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The Die Is Cast
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Volume: Two
Number: 212
Planned by: Radicell
Written by: Radicell
Airdate: September 20, 2009
Previous Episode: Kill or Be Killed

The Story

6:30pm, The Underground Bunker

Eddy Thomas and Emmett Marks stood at the entrance to the bunker. The several evolved humans at the bunker were taking turns acting as lookouts. Eddy fiddled with his cap, while Emmett was playing around with his ability: lifting soil from the earth then dropping it, repeatedly.

All of a sudden, giant white balls of plastic flew towards them. They collided with Emmett and Eddy, sending them hurtling towards the ground. They tried to get up, but the white plastic had solidified around them, and they were trapped. They saw a group of people walk up to them, and the leader said, "well, what's this? Seems like the others have left already." A woman wielded plastic in her hands; she lifted her visor: Sophie Hastings.

Shark was smiling at how easy it was going. However, all of a sudden, Eddy's blinked, and Richard Gold fell to the ground, spasming.

He blinked again, and Mike Douglas went down too, his legs convulsing all over the place. Mary Rose shouted, "he's screwing with their nervous systems!"

Eric Cowell emerged from the bunker. He pointed his hand at Shark and his crew, and they all began to feel drowsy. Sophie used the last of her energy to send the last few balls of plastic she was wielding towards Eric.

The plastic stuck, and the effects of Eric's power diminished. Shark stepped forward and, quick as a flash, pistol-whipped Eddy with the butt of his gun. Then he turned to Emmett. "Where have they gone?"

Emmett remained silent, staring straight back into Shark's eyes.

"Fine, then." Shark replicated his gun, flicking a second gun into his other hand. He cocked both pistols and, without hesitation, shot Emmett in both legs. "I'll ask you one more time..."

7pm, at the docks

"Bad news!" shouted Elizabeth. "The creepy woman... Consuela. She's here! What are we going to --"

She couldn't finish the sentence. Her arms, which were flailing in the air with panic, suddenly stopped moving. Tyler tried to ask what was going on, but couldn't get any words out. Nobody could talk or move a muscle. From the shadows, Consuela Hammock emerged, with an angry-looking, dark-skinned man accompanying her. Irony recognized the man at once, but couldn't express it.

"Help me tie them up."

The six of them could only watch helplessly as Consuela and the other man tied them to pillars using rigid ropes. Then, when they were all secured, the man raised his hand and all of a sudden, they could move again.

"Hey!" Irony shouted to the dark-skinned man. "What are you doing? You... you're Gabriel's friend who helped us break Abigail out of prison! Why-- why are you helping her?"

Dave Rogers walked up to Irony's face, and whispered, "I only helped you because your friend Gabriel promised me to find the man who killed my girlfriend. And he hasn't kept that promise. He simply disappeared."

"Then why are you working with her? You really believe she'd help you do that?"

"I'm willing to take a chance. We're not friends; this is just part of a deal between us. I help her capture you guys; she helps me find my guy." With that, Dave gave Consuela a meaningful look, but Irony could tell from Consuela's face that something was wrong.

Consuela turned to Dave and sighed. "I actually never thought this was going to work. But I guess I have a good eye for the naïve and trusting." Quick as lightning, she pulled out her gun and pointed it at him. "Now that you've helped me capture them, I don't need you anymore. Why waste my time helping you?" She smiled and Dave snarled.

"I know you have to raise your hand at me to paralyze me. Well, I'm willing to bet that I can pull this trigger faster than you could --"

Suddenly, a portal appeared next to the pillars to which the Cockney Heroes were tied. Shark's gang stepped out, and Consuela was momentarily distracted. "What the--"

"Ladzaro, take her out!"

The large Italian man quickly raised his hand and formed a portal around Consuela. Everyone noticed that the portal was a blood red color, instead of the usual dark blue.

Consuela screamed as she disappeared into the portal.

Shark looked at Ladzaro strangely. "How...?"

"I've been practicing. That woman will be pleasantly surprised at where she ends up!"

In the midst of the confusion, Dave Rogers had taken the chance to flee. Shark, who never noticed him, turned his attention to the tied-up Cockney Heroes. Irony, however, kept on feeling bothered by something.

"What do you want?" shouted Tyler.

"We are here to move you on, we are the only gang of people with abilities in London," smiled Sophie, summoning white balls of plastic around her hands.

"You can go quietly or we can make this fun," laughed Tara.

Elizabeth acted quickly. She transformed herself into sand, falling into a pile by the pillar that she was tied to. Then, she reformed herself, and stood up, free of the ropes.

All of this happened within one second. As she stood up, she threw a punch at the person closest to her, Mary Rose, who reeled backwards from the blow.

The rest of the team began acting, as well. Irony drained the energy of Mike Douglas and Richard Gold. Sarah, whose ropes weren't very well tied, broke free of them easily and began to untie Irony, Tyler, Leckie, and Frederick.

"Not so fast!" shouted Sophie, who sent white balls of plastic hurtling at Tyler and Elizabeth. Tyler was hit by the plastic and flew into a wall, where the plastic solidified and trapped him. Elizabeth, however, quickly collapsed into a pile of sand, narrowly missing the plastic.

Shark took his guns and shot at Irony and Frederick. Sarah flung herself in front of them, taking the bullets for herself. She skidded along the floor, and stood up at the other end, unhurt. Frederick, seeing Shark distracted, sent a fireball at him, which Shark narrowly dodged.

All across the compound, people were engaged in their own battles. Elizabeth evaded Mary Rose's attacks by collapsing into piles of sand every time she charged at her.

Soon, Elizabeth caught Mary off guard and managed to grab ahold of her, turning her into sand. She then transmuted Mary back into human form, although she was unconscious. Then, she went to help Tyler free of the plastic in which he was bound.

Richard Gold and Leckie were dueling in the back of the compound. Richard picked up a wooden board, transformed it into gold, and swung at Leckie, who ducked and avoided the blow. Leckie then used a seismic burst of energy to blast Richard's board away. The two then began fistfighting. Amidst all the confusion, Tara started making everyone hiccup. Frederick sent a fireball her way, causing her to lose concentration.

Shark was engaging in his personal brawl against Irony. As if shooting him dead wasn't good enough, Shark repeatedly punched him, but found himself getting more and more tired with every punch. He wondered why Irony wasn't fighting back, then noticed his glowing hands, which were draining Shark's energy the whole time. Irony, bloody and battered, smiled at Shark as he lost consciousness and collapsed to the floor.

But Irony didn't stop there. Slowly, Shark's gang members fell unconscious, one by one. Sophie tried to throw plastic balls at Irony, but collapsed on the ground before she could. Tara and Ladzaro then charged at him, but stumbled and fell on their faces. Richard, who was furthest away from Irony, was only affected a little. He looked around drowsily before Leckie grabbed the golden board and whacked him, knocking him out.

The Cockney Heroes reconvened. Elizabeth had gotten Tyler out of the sticky plastic mold, and then untied Kate, who had been watching the entire fiasco go down. "How did you drain only their energy, Irony? How come we weren't affected?" asked Elizabeth.

"Who knows?" he laughed. "I'm discovering new things about my ability every day."

"Hey guys!" shouted Derek, running up to them. "Man, when I regained consciousness, I could see the intense battle going on in here! I was just about to run in and join, when I saw this guy running away!" Behind him, Dave Rogers walked up sorrowfully.

"I'm sorry, guys, for what I did. I suddenly realize how naïve I was all these years, never being able to get over my girlfriend's death."

"No worries, Dave. We'll help you find the person you're after," said Irony. "But first, we're going to have to destroy this shipment of drugs. Let's just get this over with."

"How are we going to do it?" ask Tyler.

Frederick spoke up. "Well, that mysterious woman did say that I had a special purpose in this mission, didn't she?" He ignited his hands. "You guys go back to the bunker and celebrate with everyone. I'll meet you there."

79 AD; Pompeii, Ancient Rome

Consuela fell out of the portal and landed on the dusty ground. "What... what happened?" She looked around, and saw the sky filled with dark, black ash. People around her were screaming in terror in a language she didn't quite understand. The air was hot and humid, hotter than anything Consuela had ever experienced.

She got up to her feet. "What...?" People were fleeing now, running in the direction that Consuela was facing. Some were getting trampled, but no one took notice; they just kept running.

She turned around to see what they were running from. She didn't recognize the red-hot streak that was coming towards her at first. As it got closer, she could feel the air getting hotter. She was sweating profusely by the time she realized what was happening.

She couldn't move another muscle before the lava flow washed over her.

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