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Fan Creation:Fan powers/Archive

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Fan powers/Archive
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Watching oneself kick oneself may be a new power.

This article is an archive of fan-created powers for evolved humans. This information is not derived from any canon source and should not be considered canon.

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Ability Negation

Ability negation is the ability to cancel out the effects of other abilities with little-to-no concentration on behalf of the user.

The power is not limited by the amount of evolved humans in an area, rather, it depends upon the proficiency of the user. The more experienced a user is, the longer the user can negate the abilities of other evolved humans without requiring a rest, and the larger the area of negation. In effect, the ability creates a "black hole" where the abilities of evolved humans cannot be used.


Absurdity is the ability to psychically induce paradoxes and contradictory physics. This can range anywhere from the highly improbable (like a prey animal eating it's predator) to the impossible (Fire "extinguishing" water, a small being with no superstrength beating a far larger being with extreme superstrength and durability, etc.). This ability is similar to luck and probability manipulation, but instead of increasing the likelihood of an event, it makes the impossible possible, and the improbable quite likely.

The only true limit to this ability is that it is very confusing, and you can't obtain certain things (omnipotence, omniscience, etc.).


Adhesion is the ability to apply a telekinetic attraction to most objects. This allows the user to stick almost anything together, from normal, everyday objects, to people. If the evolved human is skilled enough, he may even be able to bond things on a molecular level, binding them permanently. The user can also use the power to keep things from being taken from them. Example: if a female evolved human has the power, she could make it so her handbag could not be snatched by a bagsnatcher. The ability also allows the user to move on vertical or horizontal surfaces, but this makes the user nauseous.

The user must come in contact with the objects they wish to adhere. If the user's concentration is broken, the adhesion disappears. Strenuous usage of the power (bonding things molecularly if not used to it), can induce migraines, or unexpected outcomes. The user must touch the things they wish to adhere with bare skin. Wearing a glove won't work. Therefore, if the user wishes to walk on walls or ceilings, they must take off their shoes and socks. The power doesn't allow the user to fuse things into one being/object (see #fusion).


Aerokinesis is the ability to control the wind (and sometimes gases in general). This ability can be used for anything from flight to inducing gale-force winds and tornadoes by simply altering the flow of the wind. One could even use the power to eavesdrop on conversations or manipulate ambient air currents to do a multitude of other tasks.

A person with this ability can only use air or gases available to them. They cannot create air or destroy it.


Afterimage is the ability to create an image that appears in somebody's vision after such an image had been seen. If, for example, you wanted somebody to remember who you were, you could plant an image so that they'd catch brief glimpses of you throughout the day, such as on the street or in the shops. You could equally create a horrifying image intended to shock or scare the target, a simple blinding light to distract them for a few vital seconds, or a helpful reminder of who to get in contact with via a phone number, as long as they had seen such an image themselves.

An image can be created only from what you know the target has seen recently, with better results occurring in the seconds before giving them an afterimage. You cannot see an event through their eyes, but if you know what was involved, you can let their brain do the rest. The image will appear for around 15 seconds, with some images lasting longer and others shorter based on the image itself, not your skill with the ability. You cannot actually control the length of time, just the occurrence of such an image.


All-sight is the ability to see in all aspects. One with this ability can access the powers of precognition and postcognition to see any moment in history. One with this power could even access the powers #optic disruptor, telescopic vision, microscopic vision, full vision of the color spectrum, infrared vision, night vision, vision in intense light and the ability to project your sight to any location. Evolved humans with this power can even see through illusions, see the invisible and project laser vision.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Alternate Reality

Alternate Reality is the ability to create an alternate universe inside one's mind. If the person has physical contact with someone else before go to the alternate reality he/she can bring the other person to the alternate reality too. If the person creating the alternate reality leaves a passenger there, the person left behind will be trapped there forever, or until he is retrieved by the creator of the alternate reality.

In the real life the person will enter in a coma-like state while he/she is in the alternate reality. The alternate reality can only has elements that the person has previously knowledge, as one cannot simulate a book without previously knows the story, altough he/she can imagine a story and create a book basead on that, a real life counterpart will probabilly be different. If the person bring someone else the alternate reality can be created based on both people's memmories.

Amplified Voice

Amplified voice is the ability of a being to generate vocal sounds at very high amplitudes. In normal humans this can be achieved using the mucous membranes that sit above the vocal chords allowing them to shout, albeit for much shorter lengths of time than regular speech. In evolved humans, these mucous membranes can act as a second set of vocal chords, their use allowing the voice to be amplified as needed.

In similar fashion to normal humans, vocal chords will tire with extended use or indeed miss-use. A loud shout intended to attract the attention of people within miles for example will affect the vocal chords in the same way as a normal human shouting for long periods at a rock festival. As is the case with normal vocal chords, the strength of the amplification is related to the strength of the vocal chords. Training could therefore enhance this ability to allow greater control of it.

Anatomical Automatism

Anatomical automatism is the ability to keep body parts moving even after they are separated from the body. This can even be used to detach/reattach body parts harmlessly. The user is still in control of body part movements at this time.

This ability can only be efficiently used if the body parts detached can be easily reattached, otherwise it poses many difficulties.

Animal Communication

Animal communication is the ability to communicate with animals. When the user hears a breath or a sound that the animal makes, their brain automatically interprets it for whatever is on the mind of the animal. The ability also allows the animals to understand the words and breaths of the actual user.

When blocked by a door or barrier. Communication is impossible due to no sound from either the animal or the user.

Animal Magnetism

Animal magnetism or "charm" is the ability to hypnotically charm any subject of the opposite sex. The subject or subjects become doting, fawning sycophants that will do anything to please their object of affection. The power can be used to inspire either love of an innocent sort or desire of a sexual nature, depending on the age and will of the user. The power is activated by eye contact and a charming face directed at the subject(s). The user exerts subliminal mind control over the subject(s)

This power is similar to pheromone control, but can only be used on the opposite sex (or homosexuals, if you're desperate). Also the user must exert subliminal power when speaking certain words, such as "love", "want", "desire", "please", "happy" and the like (this activates pleasure centers and centers of impulse and desire). Other than that, the user of the power would be just having a harmless conversation.


Animation is the ability to animate and verbally command inanimate objects as if they were alive.

The controller could only command inanimate objects.

Antimatter Manipulation

Antimatter manipulation is the ability to create, eliminate, and control antimatter in any configuration. It can even prevent antimatter from reacting to outside stimuli, and thus prevent it from reacting with matter and exploding.

It takes an immense amount of concentration to keep control the antimatter and prevent it from detonating, and the control only extends for up to 2000 feet. In addition, the user can only control up to about 1 kilogram of antimatter, and far less without proper training or experience. Lastly, the greater the distance to and mass of the antimatter, the more concentration it takes to control it. Above all, the user must always remember that if he or she loses control, the antimatter goes boom, and the user is likely to die.


Apathy is the absence of emotion, which allows one to make decisions far easier. One with this ability could not be affected by abilities meant to induce emotions of any sort (no love-inducing powers, pain-inducing powers, fear-inducing powers, etc.). It would also be far easier to make decisions, face opponents that others wouldn't, resist temptation (even psychic persuasion), and do things normal people would be far too afraid or embarrassed to do.

Even though people with this ability could not feel pain, they can be damaged (lose limbs, be stabbed, lose blood) or killed. They just don't feel any pain, pleasure, love, hate, jealousy, spite, happiness, etc. This can also prevent a normal life or lead to doing things that people normally see as unacceptable. Apathetics are often in trouble for doing bad things because they don't have conscience, reverence or fear to keep them from doing wrongful things.

Astral Projection

Astral projection is the ability to project an image of oneself outside of one's mind. The astral form is an exact copy of the person who projects it, including skills and other abilities. This can range from projecting an intangible image of yourself to creating a fully corporeal body, capable of freely roaming between the material and astral realms.

At full strength this power can project a full corporeal body; whoever projected the astral form has a second mind and can act independent. When this power is still developing within the host, he or she can't control the astral form completely, giving it its own characteristics. In the beginning it will also be hard to produce a full corporeal astral image of oneself.

Astral Shrapnel

Astral shrapnel is the ability to generate and release serrated fragments of astral (spiritual) essence as a mode of defense. It causes unimaginable spiritual pain that even apaths are capable of feeling. It also disrupts life force, causing disorientation, scarring and homeostatic instability (vomiting, seizures, heart attacks, strokes, etc.). When used on technology of any sort, it causes it to malfunction or short-circuit.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Atom Mimicry

Atom mimicry is the ability to mimic and remember the properties of any element one has come into contact with. If an individual touches solid steel their body would mimic the properties of solid steel including density and durability. Their body would not, however, take on the look of steel. The increased body density could also provide increased strength in proportion to the density of steel compared to the density of the their human body. For example, if steel is 10 times as dense as their body, the persons strength could increase 10 times. The body could also mimic the properties of liquids, gases, and plasma as well. Any state of matter could be mimicked.

Atom mimicry is limited to objects or elements the person has come into physical contact with. The individual would have to actively activate and choose which element to mimic and could not be accessed passively.


Atmokinesisis the ability to shift the atmosphere. People with this ability can generate any natural weather occurrence from fog, mist and rain to hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes. One with this ability is also usually rendered resistant against extreme weather conditions, along with the innate ability to stop and change weather as well as with causing it, not to mention the power to move an atmosphere from one planet to another. The latter ability comes with immense concentration.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Atmospheric Respiration

Atmospheric respiration is the ability to breathe in any atmosphere. One with this power could breathe underwater, in outer space, in toxic air, even in a space with no sort of gaseous breathing medium at all.

One with this ability can't withstand too much intense pressure, they can just breathe in any atmosphere (or lack of one).

Audio Imagery

Audio imagery is the ability to reproduce the subjective experience of hearing in the absence of auditory stimulation, that is hearing things in your head without your ears actually hearing anything themselves. Normally, this would be experienced by anyone when remembering telephone numbers or hearing a song in their head. Here, audio images can be placed into a subjects head to create similar effects, such as planting a message.

Audio imagery can only be placed into a subjects mind when they are in line of sight, and is much more accurate at smaller distances when the subject is not moving. Despite its name, it cannot place actual images or memories into peoples heads, and nothing can be removed from a subjects mind. Attempts can however be made to disguise a memory, such as making the subject think of an incorrect telephone number or name.


Aura is the ability to access the natural energy in living things. Aura is the natural, organic energy present in living things. A person with this power can see where people have been by feeling for their aura. They can also see things through aura, helpful if they are temporarily or permanently blind. A person with this ability can also use their own aura to attack and defend. They can create balls of explosive aura to hurl at opponents, and they can also project a barrier or shield around themselves to protect from damage. They can also feel the aura in other people and tell if they are telling the truth, and can feel for emotions.

The ability is limited to how much aura the user has. They cannot use the aura from others for their own purposes. If the user runs out of aura, they cannot use the power.


Biological Weaponry

Biological weaponry pertains to the ability to treat body parts as weapons. For example, fingers that can materialize bullets and fire them.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Black Box Effect

The black box effect pertains to the ability to generate random effects at will. This is achieved by bending reality to one's own will. Similar to omnipotence, but the effects are random and unpredictable (and still within the bounds of reality and logic), ranging from giving foes a paper cut to generating nuclear explosions and cosmic storms.

Though the power requires no focus, it is highly unpredictable, and must be used with caution, as it could even kill the user.

Bodily Possession

Possibly the most well-known ability, bodily possession is the ability to enter the body of one or more subjects and effectively take control of the subject's body via astral form (the user of this power cannot physically step into another corporeal entity's body; this defies the laws of physics). One with a more powerful version of this ability can possess multiple bodies at once, and push the host's astral self out of his body, thus taking complete control of the body of the host.

The only limit is that certain beings (psychics and astral entities) cannot be possessed, and neither can inanimate objects, unless they are electrical.



Camouflage is the ability to render one's outer appearance so as to match that of whatever one is standing in front of, including any clothing they are wearing. It is similar to invisibility, but instead of becoming unseen, the user simple takes on the exact color and shade of whatever he/she is standing in front of. This works in all angles. For example; if a person used the ability next to a newspaper stand, they would take on the colors and shades around the stand, on all angles, so they could not be spotted from any angle, not just front on.

Camouflage takes a little time to take effect. It usually takes 5-10 seconds to blend in with the background. The user must keep as still as possible to make the camouflage effect work properly. The user is still tangible, and so can be bumped. The ability needs active concentration to use properly, and if the user's concentration is broken, so is the blending effect. If something moved behind the user, it would be obvious where they are. The user still casts a shadow, so they can be seen in bright light.


Ceasefire is the ability to psionically cause peace and harmony within a certain radius. This is almost the polar opposite of enmity, as it causes everyone to like the subject at whom the power is being directed. This can range from a random act of kindness to full-blown holding hands, skipping around the maypole. Not to mention, the people within this radius will be especially nice to the person to whom they have been directed to show affection. This radius, like enmity also affects animals and insects.

The only limits are the radius and the time limit. However, while the time limit is relatively similar to enmity, the radius is about two miles wider.


Chronopathy is a fine tuned sense into precise time. This ability allows you to determine the exact time an occurrence will take place, when it has taken place, or how long it took or how long it will take. This can be used to determine when an opponent will strike, how much time you have left until an occurrence takes place; even the exact time in any time zone can be determined with this ability.

the limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Combustion Inducing

Combustion Inducing is the ability to create explosions at will. Targets of the ability are not restricted to flammable objects; any object can be affected. Also, users of the ability can control explosions caused by other events, not just explosions they caused themselves.

This ability can only cause the explosion of a solid object; it can't create a blast out of thin air.


Countermeasures or power adaptation is the ability to quickly, but not instantly develop a counter power to another power. For example, if the possessor of countermeasures is in the presence of a pyrokinesis possessor, they would develop cryokinesis, if they were in the presence of one with enhanced strength they would develop enhanced durability, or if they were in the presence of one with enhanced speed they would develop enhanced reflexes.

Countermeasures only works temporarily, as the user must stay in the presence of the possessor of the attacking power, although like empathic mimicry, it might be possible to keep the powers after leaving the vicinity of the other evolved human. Also, the power would not work instantly as the body would need time to create a counter mutation. The countermeasures would additionally only manifest as opposite powers, so if faced with pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, not fire resistance or pyrokinesis (for its fire immunity), would develop. Finally, the power only works on other powers. If faced with real fire, the user will not develop any powers to combat it.

Crystal Generation

Crystal generation, also known as crystallokinesis is the ability to grow or manipulate crystal structures at will. One who has this ability can create crystals directly from their body, or spawn a crystal seed and control its growth and density.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Dance-Routine Inducing

Dance-routine inducing is very odd. It is the psychic ability to randomly cause music to play out of nowhere and make any human or humanoid (even operational human-like constructs and animals) burst into a song-and-dance routine, more than likely coinciding with their current situation or circumstance (think High School Musical). No one can resist the corny but oddly-catchy music or contagiously memorable words of the song that us induced. The dance is usually ridiculously graceful (and in sync with the rhythm of the song), and serves for a great distraction, because the user is not affected by the noisome song, which lasts approximately 4 minutes long.

Limits: This ability is very useful, but only for the time it is played. It only lasts four minutes, and afterwards, if you have not escaped your danger, then the situation will resume where it left off, and then you're toast.


Deflection is the ability to dismiss whatever physical power that is thrown directly towards you. It can also prevent bullets, swords and arrows from impacting the user.

This power can only be used for solid objects and physical attacks. When fully mastered, it is possible to change the direction of elements such as fire, lightning, ice and water.

Density Control

Density control is the ability to control one's own density. Using this power, one could become incredibly dense, capable of acts of extreme strength and resistance to damage, or very light, capable of passing through some solid objects while becoming transparent but still visible, aiding in infiltration. Also, one could control their physical size to make oneself larger and more physically powerful (though his mass would stay the same). Alternatively, one could make themselves smaller (with the same weight) or distort their body and make themselves thinner or wider, taller or shorter, or, to a lesser extent, the user could control the density of others and of objects.

This power would need much control, concentration, and practice to use safely and appropriately. If one is not careful, they could shift their density too much. Or, if one loses their concentration, their powers could go haywire and kill them.

Dermatologic Modification

Dermatologic modification is the ability to modify ones own skin. One with this power can augment his skin to a variety of textures, thickness and colors. This can be used to thicken one's skin into hide to lessen the impact of any concussive force, or to make it very sharp and abrasive, or even to add a protective exoskeleton. One could even change the pigmentation to vary skin tone realistically or radically, becoming various shades of purple for example.

This ability is very painful at first, similar to teething, and its effects are temporary. Hardened skin would eventually return to its normal state and color would fade away, ranging from minutes to hours based on the condition of the body itself. in this sense thickening the skin into hide may be a good idea in a fist fight, but sustaining too much damage would wear both the body and the ability out, which may then lead to further damage due to a now weaker skin. Complex colors are possible, but only with immense control and concentration, and even then it is unlikely that it could be used as camouflage unless against plain colors or shades of the same color.


Disaster is the ability to summon various natural disasters. This ability is highly unstable, and a person with this ability needs to be very careful with their emotions. If a person does not know they have this power, disasters could occur around them when they show extreme emotion, such as anger or fear. The disasters generally happen around the user's immediate vicinity, but with training, the user can create or send disasters a distance of around 5km away. Also, with training, the user can refine his power to affect small areas, or create small-scale disasters, such as a small crack in the ground. This power allows the user to control disasters, but, due to the chaotic nature of disasters, the users control over them is quite limited. Some disasters that can be generated include floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, electrical storms, hail, etc...

As stated above, the user must have extreme emotional control, or disasters will occur around them. This ability does not give the user any secondary control over objects such as the earth geokinesis, air, fire, and the like, just disasters. The user is not immune to the effects of disasters. This power will only control and create natural disasters, not man made disasters like smog or acid rain.


Disintegration is the ability to break down materials down to their component elements, most of which exist as powder or gas at room temperature. The complexity of the material determines the amount of concentration and time is necessary to break it down.

Organic materials would take much more concentration and more time to break down, thus preventing instant harm if used on a person. Also, some of the gases and powder produced can be harmful if inhaled.

The Drunken Monkey's Kiss

The drunken monkey's kiss can intoxicate someone and cause them to act like a monkey.

Must be a kiss to be effective.


Duplication is the ability to create an exact copy of oneself. Similar to a clone or a doppelgänger, the duplicate possesses the exact same personality, level of knowledge, talent, and skill as the original. For each copy, a higher amount of active concentration is required.

While it is possible to create permanent clones from this power, it requires high concentration and preparation to be successful. In the short term, this power can create clones that last anywhere from minutes to hours, and are able to travel up to a few miles away from the original. If clones are in the same location as each other upon their "death", they merge back into the original body. If they are not in the same location, the clone disintegrates, irrelevant of what it was doing at the time.

Dust Manipulation

Dust manipulation, also known as koniokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate the dust and other particles in air. This can be used to convert one's body into dust, so as to be mostly intangible, or to convert others into sentient dust. This power can even be used to collect dust and make them allergenic, or kick up debris to blind opponents; the user of this power can even withstand being vaporized, because they can reform their biological structure.

This ability would not allow one to manipulate living creatures existing in the air. Also, if you convert your body into dust, you still aren't intangible, you must find an open space in walls or doors in order to pass through them.


Ectenic Force

Ectenic force is a supposed transcendent energy that is emitted by the medium’s mind, and directed by his will, producing the means by which entities move directly into the medium’s psyche without physical contact in apparent defiance of natural laws. This ability allows spirits to possess the user of the ability, and thus endow him with the entity's abilities.

This ability encourages possession by spiritual entities, but while the body emits this energy, it is possible that any spirit may take free course over this body, even foes or dangerous entities.

Electrical Audition

When an electrical appliance is in operation, it emits an extremely high-frequency hum which is audible only to dogs and those gifted with electrical audition. This hum alters in pitch for every change that the appliance undergoes: for example, the pitch of a TV flicking through channels will become slightly higher or lower with each minute alteration the picture undergoes.

While this ability can be used to detect the presence of electrical activity, it is unpredictable, and may drop down into silence or become annoyingly loud without warning.

Emotion-Dependent Abilities

A number of varying innate powers (e.g., flight, enhanced strength, speed, etc.) are linked in terms of intensity and type to the the user's current emotional state. Different emotions trigger different powers; for example, intense anger will give the user more violent or destructive abilities (e.g., strength, radioactivity), while fear or desperation would allow the user powers to help him/her escape the situation (e.g., speed, invisibility).

Lack of strong emotions will result in fewer and less powerful abilities, even to the point of temporarily having none at all. However, too many strong or conflicting emotions will cause a temporary loss of control in the user, sending him/her into an uncontrollable frenzy until the emotions die down.

Emotion Manipulation

Emotion manipulation or pathokinesis is the ability to psionically control the emotions of others, causing strong feelings and potentially irrational behavior.

For it to be more effective, the person should be feeling that particular emotion.

Empathic Atmokinesis

Empathic atmokinesis is the ability to change the atmosphere and therefore weather based on the person's feelings. For example, if one is feeling happy, the weather would become cool and sunny, if they are feeling sad, it would rain, if they are angry or jealous, the sky would become stormy, if the person was bored, the sky would become gray and cloudy, etc.

One cannot control exactly what weather phenomenon occurs in the same way as someone with atmokinesis.

Energy Manipulation

Energy manipulation is the ability to manipulate various forms of energy.

This ability allows one to use energy constructs, transfer energy, and even limited healing.

Enhanced Coordination

Enhanced coordination is the innate ability to have perfect accuracy in throwing, catching, dodging, aiming, and more.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Enhanced Durability

Enhanced durability is the ability to survive most fatal injuries to the body.

The ability only allows the bearer to survive injury. Wounds will heal at a normal human rate, but severe injury to the brain or multiple vital organs at once will be fatal.

Enhanced Intuition

Enhanced intuition is the ability to have a better "gut instinct" than normal.

This ability does not allow one to manipulate the chances of their instinct being right.

Enhanced Senses

Enhanced senses is the ability to have to have better than normal senses. This would include enhanced sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing.

Enhanced Respiration

Enhance respiration allows much greater control over the respiratory system, allowing the user to hold their breath for extended periods of time, and in extreme cases can allow control over anaerobic respiration.

As in normal humans, the duration of held breath can vary, and with greater control comes greater lengths of time in which no oxygen is needed to enter the respiratory system. The ability only acts when conscious, so while holding your breath while walking through toxic fumes can aid your survival rates, getting knocked unconscious will most likely mean inhaling toxic fumes. The ability does not add any strength to the lungs or ribcage for example, so the pressures imposed on the body during deep sea diving still has the same effect and can cause the same injuries.

Enhanced Stamina

Enhanced stamina is the ability to keep the body going on beyond its normal limits. The person in question takes a much greater time to even feel tired than a normal person, and only actually needs to rest after many more hours of activity than a non-evolved human could. The power also allows the user to go on without sleep, and to need much less sleep to "recharge".

Enhanced stamina does not mean unlimited stamina. It is still possible for the possessor to tire out, but it simply takes much longer. Additionally, the power does not enhance the user's performance in any other way. Someone can simply do an activity longer, not any better than usual.


Enmity is the ability to psionically cause people within a certain radius-field to dislike a given subject. This can cause anywhere from random pranking to full-out hatred from everyone within the radius. This can be used to convert people to your purposes and against any person you dislike, because the people who dislike him will give away his location if they see him and usually the radius grows over time with use, but the highest measure of psychically-induced enmity is a 23-mile radius. Not to mention, the person can walk into and out of the radius and still dislike the person that the enmity is directed at, so this can be used to convert many sentient subjects to your cause.

The only limits are the radius and the time limit. The radius is fairly small for beginners in its use (this is probably how many high school girls manage to have friends that always hate you), and the radius is only projected for a maximum of a day's time.


False Cognition

False cognition is the ability to set one’s body on autopilot, which can allow the body to rest up, while at the same time not stopping to rest, but moving, or responding to one’s environment as though he were awake. This is thought of as psychic sleepwalking, as the user does not feel any damage taken during the period under which one is under false cognition.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Fault Detection

Fault detection is the ability to see the weakpoints or "faultlines" are in a structure, ranging, for example, from which wing of a plane will fail first to finding the exact bolt in that wing that would need tightening. You can of course use previous knowledge of an object to help you narrow down the detection. If for example you know what each part of a computer does, you can guess which one is faulty, and if you use fault detection you can find exactly what is wrong with that part in order to cause a fault in the first place.

This ability can only find faults in mechanical objects, and the more complex or numerous the fault(s) the harder it is to precisely identify.


Similar to bliss and horror, fear is the ability to project negative thought-waves to nearby sentient creatures. This works on a psychological level, not a visionary level, like aforementioned bliss and horror. If a person with this power uses it, they can choose to instill fear in select persons or creatures, or a blanket sweep of an area around 200 meters. The user can modify to severity of the thoughts, from just a doubting niggle at the back of the mind, to an all out fit of hysteric, almost suicidal fear. They can also use the power to stop people going somewhere with negative thoughts of what may be ahead.

This ability gets more effective the closer the user is to the person they wish to freak out. This power needs active concentration to use properly, and the more the user concentrates, the worse the sense of fear becomes. If a person with with ability doesn't know they have it, they could unwillingly project negative 'vibes' wherever they go, leading to a gloomy, depressing atmosphere. This ability only allows the user to make the thoughts of bad things occur, not the ability to cause bad things to occur.


Feedback is the ability to absorb powers from video games. The user can turn off the absorption and still keep the previous ability. If a game has multiple powers the user would be able to absorb all the powers.

The user would lose the previous power if absorbing one from another game.


Flexibility or body contortion is the ability to have increased flexibility within joints, such as the shoulders and hips. The users ligaments can stretch to allow movements not normally associated with that joint.

Through training, more and more flexibility can be achieved, but it is not possible for a limb to be stretched out further than the ligaments and muscle structure allow--any further stretching would result in a tear, among other damages.

Forcefield Generation

Forcefield generation is the ability to generate forcefields around one's and others' body, inside other's body, around objects and to use it as a weapon to damage something or to injure someone.

If the surrounded thing by the forcefield is too strong, the person that generates the forcefield will have his/her eyes red, filled with blood.

Frequency Channeling

Frequency channeling is the ability to enter and exit different frequencies. It also allows the user to interfere with frequencies.

This ability seriously drains the user allowing him/her to only enter a frequency, for a limited amount of time. Interference in frequency could block or disallow the user from returning or exiting!


Similar to adhesion, fusion is the ability to join two objects or beings together to create a new object or being. If the user is trying to fuse two living creatures, they don't need to be of the same species to fuse them. The user can determine what the fused creature is to look like, to a certain extent. An example is to fuse a human with a fish, to allow the human to breathe and swim underwater, and the user can choose that the human characteristics remain dominant (or, that the creature looks almost exactly like a human, with some minor fish-like properties, such as gills, or scales) . The user of this power can defuse things they have fused if they wish.

Limits The user cannot fuse inanimate and living creatures. At least one of the beings to be fused has to give willing consent for the fusion to take place, or it won't work.


Gale Exhalation

Gale Exhalation is the ability to exhale with intense gale-force winds. These can range from a giant fan's wind current to category five hurricane and tornado-force winds. With training, however the ability can be varied and controlled to only release whenever the user of the ability desires. Like people with the ability Vortex Inhalation, people with this ability also tend to have very a pliable digestive tract, and the capability to eat things that are larger than normally ingestible, so choking is rarely possible.

The only limit is that sometimes people with this ability can exhale with strong force unintentionally. This can be especially the case when blowing out birthday candles or attempting to blow a fly away from your face.

Gender Alteration

Gender alteration is the ability to change from one gender to another at will.

The user can only transform into one version of themselves in each gender, whether this is limited to male and female, or if other genders are possible is unknown.

Genetic Manipulation

Genetic manipulation is the ability to manipulate one's own or another organism's DNA. This allows the user to give or remove powers, induce new traits, and create or heal genetic disorders. One could use this ability to copy the genetic traits of another person.

Once a person's genetic information is altered, it is passed on to his or her offspring. The genetic manipulator must use his powers on both the parent and the child if he wishes to undo the resequencing. Any changes to a person's genetic information require time to take full effect.


Geokinesis or terrakinesis is the ability to control earth mentally. The user can decide the texture of the earth. The user can also produce magma allowing him/her to produce it from the earth, or blast it as a plasmoid.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Gerokinesis is the ability to manipulate age. This may seem like chronokinesis, the ability to manipulate time, but it only targets the time fields around biotic matter (i.e. living and formerly living subjects). With this, you can shapeshift yourself or others into older or younger versions of themselves. While the chosen subject is shapeshifted, he gains the characteristics of that age group, so a person could realistically act like the age group to which they have shifted (have the same energy as a child, have the same interests as a senior citizen, or have the same ambition as a middle-aged person). One could even age the desired subject to be too young or too old to be able to defend themselves. However, the age-shifting also comes with benefits (the stamina of younger age, the strength and logic of middle age, the wisdom and patience of older age).

The person who has used it can only shift to a differently-aged version of themselves. So if a person is good at identifying faces, or discerning the truth, this power is nearly useless.


Gerontokinesis is the ability to control and move the elderly with one's mind.

This power has no effect on the young at heart.


Glucokinesis is the ability to psychically manipulate anything sweet. This can range from dangerously altering the sugar levels in a subject's blood (or snatching it out of a body causing almost-instantaneous death) to manipulating all forms of sugar, candy and processed sweets. This can even be used to change the shape, texture and intensity of the effect of the sweet product being manipulated. Sugar can be used in the same manner as psychically-manipulated glass or sand; candy or pastries can have their sugar increased to poisonous levels or for the more funny purpose---throwing them or making them hard as rocks and causing real damage.

If there are no sugars present, the user of this power will have to use his own, which he will not be able to survive long without.


Gyrokinesis is the ability to mentally control gravitational fields. Using this ability, one could change gravity in select areas. They could reduce gravity in their area and jump great distances, or even fly, while increasing that in other areas, causing an extreme force that could prevent movement or even crush objects. One could even cause extremely light gravity that would allow objects to float around. One could also create spheres of gravitational force, akin to a black hole

Gyrokinesis could overload and create a black hole that would be impossible to control. Additionally, the change in gravity could have unseen health consequences. Lack of mental and physical exercise could result in unstable control.



Haemokinesis or hemokinesis is the ability to mentally control blood. One with this ability can snatch blood out of a person's body or use blood to track the person or creature to whom it belongs. One with this ability could even manipulate blood while it is still inside a person, allowing them nearly full control over motor functions or control over a person's body temperature by raising or slowing the rate at which a subject's blood moves. A being with this ability can affect any sort of blood, human, alien or animal (even one's own blood).

Very limited form of biokinesis. Cannot affect beings or subjects without blood.


Halokinesis is the ability to manipulate salt. Psychically-controlled salt can be manipulated like psychically-controlled sand or sugar. It can be made very abrasive, to the point where it can peel off skin, or it can be pulled together, to form constructs. This can even be used to increase the intensity of the salt to poisonous levels, or even pull salt from anywhere within a large radius. One could even use this power to dehydrate creatures by increasing the amounts of salt in them.

This power can only control salt, not things that contain salt (salt water, people, food).


Hibernation is the ability to place oneself in a comatose state where biological needs and processes are greatly reduced. It can also speed up the healing process.

When someone with this ability enters the comatose state, it can be very difficult to wake up at will.


Hormokinesis (while seemingly only pertaining to hormones) is the ability to mentally manipulate both hormones and pheromones. With this ability, one could release pheromones that do everything from attracting subjects to defend the user to increasing body temperature or inducing vomiting in subjects. Or if the power is exercised over hormones, it can be used to cause homeostatic imbalance, causing dementia, depression, or a whole manner of psychological disorders.

One with this ability could attract subjects to himself to attack for him, but if the power is too strongly magnified, the subjects on which the power was being used would become obsessively in love with the user.


Hyalokinesis is the ability to psychically control all forms of glass. The user can create glass from present sand or their body's sediment. They can also reshape, recreate and repair any piece of glass. They can even increase the density, texture or sharpness of it. They can also make it liquid and change the viscosity to make into a quick-drying paste.

The user must focus to manipulate glass around them. If the user makes one of their appendages into glass, strong enough forces can shatter it, and the user cannot regrow broken body parts.


Hydrokinesis is the ability to manipulate water mentally. The user can become a being composed of water, or move surrounding bodies of water, from puddles of water and glasses of ice to inducing tidal waves and shifting glaciers.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Hyperelasticity is exaggerated pliability (flexibility) of the body (similar to flexibility). A person with this ability can extend their limbs, contort their bodies, blow their body up like a balloon, bounce like rubber and resist extreme concussive force (even beyond that of a nuclear explosion). Not to mention, they can ground electricity.

A person with this ability usually has a stretching limit, and thus, once they pass it, they are susceptible to pain like any normal human.

Hyper Mind

Hyper mind is the ability to release thought waves as concussive blasts. The user does not lose intelligence, just duplicates the thought pattern and converts it into projectile electrical energy.

The user will usually get a headache if the power is not strong enough or used enough.



Imperceptibility is the inability to be perceived by the senses. Many times it requires extreme psychic concentration, although once it is achieved, you can function like a normal person, you just remain indiscernible to the five natural senses. It makes you invisible, intangible, inaudible and otherwise virtually undetected by natural means. However, it can be detected by a person with ESP or by heat-seating devices.

The power can be used for long periods of time and can effectively be turned on and off at will, and if done so while someone is fully aware of you, to them it will seem you've disappeared. This ability cannot be specifically target towards certain people, you are either perceived like everybody else or imperceivable.

Increased Pain Tolerance

Increased pain tolerance allows someone to extend the length of time before the sensation of pain becomes a problem. Eventually, the sensation of pain will overcome the user, either emotionally, such as witnessing the severity of a broken limb, or physically, such as severe blood loss from such an injury.

There is an absolute limit to when pain starts to become painful, but this limit can be enhanced and lengthened through training, both mental and physical. Without care, the sensation of pain may come too late, and so proper mental preparation must be undertaken to know when to stop an action whether your pain tolerance is in agreement or not.

Induced Obstruction

Induced obstruction is the ability to cause something by stopping it.

Due the universal paradox that is created with this power, the user often suffers from massive migraines.

Induced Slumber

Induced slumber is the ability to put others into a deep sleep state. Depending on the amount of concentration used, a victim of this ability could be made comatose.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Instant Reflexes

Instant reflexes is the ability to react to any outside stimuli at a far greater speed than normal. When activated, the user sees events around him in seemingly slow motion, and has time to think and react to outside stimuli.

It is very difficult to activate at will without a great deal of mental conditioning; normally, it will automatically activate in situations where the individual is under an intense amount of stress, even if it is useless for the situation at hand. Also, it is limited by a person's physical abilities; no matter how fast the individual can think and react, his/her body is still subject to other physical limitations. As such, the user may find that he/she can think far faster than move.

Intangible Doom

Intangible doom is the ability to psychically turn living subjects harmlessly intangible. This subject can't turn others intangible, and can't touch any physically corporeal subject. If this person tries to recorporealize themselves so they can touch subjects, their molecules will spontaneously explode on contact with each other. Thus either the person must stay intangible and die (food passes through them), or they can recorporealize and die (a lose-lose situation). A person who has this ability should be approached with caution, as this power requires nearly no concentration and thus is easily triggered.

The user of this ability is the only person that can undo it. Even if there is another person with the ability, they cannot undo the effects that the other person has set into play. If they attempt to recorporealize the subject, the subject will still explode.

Intuitive Diagnosis

Intuitive diagnosis is the ability to intuitively diagnose biological problems, such as disease, internal bleeding, even cancerous cells in both humans and animals, in a similar way to fault detection.

As with Fault Detection, the more understanding in both the ability and the biological structure there is, the more accurate the ability becomes. If diagnosing a well known ailment, the task becomes easier to precisely identify the problem, but the more complex and unknown the condition, such as a new disease, the harder it is to pinpoint.



Juxtaposition is the ability to psychically match the abilities and benefits of any desired subject so that they cannot overtake or surpass the user of the power. This can be used when being pursued (you will always remain the same distance from your pursuer, and thus never be caught), or keep competitions at a stalemate (so, at least you won't lose---you just won't win, either). The user parallels the subject in every way. This power is similar to Reactive Adaptation, but instead of developing an opposite ability to your opponent, you gain the same powers and benefits, and thus resistance to your opponent(s).

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.



Kinesokinesiakinesis is the ability to create intense feelings of pain, dread, and boredom in others by making up extraordinarily long lists of preposterous superpowers with pretentious-sounding names, frequently leading the target to develop the good-for-one-use-only superpower "autodefenestrokinesis".

Evidently none.

Kinetic Conversion

Kinetic conversion is the ability to convert kinetic energy into physical strength. This ability can be used to restore energy simply by moving. A person with this ability has incredible stamina, as they can sustain themselves on only kinetic energy. Also, any non-damaging blows dealt to a person with this ability can even use hits or attacks to gain energy.

The person does not absorb damage, he only absorbs kinetic energy, so he can be hurt, he just sustains himself on kinetic energy.

Kinetic Redirection

Kinetic redirection is the ability to change the path of an object in motion with thought, similar to telekinesis. The difference is that the powered-person has the ability to continue the control of this path, and the object must first be put into motion in order for them to manipulate it. This ability is usually accompanied by a restriction, for example: Mass Based Kinetic Redirection, which allows for objects of lesser mass to be more easily controlled than objects of larger mass. This restriction would allow the powered-person to ignore the speed at which the object is traveling, requiring no more concentration for a bullet that a thrown paper clip. Speed Based Kinetic Redirection, would require more concentration on a bullet, but less on a car or airplane.

This ability requires first that an object be in motion. Due to the restriction, one must concentrate more intensely for a objects which increase on the restrictive scale. The ability does not grant control over the speed of the object being redirected, that remains constant and is still impacted by the laws of physics. Beyond these limitations, and with enough luck and practice, it is possible that a person with this power could be a high level threat, able to stop thousands of bullets or even potentially the entire planet.

Knowledge Mimicry

Knowlege Mimicry is the ability to absorb knowledge from those around you. For example being near a nurse gives you the same knowledge that they have in medicine. This ability can also grant the user skills like for example being near a surgeon allows you to perform the surgery they speicilized in and if its a martial arts master you will be able to do what ever moves they are capable of doing.

This ability only grants one knowledge not memory. You will be incapable of acessing memory. Also whatever skills that are acquired have to be practiced. You may have the knowledge of how to do brain surgery but without practice the knowledge is useless.



Lactokinesis is the ability to move milk and dairy products with the mind, similar to telekinesis. While this power is limited in its scope, a master of this ability can affect dairy at the molecular level. Uses include, but are not limited to:

  • Launching streams of skim milk goodness at ultra-high velocities towards enemies
  • Increasing the rate of fermentation within a dairy product, causing it to go off and possibly cause food poisoning if consumed
  • Increasing the viscosity of yoghurt, and using it as a 'glue' to pin enemies to walls, floors, etc
  • Creating a whirling torrent of milk around the user, acting as a protective barrier or for an evasive 'smokescreen' effect


  • This ability requires active concentration and must always be accompanied by silly, overblown hand gestures.
  • This ability does not affect soy-based products.
  • Dairy products cannot be generated at will; they must be within the user's range to be manipulated.
  • The line of sight between the user and the dairy product must be clear, though eye contact does not have to be maintained.
    • Dairy can be moved from inside containers, provided that line of sight is maintained (if the container is transparent). This allows the lactokinetic to move whole bottles of milk in plastic or glass containers, increasing the potential for damage.
  • Depending on one's mastery of this ability, lactokinetic range can vary from contact with said dairy product, to up to 100 meters.

Laser Emission

Laser emission is the ability to produce focused beams of light (lasers) from the body. The beams are of high temperature and intensity.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Leptokinesis or matter manipulation is the ability to alter and manipulate matter on an atomic or molecular level. It can prevent matter from reacting to outside stimuli, and thus prevent it from reacting with antimatter and exploding. However, it can also be used to become intangible and phase through subjects, or to vaporize, dissolve or rearrange any subject one desires. This can also be used for superspeed or resistance to being turned intangible or being vaporized or to split atoms and generate atomic and nuclear explosions.

In most cases, the more powerful and dangerous uses of this ability require extreme concentration. As such, people rarely use them unless they've had experience for years with their powers.


Levitation is the ability to raise objects off the ground or surfaces. The user can levitate himself up to three meters. The lighter the object to be levitated, the higher it can be levitated. The user can cause an object to hover in the air as well, but he cannot cause it to fly.

The user needs active concentration to use the power. As stated above, the lighter the object, the easier it is to levitate. The user can still levitate heavy objects, but more concentration is needed.

Lie Detection

Lie detection is the ability to intuitively sense when another person is lying.

One with this power must be looking at the liar. Skilled telepaths might be able to avoid detection.

Light Control

Light Control is the ability to emit, and control light. The user can generate light from their body and change the intensity, heat and amount of light that is being projected from anywhere from their body. The user can also control light within the immediate area. This power is just about the opposite of umbrakinesis.

The range is affected on how much the person has evolved with this power. This power is also related with invisibility. The person can stop light being reflected off her/himself, or any objects in the area while they concentrate, and make it appear as if they were invisible. The user would have to be highly trained for such an accomplishment. The person can also make a light silhouette out of their shadow by changing the dark to light or themselves by glowing light from their entire body.The user has no control over darkness but can change dark to light and use any shadow to do their bidding.The person is completely unharmed by the heat or brilliancy of the light. A person who has advanced control with the light can use it as a source of energy instead of batteries or electricity.

Literacy Manipulation

Literacy manipulation is the ability to augment or dampen another's ability to read.

There are no known limits. In fact, II'm yoosing ti awn yoooo raaaaight nnnnnow. Ddsfsddg rg wed rt v rs fsrt dg xdg dy. Sdsdgmzvv?

Literary Manipulation

Literary manipulation is the ability to cause characters, creatures, scenes, plots, environments and atmospheres from books or written works to appear in the real world. A person with this ability could bring anything from a book into the world and use it in any way they wish. The object taken from a book becomes real, and can interact anything that it is able to. For example; the user of this power could bring a dragon from a book, and use it to attack, or someone could bring a character from a book into the world, such as Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter series. This would be inadvisable, as Voldemort would simply kill everyone. The user can also pull things from graphic novels.

Any sentient creature brought from a book-world would still retain its written state of mind. They do not become mindless puppets of the user. If something from a book is destroyed in the real world, it is forever destroyed in the copy of the book that the user pulled it from. The user can return things to the book they came from if they wish. The user must have read the book they are manipulating to take things from it. If the book is destroyed, all objects taken from the book are destroyed as well.


Luck is the ability to influence how lucky or unlucky people or events turn out. A person with this ability could make someone's day the luckiest they have ever had, or the most unlucky. A downside of this ability is that, without constant mental concentration, lucky and unlucky things could happen at random. Some things generated from luck could be from as small as finding a lost possession, to winning lotto, finding the right person to marry, or surviving a near-dead experience. Unlucky things could range from dropping breakable objects, up to near-death or actual death. A person with this power cannot control what fortunes or misfortunes occur, but the severity is based on emotion. This power can also be used to turn dangerous situations into less dangerous situations. Example: a person with this ability can use his luck to dodge bullets in the event of a fire fight. The user can choose to use luck or unluck.

The user cannot overly use the power. The more they use the ability, the more unlikely the scenario, and the less control they have. This ability is not affected by good or bad luck charms. This ability does not change the chances of things happening (probability manipulation), just how fortunate things turn out.


Lysokinesis is the ability to change biodegradation, the process by which organic substances are broken down by living organisms. When used, this process can be accelerated --degrading objects in fractions of the time normally taken. Plastic Bags can be degraded in hours, banana skins in seconds.--, slowed or stopped.

The material must be within touching distance to take effect, and touch itself can speed up the process. It is unknown whether this is an active power or one that can be turned on and off at will.



Magnetokinesis is the ability to manipulate magnetic fields, and if a user had sufficient training in it use they could cause a wide variety of effects. Some of them are magnetic flight, magnetic force fields, EMP generation, erasing technological data, telekinetic control over metal, simulated telekinesis (by manipulating the magnetic pull between atoms), and simulating electronic data transception and technopathy. This is just a small list of effects one could cause it is likely there are many more.

This power is limited by its users physical condition. If he or her is wounded it is harder to control magnetism. This power also relies on a wide knowledge of the electromagnetics.

Manifestation Activation

Manifestation activation is the ability to, through concentration, activate the ability of another being, even if they are only an infant.

This can be harmful to a person who does not have an ability to manifest, and those who are too young may not be able to control their ability.

Mathematical Aptitude

Mathematical aptitude is the ability to intuitively solve math problems or use mathematical formulae to create the exact necessary measures for a desired outcome or effect.

One could over think a situation, and thus could foul up a formula causing his calculations to mess up, but this is rare.


Mediumism or mediumistic automatism is the ability to receive and relay the messages of the spirits of the deceased, through the expression of speech, writing or drawings lacking any conscious control or intervention by the medium.

The user has no conscious control of his body during this time, which also leaves him vulnerable to bodily possession.

Metabolic Control

Metabolic control is the ability to speed up or slow down one's bodily functions at will. This power could allow someone to speed the passage of a drug through their blood-stream or slow their body down and enter a state of hibernation or near-death.

Some metabolic alterations can have severe consequences.

Metal Manipulation

Metal manipulation, also known as metallokinesis, is the ability to generate and manipulate metals and metallic compounds at will. One with this ability can shape produced metals as they please.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Miasma Breathing

MIasma Breathing is the ability to breathe toxic gases at will. This is not the typical carbon dioxide, but instead a highly potent version of carbon monoxide or some other poisonous gas. The body's ability to generate the gas, as well as the poisonous gas generated depends on the other genetic traits of the person.

This power is often first manifest at the first satges of adolescence, at which time the power is very potent and the release of the toxic gas in his breath can't easily be controlled.

Mindscape Transportation

Mindscape transportation is the ability to transfer subjects into his or her mind. This ability can be used to render any subject under the power of the user’s imagination. The user of this power can do whatever he wants to the subject that he has transported into his mind. The effects last, however, after the subject has left the user’s mind.

A person with this ability must be aware of his dreams, lest he affect himself by his own thoughts and dreams.

Motor Continuity

Motor continutity is the ability to keep a subject in perpetual, spasmodic motion , even if the subject struggles to stop. This can cause the subject to eventually become exhausted and cause immense muscular pain and, eventually death, or it could just be used to hurt the subject because he will run into things and hurt himself uncontrollably. It can also be used to overexert machines and cause them to overheat, causing them to short circuit, or stop working.

The ability can only be used on subjects that are in motion, and only subjects that are complex (machines and living creatures, not objects like pens or chairs).


Myokinesis is the ability to psychically alter muscular structure. This can be used to hypertroph the muscles to proportions which induce enhanced strength or to mimic the body build of another particular person. It can also decrease the muscle structure of yourself and others to the point of becoming little more than skin and bones, if ever a situation called for it. Through learning and practice, you could turn yourself into an almost immovable object of sorts. Not to mention, while torn muscles can be worsened should they not be taken care of, such injuries can be nursed back to health by using this ability (fairly quickly, compared to normal muscle healing).

The effects of myokinesis can be long lasting and the range of alteration can vary. A larger muscle mass has both the advantages and disadvantages already seen in larger muscle structures, and a smaller muscle mass can carry serious health risks. Injuries can have lasting effects on the muscle, especially when sustained during the period where the muscle tissue is being altered.


Myst is the practiced ability to generate and manipulate an entire subject, but only one particular subject. For instance, a dryad is capable of only manipulating wood, plant life and vegetation. Thus she possesses an area of myst classified as "agrean myst", or "magic over plant life". Or, if a witch is only capable of manipulating sand, she practices "psammean myst" or "magic over the sands".

Only one sort of subject can be manipulated.



Narcokinesis is the ability to manipulate sleep patterns. This can be used to induce instantaneous sleep on biotic subjects, or to induce perpetual insomnia (which is bad for your health). One with this ability can even remove the need to sleep from himself and others, or make them dreadfully tired all the time. One can even determine how deep a sleep or how long a sleep a person or people has.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Necrokinesis is the ability to manipulate dead subjects and to kill living subjects after making some sort of contact with the desired subject. People with this ability are few and far between, and rarely aware of their power until it manifests itself by killing someone in their proximity, or raises the deceased from their graves. These people have the death-touch, capable of killing anything they touch, or the death stare, capable of inducing instantaneous fatality by halting all body processes of another being with anyone who has made eye contact with them.

The user of this ability is capable of killing only, not undoing the process.


Nightfall is the ability to generate an aura of darkness around oneself. This aura of darkness makes the area around it look like it would at night (hence the name), which also transforms the user into a monstrous form of himself. The monstrous version of the user gains abilities that vary based on their genetics, but they're normally very useful abilities.

The ability is temporary, abilities gained during the transformation will vary.


Noesis is the ability to induce ideas for any given situation. This ability can be used to help solve nearly any problem, because the user of this ability or the subject that he uses the power on will find a meticulous solution or plan to resolve the problem. This is not to be confused with Omnipotence, but is only a useful psychic ability that allows the user to almost never run out of ideas.

This ability can only help in situations that have a definite answer or solution (writer's block or a difficult question, not opinion questions or conundrums).


Nonexistence is the ability to erase oneself from the time-space continuum, and thus not be bound to the "boundaries" of what is physically, mentally, or otherwise possible in the material realm. Not to mention, no one will have any memory of who you are, you will not appear in pictures, and there will be no other evidence of your existence other than your presence.

The ability is time-based reality-defiance, and so one would first have to have the ability to defy time in order to erase oneself from the timeline.


Nosokinesis is the ability to generate and manipulate innumerable varieties of diseases, viruses and bacteria. One with this ability could use it to generate bacteria that have numerous body-affecting effects. A person with this ability can be immune to disease, transmit diseases to any desired subject, or even make the viruses, bacteria, or diseases airborne or highly contagious (even if they aren’t).

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.



Omnipotence is, simply put, having absolute power. A person with this gift could bend the bounds of reality to his wish, to make anything possible. A person like this could access abilities, human, superhuman or otherwise, to do whatever he wishes. He can't be killed, or even maimed as his resistance is 150% on physical, mental and emotional levels. This person can even create, increase or negate others' abilities. Thus he is the ultimate weapon and cannot die or sustain injury---he couldn't even be tricked, as he could access Omniscience, the ability to know everything.

There are no limits to this ability. (see: #Ulimate Power)


Onomatopoeisis is the ability to project sound (onomatopoeias, specifically) as actions or actual occurrences. If one with this ability were to say "boom", the word would project at deafening decibels. If a person with this ability said "zoom" or "zip", the subject on which the power is being used would feel a gust as though something had whizzed past with amazing speed. Even if the person said something like, "Bam!", any subjects in the way would be blown back with tremendous concussive force. Saying anything like "BARK!" or "screech", would make or replicate the "sound", instead of actually hearing the word.

The user cannot speak any other occurrences other than sounds. Not to mantion (more comically) there are times when users of this power forget that onomatopoeias are dangerous in their use. So there are embarrassing times when these people use descriptive words to describe a situation, and they end up blowing their friends away or exploding their classroom at "creative writing time".

Optic Disruptor

Optic Disruptor is the ability to psychically distort subjects with extremely hot psychic energy, most commonly physically corporeal objects (however in some cases it can also affect physically intangible subjects). This power is exuded from the eyes, and if used on a living being, the being will writhe in pain (or sometimes die) because their nerves or means of sensory as well as their bones, muscles and organs will be damaged. If used on a dead thing or an inanimate object, the subject will be consumed with the effects, and burst into flame, explode, short-circuit or be otherwise damaged based on it's molecular make-up.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown. Although many people might theorize that the power can just be reflected back at the user (with sort of a Perseus-against-Medusa effect) the power would simply distort the reflecting surface as well (even if it's water---the water would be harden into a pasty substance). Not to mention, the user of the power is immune to his own ability.


Osteokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate bones. A person with this ability can change the density of bones, from the hollow bones of a bird, to making them as unbreakable as steel. Advantages of this ability can be that the user can hollow his bones like a bird, reducing his weight significantly, allowing limited flight, or making bones as tough as steel, which augments natural strength and durability, and then punching with significantly increased strength, or blocking blows from any person with enhanced strength, without suffering breakages. A person with this ability can also make his bones more flexible, and less prone to breakages, aiding in the recovery from falls, and can knit bones back together at an accelerated rate (a broken arm can be healed in minutes, instead of months). The user of this power can also use the ability to break bones in opponents, incapacitating them with broken legs, arms, ribs or even necks. The user can also cause bones to grow through the skin to form plates of bone, or even spikes to be used in combat.

A person with this ability cannot manipulate skin or organs, only bones. They cannot control bones in a way that they control a person like a puppet. The user does not have secondary powers such as flight, rapid cell regeneration, enhanced strength or healing. These side-effects are the result of the one ability to control bones.


Oxikinesis is the ability to control oxygen. This ability can be used to remove oxygen from the air, making the air in certain areas toxic. The ability can also be used to rust metallic objects, and to enhance fire. The user can also use the power to purify smoggy air by boosting the amount of oxygen in the air. They can also infuse more oxygen in water to allow people to swim in water without needing to surface for air, and they are always surrounded by an aura of oxygen and clean air.

The user cannot purify air if it is super toxic, same with water. This ability doesn't allow the user to control the air (see aerokinesis), just oxygen.


Pain Induction

Pain induction is the ability to psionically stimulate feelings of pain in another person's brain without any physical contact.

There must be a line of sight between the user and their target, and too much concentration can harm the user as much as they can harm others. When uncontrolled, there may be no limits to the pain caused, but all pain caused is mental--no physical harm comes to the target.


Panmnesia is the ability to recall everything that one has ever experienced or learned in one's lifetime. Sometimes one with this ability can even recall one's entire family history.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Paper Manipulation

Paper manipulation or papyrokinesis is the ability to control paper at will, manipulating its texture, density, sharpness, adhesion and many other properties that make it a formidable weapon. The possessor of this ability can:

  • form sharp blades with the edges of a piece of paper.
  • form shields powerful enough to defend the user from bullets & explosions.
  • form weapons such as swords, arrows, spears, etc.
  • form and control large objects such as planes, boats and puppets/familiars (given sufficient amount of paper)
  • mentally throw paper at an opponent.

The only limit to the effects of the possessor can create is his own imagination. He must come in physical contact with at least one piece of paper in order to use his abilities. Also, the possessor of this ability needs a strong will to use it. If the user has any doubt in his abilities, he will be unable to accomplish more advanced feats. If the user is knocked unconscious, the paper under his control is released and can be moved by anyone.

Past Recollection

Past recollection is the ability to recall past events that the possessor of the power never witnessed himself. See also: reconciliation.

The possessor of the power must have heard about the event and have come in contact with someone or something who was there.


Paralysis is the ability to interrupt the nervous system in living subjects. The user needs to touch a thing to paralyze it. If the creature is in motion, it will keep going until it stops. The user can limit the paralysis to certain extremities, such as legs or arms, or to affect the entire body. A person with this ability, and sufficient training, could use the power to paralyze a creatures' heart, causing cardiac arrest.

The user needs to touch a thing to use the power. If the creature is quite durable, such as an elephant or a rhino, this power might not work, or it might take longer to fully paralyze it.

Particle Cloud Formation

Particle cloud formation is the ability to decompose one's atoms into a cloud of sentient particles that can move at nearly the speed of light.

One can still feel pain in particle form. When they reconstitute, they would still have the injury.


Petrification is the ability to change inanimate and organic matter to stone. The user needs to touch the object they wish to petrify for this power to work. This ability can be reversed, but only if the petrified object or creature was once alive, and only by the person with this power. This being said, a person with this ability can use his power to bring fossils to life.

This ability is not like the Midas Touch, in that everything that the user unconsciously touches turns to stone. It needs mental activation to use. As stated above, the user needs to come into contact with the object they wish to petrify.

pH Manipulation

pH manipulation is the ability to shift the acidity or basicity of any liquid from basic to acid, or vice versa. One with this ability can even make acids or bases neutral, resist acidic corrosion as well as basic corrosion, and shift the acidity or basicity in any liquid, capable of rendering soaps as acidic dangers, and hydrochloric acid harmless as drinking a glass of milk.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Photokinesis is the ability to emit, and control light. The user can generate light from their body and change the intensity, heat and amount of light that is being projected from anywhere from their body. The user can also control light within the immediate area. This power is just about the opposite of umbrakinesis.

The range is affected on how much the person has evolved with this power. This power is also related with invisibility. The person can stop light being reflected off her/himself, or any objects in the area while they concentrate, and make it appear as if they were invisible. The user would have to be highly trained for such an accomplishment. The person can also make a light silhouette out of their shadow by changing the dark to light or themselves by glowing light from their entire body.The user has no control over darkness but can change dark to light and use any shadow to do their bidding.The person is completely unharmed by the heat or brilliancy of the light. A person who has advanced control with the light can use it as a source of energy instead of batteries or electricity.

Phylar Unanimity

Phylar unanimity is the connection of one being to one's family member or whole family, both telepathically and empathically, so they can always know about each other's condition. Also the subjects are apart of one powerful entity (which is separated into the separate bodies because it is too powerful as a whole body), so they can summon each other at any time they wish. Not to mention, each person in this particular entity possesses the same ability as well, or abilities based on what part of the phylar entity they happen to be (ex: Aravia Shade is the Left Wing of the Shade Entity, so her power(s) would be invisibility/flight; invisibility which is the family ability, flight because of her role as the Left Wing. Her Twin would have the same powers).

The ability shares not only knowledge, but (if you're in close enough proximity) emotions. Also, families with phylar unanimity usually lose their powers during a lunar eclipse.


Plasma is the ability to modify the cells of a person's body to a plasmic level, allowing them to shift their body mass in semi-liquid state. A person with this ability can shift their body in such a way that they are almost elastic. They can flatten their body, or any part of their body, stretch, squash and in any other way manipulate their body structure. While using the ability, the user turns a pale, translucent blue. A person with this ability can also generate, conduct and control various forms of electricity, from household amperage, to lightning bolts, and can even create auroras, such as the Aurora Borealis. Because of the nature of this ability, the user also gains natural #enhanced durability and enhanced strength.

The user is extremely vulnerable to temperature. Extreme cold slows them down, while extreme heat can result in "melting". The user cannot manipulate their body so much that it becomes too deformed to return to their normal state. They are also immune to blunt-force trauma. The user is also vulnerable to magnetic fields, and may unwillingly 'bend' towards a strong magnetic source.

Plastic Manipulation

Plastic manipulation is the ability to manipulate all forms of plastic.

One cannot create entirely new forms of plastic, but they can combine plastics to form 'hybrids'.

Power Boosting

Power boosting is the ability to strengthen and intensify the powers of a nearby evolved human.

Intensification affects any nearby evolved human. It cannot be controlled. Intensification may increase an evolved human's power to a level beyond his/her control. Intensification can only be used on evolved humans who are within a certain area.

Power Randomization

Power randomization is the ability to psionically exchange the mutant abilities of any multiple subjects at random (anywhere within an undetermined radius, and for an undetermined amount of time). One with this power could randomly give any superhuman any of another's superhuman abilities. One with this power cannot switch his own power or lose it to power theft (but it can be mimicked).

The power can randomly switch the abilities of any two or more superpowered beings (except the user), and thus can't be predicted. One with this ability can only hope to use the power on his desired target. But after thorough training, he can direct the ability to any multiple desired subjects, thus confusing their powers.

Power Sensing

Power sensing is the ability to instinctively tell if another has a special power, and to be able locate others with powers instinctively.

The user does not know what the power being detected is, only that it exists. The user can only detect those with powers only within a certain area e.g. anything within 350 miles.

Probability Manipulation

Probability manipulation is the ability to alter the likelihood of an event.

Probability control can only do the improbable, not the impossible. If the probability of an event is zero, then it remains zero.


Psammokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate sand. With this ability, one could turn any nearby sand into desired weapons, or shift the density and texture of sand. One with this power could even convert oneself into sand form, or even summon sand from miles around to form a sandstorm or sand vortex. Should one hone this ability, however, this could lead into practicing hyalokinesis.

One with this ability is not unaffected by sand or glass, he can still be cut if he leaves glass sharp.

Psionic Hands

Psionic hands is the ability to utilize the hands as a means for various purposes to be carried out. One could use the ability to communicate nonverbally (it will project to sound like regular speech, and in any language). Or you could use it to strike an opponent with phenomenal force. One with this power could even touch the intangible.

One with this ability could only use the type of the "psionic hands" ability that is necessary. For example, one could not speak a different language using psionic hands unless the subject with which he was trying to communicate did not speak the same language.


Psychometry is the ability to relate details about the past or future condition of an object, person or location e.g. one could walk onto a crime scene and see the crime in progress some time after it has happened. The power allows for the ability to see the history of an object by touching it. The user can see the people and events that have interacted with the object

A certain amount of time has to pass before an event can be seen psychometrically. It is unknown whether this is a controllable power or whether it initiates itself automatically on touch.

Psychic Navigation

Psychic Navigation is the innate ability to psychically find any location, subject or object. This power requires no concentration and is activated by honing into the psionic trail that every object and subject leaves behind. By being told the very vague sentence "I lost my purple sweater", the object's psionic trail will be activated, making it easy to find. This can also be used to determine where an object is going or where it has come from. One with this power can even plot alternate routes to reach a desired locale, or tell from which side an object is headed toward them or someone else.

The subject or place that is being located must have a connection to the person for whom the locator is trying to locate. If you are trying to find something for a friend, the friend must have once seen or otherwise had contact with the object, subject or place. Also, this power won't do the things that clairvoyance will (see the invisible, see out of vision range or see to direct locations) it only provides a colored path (a line or series of dots) for the user of the power to follow.

Psychic Strategy

Psychic strategy is the the ability to instantaneously see all the possible outcomes of a situation, and the ability to determine which is the best outcome (example: if I were to go down this path, then I would...). It also helps to determine the best decision to make to encourage or help along certain outcomes (example: in order to make this happen, the best thing to do would be...). People with this ability are very good test takers, because they can easily determine which answers make the most sense.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Psychic Sustenance

Psychic Sustenance is the mind's ability to keep the body and all its parts alive and active without need for sleep, food or the presence of all vital organs. This allows users of this ability to survive long after decapitation, or loss of a vital organ or a significant amount of blood. The mind keeps the body going, and thus it keeps itself going as well. A person with this ability can function normally without vital body parts for the rest of his or her natural life, as this is an innate power, and thus has no need for concentration or training.

If the body does not have an accelerated healing factor like Claire, then it will take weeks for the body to reattach or heal itself, leaving the user of this power vulnerable. Also, the body only keeps alive body parts that are still attached (unless the body parts can be reattached with rapid cell regeneration).

Psychic Talons

Psychic talons is the ability to project a psychic force from one's fingers and toes in the shape of talons or claws. This power can be useful for cutting or slicing things (like Sylar using his telekinesis to slice people's heads), either precisely or roughly (example, vegetables or meat), and they can also be used to hook into surfaces and climb up things, like walls or elevator shafts. If the talons are used in living beings, they will react exactly if corporeal talons have affected them, i.e., they will bleed and feel pain. The user can choose how sharp the talons are, from butter knife-blunt, to razor sharp.

As with most mind-based powers, psychic talons need active concentration to use. The user does not go around with the talons active, but uses them when needed (similar to a psychic version of Wolverine and his claws.

Punctuational Hypersensitivity

Despite its name, punctuational hypersensitivity also applies to spelling, grammar and other such topics, and those who have manifested it are known colloquially as "grammar Nazis". The ability has been compared to intuitive aptitude, as it gives an individual a unique ability to nitpick, and quickly draws his or her attention to any errors within a mile's radius. In another parallel to intuitive aptitude, if the individual cannot fix these flaws he has to go and bang his head against something.

The severe effect of this ability is lessened by prolonged exposure to the Internet. Additionally, it may cause the individual to flip out over something, and later discover to his embarrassment that he was in the wrong. Moreover, this ability may not stop the individual from making up silly words, sort of like Shakespeare, but less talented.

Putrification Manipulation

Putrification manipulation is the ability to manipulate anything that is rotten, moldy, fungal or that festers with bacteria.

It is unknown whether this can affect non organic objects.


Pyroportation is the ability to travel through fire to any destination. The user is not burnt by the fires they travel through, but can be from any other fire. The user cannot create or control fire, and so does not have pyrokinesis. An example: a person with this ability could escape a burning house by traveling through the inferno to a normal fire, such as one in a fireplace. The fire needs to be large enough for the users body to be it, or the ability won't work. The user can also only transport certain parts or their body, such as a hand or head, and in this case, the fire can be smaller.

The user must have a fire to begin with. To successfully travel, a fire must be burning at the other end of where the user wishes to go. The user is not immune to fire, and can still be killed by large-scale fires and smoke.


Quintessential Force

Quintessence or the "fifth element", is the essence of everything and is the definition of pure energy. Its uses include, but not limited to:

  • Manipulate the energy's flow all around him.
  • Increase his own physical capabilities, i.e.
    • Defiance of gravity
    • Focus it into powerful concussive blasts
    • Altered senses, agility, speed, reflexes, etc.
    • Perpetual energy generation (no need for sleep, rest, or food/water)
  • Use the force to determine a subject's aura, if he is an Evolved Human or not.

It may be the only ability that power mimicry cannot replicate, since the user of this ability can nullify the flow of the energy, rendering other Evolved Humans powerless within his proximity. It is also capable of being regenerated.

If the user is not fully experienced:

  • He can use only his own innate energy or life force (if ever the quintessential life force is corrupted).

If the user has lost control of the flow:

  • The user might accidentally impede the flow of the energy, corrupt it, and eventually kill every living creature within his proximity, including himself.

Quasi-Stellar Anatomy

Quasi-stellar anatomy is abilty for the body to generate plasmatic energy, similar to that which is generated by the sun and other stars. This make the person endowed with this ability capable of rendering his own personal gravity field and generating nearly-perpetual energy, along with generating and manipulating stellar and solar energies in other forms. Their body is likened to a star, and is even capable of generating solar winds, should their power be strong enough.

The only limit is that the person will have a cataclysmic death, in which the person explodes, turning himself inside-out and creating a black hole. This is why many people seemingly disappear off the face of the earth. When these people learn of their ability and it's side-effects, they fly away from their planet to die, so it won't become a black hole and destroy nearly everything.


Radio Interference

Radio interference is the ability to interfere with the transmission of radio waves and signals.

This ability is difficult to control.

Rapid Gyration

Rapid gyration is the ability to spin at extremely high speeds. This can allow the user to spin at high speeds to dig tunnels, generate a tornado-force wind around oneself or quickly hit subjects multiple times, and with concussive force. One with this ability could even use this ability to deflect certain projectiles while spinning. This ability is usually accompanied by superstrength, superspeed, superendurance and/or rapid regeneration.

One with this ability must also have superendurance, superspeed or superstrength, otherwise he will be in pain if he runs into something while spinning.

Reactive Adaptation

Reactive adaptation is the ability for a body to quickly adapt to an adverse new environment. For example, being in a fire would make a body fireproof and going a long time without food would cause the body to find a new way to produce nourishment.

If a change in environment happens too quickly, the body may not adapt quickly enough to ensure its survival. If the user leaves for an environment where his adaptation is not needed, then his adaptation fades with time.


Removal is the ability to remove or shift the location of objects. This allows the user to move an object away from themselves to another location, but this isn't to be confused with enhanced strength, telekinesis, repel or any form of magnetism. An example of this power is if the user comes across a locked door they wish to enter. The user could use the power to remove the door, and it would re-appear somewhere else. Other applications of this power could be shifting a broken-down vehicle, rocks, burning clothing, and, with extreme training and concentration, people.

This power is similar to what Hiro can do with teleporting. It cannot be used on oneself, but only on other things. The larger, heavier or complex the object, the more concentration is needed.


Reconciliation is the ability to retroactively canonize something in the continuity, to make it true or definite, and thus change the present and future by affecting the past.

Can only be done to something in the past, for the ability to canonize something in the present or future see: #vocifery.



Sciakinesis is the ability to deactivate photons and generate utter darkness, manipulate the movement of shadows, blend into shadows (similar to camouflage) and solidify shadows into sentient minions or physical constructs. One with this ability could even solidify his own shadow into a sentient being or project his shadow anywhere he wishes, or steal the shadows of others, thus gaining control of the person's motor functions (but only after extreme practice can the last one be performed).

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Seismic Amplification

Seismic Amplification or Vibration Amplification is the ability to amplify and manipulate vibration mentally. This ability can range from causing earthquakes to using vibration on a smaller scale, like shattering glass, using echolocation, or reading body reactions by analyzing the vibrations that a body generates. One with this power could even release concussive waves of strong vibration to affect subjects in various ways, such as flying on air vibrations and launching vibrations into the ears of opponents, causing disorientation.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Senses Manipulation

Senses Manipulation is the ability to alter anyone of one's or other people five senses. One can increase, decrease, suppress or alter any of the senses, as exemple, make one blind or deaf, grant enhanced vision or audition, make people hear ultrasonds or see in infrared or correct small problems like the need of glasses. This can even make the user of this ability imperceptible to one subject, while another subject can perceive you perfectly.

The manipulation don't alter one's target body, if the user turns someone blind his/her eyes are still perfect, altough his/her brain cannot percieve the light and see things. The owner of the ability must be close of the target to alter other people senses. If the owner of the ability is killed all the manipulation he/she made will stop.

Sense Sight

Sense sight is the ability to use an unknown sense to enhance the visual image seen, working with sight itself to allow someone to see things that others cannot, such as invisible objects, and to see through illusions. It can create a three dimensional image of someone's surroundings in order for them to effectively have "eyes in the back of their heads", and also help with seeing in the dark.

While using the Second Sight, the user becomes slightly uncoordinated and can be confused by bright flashes of light.


Shapeshifting or animal morphing is the ability to change the physical appearance and attributes to any race or animal.

When changing forms, any clothes the user would be wearing will not change with the body, thus if one with this ability transforms into something bigger than their clothes, the clothes will most likely be destroyed.


Solidification is the ability to solidify any intangible subject. This can include anything from solid beams of light to shadows, to ghosts, radio waves, and natural elements, but with their same properties (solid fire still burns, solid water still puts out fires, solid lightning still electrocutes, etc.). However, the element or subject also loses properties (ghosts can't possess subjects, radio waves can't go through walls, light is visible in ray form, etc.).

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


Sound wave manipulation is the ability to generate and manipulate sound by changing the waves the sound creates: pitch, volume, even changing the words people hear. Also, this ability allows the user to change any sound, just by changing the waves.

There are no known limits to this power at this time


Static, is the ability to project an EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, from the mind. This would allow the possessor to cause static or white noise, to temporarily shut down electronic equipment, or to release a devastating Electromagnetic Pulse that would permanently shut down electronics. The power could be focused, given time and practice, to affect a certain target, or it could be released as a non-specific pulse. The user could also protect electronics in the immediate area from being afflicted from an outside Electromagnetic Pulse. The power could go on involuntarily, or during times of stress.

Without proper training, the power could act similarly to Induced Radiation and go off in an uncontrolled burst. If the possessor is stressed, their power may go on automatically, and if they are not careful, they could release a pulse, permanently erasing data or electronics.


Statikinesis is the ability to move any object by causing it to not move.

Statikinesis cannot be used without resulting in a paradox that destroys space-time.


Stealth is the ability to move with complete and utter silence, and allows the user to go undetected. The user can enter buildings armed with the latest in surveillance technology, and they would not be detected, even if they were standing right in front of a camera. They do not become invisible, so they are still visible to humans, but only if the searcher knows what they are looking for. The user does not emit sound waves or heat waves while using this power.

The ability needs constant active concentration to use. As stated above, the user does not become invisible, just undetectable to electronic surveillance.

Stench of a Thousand Corpses

Stench of a thousand corpses is the ability to produce a really bad smell, powerful enough to knock someone out.

Cannot smell worse than a thousand corpses. Anybody with Anosmia (no sense of smell) would be immune to this power.


Summoning is the ability to ask living things or objects to come to you. The difference between summoning and telekinesis is that the people or objects will want to come if summoned, but are forced to come with telekinesis. Also, you can summon a person from anywhere in the world and whoever or whatever you summon will naturally know how to get to you.

Just because you summon someone or something to come, doesn't mean that they will. For example, if a person with this power summons a person from a desert island to come, they will want to come, but they most likely won't because they don't know how to get off of the island. Therefore, this power is most useful if you summon people from a close range. Plants and other objects attached to the ground (like buildings) will most likely not come to you either. Also, just because you summoned them doesn't mean that they will do whatever you summoned them for. All you did was request for their presence, not tell them to do a specific task. This is only a problem if you are summoning humans and possibly animals.

Swarm Control

Swarm Control is the ability to control a swarm of animate or inanimate objects. For example the possessor of this ability will be able to control a swarm of bees to attack an opponent. Likewise, they can also control a swarm of inanimate object such as coins and hurl the swarm at their foe. This ability requires a considerable amount of concentration to control the swarm.

The possessor of this ability cannot create the objects in the swarm but must have the objects readily available. Also, the possessor can only control swarms of objects of the same type.


Temporal Materialization

Temporal materialization is the ability to create or summon a subject from anywhere in the universe's timeline. It can range from summoning a third-century samurai sword to conjuring Genghis Kahn's mongrel horde for assistance or summoning the comet that killed off the dinosaurs. One could even use this ability to bring back deceased loved ones or find a lost item.

The subject must at least have once been in existence. And the user must know when the object or subject lived or existed, otherwise, it will actually travel through time, and be worn down or withered as though it actually underwent the process of decomposition or aging.

Temporary Ability/Appearance Retention

Temporary ability/appearance retention is the ability to temporarily absorb the ability of another evolved human, as well as take on their appearance, for a limited amount of time.

The most obvious limitation is that the individual using this power can only retain the absorbed ability for a limited amount of time, usually no longer than an hour, depending on the strength and stability of the absorbed power. Furthermore, only one ability can be absorbed at a time.

Thermo-Chemical Energy

Thermo-chemical energy is a variation of regular flight. The possessor releases thermal chemical energy from his/her body or legs, which erupts out and covers the possessor in an unstable fire like form, which propels him/her uncontrollably into the air at high speeds. Whilst the possessor is in the air, stopping him/her is impossible because when his/her power is activated, the possessor becomes almost unstoppable as he/she is capable of flying into almost any solid object, destroying it in the process which implies that he/she is nearly invulnerable. The possessor can also phase through solid objects when he flies towards them at high speeds so the thermal-chemical energy is capable of flying at supersonic speeds in excess of sound and possibly light. The possessor can also use his/her thermal-chemical energy as a force field. The possessor develops enhanced durability whilst his/her ability is activated.

Thermal-chemical energy is difficult for both the possessor and others to stop. It can prove difficult for the possessor to control this ability.


Thermokinesis is the ability to mentally manipulate heat. The user can use any form of heat, such as ambient, radiated or geothermal. This ability does not allow the user to control fire, just heat. The user can rob fire of its ambient heat, making it useless, and can also inject or remove heat from any object. The user must have a souce of heat to draw upon, and this can range from a lightbulb, the sun, a gas heater, or even magma from the Earth's core. The user can use heat to make a wall of heat which burns anything near it, or can use heat to make a heat blur, hiding them from view. The user can also use heat to dehydrate opponents by heating their core body temperature, and can evaporate liquid substances through heat waves. The user is immune to extremes in temperatures, such as extreme cold or heat

The user needs to have a source of heat nearby to draw upon, or they cannot use the ability. If the user is unable to control to heat they have gained, they could be consumed by it, and any combustible material in the nearby area would ignite and create a possible firestorm.

Truth inducing

Truth inducing is the ability to force someone to tell the truth to a question asked to the owner of this ability even if the answer is on a subconscious level.

A skilled telepath or a people with twisted concepts of truth and reality can still give a false answer.


Transmogrification is the ability to swap the bodies of a subject with either oneself or another subject.

With this power, the hero's mind can control the body of another person, but the other person's mind will control the original hero's body. He can also change the bodies (or minds) of two other persons, with this sequence of events: he (H) changes body with person 1 (P1) - H is in P1 body, P1 is in H body; then he changes body with person 2 (P2) - H is in P2 body, P2 is in P1 body; then he changes body with P1 again - H is in H body, P1 is in P2 body.


Transubstantiation is the ability to change fluid matter (e.g., turn water into wine).

The user needs water for the transubstantiation to work. The user might also be able to transubstantiate water to wine and nothing else; however, it's possible for the user to be able to transubstantiate water into other forms of liquids (e.g. wine, liquid poison, fruit drinks, etc.).


Ultimate Power

Ultimate Power is the ability to do anything one pleases, and to possess every power.

To assign limits would negate this power, therefore no limits exist.


Vacant Stare

Vacant stare comes in handy when confronted by menacing opponents, or if someone hears or sees something they should not have. It is the ability to wipe clean the subject's short-term memory, so they can only remember the basics (name, motor functions, family, etc.). The effects of this ability are exuded from the eyes (even if the user is blind). The effects last as long as the user likes and they're reversible, but it comes in very handy, as one could use it to turn amnesiacs against someone, get them to do your bidding, and suggest hints of things that are not true or did not happen.

The only limit is that if a person uses a mirror, the user will instead lose his memory, and it will be irreversible, as he will not know that he lost his memory, or that he has the ability to undo the effects.

Vertebral Audition

When something which is mobile touches (directly or indirectly, e.g. through the skin) the spine of an individual with vertebral audition, that person "hears" the touch as a high keening or buzzing sound.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.

Vocal Mimicry

Vocal mimicry is the ability to innately mimic any sound with extreme accuracy. However, the accuracy depends on the number of times the user of the power has heard the sound or how well he remembers the sound. This can range from mimicking the voice of your teacher to do a funny impression to imitating the sound of a passing flock of birds. Once the user of this power has mastered it, they can imitate multiple voices.

The user must have heard the sound or voice being mimicked clearly to be able to replicate it. The more the user has heard from a voice or sound, the more accurate the reproduction.


Vocifery or reality-bending is the ability to speak nearly anything into existence. The user of this ability can speak almost any being, occurrence or ability into or out of existence. This ability can manipulate the very bounds of space, time and probability.

The only hitch is that no vocifer can ever speak death, devastation, destruction or defeat on any foe or subject, and you can't speak deification on yourself ,because that would defy reality, which would negate reality, thus obliterating all existence.

Vortex Inhalation

Vortex Inhalation is the ability to inhale with superhumanly powerful lungs. This can be used to pull in subjects with the reverse effect of a giant fan. If one were to practice this ability and exercise his or her lungs long enough, he could gain the ability to vary in the strength of his inhalation, so as not to do something embarassing, like sucking his girlfriend's lips when kissing or sucking up the cat when taking a breath. People with this ability also tends to have very a pliable digestive tract, and the capability to eat things that are larger than normally ingestible, so choking is rarely possible.

The only limit is that sometimes (while rare) people with this ability can suck up things that are too large for them too swallow or they inhale too hard and unintentionally inhale things they don't mean to.


Wall Crawling

Wall crawling is the ability to stick to any surface (most particularly walls, hence the name). The possessor of the ability has abilities similar to adhesion, but it works best when attempting to scale a wall or a like surface (the user only applies an adhesion effect to his skin, not other subjects). The power also acts as a field, going a little past their skin, allowing the user to wear their clothes and shoes and still manifest their power.

The power only works on objects that the user is capable of placing their entire hand or foot on, as the power only comes from those areas. The power also only works if the user is actually placing their hand or foot on the surface, as the power does not extend far.



Xenopsychism is the ability to share the memories of any chosen person. This ability is also referred to as a world-mind. It can be used to telepathically link into anyone's mind that ever existed on the planet on which you are using it (even animals). This can be used to tell if a person exists, where they are, what they're doing, what they know and any other thing you desire to know about them (it can even be used to tell what a person knows). Not to mention the knowledge is usually memorized, so a whole wealth of knowledge can be acquired using this power.

Many people tend to see this as a form of omniscience, but it only pertains to the information on sentient or once-sentient beings of the planet (so, nothing non-existent or inanimate unless it exists or existed in the mind of a resident of that planet or realm).


X-factor is immunity from predestination. By simply just being, this person changes the future. An evolved human with this ability won't show up in any paintings of the future and can't remembered with enhanced memory. This power also can't be absorbed or stolen.

Due to the nature of this power, its possessor tends to complicate things that have been predicted.

X-ray Vision

X-ray vision is the ability to see clearly through most forms of matter. X-ray radiation is not actively generated by the body. Rather, the Sun's passive x-ray radiation is perceived in the same manner as visible light.

Colors cannot be told apart, since color only operates on the visible wavelengths. Also, denser materials are more difficult to see through, appearing more opaque.


Yin-Yang Manipulation

Yin-yang manipulation is the ability to manipulate positive and negative energy. This can be used to induce "yin-dominant" behavior (in which the subject becomes a goody two-shoes) or "yang-dominant" behavior (where the subject become a good-for-nothing). One with this power can even convert ambient or generated positive (if you're yin-dominant) or negative (if you're yang-dominant) energy into powerful concussive energy (use yin energy against bad guys or yang energy against good guys). This can even be used to separate the body into separate yin and yang personalities, which retain the same powers as the user of the power.

The limits of this ability are currently unknown.


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