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Karl Hall, Part 2
Birthday Surprise
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Chapter: Four
Number: 402
Planned by: Laughingdevilboy
Written by: Laughingdevilboy
Edited by: Leckie
Airdate: November 11, 2009
Previous Chapter: Karl Hall, Part 1

The Story

1993 - Newcastle, England

“Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Karl, happy birthday to you,” sang from everyone sitting around a table, a birthday cake sitting in the middle with a number 6 candle on it.

“Blow out your candle,” shouted Karl’s mum, “make a wish.”

Karl blew and made his wish; cheers sang from the people sitting around the table. “Time for presents,” said Karl’s father, “open the one from us first.”

Karl did what any typical birthday boy would do and opened all his presents, not bothered who they were from. His family sat around watching him. He wasn’t having friends around this year, it was strictly family. Karl’s paternal grandparents sat laughing at Karl ripping his presents open. His maternal grandparents were sitting talking to their other daughter, Karl’s auntie. Karl’s cousin and sister sat with him helping him open his presents. His parents were taking as many photos as they could.

Who would have known that this would be the last time Karl would see most of his family.

He sat playing with a new action man while his sister and cousin were laughing and playing hide and seek. Suddenly his mother screamed and several men appeared with guns shouting at everyone to hold up their hands. Karl noticed his grandma Irene stand up and look at the man with the gun.

“I warn you to leave now, or risk leaving in a body bag,” she screamed. Karl noticed how unlike her this was. She was always a kind woman who never said a bad word about anyone. The man didn’t move, when all of a sudden he started screaming, Karl’s grandmother’s eyes never left him as his blood started boiling and his skin turned red and smoke started coming off him. He fell to floor dead. Irene then sat down without saying anything.

“I guess this is where I help out,” said Charlie, breaking the silence. He flicked his hand at the corpse and it vanished. Karl had seen the whole thing while his sister and cousin carried on playing their games as they had seen nothing, an illusion had been cast by Karl’s auntie, protecting the children from what they shouldn’t see. But she had missed Karl who had been talking to his father.

“There will be more,” said Karl’s father, “we need to move.”

“Stuart, we can’t! It is Karl’s birthday,” replied Karl’s mother.

“We either leave or die. Leanne, you know they have chased us for 15 years. They won’t stop just because it’s Karl’s birthday.”

“Listen to Stuart, we need to leave,” said Leanne’s father, Robert. “Becky, drop the illusion. we will go the park.”

15 minutes later...

“You three play nice,” called Margaret. “What are we going to do? We can’t run forever.”

“Mum, mum, Karl’s going to fall,” shouted Jane, Karl’s cousin.

“He isn’t even on anything he can fall from,” laughed Becky.

“She is just trying to get more attention,” replied Stuart. “I did that when I was a child since I was an only child like her.”

“Ahhhhhhhhhh,” shouted Karl, as he fell off the monkey bars.

“What the...?” exclaimed Becky, “how did she know?”

Irene walked up to Jane, “Jane, how did you know Karl would fall?” she asked, but got no reply, she tapped Jane on the shoulder and turned her around and screamed at what she saw. The rest of the family ran to see the problem, when they reached Jane they saw her standing there with her eyes turned dark purple.

"Well, it looks as if she has taken after your side of the family Becky,” laughed Charlie, “but I could use this ability to help us, if I may,” he said to Becky who nodded. Charlie then grabbed Jane's shoulders a white light surrounded his hands and Jane’s eyes returned to normal. She started screaming and Charlie let go. “She will need to rest,” he said as he walked away.

“More are coming,” Jane said and pointed to the bushes; as she did this, bullets came flying from the bushes and hit Becky, Robert, Irene, Stuart, and Leanne, killing them. Karl, his sister and Jane stood and watched, not understanding what was happening. Margaret used her ability to thicken the bushes in which the agents were hiding, and therefore made it impossible for them to get through; meanwhile Charlie had teleported and grabbed Karl, his sister and Jane and then teleported to Margaret and then teleported back to the house.

Karl still didn’t understand what was happening; his sister and cousin, who were older by four years knew they had been found again.

“Where’s mum and dad?” asked Karl, as Charlie and Margaret were packing clothes so they could escape.

“Mum and dad have gone away,” said his sister with tears in her eyes and as she said this she could recall the words her mum had said.

“We are British, we don’t show emotion, if any of us are killed or captured by this American Company, we will show them that the British are stronger than the Americans.”

So she knew she had to keep going, not let this Company win. But as they were packing, the agents returned; they burst into the room that they were in and grabbed Jane and Karl’s sister.

"No!" screamed Charlie and Margaret simultaneously, but just before they could do anything a taser came flying at Charlie and hit him in the chest; Margaret ran towards Karl and made plants grow in the door way. She then covered them both in a thick growth of plants and as she did this the floor gave way and they fell onto more plants and then they went underground. The roots of the plants allowed them to move under the city and into the countryside.

“Karl, I need you to be strong, I don’t think you understand what is happening but we need to stick together until you granddad comes.”

“Where is everyone?” asked Karl.

“Oh, my sweet boy, they have all gone, but we will survive.”

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