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Noah Bennet/Season Three

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This article archives the history of Noah Bennet during Season Three.

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Character History

The Second Coming

Noah is bouncing a rubber ball against his cell's window as Peter, trapped in Jesse Murphy's body, yells that he is really Peter Petrelli. Noah pauses in surprise, but continues bouncing his ball.

The Butterfly Effect

Realizing that Sylar is in the facility, Elle enters Noah's cell and tosses him a gun. He rushes out of the cell to be met by Sylar. Noah unloads an entire clip of ammunition into him, but quickly learns that Sylar has taken Claire's ability and quickly recovers with a sarcastic "Ouch". As he prepares to shoot Sylar in the head, Sylar sends him flying against the ceiling only to come crashing down as Sylar turns his attention to Elle. Following her explosion of electricity that knocks Sylar out and frees the other prisoners of Level 5, Noah drags Sylar's body to a cell and escapes with the rest of the detainees.

Later on, Claire arrives home to find Noah on his computer. They share a hug before Noah shows Claire the escapees' Assignment Tracker 2.0 profiles and explains that he must hunt down the convicts before they can harm innocent people. When Claire offers her assistance, Noah forbids her to help him and calls in Meredith Gordon, whom he has asked to protect his family while he is gone.

One of Us, One of Them

Noah gets a new Company partner.

While in Level 5, Noah talks to Angela. She asks if he has rejoined the Company, but he says that he is only there to recapture the Level 5 escapes and will then return to his family. Noah asks for his partner, but Angela says that the Haitian is on a pick-up assignment for her. Noah reminds Angela about the Company policy, "One of us, one of them." Angela says the she has the perfect partner for Noah, and leads Noah to the cell of his new colleague, Sylar.

Noah strongly disapproves of Sylar, especially after the recent attack on Claire. Angela protects Sylar by saying that he's just misunderstood and needs structure, which Noah could give to him. Noah reluctantly agrees to work with Sylar. The new partners see the bank robbery on the news and are told that it is their first assignment. At the bank, Noah tells Sylar to stand back and do nothing, but Sylar uses his silver tongue and poses as a fake FBI agent, instructing Lieutenant Chory to "move the horses back" and fetch them some coffee.

As Noah enters the bank, the hostages are released, leaving him alone with Knox, Flint, and Peter, trapped in Jesse's body. Knox is about to attack Noah, just as Peter uses Jesse's ability, knocking everyone off their feet. Just then, Future Peter enters and freezes time. He walks over to Jesse and pushes Present Peter out. The two Peters teleport out of there, and time resumes. Noah looks at Jesse and thanks Peter for saving him, to which Jesse replies that Peter isn't there anymore. Jesse prepares to attack Noah, just as Sylar enters the bank and stops him and Knox with telekinesis. Flint tries to attack, but Noah pulls out his gun and shoots Flint, but does not kill him.

As Noah walks Flint outside to seek medical attention, Sylar locks the bank doors. Noah tries to stop Sylar, but he can't control his hunger. He focuses on Jesse, allowing Knox to escape, and takes Jesse's ability right in front of Noah.

The pair return to Primatech Research with only one of the four escapees. They lead Flint to a cell in Level 5 right next to Hiro and Ando. Noah later meets up with his old partner, the Haitian. The Haitian asks if he's been replaced, to which Noah replies that he is only working with Sylar until he finds his weakness, and will then kill him.

Graphic Novel:The Sting of Injustice

Jesse and Knox leave the diner a bloodbath saying the message is out, and the neighborhood is theirs. Suddenly, a man approaches them, commenting on how easy it was to find them. When he isn't affected by Knox's warning, Jesse tries to knock him out with his ability, only to find it's not working. The man then tasers Jesse, and tells Knox that right now, with the help of his friend, Knox is nothing.

In Level 5, while Noah observes Knox and Jesse, Knox comments to himself that he will take revenge on Noah.

Angels and Monsters

Noah enters Level 5 and tells Sylar to come with him because they have a lead on another Level 5 escapee. As they drive to Canfield's location, Noah warns Sylar that he's only working with him on Angela's orders, and Sylar wonders if he'll ever forgive him.

The pair enter Canfield's house to find Claire there with him. Canfield realizes that Noah is Claire's father and grabs her just as Sylar enters. After Canfield realizes that Claire didn't plan this, he warns her to hold on to something as he creates a vortex. As Canfield gets away, Noah, Claire, and Sylar try to hold on without getting sucked into the vortex. As Claire begins to slip, Sylar grabs her arm and saves her. When the vortex is gone, Sylar tries to apologize to Claire, but she refuses to accept it. Noah sharply tells Sylar to never talk to his daughter again. Noah then tries to explain to Claire just how dangerous Canfield is, but Claire explains that he is a good man who made one very big mistake. Noah decides that he will talk peacefully to Canfield.

After Canfield realizes that his family will not meet him at the carousel, Noah comes out from behind him with his gun pointed at Canfield's head. Sylar is waiting alone by the car. Noah wants to negotiate a deal: if Canfield kills Sylar, Noah will let him go. Canfield refuses, saying that he is not a murderer. Sylar spots that something is wrong and heads over. Noah gives Canfield one last chance to kill Sylar, but Canfield refuses to become a monster and creates a vortex which sucks him in.

Noah drives Claire home, explaining that he did what he had to to protect his family. Sylar is in the back and says that Claire finally sees Noah for what he really is; a user who doesn't consider either one of them human beings. Noah asks if Claire understands and she says she does.

Graphic Novel:Doyle

Noah brings Eric Doyle into Level 5 a couple of years prior to his escape. When Eric begins to gag, Noah explains that the nausea is to keep detainees compliant. Soon thereafter, Noah tells Eric why he is in Level 5, counting three murders he committed. When Eric asks for a lawyer, Noah tells him that Level 5 isn't jail and he isn't a police officer.

Dying of the Light

Noah arrives at Doyle's Marionette Theater after Claire subdues Eric Doyle. He further restrains Doyle by hitting him with a taser, and attempts to recruit Meredith for the Company.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 1

After Elle has been fired from the Company, she has no idea what to do to be normal but thinks HRG might be a good source for some answers.

Eris Quod Sum

Noah arrives in Mohinder's lab as Nathan and Tracy are wondering if any of the cocooned victims are still alive, then tases Mark Spatney.

Graphic Novel:Sum Quod Sum, Part 2

Elle enters the Bennets' home, where a picture of Noah resides.


In 2006, Noah and Elle are partners investigating Gabriel Gray. Noah monitors Gabriel's apartment while Elle is befriending Gabriel. When Elle becomes conflicted with her mission to entice Gabriel to kill again, Noah threatens to dismiss her from the Company. He then tells Elle to bring Trevor to bait Gabriel. When Gabriel has enough of Trevor's demonstrations and pins him to the wall and pushes Elle, Noah prepares to intervene. Elle, however runs out and Gabriel begins to slice Trevor's head open. Noah watches in awe from a hidden camera. Later on when Elle says that they've created a monster, Noah responds by saying that they accomplished their mission. Then he walks across the street and enters Mohinder's cab and asks Mohinder to take him to JFK.

Graphic Novel:Partners

Noah and Meredith recapture Danny Pine and put an end to their partnership.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Noah meets Claire at Primatech and takes her to Stephen Canfield's former and deserted home. Using planks that were torn asunder he trains Claire in using them to defend herself. When Elle and Sylar appear, bereft of their abilities, and attack Noah wrestles with Sylar and is almost shot by Elle. Claire takes the bullet for him and in revenge Noah dislocated Sylar's arm and knocks Elle out. He carries Claire away.

Later, Noah brings her home still bleeding and in a lot of pain. Sandra wants to call an ambulance buy Noah convinces her that the police will get involved. He then leaves to kill Elle and Sylar.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Noah fires several shots at Sylar and Elle before entering the house. In the ensuing firefight, he shoots Elle in the thigh and chases after them. Outside he sees several blood marks on the ground but is interrupted by his wife, who is calling about Claire. He tells her that he is coming home but continues to follow the blood tracks. He pursues the duo to the back of a supermarket, while inside Sylar ambushes him but is overpowered, and is knocked to the ground by Noah. As Elle watches helplessly, he grabs a box-cutter and slits Sylar's throat before leaving. He welcomes Claire home but she is angry at his absence and tells him that she died. Shocked, he rushes downstairs to find Sylar and Elle holding Sandra hostage. Sylar disarms him and throws him into the wall, preparing to slit his throat. Noah tells Sylar that Arthur and Angela are not his parents and they are just using him as a weapon. Before Sylar can kill him, Hiro appears and teleports Sylar, Claire, and Elle away, leaving Noah and Sandra alone in an empty room.

Our Father

Sixteen years in the past, Noah is given custody of the infant Claire by Kaito Nakamura. He returns to the New York apartment in which he and his wife Sandra are living with the baby to find Claire from the future. Claire claims she is their neighbors' niece, and offers to babysit, but Noah doesn't believe her, and says that the Monacos don't have a niece and demands to know who she is. The phone in the apartment rings, and Claire tells him that it's the Company, and convinces him that the best thing he can do for "Claire Bear" is to ignore the phone call, as they want to do something to her which will put her in danger.


Noah, Meredith, Angela and Claire prepare to defend Primatech and Noah and Claire arm themselves with shotguns from the armory. They find the guards dead, then all windows and doors leading outside close and Sylar announces his presence over the intercom.

Noah and Meredith go after Sylar, and break into the control room but find Sylar gone. They return to Level 5 where Noah sets free Echo DeMille, Danny Pine, and Eric Doyle. He tells them they can earn their freedom if they kill Sylar. As all three depart Meredith remarks they don't stand a chance against Sylar. Noah replies they are bait and meant to draw Sylar out.

Later, Noah finds Meredith in a Level 5 cell and goes inside. Sylar has given her an adrenaline shot and she cannot control her ability. The door slams shut and Sylar taunts Noah through the observation glass, saying that eventually he will have to kill Meredith if he wants to escape. Claire finds them there and Noah tells Meredith to direct as much fire as she can at the glass. Noah then shoots the weakened glass but it still holds, so Claire throws herself through it. Noah and Claire escape to go after Sylar, promising to return for Meredith.

Noah rushes into Angela's office as Claire stabs Sylar in the back of the head, incapacitating him. Noah gets Angela out and goes with Claire to fetch Meredith, but Meredith completely loses control and explodes, wrecking Primatech, with Noah and Claire barely escaping with their lives. Noah stands with Angela and Claire and looks on as Primatech burns down.

A Clear and Present Danger

When Mohinder Suresh is trapped in a car park by Danko's team, he meets Noah Bennet on the way. Noah tells Mohinder to get in the car. However, Mohinder quickly learns that Noah is working for Homeland Security when Noah tasers him and turns him in to Danko. Later, Claire Bennet attempts to free the evolved humans on the plane, she goes to the cockpit and looks in shock to see Noah sitting next to the pilot.

Graphic Novel:Out of Town... On Business

Noah is sitting in a car outside of the Steel Family Safe Insurance building in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, when he receives a call from Claire. Claire is suspicious about the note he left at home saying he was "out of town on business," and while she questions him about his activities, Noah heads inside the building. He assures Claire that Sylar is dead and then tells her that he is about to step into a meeting. He presses the elevator button to head up to the sixth floor and ends the conversation with Claire. As he pulls his finger away, he realizes that there is blood on the sixth floor button. He exits the elevator on the sixth floor, gun drawn, and he enters Macon's office, only to find the man sprawled out on his desk, his head cut open, and his brain missing.

Trust and Blood

Shortly after the plane crashes, Noah notices both Claire and Peter trying to escape together. After grabbing Claire, he threatens to shoot Peter but Peter knows he can't do it and leaves quickly.

Noah takes Claire back to the military camp and Nathan makes plans to send her home. She rages at how their betrayal of the others.

Noah enters the camp to notice Danko holding a gun to Claire's head. After Nathan commands Danko to stand down, the two have words. Noah leads Claire away and warns her that Danko will be watching her like a hawk now. Claire gets in the car and goes home.

Noah arrives with Nathan at the rendezvous point and following Nathan and Tracy's conversation, Peter emerges and holds a gun to Nathan's head. Noah repeatedly refuses to take the shot that would kill Peter. Peter then absorbs Nathan's ability and flies away.

Building 26

Noah has breakfast with his family and talks about his new job as a "consultant". When Sandra asks about his trip to visit colleges with Claire, Claire leaves the room and Noah makes an excuse for her. When Claire says she won't lie to her mother any more, he insists that she must do as he says for her own safety and tells her that she has been enrolled at Costa Verde Community College.

Claire is at Sam's Comics with Alex when Noah comes into the store. The two hide at first, but then Alex runs into Noah, who says he is from the county clerk's office and mentions parking violations. Claire calls her father's cellphone in an attempt to distract him, and Alex hits him with a stand of comics and escapes. He runs after Alex but loses him. He then calls Danko and orders a team. When Danko points out that Claire's car has been seen in the area, he makes an excuse for her. He meets Claire at her car and warns her that he knows she's been lying, but she reminds him that he cannot control her.

That evening, Noah comes home with takeaway food and finds that Claire has told Sandra about what he really does. He argues with Sandra and says that he is trying to protect Claire. Later he goes up to Claire's room and tells her that Sandra has asked him to move out for a while. They embrace and he leaves. Noah goes to a motel bar for a drink and tells the bartender that he's looking for an apartment. His vision suddenly becomes foggy and he collapses. Peter, Mohinder and Matt come and take him away, laughing that he's had a few too many.

Cold Wars

Noah is drugged by Peter, Matt and Mohinder and taken to a motel for interrogation. They keep him drugged so it will be easier for Matt to scan his memories. Four weeks previously, Noah goes to see Angela Petrelli who tells him that the Company is now shut down for good. She gives him severance pay and a watch, and Noah is unsure of what to do with his life.

Three weeks before the events of the episode, Noah is visited by Nathan Petrelli who asks for his help in rounding up people with abilities, promising that Claire will be safe. Noah eventually agrees and leads Nathan to a storage facility filled with information and weapons he has stockpiled over 20 years. In the present Matt sends Peter to the address that he got from Noah's mind then starts going through his memories again. In the past Noah meets Danko and tries to implement a Company-style system of "one of us, one of them" for capturing evolved humans, but Danko refuses to work with people with abilities. Noah goes to Mohinder for help with the program, but Mohinder refuses him. In the present this infuriates Matt as Mohinder hadn't warned anyone despite refusing to help.

In the past, Noah goes to see Danko at home and tries to get to know him better but doesn't succeed. In the present, Matt sends Peter (who has returned from Noah's storage locker after being nearly caught by Danko's team) to the address, but Noah wakes up and warns them that Danko will be looking for him. They don't listen, and Matt pulls a gun on Noah, but Noah convinces him not to shoot, telling him that Daphne is still alive. Matt doesn't believe him but he scans Noah's memories and sees the truth: Noah was there when they brought the wounded but alive Daphne into Building 26. Danko's team then storms the motel, having already captured Mohinder, and they grab Matt who surrenders. Noah insists on walking him to the team's van, but they are interrupted by Peter who drops a stun grenade and flies away with Matt.

Noah tells Danko that he is coming to understand his way of thinking: he can no longer balance being a "Company man" and a family man, as he has been kicked out of his house and Claire's scared of him. The two decide to ally against Nathan and take over the operation themselves. Later Noah meets Angela in a park and it is revealed that the two are working together to an unknown purpose, possibly to bring Danko and his men down. Angela warns Noah that he's going to have to do many difficult things, but Noah says that he's perfectly fine with morally gray and leaves.

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 1

In December 1998, Noah and Claude go to Moscow on a bag and tag mission, where they meet up with Ivan Spektor. They are hunting an evolved human known as the Russian, who seems to be the patriarch of a criminal family, all of them notoriously hard to capture. They pursue him through a subway station and onto a train, but when the Russian uses his age shifting ability to alter his appearance, Noah realizes that all the members of the Russian's "family" are in fact the same man, shifting his age from young to old. Noah wonders how dangerous the Russian really is, and although Ivan claims that anyone with an ability can be a threat, Noah knows that they still possess humanity. When they finally catch up with the Russian, he age-shifts into a child. Claude says that Noah cannot shoot a young boy, but Ivan points out that his age is an illusion. Noah pulls his gun and wonders whether he can bring himself to shoot.


In Building 26, Noah watches surveillance footage of his family's home. When Danko asks if he minds them watching his daughter's movements, he claims that he knows it's necessary and says that he has his own apartment now. When Nathan asks for his help in protecting Peter from Danko, he points out that Peter and his friends kidnapped and tortured him, giving him reason enough to shoot him himself. When Matt and Peter infiltrate Building 26 with the help of Rebel, he warns Danko not leave the room and explains how to defeat Matt's telepathy by activating the fire alarm to overload Matt's senses and stop him from concentrating. He and Danko then pull guns on Matt and Peter, but Matt mentally holds them back long enough for Peter to escape with the Flight 195 video footage. Noah then goes to meet Peter in a parking garage, ostensibly to hand over Matt and Daphne in exchange for the video, but Noah uses his thoughts to warn Peter that it's a trap. Danko shoots Peter in the arm, making him fall from the roof, but Noah watches as Peter escapes by apparently flying away (in reality being rescued by Nathan).

Graphic Novel:Comrades, Part 2

Noah, Claude and Ivan have cornered the Russian on a Moscow subway train. The Russian has used his age shifting ability to turn into a young boy, and Noah's hesitation over shooting someone who looks like a child gives the Russian enough time to break a window and escape from the train. As they leave the station, Ivan berates Noah for not shooting, but Noah has a hunch about the Russian's hiding place. They go to a large marketplace, and Claude expresses his belief that the Russian is not really a killer, but Noah is doubtful. Claude sees the Russian, still in his child form, and lies to Noah to try to help him get away, but Ivan spots him and calls out, in a successful attempt to make the Russian age-shift again into an adult body, which will be a much easier target for Noah. The Russian pulls a knife on Ivan but Noah shoots him dead. Noah blames Ivan for forcing him to kill, and in the future he sees that these events led both to his killing of Ivan and to the Company's distrust of Claude.

Shades of Gray

Noah receives a call from Claire asking for advice on how to live separate lives, he asks whether she wants the truth or whether she wants what she wants to hear. She doesn't know and Noah hangs up.

Noah calls Angela Petrelli in her limo, telling her that Nathan and Danko are escalating their "cold war" against each other, and that he is concerned that Nathan is moving too fast and will play his hand too soon. Angela, clutching a pair of argyle socks, tells him that she has the situation under control.

Nathan presents Danko with a signed order from the President, removing him from the project. He tells Noah that he's in charge now, and takes him to meet the President. Danko confronts them in the corridor, and points a gun at Nathan. He fires twice into the glass elevator behind them, and then pushes Nathan through the broken glass. Nathan falls for some distance, then floats in the air and flies away. Danko asks Noah if he knew about Nathan's ability.

Cold Snap

Noah Bennet finds Angela's limo sitting in traffic in NYC in the pouring rain. Angela tells him it's too dangerous for them to stay in touch, and Noah says he would be touched if he believed she actually cared about his safety. Angela says that Noah is clearly distracted, since he didn't bring an umbrella and has cut himself shaving. She notes the irony of alienating her family in order to save them. Noah says he's sure Nathan will forgive her, but Angela says she knows Peter won't. Angela points out that now Nathan has been exposed, it's all up to Bennet and suggests that he makes Danko trust him by turning in one of them. Noah asks how she knows that he hasn't turned her in, but Angela replies he needs a bigger catch and suggests Rebel would impress Danko more. Noah points out that Angela may need Rebel's services soon, but Angela says she will find a way to survive. She reminds him he only has fifteen minutes to catch the next train to DC, and gives him her umbrella. In return, he tells her not to go home, then leaves.

Danko and Noah enter the room full of drugged specials. Danko tells Bennet he's brought him a present, and shows him Eric Doyle. He knows what Doyle did to Sandra and Claire and thought Noah might like to see the puppet-master strung up. Bennet asks to return the favor and bring in Rebel. He suggests letting Rebel save Tracy Strauss. Using her as bait, they could capture Rebel. Danko doesn't like the plan at first, pointing out that Tracy is a killer. Noah promises to kill Tracy himself if the plan goes wrong and chalk it up to self-defense. Danko agrees.

Noah hangs up the phone in Building 26. He tells Danko that the team lost Angela Petrelli. Danko believes someone tipped her off, but Noah points out that Angela can see things coming and says they can use Angela's cellphone to track her. Suddenly, all the systems in Building 26 shut down, including the lights. As the emergency lights come on, Noah realizes it's Rebel's work. Danko tells Noah that this won't happen again. He says if Tracy does lead Bennet to Rebel, Noah should to kill them both and chalk it up to self-defense.

Noah finds Tracy in a store changing room, trying on clothing. He tells her she should have stuck with Matt Parkman, and he would have never found her. She says they did walk right past him. Noah reveals he has a gun and tells her he could draw his gun and kill her before she freezes him, but Tracy challenges him, saying she's worked up a hell of a "cold snap". When a attendant asks if everything is all right, Bennet takes off his glasses and says that Tracy is his fiancée and asks for a different size of jacket. When the attendant leaves, Noah puts his glasses back on and asks Tracy who Rebel is. Tracy claims she doesn't know. Bennet gives her a choice: either be imprisoned again, or lead him to Rebel and he'll let her go: although her old life is gone forever, she'll have a chance at freedom.

Noah later looks on while Danko shatters Tracy's frozen body.

Into Asylum

Danko turns to Noah for advice on how to capture evolved humans and refuses to listen when Noah suggests the "one of us, one of them" approach used by the Company. Noah is assigned to go after Angela and later leads a team to a church where she was apparently spotted. He finds Peter and Angela hiding in the confessional. After looking at them for a moment, covers for them and says that the area is clear, allowing them to get away. Later Noah meets Danko and finds what is apparently the body of a dead Sylar, not realizing that he's being tricked by Sylar and Danko into thinking that Sylar's dead.

In Mexico, Claire Bennet sells a necklace that Noah gave her. Nathan Petrelli sells his watch to buy it back.

Turn and Face the Strange

At Building 26, Noah examines "Sylar's" dead body. Danko enters and says it's funny how quickly he was able to find and kill Sylar, and posits that perhaps Bennet didn't want to catch Sylar after all. Noah suggests that maybe Danko is better than he. An agent comes in and tells Noah that his wife has arrived, and Danko tells the agent to send her up.

Sandra meets Noah in the hallway of Building 26, and demands to know where Claire is. He says Claire is safe, and the less Sandra knows, the better. Sandra doesn't believe anything he says anymore, and wants to see Claire. Noah changes the subject and tells her that there's a dead body, but he doesn't think it’s Sylar. Just then, Danko approaches. He introduces himself to Sandra and shakes her hand, but she knows he's the guy who's been watching her house. Danko leaves and Noah begs her to go home, but Sandra says she’s staying at a hotel in town until Noah finds Claire. She walks off.

Angela calls Noah to tell him that she had a dream, and asks if he knew about what happened at a place called "Coyote Sands". Noah knows that whatever happened there was kept a secret for over 20 years, and that the Company always told him it should never be discussed. Angela says that she and Peter are now heading there, and that she needs Noah there too, so that everyone knows the truth. Noah mentions that he doesn't believe Sylar is really dead, and Angela advises him to leave it alone, but Noah insists on checking one more time, despite Angela's pleas. Upon going into the morgue area, Noah sees that the body is missing. He asks a DHS agent where it went, and she tells him that it has been sent to the crematorium. Noah drives there and finds the body bag which appears to contain Sylar. He tells the agents to prepare to shoot, and removes the metal spike from Sylar's brain, but the body fails to regenerate, so Noah tells an agent to send the stake for DNA analysis and tells the team not to cremate the body.

Sandra meets Noah at his apartment. She says that Claire has called her and that she just needs Noah to sign some papers, which Noah sees are divorce papers. She tells him that he's perpetually lied to her, brought loaded guns into the home, and endangered the lives of their children. Noah begs her not to throw away their 22 years of marriage, and that they owe it to Lyle and to Claire to stay together. She tells him that it's too late and that she doesn't love, trust, or respect him anymore. Noah watches in heartbroken confusion as Sandra storms out.

In Building 26, Noah is about to sign the divorce papers when he notices Sandra's signature. He calls up some online records and confirms that the signature is not Sandra's. He calls the DNA lab and a technician called Nigel tells him that the DNA on the metal spike matches James Martin of Arlington, VA. Noah realizes Sylar is now a shape shifter.

Sandra walks into her hotel room and Noah pulls a gun on her, aiming at the back of her head. Terrified, she asks him what he's doing, but Noah is convinced that Sandra is Sylar, and when she lists some personal details about their past together, he assumes that Sylar has acquired telepathy. He shoves her against the table and Sandra starts to weep, pleading for Noah to stop. Sandra's phone rings and Noah answers. It's Lyle calling to ask where Mr. Muggles's pills are. Sandra tells Noah exactly where the pills are in the refrigerator, and when he hears Lyle asks if it's the green or the brown bottle, Noah realizes that he has made a huge mistake. He hangs up, puts his gun away, lays the cell phone on the table, and squeezes Sandra's shoulder before taking a couple of steps back. Sandra gets up and tells him to get out. Noah tries to explain about Sylar's shape shifting ability and the divorce papers, but Sandra screams for him to get out. Noah pleads with her and she says she believes him but it's too late; she wants him to leave. Noah steps out into the hallway, dejected. When he hears Sandra lock the door behind him, his face changes and he walks away, determined.

Noah walks through the control room of Building 26, not wearing his glasses. He goes into Danko's office and shuts the blinds. Danko asks him what he wants and Noah suggests that he is really Sylar. He offers Danko a folder and says that Noah has been keeping Primatech files hidden. Danko takes the file, saying he's not surprised, but Noah pulls out his gun and asked if he's surprised now. Noah disarms Danko and chastises him for being so stupid as to partner up with Sylar. Danko asks what Noah wants and he says he wants Sylar on a platter. Danko tells Noah that Sylar is posing as Agent Donner from Team 6 and that they'll be back from their current mission in an hour. Noah says he'll wait and so will Danko.

Team 6 arrives back at Building 26 and Noah and Danko are there to meet them. Noah congratulates Donner on his achievements, but pulls a gun on him as Donner turns away. Noah tells the agents to aim their guns at the back of Donner's head because he's really Sylar. Donner tries to convince the agents that it really is him and Danko refuses to back up Noah's accusation. Noah tells the agents that Danko and Sylar are working together. Danko says that Noah's just under a lot of stress and Donner blames Noah's pending divorce. Noah asks him how he would know about the divorce and shoots Donner, but one of the agents hits his hand so the bullet goes into Donner's back. Noah insists that everyone stays back and says that Sylar will heal, but the body remains still. Danko goes to check Donner's pulse and declares him dead. Having apparently shot an innocent man, Noah holds a gun to Danko's head and backs out of the room. When he gets to the door, he runs away.

Noah calls Sandra and leaves her a message, saying that he loves her and misses his whole family. He can't leave her a number as it's not safe to keep his phone, but he promises to call her again later. He later arrives at Coyote Sands and finds the others digging.

Graphic Novel:Scenic Route

Noah receives a video message from Angela Petrelli telling him where to go to meet up with her, Peter, Nathan, and Claire, when West Rosen flies in and Noah is forced to stop the car. He offers West a ride as far as the state line, but tells him after that he's on his own and to be careful about flying around. West instead tries to enlist his help to save Alex Woolsly from members of Danko's team. While West distracts the helicopter chasing Alex, Noah pulls up alongside him and has him get in his car. West joins them in the car through the trunk, but they're cut off by a stalled truck and West can't carry them all. Noah has Alex swim underwater to a cave while West flies himself and Noah there. At the cave, Noah takes the camera of a tourist who was shocked and got a picture of Alex's arrival. He tells the two that they're not going to tell Claire what happened and decides he doesn't want to know when it's obvious that Alex is embarrassed about something. He warns the two that it won't be safe for them and Rebel to keep operating as a storm's coming.


After digging throughout the night, Claire, Nathan, Peter and Noah continue to find graves in Coyote Sands. Angela Petrelli stands away from the group. Peter asks why they have to dig up the graves, prompting Nathan to tell him to give Angela time. Peter gets angry and walks off. Claire chases him and asks him to give Nathan a chance, but Peter refuses. Instead, he heads off to talk to his mother.

After talking to Peter, Angela calls the group inside one of the barracks to tell them about 1961. She reveals that Coyote Sands was an internment camp to "cure" evolved humans. Angela escaped with a few other "lucky ones". Peter doesn't understand why they have to be there, and Angela reveals she's been dreaming about her sister being alive. She believes they need to find Alice's body and give her a proper burial. Peter gets angry that Angela kept Alice secret, but Nathan sides with his mother. Angela tells them that the Company was founded from the survivors on the idea of keeping Coyote Sands from happening again. Angela and Noah were trying to fix the current situation from the inside, but Danko figured it out. Claire finally understands why her father was helping Nathan. Angela starts talking about restoring the old methods of the Company, but Peter is uncomfortable with the idea and states that it's wrong. Peter blames the Company for tearing their family apart and refuses to be part of it again. Peter flies off angrily. Nathan tells them he'll talk to Peter and takes chase.

Claire approaches Angela as she daydreams and asks about Alice. Angela asks where Noah is, prompting Claire to reveal she asked for some alone time. A violent sandstorm suddenly kicks up and Angela says it's Alice. She runs outside calling for her sister, but Claire is more concerned about Noah. The storm gets too rough and Claire is forced to drag Angela back inside.

Meanwhile, Noah stumbles around before tripping. Somebody drags him inside a nearby building and pins him to the wall. Noah is shocked to see it's Mohinder Suresh, who accuses him of hunting Mohinder. Noah tells Mohinder that he was a double agent but was caught; Mohinder doesn't believe him. Noah tells him about Angela calling Noah and her family to Coyote Sands, revealing that it used to be an interment camp for evolved humans. He tells Mohinder that people with abilities were experimented on and murdered. Shocked, Mohinder lets Noah go. Mohinder reveals to Noah that he'd come because he learned his father had been working there and wanted to know what he was doing. However, with Noah's revelation, Mohinder is no longer sure he wants to find out. He gives Noah a file containing information on a young Angela.

After Peter and Mohinder aid Angela and Alice disappears, Noah climbs into the driver's seat of his SUV as Peter and Mohinder say goodbye. They go to Coyote Sands Cafe, where Angela stands in the doorway and watches as the rest of them enjoy a lunch. Nathan draws Angela to the table and she begins to tell them that she wants to start another company, but Peter wants them to work as a family. Nathan tells them he's going to talk to the President and start using his political power to fix things, but Claire notes that he already has. Looking up at the television, they see a second Nathan giving a press conference. Noah reveals it's Sylar and that he now has shape shifting.

I Am Sylar

Noah discusses the situation with Claire, Angela, Nathan and Peter at the Coyote Sands Café when Claire notices a live interview with a second Nathan on the television. Noah notes that Sylar is now a shape shifter. Nathan tells them he's going to fix the mess he created and flies off to stop Sylar alone. Peter gives the family a look before chasing after him.

Later, Angela, Claire and Noah, who is driving, are heading down a highway in Arlington, VA when they notice some emergency cones and a truck. Claire looks at Angela, who is sleeping, while Noah rolls down the window. A van suddenly pulls up and Homeland Security Agents jump out. They surround the car with their weapons drawn.

An Invisible Thread

While driving through Arlington, VA, Noah, with Claire and Angela in the car, passes a construction zone that Noah finds suspicious. Angela wakes up from her dreams and says they need to get to Nathan fast. Noah pulls over and tells Claire and Angela to walk to Washington, DC, as he knows that they've been spotted. He then drives forward until he sees some emergency cones and a police officer who gestures for him to stop. He pulls over and rolls down the window to ask what's wrong, but Homeland Security Agents pull up in a van and approach the car with guns drawn.

Noah is taken to Building 26, where he is joined in his cell by a recently framed Danko. Danko apologizes for trusting Sylar, prompting Noah to reveal that his family keeps him from making the same mistakes. The two make a pact, but before they can shake on it, time freezes. Hiro and Ando open the door to their cell, but head off to find the captured evolved humans.

When time restarts, Noah is surprised to find the door open. Him and Danko make their way through the main room. Danko finds some powerful tranquilizer and states that they can stop Sylar with it. Noah finds a computer monitor showing the security feed from the "Human Resources" room, where Hiro and Ando have traded out the captives with the Homeland Security agents. Noah smiles as he watches, telling Danko that they'd have to find a way to get close to Sylar. As he's speaking, Danko sneaks up on him with the tranquilizer dart and raises it to inject Noah. However, Hiro freezes time, takes the dart, and injects Danko instead. Noah, who didn't hear Danko approach, is shocked. Hiro bows, but then falls over. Ando and Mohinder, who had been captive, rush to his side. Noah tells them to get Hiro to a doctor as he grabs another tranquilizer and heads out the door.

On his cell phone, Noah calls Claire. She tells him she's with Nathan, but Noah wants to make sure it isn't Sylar. Claire tells Noah she's sure, but Noah is wary. Claire then changes back into Sylar, yet again assuring Noah that Nathan is definitely not Sylar. Noah races to the Stanton Hotel, where the President plans on meeting Nathan Petrelli. He approaches the lobby as Peter and Claire plan on splitting up to find the missing Petrelli brother. Noah draws his gun on Claire, but Peter assures him that they just fought Sylar and that she's really Claire. Noah asks him if he can do what Sylar can do; Peter nods. As Claire states he can stop Sylar, the Secret Service burst in. Noah tries to warn them, but they train their guns on the trio. Claire steps in front, telling them they can listen to her before or after they shoot.

After setting forth a plan where Peter uses his recently acquired shape shifting ability to transform into the President and then Sylar, Noah brings Sylar up to the Presidential suite where Nathan's dead body rests. Angela had brought Matt Parkman to the suite because her dream said he'd save Nathan, and Noah tries to convince him to use his telepathy to erase Sylar's memories and replace them with Nathan's. Matt is hesitant at first, but Noah then assures him that without Nathan, Building 26 and the Homeland Security would continue their hunt for evolved humans, especially if they learn one of them had killed an American Senator. Matt starts to argue, but Noah tells him that there is nothing he hates more than to watch Sylar live and lie to his family about it, and states again that without Nathan they have no political power. When Matt asks how they could hide the lack of body, Noah remembers James Martin and tells him they've got a body in cold storage. Matt still resists, but Angela asks him what he would do to save his son. Matt agrees, then tells pushes the idea into the unconscious Sylar that he is no longer Gabriel Gray; he is Nathan. Matt's ability forces Sylar's shape shifting to transform him into Nathan before waking up, confused as to why his mother is there.

Later, Noah uses James Martin's body, still shifted into Sylar's appearance, to convince everyone that Sylar is dead. They place the body on a pyre, and Peter, Claire, Hiro, Ando, Mohinder, Angela, and Noah watch as Sylar lights it on fire. Claire can't believe Sylar is really dead, and Noah tells her that he really is. He gives Claire a quick hug before approaching Angela and Sylar. He asks if "Nathan" spoke to the President yet, and Sylar tells him that Building 26 has been shut down and the funding re-routed. He then asks what Angela and Noah plan on calling their new group, prompting Noah to comment that he always liked "the Company".

Graphic Novel:The Natural Order of Things

Noah looks "Sylar" burn.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 1

Tracy remembers Noah behind Danko as he shot her in her icy form.

Graphic Novel:Ice Queen, Part 2

After taking down four former Building 26 agents, Tracy begins to drown Noah in his car, who shouts at her not to.

Heroes Evolutions

The Agent

In chapter 3 of The Agent, Rachel Mills remembers Claire as Bennet's daughter.

In chapter 4 of The Agent, Rachel and Jason pull up on what Rachel calls Bennet's street.

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