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Noah Bennet/Season Four

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This article archives the history of Noah Bennet during Season Four.

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Character History


Noah receives a phone call from Angela. She tells him of the recent deaths from Danko's team and theorizes that Tracy Strauss is behind them. Noah agrees and Angela gives him the assignment of killing Tracy before she gets to Noah or Nathan. Noah refuses and Angela tells him he has had six weeks to get his life in order. Noah admits he feels regret for what he did to Sylar and tells Angela that he is late for Claire's first day at college. He gets into his car and starts it up. Water begins to flow into his car while the outside of it freezes, trapping him inside. Noah struggles for air as he begins to drown but is saved by Danko who shoots in his windows. Danko suspects Tracy is to blame and proposes they team up to kill her. Noah refuses and Danko leaves.

Noah proceeds to Claire's college where he meets and talks with her roommate, Annie. Claire arrives and Annie leaves. Claire talks with Noah about telling the truth and Noah supports her decisions. Noah then goes to a restaurant and is joined by Tracy, who tells him that he is number five. Noah attempts to change her mind and comments on how she survived. Tracy reveals that she felt herself shatter and reform and Noah tells her she is not a killer and he can make Danko forget about her. Tracy leaves, stating that it won't be that easy to get off her list.

Keeping to his word, Noah leads Danko to a warehouse where he succumbs to The Haitian's memory manipulating touch.

Jump, Push, Fall

Returning home, Noah burns his supper and makes a call to Sandra. A man picks up the phone, shocking Noah until Sandra takes the phone. Noah hangs up and then receives a call from Tracy. He meets her at Danko's apartment and discovers Danko's deceased body. Tracy protests her innocence at the crime and even describes his attacker. Noah realizes all the wounds are mainly to the stomach and reaches in, discovering a key hidden inside Danko's body.

Noah visits Peter and comments on how he needs to call his mother. Peter asks what Noah wants and Noah reveals to Peter that Danko was killed over a key to a safety deposit box which the killer will now be watching. He explains the attacker's ability to Peter and convinces him to tag along. They go to the bank where they receive the box. Inside they find a compass. Edgar enters the room, having injured a bank manager, and demands the compass before throwing a knife at Noah. Peter, having replicated Edgar's ability, grabs the knife and fends Edgar off. After Edgar leaves, Peter helps the injured bank worker and has him taken to hospital.

Noah and Peter discover that the compass moves when being held by Peter, but not by Noah. Peter refuses any more cooperation with Noah and leaves.

Noah is then attacked and gravely injured by Edgar. Peter arrives on scene and has Noah sent to a hospital. Tracy visits him and the two share some food left by Peter.


Noah comes to Claire's room and invites her to lunch. Gretchen takes advantage of his visit to get herself invited. At the lunch, Gretchen drops a variety of hints about Claire's powers and her secretive nature. Noah soon realizes that she knows something. When they have a moment alone, Noah talks to Claire and offers to call in the Haitian. However, Claire says she will handle the situation on her own. Later, Noah calls to apologize. Claire gives a prepared speech about living on her own and father and daughter end the call on amiable terms.

Graphic Novel:Running in Circles

Edgar is sent by Samuel to retrieve Joseph's compass. Edgar follows Noah and Peter after they obtained the compass from Danko's corpse.


Noah reads through his divorce papers, which he has received from Sandra. Peter arrives and attempts to show him a tattoo of the compass on his arm, but there is nothing there. Noah assumes that Peter imagined it, when Claire arrives. Peter leaves and Noah offers Claire some cereal. Claire offers to help him find a normal job but Noah insists that he doesn't have any experience in the "real world". Claire gives him a mock interview but he fails.

Noah tells Claire that there is no use trying to help him as his greatest strength is his loyalty to the Company. Claire tells him that he is a hero and reminds him that he has saved many people. Noah soon meets with Tracy, who is also having troubles returning to a normal life. Noah helps her out by giving her Claire's advice. Later, Noah studies several articles on the compass. Elsewhere, a tattoo of Noah appears on Lydia's back and Samuel wonders why he would appear. Lydia tells him that Noah is no longer retired.

Graphic Novel:Boom

Some time ago, during Noah and Meredith's Company partnership, they headed to Carol Strazzulla's home in New England to investigate a lead about a fire-starter. They talk to Carol Strazzulla, whose niece, Amanda, is the evolved human in question. They notice that Amanda had killed a dog and fried a tree, then ran away from home.

Noah and Meredith disagree over Amanda's intent; Noah insists that she's evil and must be taken down, while Meredith thinks she is just confused. They find Amanda at the local pet store, trying to sell Iggy, her cat. She explains that the dog she killed, Twinkles, was attacking Iggy, and she accidentally fried him. Outside the pet store, the police arrive, and try to capture Amanda, who struggles against them and manifests her ability again, causing the police car to explode. Noah grabs Meredith and they duck just in time to avoid being injured. Amanda takes this opportunity to run. As Meredith is about to head after Amanda, Noah receives a text message warning him about a situation on Level 5 that is FUBAR. He tells Meredith that they have a bigger job, and they leave.

Hysterical Blindness

During the sorority speed dating, Claire mentions that her dad works for the government doing paperwork.

Tabula Rasa

Noah is visited by Claire, who asks how his job search is going. Noah answers but before they can talk about it they are interrupted by Peter, who teleports into the room, asking for help. He tells them that Hiro is dying and that he needs a healer to save him. Noah tells Claire that her blood won't work and then goes through his old files, pulling out one about Jeremy Greer. Peter teleports the two of them to Jeremy's home and they find that everything around the house is dead. Noah speculates that, like another target in China, Jeremy's ability has evolved to the point where he can take away the life force of other living things. The two of them enter Jeremy's home and find his dead parents. They are then fired upon by Jeremy and Noah goes upstairs to talk to him.

Jeremy warns Noah to stay away from him and Noah learns that everything that Jeremy touches dies. Noah tells him that it is not his fault and that with enough practice, he will be able to heal people. Jeremy doesn't believe Noah but Noah insists that he has helped many people like him. Peter teleports between them and Jeremy's gun goes off, shooting Peter. Noah begs Jeremy to heal Peter and convinces the kid that he is a healer. Jeremy heals Peter and Noah sincerely thanks him before calling the authorities. He explains to Jeremy that he used to have a job helping people like him and that he has let him down. He promises that that won't happen again.

Strange Attractors

Noah watches sadly as Jeremy is placed in a holding cell. He speaks to Sheriff Werner, who refuses to release Jeremy into Noah's custody because he is simply a "family friend". Noah calls in Tracy Strauss and meets her when she arrives in town. Tracy wonders why he called her and asks who he had planned to call if she had refused to come. Noah admits that he didn't have anyone else planned and Tracy smiles. She asks him what he is doing and Noah tells her about Jeremy, and his promise to help him. He then tells her that Jeremy is a lot like her in regards to letting his emotions control his ability and Tracy reluctantly agrees to help after learning that Noah has forged some papers to make it seem as though Tracy is Jeremy's aunt.

As Tracy speaks with Jeremy, Noah reads Jeremy's journal and learns that he has a lot of issues regarding his monstrous power. None the less, he and Tracy manage to get Jeremy released and Noah promises Jeremy that he will be safe as he has created a whole new identity for him. Noah and Tracy escort Jeremy out of the building, only to be met by a crowd of angry people. One man grabs Jeremy and succumbs to his ability. Noah begs Jeremy to heal the man but he does not and instead goes back to the police station. Noah and Tracy, after learning that Jeremy is not in his cell, go looking for him and find his dead body in the middle of the road. Noah is upset about letting Jeremy down and tells Tracy that he does not believe evolved humans can exist in the open. Grief stricken, Tracy tells Noah not to call her again and he walks away from her.

Once Upon a Time in Texas

Three years ago, Noah is in the diner, talking on the phone with Sandra. He tells her that he obviously wants to be at school, for Claire's Homecoming. However, he can't control his job. As he closes his phone, Lauren enters the diner. She apologizes to Noah for being late because of the traffic. She then asks Noah if everything is okay and he confirms it. But she tells him that it's not okay, because he's making a "face", the same face he makes every time he lies to Sandra. He then expresses his wish about telling Sandra the truth. He wishes that Sandra knew that he's missing Claire's homecoming because he's trying to stop a deranged serial killer. He's trying to save her daughter's life and he can't even tell her that. Lauren comments about how lying sucks and that she lies to her family too. She elaborates, saying that she missed her nephew's Bar Mitzvah because she was busy bagging and tagging a guy who can shoot fire out of his nose. However, she had to lie to her mother that she had PMS instead. Noah admits that it's nice to relax with a friend he can talk to. She asks if what they're doing is two friends talking, and says it's flirting but he doesn't recognize it because it's been so long. Lauren points out they have been having breakfast out of town for months but the pancakes aren't that good. She observes that Noah is such a cowboy that he would never admit it so she's taking the initiative. Lauren offers him her motel room key but realizes Noah isn't interested. Noah gets a call about the Sylar paintings. Lauren says she'll meet him at the office and he leaves.

Eden McCain opens the door for Noah to visit Isaac Mendez and he asks him about the paintings, and explains that Isaac isn't the only one with special abilities. Noah needs his help to save the cheerleader that Isaac has been painting, and desperately explains that the cheerleader is his daughter. Noah goes out and Lauren admits she was eavesdropping. She says she had no idea and promises that they'll handle it together. Lauren then leans forward and kisses him, and then apologizes for being such an ass. She assures him they have thirty-seven hours until Homecoming and they'll nail Sylar, and then pretend she never kissed him. Noah says that he doesn't want to forget what she did.

The Wildcat cheerleaders are at the bus station to greet the rival team. Claire notices Noah across the street and runs to talk to him. She wonders why he's there and he says he's there to hear her cheer. She offers to hang with him if he wants and Noah says he'd love to. They grab shakes and coffee and she asks if he likes his work selling paper. Noah admits that he does, and Claire says that she can't imagine him wanting to sell paper. He tells her that he wanted to teach Shakespeare in high school and Claire accuses him of being a drama geek. She says he should teach once she graduates and should do what makes him happy, but Noah says that he is happy. Jackie calls Claire over and Noah kisses his daughter goodbye, saying he'll see her later. He then considers Lauren's hotel key.

Lauren is having a drink in her hotel room when Noah comes in and asks for one of what she's having. He tells her that he can't do this and it's not smart for either of them because they're partners. Lauren tells him not to blame it on the job and points out that it's more than just casual sex. Noah admits that he cares about her and Lauren says that they've been lying, and asks if he wants to be himself with her and have some happiness. Noah explains that he loves his family and no matter how complicated as it is to lie, he still loves them. He says Lauren is a great agent and he needs her help with Sylar and Claire, and she assures him she'll be there for him, now and always. They go back to work.

Noah is in the cafeteria at the Company building when Lauren comes in and gives him an envelope she says she found on his desk. Inside it is a note and the motel keys. He asks her if they're pretending it never happened and she has no idea what he's talking about. Noah reads the note, which is from Lauren and says that she is having the Haitian wipe her memory because it's better and more professional if they have a non-romantic relationship, and she doesn't remember what happened. She asks if everything is okay and he says it was his mistake and everything is fine.

Hiro goes back into the diner and orders root beer, and admits that it's over. Noah is sitting at the bar next to him and wonders if he knows him. Hiro says he doesn't. Noah asks if he's okay and Hiro admits that he ruined his chance at finding true love. Noah quotes Shakespeare, saying that love is a messy business. He wishes Hiro well and then leaves.


Claire is surprised to find that Olivia and Ashley don't seem to remember anything, René and Noah reveal themselves and Claire says that they did it fast. Noah says that if his daughter calls him he drops everything.

Later, Noah, René and Claire are go to Becky's room, but before Noah is goes into the room, he tells Claire that she needs to go see Gretchen and that René wants to come with her. Claire thinks that René only wants to come with Claire, so he can erase Gretchen's memory, but Noah says that René is only coming with Claire so Becky cant use her power. Noah is goes into Becky's room and Claire and René leave. While Noah is in the room, he searches in Becky's closet and finds a compass. Noah hears something and grabs his taser, Noah says that he had a partner like her and that a taser gun is able to make her visible. Becky reveals herself and Noah asks if he knows her, Becky says that she doubts it because Noah never has seen her. But Becky states that she knows Noah and a flashback begins. When Becky was 5 years old and was in a house with her father. Her father tells Becky to hide under the bed. Noah then comes in to bag and tag Mr Taylor, but he doesn't succeed and is slammed against the wall, Noah shoots at him and he subsequently dies. Noah is looked to see if there was anybody else in the room but wasn't able to see Becky because her ability manifested. The flashback stops and Becky says that she is going to hurt Claire and Noah. Noah apologizes to Becky about her father and tells her that he takes full responsibility for it, and that he doesn't want her to hurt Claire. Becky says that she is going to hurt them both. Noah grabs for his taser and is ready to shoot Becky but someone is coming in the room. Becky turns invisible and Noah puts his taser away. The girl asks why Noah is in Becky's room and Noah says that he is searching for someone and then leaves. Meanwhile Claire is talking to Samuel in her room, Samuel states that he would know what Noah would do. Noah then comes in Claire's room and says what he would do in that situation and points a gun at Samuel. Samuel says that he doesn't want to do any harm and Noah says that he just saw his niece. Samuel states that Becky is a very disturbed girl and that Noah did that to her. Noah throws the compass he got from Becky's room to Samuel and asks him what he knows about the compass. Samuel tells him that his family needs to stay hidden and Noah asks from who, Samuel says that the family needs to be hidden because of people like Noah. Noah points a gun at Samuel again and says that he wants some answers.

Later is Noah trying to get Samuel in a car but doesn't succeed, because Becky comes and attacks Noah and Claire, to protect he uncle. Samuel tells Becky to stop but she doesn't listen so Samuel grabs the taser and shoots Becky. Samuel and Becky run away. Claire returns to her room, but just before she gets there, Noah says that she is amazing and that Claire deserves everything she wants. Claire says goodbye to Noah and he leaves. Later, in his apartment, Noah searches for any information on Samuel.

Brother's Keeper

Claire finds Tracy in Noah's apartment, and she says she was looking for Noah. Noah returns to find Tracy and Claire sitting on his couch and Claire's foot on the table. Noah asks about their day and Claire replies that it was just like usual.


Noah shops while talking to Claire on the phone. She tells him that Gretchen moved out and that they are no longer friends. Noah apologizes and asks her to come to Thanksgiving at his apartment. Claire accepts and Noah thanks her. He runs into Lauren Gilmore, his former Primatech partner. Lauren is surprised to see Noah, who tells her about his divorce from Sandra. He then tells her about his plans for Thanksgiving and Lauren notices that his turkey is cold and will not be ready for dinner. She offers to help him and Noah invites her to dinner so that they can catch up.

At his apartment, Noah lets in Claire, who is surprised to see that he is actually preparing for the holiday quite well. She assumes that Lauren is Noah's date, but Noah denies this. Sandra, Doug, Mr. Muggles and Mrs. Lovegood then arrive and Sandra also assumes that Lauren is Noah's date. Noah denies this once more.

While the family is eating dinner, Noah learns about how Doug and Sandra met. Sandra wonders how he knows Lauren and Noah explains that they worked at Primatech together. Sandra is curious as to whether he means the paper factory or the other one. When Doug suggests that they all share what they are thankful for, Noah says that he is thankful Claire came. Then, much to his surprise, Claire announces that she wishes to drop out of college. Noah tries to convince her that Gretchen will come around but Claire refuses to see things that way. They go to his room and Claire sees the clippings about Samuel. She wonders if that life would be better for her and Noah insists that Samuel's family is not right for her. There is a knock on the door and Noah reveals that he invited Gretchen.

After Claire and Gretchen patch things up and the night comes to an end, Noah suggests that he and Lauren should get together for Christmas. Lauren says that a movie would be better and gives him her number.

The Fifth Stage

Noah is in his apartment when Lauren Gilmore arrives to pick him up for their movie date. Noah shows her the information he has collected on Samuel, and goes to show her the compass. However, the compass is gone. He immediately realizes Claire has it, and tries to call her. The call goes straight to voicemail, but Lauren offers to use her CIA connections to trace the phone's location. They triangulate that Claire is in southern Ohio, but are interrupted by a knock on the door. Eli is at the door, claiming to be an emissary from the Sullivan Bros. Carnival. Noah refuses to grant him entry, but Eli's clones have already appeared inside. Noah and Lauren fire at the clones and take cover in the apartment's bathroom, where he has stored an extra gun just in case. Noah and Lauren make a plan to shoot for the prime Eli, but find both Eli and all of his Primatech files are nowhere to be seen.

Upon This Rock

Claire listens to two messages from Noah, both of which are asking her to call him. Later, at Nathan's funeral, Noah remembers his friend and mourns with the Petrelli family.

Let It Bleed

Hours before the discovery of Nathan's body, Noah brings the corpse to Peter, and asks if he really wants to be a part of the cover-up. Peter agrees to it and Noah shows him the body. In present time, Noah goes to see Claire and asks if she is ready for her lift to the wake. Claire refuses to go with him, as he has lied to her yet again. She then asks him not to go, as she would like some time to mourn the loss of her father. Noah goes home to his apartment, seemingly unaware that he is being followed by Edgar. However, seconds before Edgar hits him, Noah turns and tazers him. He then calls Lauren over and reminds her about the speedster that The Company could not catch. He shows her Edgar, who he has locked up in the freezer.

Noah then begins to interrogate Edgar as to the whereabouts of the carnival. He finds Edgar's knives and is reminded of the time Edgar cut him up. He is about to cut off a finger when Lauren stops him and asks to speak with him. She asks him what he is doing and says that he is getting emotional. Noah claims that he can do this and Lauren tells him to simply talk to Edgar, as he has no compass. Noah tries the kinder approach and offers Edgar tea. He then discovers that Edgar left the carnival and brings him up to his apartment. Edgar gives Noah and Lauren some detailed information on the carnival and Noah quickly devises a plan with Lauren. Edgar asks if his family will be hurt and Noah promises that after Samuel is gone, he will find all of them a home. Edgar sees that coming to Noah was a mistake and speeds off with the plans.

Later, Noah blames himself for letting Edgar get away but Lauren tells him that he is being hard on himself. She suggests that he call Claire and try to make amends, as burning bridges can always be rebuilt. Noah considers this but ultimately does not go through with it.

Close to You

In his apartment, Noah and Lauren go over all the information they have gathered on Samuel. Lauren warns Noah that he is sounding obsessed and Noah snaps at her. He quickly apologizes but Lauren does not seem to forgive him. She helps him find information on Vanessa Wheeler, a former "flame" of Samuel's. Noah calls her and asks about Samuel, but Vanessa hangs up. They get an address and Noah leaves for California with Lauren wishing him luck. Knowing that he will need backup, Noah goes to Matt and asks for his help. He admits that he was wrong about Sylar but warns Matt that soon Samuel may come looking for Matty. Matt reluctantly agrees to help and the two of them go to see Vanessa. Once again, Vanessa denies knowing Samuel and Noah suggests that Matt use telepathy on Vanessa. Matt once again agrees. Vanessa then informs them of her connection with Samuel and Noah asks her to call him if Samuel contacts her again.

Later that night, Noah is waiting in the bushes outside of Vanessa's home. He sees Samuel sneak in and rushes to stop him however, he is caught off guard by an Eli clone. Noah defeats the clone and bumps into Matt, who is fighting another clone. Noah shoots the clone and rushes after Samuel. When he finds him, he discovers that Vanessa is already gone. Samuel then sends dirt flying at Noah, blinding him. Matt pulls up and the two follow Vanessa with the tracker they put on her. They follow the signal to an empty field and find a carnival poster on the ground. Matt goes home and Noah tries to get him to join the fight, but Matt convinces Noah to try and rebuild his home life.

Noah then goes to see Claire and tries to apologize for everything. Claire, still angry, asks him to wait as she has an appointment she needs to get to. Noah, disheartened, returns home and Lauren comes to see him. He apologizes once again for snapping at her and Lauren tells him never to do it again. Noah then admits his feelings for Lauren and the two kiss. Hiro, Ando and Mohinder then teleport into the room and Noah greets them with a "hello boys".


Mohinder constructs a new compass for Noah and says that he will need either Hiro or Ando to work it. Noah asks if Mohinder will do it but Mohinder says that he is leaving. Noah then tells Hiro and Ando that it's up to them to stop Samuel, but Hiro collapses, due to his worsening tumor.

Sylar tells Claire that they were both raised by parents who didn't understand them, meaning Noah for Claire. He also mentions that both their fathers are killers.

The Art of Deception

Noah returns to his apartment where Lauren informs him of Claire's visit. Noah attempts to call Claire but is unable to reach her but nonetheless, he and Lauren continue with their plan to attack the carnival. Lauren tells him that she is worried about him and Noah simply smiles.

Later, in the cloak of the night, Lauren and Noah wait on a nearby hill to the carnival with Noah looking through his rifle. Lauren spots Samuel and Noah prepares to shoot but Lauren stops him when Lydia and Claire follow him. Noah then receives a call from Claire who pleads for a peaceful solution to their problem. Noah agrees and tells Claire to have Samuel meet them inside the field outside the carnival. After hanging up, Noah and Lauren make a back-up plane just in case Samuel has his own trap waiting.

Before the meeting can happen, shots are fired and Noah looks around for a shooter. He quickly locates Eli shooting at his own people and instantly shoots him. Noah is then frustrated to learn he only took out a clone. Another Eli then appears and knocks Noah out. The Prime Eli takes him back to the carnival and holds him responsible for the attacks and murder of Lydia. Claire defends him and Noah tells her he is innocent. Samuel is furious and orders Damian and Eli to take him to the House of Mirrors.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 1

Tracy receives a call from Lauren who says that Noah told her to call Tracy if something went wrong.

The Wall

Bound to a chair in the center room of the House of Mirrors, Noah is met by Claire who runs up and embraces him. Samuel reveals the waiting Damian and explains to the Bennets that Damian can reveal a person's memories. Noah tells Samuel to let Claire go but Samuel theorizes he wants her gone so she cannot see his past. Damian begins and projects Noah's past into the mirrors.

In 1985, Noah is a used car salesman at Harry's Used Cars in Los Angeles. He attempts to sell a car to a nice young couple but admits that they can get a better car for a cheaper price at a rival dealership. Noah is disappointed with himself but is happy when a woman covers his eyes. He guesses it is his wife, Kate and admits he is a lousy salesman. She then tells him he should right plays and Noah realizes something is wrong. Kate reveals she is pregnant and Noah is overjoyed. Back at the House of Mirrors, Noah apologizes to Claire who forgives him and the two continue to watch as Damian projects more memories.

Back in 1985, Noah and Kate are celebrating at home with some Chinese food. The delivery man arrives at the door and Noah answers it, quickly noting he isn't the usual guy. The delivery man then uses his special ability to pin Noah to the wall. Noah is shocked that he cannot move and watches on as Richard steals from the apartment and sends Kate flying into a glass table, subsequently killing her.In present time, Noah tries to explain that his old life died with Kate but Damian continues to use his ability.

Noah begins to track down Richard and, after a year of searching, finds another evolved human. Noah confronts a repairman and asks where Richard is. The repairman is surprised to learn of others like him and uses his ability on Noah, who instinctively shoots him dead. Claire quickly realizes that the repairman was Noah's first kill and continues to watch as more of his memories are revealed.

Back to selling cars, Noah meets with Thompson for the first time and accepts a job at The Company. Two years later, the two meet and discuss Noah's partnership with Claude. Thompson notes Noah's recent murders of specials and tells him to start a family in order to be calmer. He suggests the waitress that served them and Noah considers the matter. Upon learning this, Claire is unhappy with her father but Noah assures her it was real. Damian then shows Claire the memories of two weeks ago, during Thanksgiving, where Noah is seen threatening to erase Gretchen's memories if she doesn't convince Claire to stay away from the carnival.

Noah is then placed inside Samuel's trailer and is later joined by Claire. The two are then trapped as Samuel brings the trailer down.

Graphic Novel:Reaching Out, Part 2

Tracy goes to see Lauren, and asks her where Bennet is.

Brave New World

After being trapped by Samuel's power underground with Claire, a dejected Noah tells Claire to stop digging in an attempt to escape, because the more she does, the more oxygen she uses up. He also says that Samuel wants him to die in front of her. Noah then tells Claire that everything she saw in the House of Mirrors is true, but it wasn't supposed to be that way. Claire and Noah get into an argument about how Claire needs protection. Then, Noah says that the whole world will know about her ability and everything will change, and if a single Sylar appears, they will be hunted. Claire promises not to reveal themselves as Noah passes out. Suddenly Tracy arrives rescues the Bennets, using her ability to raise them to the surface, where Lauren awaits.

In Central Park, Noah and Claire split up, searching for Samuel, but as he makes a call to Ando, Edgar finds Noah and holds him at knife-point, but Noah manages to persuade him to help stop Samuel. They then, using Eli, convince the carnies that Samuel killed Joseph and is going to kill thousands. They believe the group and they leave. As Samuel starts to tear down Central Park, Noah gets Hiro and Ando to teleport them all away, saving all the people there. Noah then finds Samuel defeated and distraught at the hands of Peter, he is arrested and reporters flood into the empty Carnival. One asks Noah what happened who refuses to comment, Claire echoes his comment before reconsidering, and against the pleads of Noah, she 'breaks his heart' by climbing up the Ferris wheel and jumping off, revealing that she is an evolved human.

Graphic Novel: Consequences

When Angela Petrelli dreams that Samuel Sullivan succeeds in destroying part of New York, she sees Noah try to escape with Claire and sees him fall into the ground, presumably to his death.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 5

In 1988, Noah and Sandra are on their honeymoon in Berlin, Germany. Thompson walks up and hands Noah a note to give to Petrelli. Noah complains that he is only delivering notes and he wants to do more. Thompson tells him that until Ivan says he can do more than pass notes, he will only pass notes.

Walking away, Claude becomes visible and asks who Noah is and why he has his "knickers in a twist." Thompson replies that Noah is no one for Claude to concern himself with right now.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 7

After struggling with parenthood, Bob Bishop assigns Noah to care for Elle, hoping Noah is a better parent than he is.

Graphic Novel:From the Files of Primatech, Part 8

Elle Bishop is losing whilst playing skeeball at a local arcade, so she decides to electrocute the machine to win tickets. She spends the tickets on a necklace. Noah Bennet approaches and attempts to retrieve her, using rubber gloves in order to nullify her ability. She manages to escape, and flees on foot. Elle shocks a windmill at a miniature golf course, sending the sail flying at Noah. He manages to dodge it and catch up to her. He promises her that her father loves her and would be proud of her if she came home. She agrees and Bennet escorts her back to the Company.

As Bob waits for Dr. Zimmerman to arrive with lithium, Bennet decides that cake would cheer Elle up.

Heroes Evolutions

Following the release of Trust Issues, Part 2, was updated with a message that Noah Bennet no longer worked there and that clients of Noah Bennet would be contacted by a new agent.


In chapter 3 of Purpose, Lauren tells John Mulligan that she and Noah have been working together for weeks to try and find Samuel and the carnival.

In chapter 4 of Purpose, Lauren tells Mulligan that Eli has captured Noah during their failed raid on the carnival. Later, Mulligan sees a bunch of carnies surrounding Noah.

In chapter 6 of Purpose, Mulligan picks up Noah, Claire and Lauren in a helicopter, taking them to Sullivan Bros. Carnival. In an alternate path, the Teleporter sees Noah and calls him the "agent" and dissappears.

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