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In-story stats
Known ability Super Speed
Precognitive dreaming
Nickname Sonny's Mother
Age 48
Date of death sometime in 2009, but regenerated
Home Unknown
Occupation Secret Resistance Fighter with other unknown members

Sonny's Mother is an evolved human who is not dead from the gunshots fired at her..

Character History

There isn't much known history before Danko's team shot her to death. But when she was shot she waited until she knew they were gone, then regenerated herself back to perfect health. After leaving to go find her son, she formed a group, a resistance. She formed this because while she was "dead", but really half unconscious, she dreamed of a horrible future, with her son in it. When the group was formed she stopped at nothing to find her son, and stop the future from coming true. She has fought many times getting away from Danko's team. No one has been able to report that she is in fact alive and on the move to stop the organization, for one of her fighters can wipe memories. It is unknown where her current location is. She was last seen in Germany, knowing her husband took him there for safety. But realizing he was gone, set out for him again.

Evolved Human Abilities

Sonny's mother possesses many abilities. She was born with all of them. She has the power to move very fast, regenerate from any wound, know the history of any object, and to dream the future. She has mastered them all to perfection.


  • Nobody but her team knows she has abilities. Not Danko, her son, not even her husband.

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