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Bad ass
Nathan with shotgun.jpg
Nathan proves he is amazingly bad ass with a shotgun.

In Heroes, some of the characters prove how bad ass they really are.

Episode Recurrences


  • Bennet climbs into Mohinder's taxi and starts showing off his information about Chandra. Ultimately, Mohinder runs away, and Bennet gets away without paying.

Don't Look Back

  • After pretending to trust Claire completely, Bennet watches her video, and repeats a previous line ("it really breaks my heart") in a more sinister and cooler way.
  • Tina believes that D.L. might have killed the thugs in Niki's garage.

One Giant Leap

  • Although Peter punches him, Nathan takes it like a man.
  • Nathan chooses not to listen to Peter's suggestion, and goes for his own instead.


  • Bennet warns Claire that there will be a throwdown between the two of them when he returns.


  • Mohinder calls Peter "mad", and orders him to "go home".
  • Matt uses his ability to score with his wife.
  • Bennet contemplates killing Brody, simply because he has the power to do so.
  • Nathan gets another two million dollars from Linderman as he makes Linderman's plan backfire.

Better Halves

  • During their fight, Jessica finds that D.L. has disappeared from the room. He surprises her by appearing through the wardrobe, and manages to make her unconscious. He then clotheslines Micah, and drags him out of the room.


  • Claire argues to her father about her being unable to go to Homecoming. He coolly says "you'll survive".
  • D.L. tells Micah he will not wear tights, showing that he believes he has more class than Batman.

Six Months Ago



  • Matt warns Bennet that he will not give up, Bennet simply replies "good luck with that", sorts out his suit and leaves.

The Fix




Company Man

  • When Claire reveals to Matt that Bennet is not a paper salesman, Ted says a one-liner. ("Guess she's not daddy's little girl anymore.")
  • Later, Ted takes Bennet's gun and aims it at Sandra, and comes out with another one-liner. ("He killed my wife, it's only fair that I kill his - with his own gun, too! Kind of poetic, don't you think?")
  • Claude compares The Company to the Tooth Fairy.
  • Bennet gets shot by The Haitian and does not cry.



  • Isaac does not care that Sylar is there.
  • When Ted asks how Bennet can be sure that no-one will find them in the Burnt Toast Diner, Bennet offers, in response, a cool sense of smugness.

Five Years Gone

The Hard Part

  • Nathan does not even give an answer to Claire when asked if he can fly, preferring to shrug his shoulders instead.
  • D.L. decides to get Micah himself, and has complete control over the conversation with Jessica.
  • D.L. tells Jessica that he should have left her in the wall.
  • Sylar stops Hiro's sword, and calls him a coward.


How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Matt vows to Bennet that he will defeat Sylar without Peter.
  • Molly thinks that D.L. is a bad guy - despite his injury. This is a classic example of his bad assery shining forth.
  • Ando believes Hiro to be bad ass.
  • Matt shoots at Sylar, obviously showing that he is capable of handling the Sylar case rather than Audrey, as she was on it for three months and never found him (except when he was pretending to be Isaac).
  • Kensei decides to fight his enemies alone - he has no need for allies.

Four Months Later...

  • Matt aces an examination using his telepathy.
  • Nathan stumbles in with a manly beard and tells Angela to get out of Peter's apartment.
  • Adam (as Kensei) disproves all of his legends in one fell swoop - he urinates, talks about his English roots, mentions hiring look-a-likes to fight his battles, laughs at Otsu burning, drinks sake, and punches Hiro.
  • Nathan, being a bad ass, drinks in a bar on his own.
  • Bennet teaches the Copy Kingdom manager that being in charge does not make you the King.



The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight

  • Matt compares Nathan to a cargo plane, and refuses to back down on the comparison.
  • Nathan reloads a shotgun four times and says "I'm good."
  • Nathan shoulder barges a door for the sake of shoulder barging a door.
  • Nathan, thanks to Maury, realises that the only thing that is a nightmare is himself, proving that he is unstoppable.

The Line

  • Bennet backhands Ivan before calling him a friend. The camera zooms in to showcase his greatness.
  • Bennet makes snarky comments about Ivan's life and gets the Haitian to take it all away - then kills him for no reason. He also decides to go to Hell.
  • Mohinder throws a stool at the Shanti virus; if there is anyone who can stop the outbreak, it's him. Because he just destroyed the virus with a stool. Are you keeping up? Good.
  • Adam (as Kensei) cracks a joke after being stabbed in the chest.
  • Adam (as Kensei) then decides that the timeline isn't worth it, and punches Hiro in the back of the head.
  • Sylar warns Alejandro (knowing that he cannot talk English) that he will kill him and his sister with a cheeky grin on his face.
  • Bob relents and admits that Mohinder is the true ruler of the Company (since he took over in The Hard Part)

Out of Time

  • Bennet has fire in his glasses.
  • Matt is declared the strongest and most powerful out of himself, Mohinder, Bob, Niki and Nathan.
  • Howard Lemay uses dead pan to his advantage when talking about the destruction of humanity.
  • D.L. returns from the dead. Simple as. And he shouts at Niki. And disappears without a trace. What a guy.
  • Adam (as Kensei) vows to make Hiro suffer; even after a tent explosion.

Four Months Ago...

  • Nathan decides to play chicken with the explosion, and continues flying with his brother.
  • Nathan survives the explosion at close range. Yes, it can wipe out half of a city, but it will only be a flesh wound to Nathan.
  • D.L. tells Niki that the world will never be rid of him - he will remain forever.
  • Adam destroys Peter's will over four months.
  • Adam says that Elle was so bad that he is still paying the price after six years.
  • D.L. promises Niki that they will have sex.
  • D.L. fights fire with phasing - he saves a girl and has no wounds or injuries. Fire cannot even touch D.L..
  • D.L. dies to the sound of thumping techno; he raves even in death.
  • The Haitian reveals that his middle name is "Fisticuffs" when he fights Peter.
  • Nathan looks at New York, showing off his handsome looks.

Cautionary Tales

  • Matt forces Molly to shut up and eat her cereal.
  • Matt shoves his boss's orders in his face and does not get fired.
  • Bob rolls his eyes when Elle talks about Mohinder, clearly not caring.
  • Mohinder shoves a gun to the back of Bennet's head and tells him to drive; but says "please" in a mocking tone.
  • Bennet makes a joke when Elle electrocutes herself.
  • Matt finally gets the upperhand over Angela.
  • Mohinder takes no survivors and shoots Bennet in the eye, then looks at his gun, as if to say "yeah, I did it, I shot him right in the eye!"

Truth & Consequences

  • Sylar has a bit of a laugh by killing Alejandro, then comes out of his hotel room topless. He then makes out with Alejandro's sister - what a guy.


  • Adam gives Hiro a bad ass speech about the state of the world. Which is just awesome.
  • Sylar proves that his will is stronger than Elle's puny lightning.
  • Nathan gives a speech about himself, D.L., and Matt, acknowledging the most powerful people in the universe.

The Second Coming

  • Nathan? Getting stopped by death? Nothing can stop Nathan.
  • Sylar, having spent all of season one trying to get her power, goes straight to Claire's house and totally takes it away from her, then takes away her pain. Hero.
  • Matt wastes no time in getting an army of police officers to find the assassin, then he figures out who the assassin is himself.
  • Mohinder does not tremble in the face of thieves.

The Butterfly Effect

  • Mohinder using his ability is like spreading butter on toast - completely natural.
  • Sylar finds getting shot six times to be a nuisance nowadays.
  • Sylar makes jokes, including the classic "look what your daddy could do".
  • Mohinder also scores with a hot babe.
  • Matt learns how to talk to turtles.

One of Us, One of Them

  • Sylar owns the F.B.I. for a bit - from watchmaker to spy in less than forty episodes.

I Am Become Death

  • Sylar just... owns Knox. Delivery after delivery of epic win. He doesn't fear him.
  • Sylar, without an ability to do so, immediately knows Peter just teleported into his cell. Intuition wins again.

Angels and Monsters

  • Peter gets bad ass when he tries to kill Angela. Finally.

Dying of the Light

  • Mohinder actively lies to Nathan and Tracy, taking them hostage for no apparent reason. The effects of the sedative, however, don't work for some time, proving that Nathan is simply acting as if he is sedated to give Mohinder the upper-hand. All part of a clever ruse.

Eris Quod Sum

  • Mohinder does a mad jump.
  • Matt does not fear Knox. It's almost as if nobody does.


  • Sylar took a power he didn't even need, not because he was pressured by Elle, but because he was bored.

It's Coming

  • Usutu returns from the dead, and sees Matt. Friendship eternal.

The Eclipse, Part 1

  • Matt knows where Daphne lives.
  • Sylar thought "how do I turn failure... into success?" Then he had sex with Elle.

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • Nathan laughs in the face of false Gods, especially when chained.
  • Mohinder reminds Flint that he is the idiot, then beats him to death with a microscope.
  • Nathan not only laughs at false Gods - he throws them into cars.
  • Sylar takes Elle's ability just because he can.

Our Father

  • Sylar kills a woman, but knows that cake is more important than covering up murder.


  • Matt reads everybodys' mind at once. EVERYBODYS'. Eat your heart out, Maury.
  • Mohinder, while unconscious, escapes because he is a demon.

A Clear and Present Danger

  • Matt bests every evolved human on the planet by getting a new ability.
  • Nathan kidnaps everybody and looks proud about it.

I Am Sylar

An Invisible Thread


  • Peter shows off his parcour skills.

Jump, Push, Fall

  • Noah, while presenting a case to Peter, specifically mentions eating cereal for dinner - a fact he is actually proud of.
  • Matt sends Roy packing.
  • Peter owns Edgar like a commando - takes his power and fights unarmed against his scary knives.


  • Matt beats a guy senseless, and gets away with it. What a guy.
  • Samuel levels a mansion out of empathy. Yeah.


  • Noah doesn't care if his customer dies, as long as he's the one who shoots them. This is on his resumé.

Strange Attractors

  • Sylar scores with Matt's wife and informs him about it.
  • Jeremy just smiles as he's about to be dragged to death.
  • Samuel brings down a police station with a wave of his hands, then slowly turns his back and walks away.


The Fifth Stage

Graphic Novel Recurrences


Wireless, Part 1

  • Bennet kicks Hana to the fall, and tells her he is there to change her life.

String Theory


Revolutionary War, Part 1

  • Adam fights simply to escape boredom.
  • When Adam sees Port Arlesburgh in ruin, he says, "There's only one man capable of such destruction. Me."

Revolutionary War, Part 2

  • Adam says that he is a god who should have disciples.

The Ten Brides of Takezo Kensei

  • Adam fakes his own drowning out of boredom.
  • Adam was shot by a woman and thrown off a cliff - like that was going to stop him. He simply returned and killed her and her lover in return. What a happy marriage.

The Golden Goose

  • Bob turns a man into gold. Then melts him. Maybe the man should have answered him.


  • Noah and the Haitian modestly drive to a house with nothing on their minds apart from their mission. How awesome.

Trust Issues, Part 2

  • Evsdropr makes everybody look like fools. Everybody.

Rebellion, Part 2

Memorable quotes

"I know it sounds impossible-"

"Impossible?! It sounds mad!"

- Peter, Mohinder (Hiros)

"What does that mean?"

"It means that an old friend isn't quite as dead as we thought he was."

- Isaac, Bennet (Distractions)

"Should we freeze time?"

"Nah, I haven't had a good fight in years."

- Future Hiro, Future Peter (Five Years Gone)

"I'm done with you. I'll get Micah my damn self."

- D.L. (to Jessica) (The Hard Part)

"You're lucky I didn't leave your ass stuck in the wall after what you've done."

- D.L. (to Jessica) (The Hard Part)

"What am I thinking now, Parkman?"

"Your last thought!"

- Thompson, Bennet (Landslide, How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Where's Micah?"

"She asked you a question."

- Jessica, D.L. (to Linderman) (Landslide)

"He's a bad guy, I'm a cop. I'm going after him."

- Matt (to Bennet about Sylar) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"He'll kill you."

"Yeah, we'll see."

- Bennet, Matt (about Sylar) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"Hiro, you look bad ass."

- Ando (to Hiro) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"You look at me when I talk to you! Do you hear me?"

"(grabbing finger) I hear you alright, now you hear me! I am done eating your crap. From now on I will work how and when I feel like it. I will take breaks when I want to, and you will not say a damn word to me ever again! Do you understand?"

- Copy Kingdom manager, Bennet (Four Months Later...)

"Shoot me, and there is no going back! You'll condemn yourself to Hell!"

"I know."

- Ivan, Bennet (The Line)

"As long as I have breath, anything you love I will lay to waste... I swear, you will suffer."

- Adam (as Kensei) (Out of Time)

"I thought I lost you."

"Girl, I told you - you can never get rid of me."

- Niki, D.L. (Four Months Ago...)

"Word to the wise, friend. I would keep my distance from that one. I caved in a delicate situation six years ago, and I'm still paying the price."

- Adam (to Peter about Elle) (Four Months Ago...)

"What are you doing?"

"My job."

- Officer, Matt (Control)