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The Break Out is a vignette about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The fifth vignette in the Gulp-Ninja Series)

Why did Robert leave?


Story Development

The Break Out



King Rosko is sitting in his chair at the New Jersey warehouse. People are busily working below hom. Agent 147 walks over to hom. "You requested me?" he said.

"Rosko wants you to gather the troops. We need to build up who we are." Rosko tells him and Agent 147 goes to tell everyone. But behind his chair is a curtain.

"This man has gone crazy." The Lighter tells Robert behind the curtain. Andy is standing by him. "He used to accept every one and now he won't accept Andy. What is he planning to do?"

"I'm not sure. But he is different. I recieved a note that my mother has died. And he wouldn't let me go home. He won't let any one leave."

The Lighter started an electricity ball in his hand. "Let's break out then."

Agent 147 barged in with two guns cocked. "Nobody is going anywhere," he yelled. the three started to put their hands up. Rosko walked up and stuck a needle in Andy's neck and he fell to the floor.

"Run!" The Lighter yelled as he tossed his electric ball at Rosko's chest. This ball was the size of Rosko's head if not bigger. Agent 147 shot the Lighter and ran after Robert.

The Lighter fell to the floor and nudged Andy. King Rosko was twitching on the floor from all of the bolts of electricity.

Robert kept running and dialed 9-1-1 for the Lighter.

The End.

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