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A Family's Past is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The nineteenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Time-Traveling Pawn · Sangi, Pakistan · Evergreen's Twin · Leonardo Gonzo · Utah · Perry's Dad · Ms. Meyer


THE YEAR IS 2006, March.

Evergreen walked with Carl over to a hudle of pawns. They were all training, with karate. Evergreen called one over to them. "Carl, this is one of your fellow pawns. He has the ability to time-travel," Evergreen said.

"Okay, but why are you telling me--" Carl started to say. They saw a bright white light and a flash.

"This is January 4th, 1990." Evergreen told him.

THE YEAR IS 1990, January 4.

In Sangi, Pakistan, the three men stood at a train stop. They saw three young kids boarding the train. Two of them were twins, a girl and a boy. They were helping their younger sister onto the train. "That is me helping Snowflake onto the train."

"Who is the other girl, Mr. Evergreen?" Carl asked.

"That, is my twin sister." Evergreen told him. Carl's face was in shock.

Swimming into the Cave Below, Maxwell swam to a cage that was completely metal. He punched in a four digit code and a key hole appeared. He placed the key into the slot and opened the door. A jail cell was in the special cage and he swam back outside.

Seasion was struggling with someone while Maxwell was opening the cage. The person got away as Maxwell came back. They hurried to catch him and pulled him towards them. "You are not getting away, Lighter!" Maxwell yelled at him as he grabbed the Lighter. They swam into the special cage and shoved him into it.

"Now, you will never get out!" Seasion screamed at him. The Lighter threw a lightning bolt at Maxwell and it striked him across the face. The Lighter screamed in agony because of the water rushing through him now as Maxwell and Seasion exited and closed they cage.

At the Gonzo mansion, Sawyer walked with his dad, Leonardo. "Happy Birthday, Son!"

"Thanks, dad! But its only 27; its not that big of a deal!" Sawyer reminded his dad.

"I'm sure you have noticed the remodeling around the mansion that has been taken place," Leonardo said.

"I have, although I haven't been able to see it all!"

"Well then let's take a look!" Leonardo put his arm around his son and walked him over to the pool. "We installed this pool for you and for your entertainment."

"For me?"

"Yes, for you. And over here..." Leonardo showed him some other updates to the mansion.

The Present Evergreen, Carl, and Time-Traveling Pawn boarded the train as well and it took off. With a sweedish accent, the Time-Traveling Pawn said, "So why have we never heard of this twin, Evergreen?"

"I've been wondering that too," Carl said, "And where are your parents?"

"Well, our family has been through quite a lot since Snowflake was born." They watched the young Snowflake hugging her older sister while waiting in line for ice cream on the train. "This day is really when the bad luck starts. See my parents did what we do and so they were off dueling people. We were taking a train over to meet them."

"They just left you all?" Carl asked.

"Yes. They had a pawn that was invisible to watch over us. But we don't know if he was ever there for us." Evergreen kept staring at the three little ones. So innocent and small. A tear rolled down his face as he saw himself lift his twin up to talk to the ice cream vendor.

"Why do you think it is bad luck?" the Time-Traveling Pawn asked.

"Because this was when we first met the Caramines. We want the bad luck to stop; which is why we have to stop them at the Grand Canyon." Evergreen said.

"So they come here?" Carl asked. A man burst through a door in their cart on the train. He was running really fast and ran throug hthe ice cream line. He threw young Evergreen out of the way and went through to another cart. The young Evergreen into a table and spilt pepper all over him. Seasion and Maxwell quickly ran through the door also and shot water at the man. Maxwell hopped over the young Evergreen, but Seasion slipped on the pepper and landed right on the young Evergreen's leg. He heard a crack and knew that the boy's leg was broke. Seasion quickly got up and ran after the man. Everyone ran over to the boy to help him. Present day Evergreen quickly got to bandaging him up.

Hours before the Lighter was put in the Cave Below, Seasion and Maxwell were chasing him on this train. They had him cornered in the very back of the train. Seasion and Maxwell both fired at him and it hit him. He fell out of the back of the train and shot lightning at the train. Seasion and Maxwell jumped off as well. They went chasing after the Lighter. His electricity hit the train in the main electrical stream and made the train spin off track. The train swerved around and ran head straight into an oncoming train; causing a huge wreck.

Back at the UNC, the six-year old Vincent was playing with the two-year old Gulp. They had out little army figures and was playing in Seasion's office. Seasion and Maxwell walked in after putting the Lighter where he belongs. Maxwell had a huge scar on his face where the lightning bolt had hit him.

In Utah, Perry, at the age of 6, when to work with his dad. His dad was giving him a piggy back ride up to a house. This house was only partly done. His dad was a construction worker. "Perry, this is the house I am building. Now, I am to meet the people whom own this house and see what they want done."

"So what ever people want, you can give it to them?" the small Perry asked while looking at the house.

"Yes I can. As best as possible!" Perry's dad smiled at him as his son ran up to him.

"I love you and your job, daddy!" Perry ran and jumped up to him giving him a big hug. From that moment on, Perry was inspired to be a construction worker.

Lilly and Bromwin walked into a house holding hands. Both really little and about the same age. A woman walks in behind them with grocery bags in her hands. "Come on kids, let's start on this project!" The woman smiled and pulled out a bunch of arts and crafts out of the bags.

Brom stepped up, "Mommy, why do Emma and I have the same last name? We aren't married are we?"

The mom chuckled, "No kids, you guys are siblings! Silly, you all were tough to give birth to!"

"The stork had trouble with us?" Lilly, with her original name, Emmma asked.

Their mom thought a bit to make something up, "Umm, yes because the stork had to carry you both at the same time! Remember, you guys are twins!"

"What's a twin?" Bromwin asked.

"A twin is when two people look alike. But you guys are special twins because you guys don't look alike!" The mom said. Brom and Lilly smiled and hugged their mommy and started to work on the project.

Seasion jumped all the way to mountains. He stopped at a house and knocked on the door. Robert's mother opened the door and let him in. "Shh, you need to be quiet." She had a small baby in her hands. "Robert is sleeping." She layed him down and motioned Seasion into the living room. She took him through the wall and into her labratory. "So who are we going after now?"

Seasion sat down at a chair and started typing. "Well me and Maxwell just captured the notorious Lighter. So I'm marking it down in the records."

"You really captured him? Wow! That is impressive!" she exclaimed and sat down at another computer. She gasped looking at the recent news.

"But some people might have been hurt in the process."

"Like over 200 people?" she asked.

"Possibly, why?"

"Two trains collided in Pakistan. Isn't that where the Lighter was living?" She said.

"Yes. It was on a train too. He rolled his chair over to his computer and was shocked at the news.

The young Evergreen helped his younger sister out of the brush and looked around for his twin. They looked and looked. Carl went to go help them to see if they were okay. A hand reached out of the brush and grabbed Carl's leg. Present-day Evergreen jumped out of the brush. "You can't help them. It would disrupt the time continoum."

"But they might be hurt."

"Just watch, Carl."

The young Evergreen limped along with his broken leg and leaned on Snowflake. They looked around for the twin. After two hours of searching, they found her hand underneath some brush. Evergreen hurried to move the brush, slowly hurting each time he hit the ground. He moved the brush to find out his twin wa dead. Blood was all over the piece of brush. Evergreen removed his twin's necklace and put it around his neck.

Once Leonardo was done showing Sawyer the mansion, he looked at his son. "For your present on your 27th birthday, I want you to have the mansion."

"What?!" Sawyer was as shocked as can be.

"I have to leave to help some buddies...and won't be back for a while. So I want you to have my mansion and take care of it."

"I will, Dad. You can trust me." A tear rolled down Sawyer's face when he realized all of this remodeling was for him.

Brom, Lilly, and their mom finished the arts and crafts project. The mom held it in front of her kids as writting started to appear. "This is a very special map kids. And because you all are wonders, I will call is the Map of Wonders"

The End.

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