to come out of. For example, if you choose your head, all parts in your head can use it. Or if you choose elbow, only your two elbows can use it.

Level 3

At Level 3, your whole body can use this ability, controlled at your wishes. Although, unlike Level 1 and 2, the water kills the target.

Combination of Levels

If you are a Level 1, and you strain really hard, you can complete a Level 2 and a different part other than your hands with use the ability, but you don't get to choose. If you are Level 2, and you strain really hard, you could complete a Level 3 job, but then you have to restore like a Level 1; and then you are back to normal. If you are Level 3, and you get knocked out or seriously injured, you may be stuck with a Level 1 or 2 for a couple days. But be careful when straining, as it may cause nosebleeds and kill you.

Ability extension

It is possible however to extend this ability to others. Studying this ability tells you that humans in the past have been able to touch their partner, and they can use it. For example, if Gulp touched Seasion, while Gulp was using his power, Seasion could be able to use it also as long as they remain in contact with hands.

Ability immunity

On a Level 3, unless you are educated on this ability, you may die. Even if you are educated, you could still die. If there are signs of nosebleeds, quit using your ability. You are straining it and if you strain too much, you could die.

Animals, however, are immune to this ability. It feels like rain to them.


This power has a combined effect of many powers, but is it's own power itself. It combines telekinesis, flight, underwater breathing, regeneration and water mimicry with effects all its own.


This is used through his ability to toss the water in the direction he wants it to go.


In order for them to fly really well, they have to jump up, use their ability towards the ground, and push themselves kinda off the ground. It's unsure how it does it, because the water is away from them, but it does help. However, they do make indentions in the ground where the water hits.

Underwater breathing

In order for Level 1 person, they have to live underwater. For Level 2 and 3 people they don't have to live underwater but most choose to. Therefore, they have to be able to breather underwater.


In order to live underwater, even though they can breath underwater, this plays in by not killing them. However, they can die. Just not from no oxygen underwater.

Water mimicry

The water coming out is a big signal of water mimicry.

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