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The Company (Generations)
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Known leaders: Daniel Linderman (deceased),
Bob Bishop (deceased),
Angela Petrelli,
Kaito Nakamura (deceased),
Gael Cruz (deceased),
Ivan Spektor (deceased),
Thompson (deceased)
Known members: Noah Bennet,
The Haitian,
Eden McCain (deceased),
Candice Willmer (deceased),
Elle Bishop (deceased),
Sylar (formerly)
Meredith Gordon (formerly, deceased)
et al.

This article was created to give a chronological account of The Company's history in Volume Two.


Graphic Novel:Normal Lives

In a diner, Noah says to himself the Company must be in complete disarray after Linderman's death. After taking care of Marcus, Noah gives Bob a call and tells him he did the Company a favor by doing away with a dangerous man. Bob tries to persuade Noah to come back, but Noah says he won't ever go back. Bob says it doesn't matter because they'll find him anyway.

Four Months Ago...

Just after the explosion created by Peter, Bob orders Elle to intercept him at the hospital where he took his burned brother Nathan. When she brings Peter in, he tells him that they are going to help him, but show that his powers have been negated by both pills and the Haitian. Bob also picks up Niki and gives her ability negation pills to control Jessica. After Peter and Adam Monroe escape from the facility, Bob has the Haitian and Elle track them down to the docks. The Haitian forces Peter into a shipping container to be shipped to Cork, Ireland and takes his memories, but not before revealing that he is on his side and gives Peter his symbol necklace. In the present day, Bob and Niki say "goodbye" before Niki leaves the facility.

Four Months Later...

At a restaurant, Bob tells Mohinder of the Company's formation thirty years ago by a group of evolved humans who wanted to help their own, find them and protect them, even if it meant "eliminating" the dangerous ones. He explains that the Company is aware that Mohinder has Molly Walker, yet has no interest in interfering. Instead he tells Mohinder that if he works with the Company then they will fund his research into the deadly virus afflicting evolved humans. The Bennets, now known as the "Butlers", are hiding from the Company in Costa Verde, CA. They are all instructed by Noah to not stand out in any way. This upsets Mr. Muggles and Claire, who find it hard not to be extraordinary. During their family dinner, Noah receives a phone call from Mohinder Suresh, who has been recruited by Bob to research the virus. Noah is pleased with this, for they plan to take down the company once and for all.


Claire continues to voice her displeasure at "laying low" from the Company, but Noah explains that his job is to keep their family safe no matter what it requires. Claire understands and tells him that it must be difficult to live such a normal life after the life he was living before with the Company. Noah tells her that their current life is a nice vacation compared to before. In Hartsdale, NY, Mohinder enters Bob's office. Mohinder tells Bob that he needs access to the Company's records and labs. Bob agrees, but tells him that he's got his first assignment for him already and needs him to fly out to Port-au-Prince to visit a man they suspect may be infected with the virus. Mohinder tells Bob that he'll go and test this individual and bring him back if he was infected. Bob reminds Mohinder that his blood is currently the only cure for the virus and to try not to get killed. In Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Mohinder finds the Haitian laying sick in bed. Mohinder explains that it's likely he's got a rare virus and may be able to cure him. After Mohinder's blood works, Mohinder explains that he works for "a company", the Haitian remarks that there's always "a company." Suddenly, the Haitian is gone and Bob is standing in front of Mohinder's desk asking him where the Haitian is. Mohinder expresses confusion and suggests that he's in Haiti. Bob explains that they're in Haiti right now and that Mohinder has been out of contact for hours. Confused, Mohinder explains the last thing he remembers is being in Bob's office and being given an envelope. Bob explains that the Haitian wouldn't have been able to erase Mohinder's memory unless the vaccine had worked. Claire visits her father at Copy Kingdom about her car being stolen. He takes the opportunity to tell her that he needs to be able to trust her and that she can't afford to make mistakes like this or else she'll be found by the Company. She tells him that she doesn't even know exactly how she's able to do what she can do and what the limits of her ability are, and that she may be missing an opportunity to help people. He tells her that he's protecting her because if someone gets a hold of her she'll be in for a life of agonizing tests and research. Mohinder gets a call from Noah and Noah asks if Mohinder's trip was productive. Mohinder replies that he'll have the answer very shortly. Mohinder explains that it doesn't appear he's raised any suspicion and that Bob seemed more disappointed in himself for having trusted Mohinder so completely, however that the Company is going to watch him more closely from now on. Noah tells him that he'll find the rest of the paintings himself now and that Mohinder's given him just what he needs. Noah greets a customer, the Haitian, welcoming him to Copy Kingdom.


Claire asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and Noah mentions they'd have to leave at a worst case scenario. Mohinder mentions to Matt that he'll be working downtown, but Matt tells him that it's not good to do spy work against the Company while Molly is around, and that he may be in over his head. Mohinder later arrives at Isaac's loft, where Bob tells Mohinder that Sylar killed Isaac, and now the Company bought the loft to outfit it with lab equipment for Mohinder. Bob further explains that the Company is observing him for Mohinder and the Company's best interest, and tells him he's part of the family. Sylar mentions to Michelle (formerly Candice) that he can't move things or freeze things. She tells him that the Company will help and when his chest heals, he'll be able to use his abilities. Claire and West sit on a beach and talk about their abilities, and after the two kiss, she notices marks on his neck, and he pulls away. West talks about when his family lived in St. Louis, he was riding his bike from school one day, then woke up a day later. West recalls a man with horn-rimmed glasses that knew his name and looked at him like West was animal. Mohinder is studying something under a microscope as Bob tells him he has another vial for Mohinder to examine. Bob walks out after receiving a phone call, and Mohinder makes a call himself. Bob talks to Niki on the phone. She asks if she can be cured, and Bob tells her that she has to do something for them. Mohinder, meanwhile, finds Isaac's paintings, and tells Bennet he may be in over his head, but Noah assures him that so long Noah's alive, Mohinder will be fine.

Fight or Flight

Elle tells Will that the Company is interested in finding Peter since he is dangerous. Later, Matt tells Nathan that Bob runs the Company. Mohinder takes Molly to the Company to treat her after her encounter with Mr. Parkman. Noah warns Mohinder, telling him not to give them anything that you care about. At a Company facility, Niki breaks loose, knocking Mohinder into a wall and choking Bob until Mohinder tasers her. Later, Niki is sedated and restrained, and she tells Mohinder that the Company is the only place for her to go.

The Line

Bob tells Mohinder that the Shanti virus has been genetically modified so it can remove potentially dangerous abilities, and asks Mohinder to inject Monica with it. Eventually, his principles get the better of him, and he does not do it; instead, he throws a chair into a glass cabinet, smashing it. Later, Bob tells Mohinder that he has worked for the Company for thirty years. In an attempt at a reconciliation, Niki is made Mohinder's new partner. Bob brings Monica to her home and explains that her story is covered. He gives her a list of contact information and a video iPod with footage of just about anything for her to learn using her ability. She thanks him, and he replies that New Orleans could use her skills.

Out of Time

Bob suggests that the Shanti virus be used on Maury, who has come to kill Bob. However, Maury uses his ability to put Niki in a dream and D.L. tells her to kill Bob. In order to stop herself, she injects the virus in herself. Mohinder tries to treat her with his antibodies, but finds that the virus has mutated and cannot be stopped by his blood. When he tells this to Bob, Bob decides to destroy all the vials of the virus they have, and that they must find Claire. Bob explains that her regenerative ability may help save Niki. Mohinder tells Bob that he has been working with Noah Bennet to take down the Company and he does not know what is right anymore. After Mohinder's confession, Bob gives Mohinder a Company issue gun. Bob tells Nathan that Peter is still alive.

Cautionary Tales

Mohinder meets Bob at a Costa Verde hotel. Bob says they'll kidnap Claire quickly and take out Noah in the process. Bob introduces Mohinder to his daughter, Elle, his new partner. Mohinder answers Noah's call to his cell phone. Noah asks if Molly can track down West for him. Mohinder says yes and Noah thanks him. Mohinder then walks back into his room where Elle and Bob are packing and says that they can use this to their advantage by feeding him a false location. Elle disagrees saying that changing a plan mid-stream is a bad idea, but Mohinder threatens to tell Noah everything if they don't do it his way. Bob relents and Elle passes Mohinder a gun. Mohinder calls Noah saying that West is at the corner of Verbena and Palm. However, Noah is with West at the corner of Ocean and 4th. Noah lets West go saying that he needs his help. Claire is at a cheerleading practice when her coach calls her over saying that someone named Mr. Bishop from the education commission wants to see her. It turns out to be Bob, who then proceeds to call her by her real last name, Bennet. Claire quickly runs away realizing he is someone from the Company. Noah arrives at the corner of Verbena and Palm, and Mohinder jumps into the back of his car, asking Noah to give them Claire because they need her blood. A shocked Noah tells Mohinder he's gone native and says that they will never get Claire. Mohinder then pulls out his gun saying that he must do what he thinks is right. Noah and Mohinder stop behind the high school and Noah asks Mohinder who his partner is when Elle appears. Noah smirks at her saying that he definitely knows her. Elle starts manifesting her power and starts walking towards them but is surprised when Noah looks above her. She turns around and West tackles her into a car, knocking her unconscious. Mohinder aims his gun at Noah's head in a panic. Noah has a flash of the 7th painting in the series and immediately disarms Mohinder and points the gun at him, but West talks him out of firing. He then settles for kicking Mohinder in the chest. Noah wakes Elle up by spraying her with a hose, who discovers she is chained to a chair with her feet in the metal doggy bath. Noah says that he needs to speak to her father and Elle asks Noah if he thinks this is her first day. She begins charging up a bolt, but she doesn't realize she is soaked. The electricity reverses and shocks her entire body, causing her to scream in pain. Noah tells Elle that he was there when they first brought her in, that her father experimented on her. He pities her for the testing they put her through. He tells her that he plans to trade her for Claire. Bob is finishing Claire's bonds when he receives a call from Elle's cell. he picks it up expecting Elle but hears Noah saying that if he hurts Claire then he will kill Elle. He'll be waiting for Bob at a beachside parking lot in two hours to trade one daughter for the other. Bob then takes some of Claire's blood West, Noah, and Elle wait for Mohinder, Bob, and Claire to show up. When they do, Elle and Claire walk back to their respective parties. When West starts to fly away with Claire, Elle electrocutes her binds and unloads a blast of electricity upon West, hitting him dead center. West falls back to the ground with Claire using herself as a cushion for him. She begins to heal from the plummet. Elle charges up again to shock Noah, but he shoots her in the shoulder. She falls to the ground as her father runs to her aid. Bob runs to his daughter's aid and finds himself looking up at Noah's gun. Noah proclaims that if Bob dies, the Company dies with him. Noah prepares to fire, but Mohinder shoots him in the eye and he falls dead to the ground, fulfilling the final painting. West holds back a hysterical Claire from running to her dead father and flies her away as Mohinder, Elle, and Bob look upon Noah's body. In a treatment room, an IV of blood drips into the body of Noah Bennet, whose eye begins to heal, thanks to the blood. He comes back to life and gasps for air, sitting up in absolute shock.

Truth & Consequences

Bob visits the Bennets to pay his condolences, leaving a jar of ashes with them. Bob returns from the Bennet home to meet Elle in his car. He tells her that the next 24 hours are crucial and that she is to keep an eye on Claire. She then complains that her cast is itchy and that it would be so much easier without it. Bob then mocks her, saying that he thought his little girl was tough. She then protests that she is tough but she was shot and she can't just heal herself. He apologizes that she is in pain but says that her getting shot was the result of her letting her guard down. She defends herself by saying that she couldn't of known that Noah was going to team up with West. He dismisses her excuse saying that doesn't change the fact that she got shot, that she needs to take responsibility for her actions and asks if she can regain his trust. She says that she can and that she will watch Claire like he asked. At Primatech Research, in 1977, Hiro watches as Adam, restrained by guards, is told by Kaito that he is a traitor. Adam tells Kaito that he tried to save the world; that to release the virus would be good for a world of famine and constant war that disregards the environment. Kaito tells the guards to lock him up and throw away the key. Kaito turns off the alarm and enters a room Victoria is in. She tells Kaito that Adam was looking for Strain 138, a strain powerful enough to start a global pandemic. Kaito thanks her, but she tells him he that he needs to shut down the program. He asks for the strain and tells her he will lock it away at the Odessa, TX facility where it will be safe. She tells him that as long as it exists, they will not be safe. Kaito tells her the other founders would not allow that, and a concerned Victoria tells Kaito that Adam had help. Victoria tells him that she will no longer be a part of the work. Bob finds that Mohinder has found a cure for the new strain of the Shanti virus. After an argument, Mohinder tells Bob that he wants the Company to destroy all strains of the virus. Elle is drinking a Slusho while spying on Claire, but Claire sees her while hugging West and starts running towards her. Elle then tries to her start her car but is unable because of her sling and ends up spilling her drink on herself. She then steps out of her car to confront Claire. Claire asks Elle what shes doing here and Elle says she is watching the sunset. Claire then shoves Elle into her car, but is pulled of by West before she can go any further. Claire says that it isn't fair, but Elle laughs at her and says "Welcome to life." Claire says she is going to tell the world about how the Company kidnapped her and murdered her father, but Elle says she has no proof and that no one would believe her. Claire says she is probably right and that she will just have to show the world instead. She smashes Elle's car window causing Elle to startle. Claire shows Elle her ability and tells her that when she reveals what she can do, that the company will be the ones running.


In his office, Bob expresses his disappointment to Elle for failing to handle the Claire situation and leaving it with Claire intending to go public with her abilities. Elle goes to Noah's cell. She threatens to hurt him if he doesn't tell her what her father did to her, but he's not going to break. She finally tries just saying "Please" instead. Noah tells her about the harsh experiments Bob put her through at a young age, essentially torturing her to find out the extent of her abilities. Bob shows up and cuts their conversation short. Bob confronts Noah, telling him that Claire is trying to reveal the Company, and asks if she has any hard evidence. Bennet just smiles, and Bob tells him that the Company will have to take drastic measures. Noah returns home, revealing to his family that he is still alive. He tells Claire not to expose the Company, and informs her that he has made a deal, and will again be working for them. In exchange, his family will be left alone to lead normal lives. While searching her father's office, Elle discovers that her file is empty. She then logs into her father's computer and finds a video surveillance feed showing Sylar in Mohinder's lab. She decides to stop him to impress her father. Elle enters the laboratory and attacks Sylar. He escapes, but takes the syringe with the cure with him. Elle is upset that she let Sylar get away, but Mohinder tells her that she saved their lives, and insists that she is a hero.

Graphic Novel:The Man with Too Much Brains

Elle takes Matt Neuenberg to the Company's facility where she and Bob watch a man and the Haitian perform several tests on him and his ability.

Graphic Novel:Hana and Drucker's Plot Discovered

In the Company's computer room, Matt Neuenberg stares at a computer screen while Elle monitors his progress. They notice two unknown files, K. Apila and T. Monk, being sent from Bhutan. Elle calls her father to find out if he knows anything. After doing so, she drops the phone, puts a goggle device on Matt, and begins displaying information from the Company's entire mainframe so Matt can memorize it all.

Meanwhile, in the Company's mainframe, Hana and Drucker begin their plan to unleash a massive viral file into the mainframe, which would completely destroy it.

Graphic Novel:The End of Hana and Drucker

In the computer room, Elle electrocutes the mainframe computer to stop Hana and Drucker from causing any damage; Bob comes in, orders a few men to put the fire out, and tells Elle she'll need to jump-start Matt's heart. She does, and when Matt wakes up, Bob calls him a hero for storing all the mainframe information and says he has a special treat for him.

In Matt's new room, Elle enters and tells Matt she was able to allow some outside time for the two of them, but leads Matt out of his room only to be escorted away to the operating room. There, Matt dies from an overload during the extraction of the information. Bob orders that the information's completeness be verified.

Graphic Novel:Blindsided

Noah and the Haitian set out on a mission to bag and tag Howard Grigsby and save the Butlers. Noah drives the Haitian from Odessa, TX to an abandoned plantation in Peach Pit, GA. Blinded by Grigsby, Noah shoots at a chandelier, incapacitates Grigsby, and the Company incarcerates Howard in a Level Five holding cell.

Graphic Novel:Different and the Same

While dreaming, Piper regains the erased memory of her experience in the Company's captivity, her sister, and her ability. After waking up, Piper tells her parents about the dream. Noah pretends to be a doctor when phoned by Piper's mother that her daughter's delusions of having a sister have returned. Noah tells Piper's mother that the episodes can sometimes return and that he and the Haitian will be right over.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 1

The Company sends Thompson, Jr. and Elle to monitor and capture Donna Dunlap.

Graphic Novel:Donna's Big Date, Part 2

The Company keeps Noah in Primatech Research during his recovery, and evsdropr arranges for Donna Dunlap to be in the same room as Noah. When Felicia reports this breach to Bob, Bob orders the Haitian to modify Donna's memory. However, evsdropr directs Donna to view incriminating surveillance video, and together they agree to work to bring down the Company.

Graphic Novel:Career Choices

On Donna's fourth day with the Company, she and Felicia spar. They go shopping to replace Donna's Company-issued outfit, but while shopping, Donna is called in to Gael Cruz's office. Gael tells Donna that the Company has decided to immediately pull her from all missions and combat exercises. Later, with a code from evsdropr, Donna breaks into a Company file room and finds a photo of an Isaac Mendez painting that depicts her death. Thompson, Jr., who was checking her file thinking she would be his partner for the next day's mission, explains that the Company is trying to protect her from the future Isaac saw.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 1

Thompson, Jr., Devin and Gael Cruz track down the evolved human agent Cushing, thinking that he is responsible for four murders of human agents in the Company. The trio discover that the fifth victim, agent Jamie Wu, is dead and lying next to Cushing. The team kills Cushing, then places his body next to Jamie's, and puts a gun in Jamie's hand so she would get credit for Cushing's death. However, the tension between evolved human agents and human agents in the Company continues to rise.

Thompson, Jr. later realizes that evsdropr had set them up, making them kill one of their own agents. The three decide to keep what happened a secret from Bob, fearing their own heads if he ever learned the truth.

Two weeks later, Thompson, Jr. is interrupted by Donna Dunlap while looking at her file in a Company file room. Donna snatches the file and sees a photo of the painting depicting her death.

Graphic Novel:Trust Issues, Part 2

The Company assigns Donna Dunlap to internal affairs and she begin investigating the death of Leonard Cushing. Donna interviews everyone involved and uses the services of a medical examiner and research library, but the evidence doesn't add up to her. Then, Donna finds a bagged bullet on her desk. She has the bullet tested chemically and by ballistics. The results show that residue on the bullet matches Cushing's blood and acid signature, and striations on the bullet match with Thompson, Jr.'s gun. When Donna confronts Thompson, Jr. with the evidence, he produces his own bagged bullet and confides in Donna the circumstances that let to Cushing's death. Afterwards, he arranges for Donna to return to active duty as his partner.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 1

After Penny bags a man in Manhattan she was told could emit nerve gas, she returns to Primatech Research. There, she and her mother, Connie, head to Bob's office. Bob informs Penny that her request to switch from her mom to a new partner has been denied, and that they have a new mission: to bag a man they believe to be a teleporter, and whom they have tracked halfway across the country. Bob adds that their target has been tipped off by a mysterious source, and that their new plan is to use his girlfriend to get close to him. Penny and Connie travel to Levittown, and Connie assists Penny to impersonate the girlfriend. Penny then successfully captures the target, and they bring him back to headquarters.

Graphic Novel:Faces, Part 2

When Thompson, Jr. learns that the appearance of the person he slept with the night before matches that of a known accomplice in the Company's database, the teleporter's girlfriend, he rushes off to find her. Penny, who was actually the person he slept with, witnesses his discovery. She gets her mother to again change her appearance to looking like the girlfriend and heads off to the girlfriend's home.

Somehow, Thompson, Jr., Penny and the teleporter's girlfriend all arrive at the teleporter's home at the same time. Confused, Thompson, Jr. ushers the two women inside. After Penny explains to him the truth about what happened, he calls for Connie and the Haitian and they arrive to the home. Connie reverts Penny to her normal appearance and the Haitian erases the girlfriend's memory of what has transpired.

Graphic Novel: Root and Branch, Part 1

The Company sends at least three teams of agents to simultaneously capture multiple Julien duplicates. The teams; Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap outside an Antarctic base, Bianca Karina and Devin Patterson outside the Nat & Noo Hotel in Australia, and Sabine Hazel outside a shack in Congo; are coordinated by yet another duplicate they believe to be the real Julien Dumont. The Antarctica duplicate and Australia duplicate are successfully bagged, but the Congo duplicate escapes and jumps to his death. Sabine reports only the the Congo duplicate escaped, and confirms Julien is an impostor when he later claims to be able to sense where that duplicate is.

Graphic Novel: Root and Branch, Part 2

Sabine Hazel travels with the her partner, the imposter, to Utah, forces him to confess that he is just another clone, and kills him. She then returns to Primatech Research and walks by the holding cells of Julien's duplicates and Noah Bennet. They are all okay, proving that her partner was not the "real" Julien. A year earlier, Sabine had become Julien's partner when the Company selected her for a promotion based on her biology background. Her supervisor explained Julien's ability to Sabine, claiming that if Julien died, the Company would lose every clone they had in play.

Sabine continues down to the end of the hall and uses her partner's access card to open the door where she believes the Company to be holding the "real" Julien. She finds him held captive and attached to monitoring machines, along with several of his duplicates that are crouching in the fetal position on separate beds.

Graphic Novel:Root and Branch, Part 3

In the cell where he is being held, Noah tells Sabine that the Company have kept Julien locked away for "years", forcing him to create clones of himself. However, because the Company "rushed" the Dumont System into use, with it being imperfect, many of the clones produced had "unique personalities", which the Company found hard to control.

Sometime later, Sabine enters the cell of the root Julien. She removes him from the machine forcing him to create clones, and begins fleeing with him. Several Company agents chase after them. Sabine shoots one of these agents during the escape. Donna and Thompson Jr. eventually catch up with the pair by car, and Donna shoots the tire of the SUV Sabine is driving, causing it to crash off a bridge that crosses the Bronx River.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

Devin and Bianca travel to Berlin, Germany on a mission to capture the German. Gael Cruz also tags along on the mission to investigate whether Bianca could be a mole.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

Devin and Bianca's stakeout of the German's apartment fails to turn him up, so they proceed inside and learn that he had been tipped off and came in the back entrance. They also learn that the German is targeting Gael and knows where he is staying, so they rush to reach his hotel room. Although Gael is shot in the stomach, they are able to rescue him and bag the German. However, Devin gets killed in the process.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 1

Sean Fallon and his Company support team accompany Donna Dunlap and Thompson, Jr. on a mission to bag and tag a plant manipulator named Lewis. While Donna and Thompson Jr. investigate more closely, Fallon and his team discuss their pasts in the Company. Rosetti, tired of Noah Bennet's cloak-and-dagger tactics, feels relieved to use real military force, and later comments that before joining the team he worked for Yamagato in the States, keeping tabs on Nakamura's son. Tom Drake, a Company veteran, says that he ran missions under Ivan Spektor. Fallon considers the moral ambiguity of his past actions in the Company which included helping Bennet break into Chandra Suresh's Madras apartment and disposing of Eden McCain's body. The team's reminiscing is cut short by an explosion. Running to help Donna and Thompson, the team finds the two agents on the ground while Lewis, roots protruding from his body, stands over them.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 2

The support team attempts to take Lewis down, but Lewis, whom Sean Fallon calls a Class Three, is easily able to pick off his unprepared men. Next, Sean singlehandedly disables Lewis, and Tom Drake reports to him that all other team members are dead while Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap look alright. Sean then tells Tom to call for cleanup, and kills Lewis when he begs not to be taken back to the lab.

Graphic Novel:The Kill Squad, Part 3

Gael Cruz gives Sean Fallon control over his own secret squad, code-named the Kill Squad, which reports directly to him. Gael then gives Sean a week to select and prepare his team for its first mission. The orders were to proceed to Guyana and combine the abilities of Brendan Lewis and Paulette Hawkins to quickly cover up a large crater that was formed when a local inhabitant had manifested, and return them both back safely. Upon arriving on site, Sean forces Paulette to fully use her ability on Brendan Lewis, which completely converts him into part of a tree. Afterwards, Sean has one of his men relay to Gael by radio that the mission was a success, but that they lost Paulette. He then orders another of his men to shoot her dead.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 1

Agent Howard and the Constrictor locate their target, Echo DeMille, and approach him. He refuses to accompany them when Howard asks, and attempts to flee. The Constrictor attempts to contain him, but Echo uses his ability to free himself, cause Howard to collapse, and escape. The Constrictor then shoots Howard in the head and phones Bob on his cell phone. He reports Howard's death and tells Bob that the situation is worse than Bob had thought. The Constrictor then looks to his cell phone, and sees a picture of Echo in an embrace with a woman.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 2

The Constrictor sneaks into Echo DeMille's home and takes Echo's girlfriend Gina hostage. When Echo arrives, the Constrictor tries to use her to stand off Echo. However, Echo uses his ability again, freeing Gina, and killing the Constrictor.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 3

Echo lets in two Company agents into his home. As they walk by the Constrictor's motionless body on the floor, the first agent says they just want to talk. Echo replies that instead they're going to listen and lets out a very loud scream.

Graphic Novel:Going Postal

Echo thinks about how the Company has ruined his life over the past few weeks. He attempts to meet up with his girlfriend, but she is watched by two agents. He warns her away, and then uses the brown note to incapacitate the agents. He attempts to meet up with her again, but the women he finds at the meeting spot is Penny in disguise. He knocks her down and defeats several other agents with his ability, including Elle. But one agent is unaffected by his power, and subdues him. He is taken to Level 5, and the agent and his partner explain how they captured him.

Webisode:Going Postal, Part 3 (“Thirteen Weeks Later”)

13 weeks after his encounter with the Constrictor Echo is bound and gagged in a Level 5 cell. Outside the cell window arrives Angela Petrelli, who looks at Echo through the window and comments, "Echo, Echo, Echo. You always were the mouthy one. I guess some things never change. Welcome home." As Echo tries to say something through his gag, Angela holds up a finger to her mouth and shushes him.

Graphic Novel:Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1

The Company sends Sabine Hazel, the Hartsdale clone, and other clones of Julien Dumont to Paris to capture Daphne Millbrook, but they capture Samir Mellouk instead.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

After failing to capture Sabine and Julien, Thompson Jr. and Donna return to Primatech Research. Gael is convinced that Donna is working for Evs Dropper, and so interrogates her fiercely. Bianca tells Gael Donna didn't have access to the file room, but Thompson, Jr. rats her out and says she managed to get in there. Bianca becomes frustrated with Gael's rising anger and pulls him and Thompson, Jr. out of the room. Their fight continues and is overheard by Penny, Connie, and Felicia, who were sparring in a nearby training room. The three come out and join in on the argument, the evolved humans on one side and the humans on the other. Tied up, Donna wonders if this is what Evs Dropper wanted all along.

Graphic Novel:Foresight

A fight breaks out between humans and evolved humans as Donna looks on, tied to a chair. Thompson Jr. effectively ends it by opening a gas canister, rendering everyone but Bianca unconscious. Bianca takes Donna to stay at a motel. She then locks Gael up in a cell, promising to let him out once he calms down. Gael calls Sean Fallon on his cell phone, ordering him and his men to return to Primatech Research. Thompson goes to the motel to check on Donna and convince her not to leave. Donna says that the only way she can stay with the Company is to clear her name and turn in Evs Dropper. After a thud in the bathroom, Donna receives a text message from Evs, telling her where to be found. Thompson and Donna drive to a cabin in the middle of the woods, and using her telescopic vision, Donna looks inside the house and sees three people. She tells Thompson to call Gael and tell him to bring "an army", claiming to know who Evs Dropper is.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

Sabine and Julien are driven to a cabin to meet Evs Dropper. After Sabine and a clone of Julien's put Julien to bed, Sabine demands to meet Evs Dropper. The clone refuses, and Sabine uncovers a room full of clones of Julien's. Sabine is angry and points her gun at the clone, but Evs Dropper emerges and points a gun at her head. Sabine turns to see that Evs is Connie Logan. Outside, Donna and Thompson Jr. spy on the inside. Donna calls Gael, who has realized that he is missing around 100 Julien clones, and tells him to bring everyone he's got left. Thompson says that soon, this place is going to be a war zone. Inside, Sabine realizes that both Connie and Julien are Evs Dropper, and that they plan to take down the Company. Sabine thinks it is impossible, and tries to persuade Connie to let her take Julien to safety. After Connie refuses, the two of them fight. The army of Julien clones get involved and hold Sabine at gunpoint. Connie says that if Sabine doesn't step away from Julien, she will be killed.

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

Connie Logan recalls to Sabine the defining moments of her life, beginning 20 years ago with marrying Julien, and continuing when she was a year older, when Gael visits her and Julien in the hospital after she had given birth to Penny. Two years later, Connie signs a form for Gael noting her consent for Julien's blood to be tested and so an attempt could be made to mimic Julien's ability. And after two more years, Gael tells Connie that Julien was killed. Connie then considers leaving town, but she likes seeing Julien's face. So she dates and falls in love with one of Julien's clones, who informs her that the root Julien is still alive. Connie then forces the clone to take her to him, and she visits the root Julien in his cell at Primatech Research. It is then that Connie decides to make the Company pay, and set him free. In the present, Sabine then apologizes to Connie, saying she didn't know. An alarm goes off inside the cabin, and everyone inside leave and escape in Hummers. At the same time, Gael, Bianca, and a large battalion of Company squad members meet up with Thompson, Jr. and Donna in front of the cabin. Then, many squad members storm the cabin, but no one is inside. Thompson, Jr. reports fresh tire tracks leading into the woods, and Gael orders him to take out Logan and the clones while Bianca and their team secure the package. Connie and her team approach a bridge. Connie orders the clones out of their vehicles and to take positions as planned. A group of the clones then blocks the road, halting the pursuit of the Company. Thompson, Jr., Donna, and the other Company agents then exit their vans to confront them. The clones on the road use explosive weaponry to take out three Company vans on the road, and Donna and Thompson, Jr. head off the road into the woods to find Connie. After some searching, Donna is able to lead Thompson, Jr. towards Connie and the Julien clones. Thompson, Jr. shoots one of the clones, but Connie and the other clones get the jump on them and they end up all pointing guns at Thompson. Then, Thompson, Jr. is pistol-whipped in the face by Donna. Thompson asks, "Are you insane?" to which Donna replies, "You have no idea."

Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

Thompson, Jr. learns that it isn't Donna who has double-crossed him when Connie alters Donna's face to be Penny's. Penny explains that she took Donna's place a few hours earlier when Donna was changing in the motel bathroom. Thompson then asks where Donna is now, and Connie points to the bridge where Donna has been tied up next to plastic explosives set to go off in 3 minutes. Thompson pleads for Connie to let Donna go, but instead, Penny prepares to kill him. However, Penny is shot and killed by the Kill Squad, who have arrived at the scene. Connie tries to escape but is also downed by the Kill Squad. Just then, Gael and Bianca arrive in an SUV to where Sabine and the root Julien are hiding, and report to Bob they have a visual on the package. Connie's dead body is a few feet away and some clones are fighting nearby. Fallon's team helps Thompson to escape and he rushes away towards the bridge, radioing for backup as he proceeds. Gael and Bianca are now driving away with Sabine and the root Julien in their SUV, and receive Thompson's message. Bianca tells Gael that they need to stop him, but Gael disagrees, and tells her that they have what they came for, and will allow him to make his own mistakes. Thompson gets to Donna and begins to untie her, only to notice that her feet have been nailed to a board. Donna tells Thompson to leave. When Thompson refuses, Donna calls him by his first name, Eric, and pushes him off the bridge as he professes his love for her. As Thompson falls into the water, Donna whispers that she loves him too and a huge explosion goes off on the bridge. Donna dies, just as Isaac foresaw. Fallon then reports by radio that there are no enemy survivors, and Gael responds for his team to do a full sweep and tally the agent casualties within the hour. Still driving through the woods, Gael's SUV encounters another group of Julien clones and he orders Bianca to cut the root. Bianca shoots the root Julien, and the other clones outside the SUV fall dead. Sabine is shocked, asking why they killed the root when he was their package. Gael replies that Sabine is actually the package, and Bianca explains that Sabine is pregnant with a son, who will have an ability. Bianca wishes Sabine congratulations as they continue to drive away.

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