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Maya! (pronounced "Maja!") is a commonly spoken phrase in Maya and Alejandro's storyline. When Maya goes emotional, Alejandro will say "Maya!" in an emotional way.


Four Months Later...

  • After the coyote talks Maya away and left Alejandro behind, Alejandro shouts "Maya!", and adds another "Maya!" when he stops running.
  • After finding the whole crew of coyote was killed, Alejandro finds Maya and shouts "Maya!"


  • Even Nidia says "Maya..." when she greets Maya.


  • After Alejandro was captured by the police, he says "Run Maya!"
  • When he sees Derek collapsing, he says "Maya!", then he shouts "Maya! Maya! Back here!"

The Kindness of Strangers

  • When Maya reveals their destination to Gabriel Gray, Alejandro says "Maya, no!"
  • When Maya uses her power and nearly killed Gabriel, Alejandro says "Maya!"

The Line

  • When Maya tries to kill the border patrols, Alejandro says "Maya! Take my hand. Hurry..."
  • He shows disapprove of Maya's killing by saying "What are you doing? Maya!"

Four Months Ago...

  • After Maya runs away after her brother brags about his wife, Alejandro says "Maya!" twice.
  • After Maya kills Alejandro's wife, he shouts one of the most "Maya!"s in the show.

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