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Noah Bennet
Portrayed by Jack Coleman
First appearance Genesis
In-story stats
Alias Noah Butler
Nicknames HRG, the man in the horn-rimmed glasses
Age 44
Date of birth August 6, 1962
Home Costa Verde, CA
Residences Single-family home in Costa Verde, CA
Occupations Copy Kingdom employee
former regional manager at Primatech Paper Co. (cover),
former agent of the Company
Significant other Sandra Bennet
Children Claire Bennet (adopted daughter), Lyle Bennet

Noah Bennet is Claire's adoptive father. He was part of a secret operation based out of Primatech Paper Company which involves tracking and intervening in the lives of evolved humans. To most of the world, Noah Bennet seems like a typical, if slightly geeky, suburbanite father. His loyalty to his family and his loyalty to his profession are frequently at odds. While it's clear that he loves Claire very much and would do anything to protect her, his methods indicate a level of ruthlessness that conflicts with his genuinely caring nature. For example, while he seems to initially show real concern for Isaac's well being and rehabilitation, he does not hesitate to have Eden use her persuasive powers to make Isaac use heroin again when he believes he needs to make use of Isaac's precognitive abilities. Similarly, while his use of the Haitian's memory modifying ability on Brody seems somewhat restrained given his intense anger at the boy, the casual use of the same ability on Zach and even his own family shows that his dedication to his job—and to keeping Claire safe--knows no limits. He does seem to possess his own moral code, though, as his intense reactions to Sylar's murders and Eden's father's callousness attest.

Character History

Before The Company

Training and recruitment

Thompson welcomes Noah into the Company.

Very little is known about Noah's childhood. He seems to be aware of the Company's existance as early as 1989, when he is given his first Company assignment in an Odessa, Ukraine, train yard. He works with Maarten and his trainee Ivan to bag and tag a liquid man. Noah suggests trapping the man in a train car as Maarten blocks his exits with fire. His plan works and the trio further discuss what to do with the liquid man. In 1991, several years after his first training mission, Noah has a final interview with his superior in the Company, Thompson. It will be his job to run a paper company as a cover for his real work tracking down people with special abilities. Informed that his job may require acts of questionable morality, Bennet says that won't be a problem. Thompson introduces him to his partner, Claude, who becomes visible in the office, much to Noah's shock.

Working for the Company

Meredith Gordon

In 1992, Mr. Bennet and Claude go on a mission for The Company. They go to Meredith's apartment in Kermit for a routine "bag and tag" on the woman. Things go wrong when a fire erupts. Mr. Bennet looks for Claude, and finds an infant trapped in her crib, whom he saves from the fire. Following the fire, Bennet receives custody of Claire from Kaito Nakamura on the roof of the Deveaux Building. Kaito orders the reluctant Mr. Bennet that he will adopt Claire and that he will turn her over to the Company if and when she manifests special abilities.

Familial complications

Soon thereafter, Bennet tells Thompson that his wife has become suspicious after finding incriminating items in the house. Bennet says he doesn't know what to do, but Thompson explains that the Company is sending someone to make her forget. When the Haitian arrives, Bennet lets him in and tells him where to find Sandra.

Noah carries an infant Claire in his arms.

Claude Rains

In 1999, Bennet is told by his superior to kill his partner, Claude. Bennet and Claude are driving down a highway. Mr. Bennet stops the car on a bridge and asks Claude why he concealed an evolved human from the Company. Claude says he has grown uncomfortable with the Company's methods. Claude claims he knows Bennet was ordered to kill him, but doesn't think he will. Surprising both of them, Bennet does shoot Claude, who turns invisible after being wounded.

Howard Grigsby

In 2003, after showing his daughter his excellent vision, Noah and the Haitian head to Peach Pit, Georgia to bag and tag a dangerous man named Howard Grigsby who has kidnapped the Butlers. Noah arrives with the Haitian at an abandoned plantation where Howard is holding the family. The two split up to try and trap Howard, but Noah finds an unconscious Haitian outside the room Howard has the Butlers. Out of nowhere, a door opens and a bright light emanating from Howard's body blinds Noah, who manages to stumble into the room. Hearing the pleas of Mr. and Mrs. Butler, Noah aims his gun at a chandelier and pulls the trigger.

Waking up in an optometrist's office, Noah is told by the eye doctor he and the Butlers were pulled to safety by the Haitian, and Howard is being held in a Level-Five detention cell. At his home, Noah is aided by Claire in choosing the pair of glasses he needs to wear due to the weakened eyesight he received from Howard's ability. When she asks if she'll need glasses some day, he reveals that she is actually adopted, but he is still her "real" father, if not her biological one. She picks a set of rims for him that she says make him look "like her dad".

West Rosen

Noah's relationship with Claire was great until he did something that would later make it collide. Along with the Haitian, Noah is sent on a mission to abduct a young West Rosen from St. Louis and take him to the Primatech building for testing purposes. Mr. Bennet oversaw the application of West's mark via a pneumatic syringe; he ordered his staff to be gentle since West is just a child. Later, when West escapes into the ventilation shaft, Mr. Bennet finds Claire talking to him, but assures her that there is nobody inside.

Hana Gitelman

While in Israel, Bennet meets Hana Gitelman. He surprises her, and tells her that he can change her life. He then proceeds to knock her out and capture her. Bennet blindfolds Hana and asks her to be trusting. He takes her to Alaska to be trained at a secret facility. He tests Hana's physical and emotional limits, and injects her with "vitamins". He pushes Hana to her breaking point, at which point she is overwhelmed at the discovery of her power. Mr. Bennet incapacitates her; in the intervening time, he mysteriously receives cryptic emails and text messages from Hana. He tells the woman that she is now "ready" and sends her to Tanzania to obtain a DNA alteration formula. The mission goes wrong and he is forced to abandon her, something that would later make Hana want to take revenge against him.

Protecting Claire

Early in 2006, Bennet finds out that Claire is an evolved human after receiving a phone call from Chandra Suresh. He tells him he needs to speak to him regarding his daughter. He meets with Chandra in New York where he tells Mr. Bennet that Claire has a genetic anomaly, but doesn't know what the effects will be. When Chandra asks to meet Claire, Mr. Bennet initially tells him it would be a problem for his family, but subsequently tells him that he'll think about it.

The Haitian brings Eden McCain to Mr. Bennet. Eden tries to use her powers to force Mr. Bennet to let her go, but the Haitian suppresses them. Mr. Bennet tells her that with her powers no one could say no to her...until now. He gives Eden a chance to start over with a new life which she accepts. He instructs her to go to Chandra's apartment and to get Claire's name off of Chandra's list of evolved humans.

A few months later, after being spied on by Elle in his home, Noah steps outside and stops Eden from beating Elle up any farther. Noah tells Elle to stop spying on Claire and his family because watching over her is his job. Elle threatens Noah by saying once Claire manifests her ability, she'll be as nice to Claire as Eden was to Elle.

Following the death of Chandra Suresh, Bennet is sent to Madras, India retrieve any research he might have left at his apartment. When Mohinder Suresh returns to his father's apartment, he hears a cell phone ring in the next room and overhears Mr. Bennet's conversation. He then goes to New York City to deliver the research and spies on Mohinder after he gets hired by a taxi company. Bennet later confronts Mohinder in his taxi cab, notices the last name on his license, and implies that he knows who Mohinder is. Later on, he returns home to Odessa, TX and is greeted by his daughter Claire.

The next day, Claire asks her father about her birth parents, and he tells her it's an adult decision and not to try to grow up too quickly. Realizing Elle Bishop is still spying on Claire, Noah decides to follow her around. After pistol-whipping Elle and knocking her out in Zach's home just as she was going to electrocute Zach, Noah asks Zach if he's all right. Zach asks why his friend is there, and Noah tells Zach the Haitian is going to make sure Elle doesn't bother Zach anymore. After that, Noah and the Haitian turn to Zach and Noah asks where the tape Elle mentioned is. Later that night, he later tells Claire he's changed his mind and has contacted the adoption agency. After Claire leaves the room, he watches tape.

After dropping Claire off at school in the morning, Claire tells her father that there will be a bonfire if the football team wins their game that night. After a quick conversation with Jackie, Bennet warns Claire to be careful. Later on, his partner captures Matt Parkman at a bar. Matt wakes up in a laboratory with Mr. Bennet and his assistant standing over him. He tells Matt that Matt won't be able to read his thoughts with the man there, but Matt is still able to pick Claire's name from Bennet's mind. Bennet tells the man to wipe Matt's memory of the event. Later in Las Vegas, Bennet and the Haitian stand over Nathan Petrelli and Niki Sanders in Nathan's hotel room. He tells his the Haitian to take just Nathan.

Mr. Bennet and the Haitian have captured Nathan; despite Mr. Bennet's pulling a gun on Nathan, the politician escapes by flying away. They then return to Odessa where Claire has been in an auto accident. At the hospital, Claire confesses to her father that she crashed the car deliberately because Brody, the car's other occupant, had tried to rape her. He then confronts Brody. He tells him he should kill him, but instead will give him a chance to start over. He then has his assistant wipe Brody's memory.

Noah arranges for a pair of Company co-workers, Hank and Lisa, to act as Claire's biological parents. When they arrive, he and Sandra leave the room to give Claire and her parents some privacy, but they end up eavesdropping. They're caught when his cell phone rings: it's Eden, who tells him that Mohinder has gone back to India, but assures him he'll be back. She tells him about Peter, Isaac, and Future Hiro. When she gives him the message, he is startled. He tells her to bring in the precog. When Hank and Lisa leave, Hank says he thought it went well and asks if Mr. Bennet needs anything else from them. He tells them he'll let them know.

Later on, Bennet enters the secret area at the Primatech Paper Co. where Eden is taking care of Isaac. He explains to Isaac that the cheerleader in his drawings is his daughter and asks for his help to catch Sylar to keep him from killing his daughter. When Isaac fails to paint without drugs, Mr. Bennet convinces Eden to get him to take them. Isaac paints an exploding man. Bennet observes it and, deciding it's useless for locating Sylar, attempts to persuade Eden to have Isaac paint another prophetic painting. She refuses, even after he shows her photographs of some of Sylar's victims, including Charlie. He tells Eden to go to Union Wells High School and neutralize Sylar, and that he'll keep Claire home. When Claire gets home from school, he grounds her, using her misbehavior towards Jackie as a pretext for the grounding. His wife Sandra argues Claire's case but he neither backs down nor explains why it's so important Claire stay home.

Later, he finds Claire missing from her bedroom and asks Sandra where she is. She tells him that she saw Claire and Zach running out across the lawn about ten minutes prior. He asks why she didn't try to stop her and she explains that she feels he was being way too harsh in his punishment. He tells her she doesn't know what she's done and storms out the house telling her to call him immediately if she hears from Claire. At the school, Mr. Bennet spots Claire covered in blood and heading for the stadium. Claire tells him they have to go back for Peter, who saved her, and Mr. Bennet tells her the police will take care of everything. He tells her she's lucky to be alive and Claire admits that it's not luck and tells him about her ability.,

Claire and Noah return home after Homecoming. He admits that he has known about her powers even longer than she has, and tells her she must keep them secret. She tells him Zach and Lyle know already. Bennet visits Sylar at his cell within the secret facility at Primatech Paper Co.. Sylar tells Bennet he can see how things work. Mr. Bennet comments that it's unusual that Sylar has more than one ability, and that he believes the infusion of so much foreign DNA has driven Sylar crazy. Sylar says he has one more ability to gain—Claire's.

Outside the cell, Bennet calls his employer, who wants Sylar kept alive. Eden tries to persuade him to let her make Sylar kill himself, but he brushes her off. Later on, Bennet accompanies Claire to the Odessa Sheriff's Department where she is questioned by Audrey Hanson. After the interview, Bennet meets Matt Parkman, who tells him they're doing everything they can to catch Sylar. Claire and her father visit Peter Petrelli in his cell. Mr. Bennet tells Peter he hopes he can return the favor some day. He then waits outside while Peter and Claire talk. As Mr. Bennet and the Haitian leave the paper company later, they are observed by Matt and Audrey.

Several hours later, Mr. Bennet is driving when he receives a panicked phone call from Claire. She tells him Zach and Lyle no longer remember anything about her powers. Mr. Bennet assures her he does remember, and tells her to stay where she is. Just then, the Haitian arrives at the Bennets' home and tells Claire that her father sent him to make sure she forgets, but that it's important that she remembers. Soon thereafter, the Haitian and Bennet arrive at Sylar's cell after Eden has committed suicide and detain him before he can harm anyone.

Noah holds a dead Eden in his arms.

In the following two weeks, Mr. Bennet pays a visit to Eden's father's home to deliver the news of Eden's death. When the drunkard father is apathetic and disrespectful, Mr. Bennet accosts the man and asserts that Eden gave her life as a sacrifice, and that her heroic deed saved countless lives. He reflects on the events after Eden's death, when he and the Haitian recaptured Sylar in Sylar's cell. He then directs the Haitian to erase the man's mind, but to leave the guilt. He also keeps tabs on Sylar along with Hank's aid.

Before going back to school, which has just reopened, Claire worries about the other students asking her questions. Her father tells her she doesn't have to tell them anything, and forgetting may even be a blessing. Bennet observes Sylar in his cell. Hank tells him that they've been trying to identify Sylar's powers, but they're unable to identify any of them except for telekinesis. Bennet asks if he's responding to the drugs, and Hank says they've "given him enough to kill an elephant", but that they're no closer. He says they’ll kill Sylar if they keep going like this. Bennet claims that he wouldn’t mind, but "they" haven't authorized it.

Audrey and Matt lead an FBI raid on Primatech Paper Co. looking for Sylar, but don’t find him. Matt approaches Bennet and directly asks him where he’s hiding Sylar, but Bennet claims to not know what Matt is talking about. Matt tries to read Mr. Bennet's thoughts but gets nothing. Audrey tells Matt that Sylar isn't there and sarcastically tells him, "Nice going." Bennet smirks and replies "Oops." A bit later, Bennet gives Agent Thayer a surveillance tape showing Matt outside Primatech every day for two weeks. Matt claims that Bennet abducted people, including himself and Ted Sprague. Thayer tells Audrey that she's going to be reprimanded. Before leaving, Matt grabs Bennet, pushes him up against some barrels, tells him that he won’t stop until he figures out how Bennet's pulling this off. Bennet wishes him luck.

Mohinder returns to his apartment and finds Mr. Bennet waiting for him, holding a gun. Mohinder asks if Bennet has come to kill him now. Benet says he wants to talk about Eden. He says that Eden was a good person and was special. Mohinder asks what her ability was, but Bennet only says that she learned to use it wisely. He tells Mohinder that not everyone with abilities deserves them. He knows Chandra developed a list of evolved humans, and the names on that list are of "grave importance". He says sometimes things go wrong with their powers, and that by working together they can control it. Mohinder says the first thing he's going to do is warn the people on the list about Bennet. Bennet gives him a card and tells Mohinder to contact him when he changes his mind.

The next day, Mr. Bennet tells Hank to do whatever it takes to keep Sylar alive. Later, he receives a call informing him Sylar has died.

At the home front, Mr. Bennet grows suspicious of his daughter's behaviors. He notices the computer turned on, and seems surprised Zach is studying with Claire. However, he keeps up the charade of not knowing anything about Claire's power or the Homecoming history. He tells his daughter that he'll always be there for her, though he grows cold when he notices a wind chime in Claire's window.

When he arrives at Sylar's cell, Mr. Bennet finds Hank's beaten corpse and Sylar lurking in the shadows. Using telekinesis, Sylar flings Mr. Bennet against the cell wall. He takes Bennet's wallet, then leaves the cell and locks it behind him. Through the glass, Sylar taunts Bennet with his driver's license. Bennet gets out of the cell and heads to his house with the Haitian just in time to shoot Sylar and stop him from killing Sandra. After Sylar escapes again, Bennet holds Sandra's hand while the Haitian once again erases her memories. Later on, he receives a call from Isaac Mendez as several men quickly clean up and repair the house after Sylar's attack. Isaac says that he has been searching for Peter, but came up with nothing until painting a partly invisible Peter. When Isaac inquires about what this means, Mr. Bennet remarks that an "old friend" isn't as dead as he had thought.

Noah rescues his wife from Sylar.

Sandra becomes ill due to the many times the Haitian has erased her memory. Mr. Bennet brings his wife home from a visit to a doctor. She is unsteady and emotionless, but Bennet tells Claire that she'll be fine, she's just having some headaches. Claire points out that she's also having memory problems. Bennet says he's taking care of it.

Bennet later confronts Claire about skipping school.Claire says she got permission from her mother to go see manatees, but Bennet holds up the aquarium tickets, which he knows to be fakes. He says he's her father, and she will have to earn back his trust. He then grounds her indefinitely. She exclaims that he's not her real father, but he tells her that he's the only father she has.

Bennet goes to New York with the Haitian to speak with Isaac. At Isaac's apartment Mr. Bennet and Isaac talk about their search for Peter. When Mr. Bennet sees a painting of footprints in a puddle, he concludes that Peter is invisible and has met an individual they assumed was dead. He gives Isaac a gun. Mr. Bennet, recognizing Peter's location, goes to the roof of the Deveaux building. He and the Haitian, wearing thermal vision goggles, fires tasers at Claude and Peter, though Peter manages to thwart the probes and escape. Mr. Bennet receives a call from Claire telling him that her mom collapsed.

Mr. Bennet arrives at the Odessa hospital and assures Claire and Lyle that everything is going to be okay. When Claire confronts her father about his morally ambiguous actions, Mr. Bennet play dumb at first. He finally tells her that what she knows is dangerous and that if the wrong people find out about her abilities then she will be in danger. He explains that Sylar broke into their house and implies that he had her memory erased so shouldn't have to know about people like Sylar. He tells her he regrets Sandra getting sick -- he just wanted to protect his family. He promises that it'll never happen again, and tries to comfort Claire with a hug. To his heartbreak, Claire rejects him, saying that he doesn't just get to apologize. When the Bennets return home, Mr. Bennet and his family are taken hostage by Ted and Matt.

Bennet denies their accusations that he turned them into freaks. Matt tries to listen to Bennet's thoughts, but he's thinking in Japanese. Threatened by Ted, Bennet thinks about a safe in the bookcase, ultimately creating a diversion. Bennet goes for a gun in the fireplace, but Matt punches him before he can use it, and Ted turns it on Sandra. Bennet thinks a message to Matt to shoot Claire instead, which he does. Following Bennet's mental instructions, they move Claire to her bedroom before Ted can see her heal. In Claire's room, Bennet devises a plan to get something from Primatech to placate Ted. Bennet and Matt arrive at Primatech, where Bennet explains that he plans to tranquilize Ted, who he thinks won't be satisfied with answers. The Haitian joins them, and Bennet -- having learned from Claire that he can talk -- insists he explain why Claire still has her memory. The Haitian says he is following more important instructions. Bennet argues with the Haitian over how best to save Claire. They return to the house, where Ted threatens Matt and Mr. Bennet. Mr. Bennet has brought Ted's Company file and shows it to him. Bennet explains that he did not give Ted his powers and that he can't remove them.

After Ted is shot, Mr. Bennet sends everyone else out of the house and hides behind the counter, preparing the sedative for Ted. Unfortunately, he can't get close because of the radiation, but Claire comes back in asks for the syringe. Bennet gives it to her and escapes. He is relieved when Claire emerges from the damaged house, her radiation burns rapidly healing.

At Primatech, Thompson tells Bennet he will have to kill the Haitian, who he believes was concealing Claire's abilities. In the medical facility, they check on Matt, who is being treated by a woman who Thompson says is another "one of them" who will help clean up the mess. He also says it's time to turn Claire over to the Company. He heads to a local coffee shop, buys everyone coffee to create a diversion, and sends an electronic message pleading for help. He hopes Hana has forgiven him for leaving her stranded in the Serengeti, and is able to intercept his message. He receives her reply and then heads to the bridge, where the Haitian shoots him and erases his memory. He is then found by the Company.

Thompson interrogates Mr. Bennet regarding the whereabouts of Claire. Bennet insists he knows nothing because the Haitian erased his memory, but he knows he wants to get his daughter back. Matt Parkman confirms to Thompson that Bennet's mind has been erased.

Leaving the Company

Mr. Bennet leaves Primatech and arrives at his temporary home in a hotel. Mrs. Bennet tells him that she knows all about The Company and that Mr. Bennet has sent Claire away "with friends". She gives him a note in his own handwriting to confirm this. There is a knock at the door and Candice tells him that Isaac tried to reach him about the situation with Simone. They head to New York City to Isaac's apartment where Candice creates an illusion to get Isaac out of trouble--Mr. Bennet remarks that she is quite useful. Isaac asks Bennet what he should do, and Bennet replies that Isaac should keep painting.

Having returned to his hotel room, Mr. Bennet talks with his wife about keeping Claire safe from The Company and is excited about their newfound freedom. Mrs. Bennet answers a phone call and confirms "he's going to be a problem." Thompson and two unidentified men step into the room as Mrs. Bennet becomes Candice. He is then taken to the paper company. From an adjoining cell, Mr. Bennet contacts Matt Parkman using Matt's telepathy and gives him instructions on how to release Ted. Once Ted is free, he and Matt help Mr. Bennet and the three escape Primatech Paper Co. using an EMP to disable the facility's power grid.

Taking down the tracking systems

At the Burnt Toast Diner, they plan their next move. Bennet says they should to go to New York, where the Company's tracking system is located. Matt asks Bennet if he knows who Linderman is, as he had heard the name in Thompson's thoughts. When he doesn't know, Ted and Matt share a laugh, realizing that Bennet never knew who the head of the Company was--Bennet was in fact "middle management". Bennet tells them that Linderman is located in Las Vegas, but persuades them that going to New York is more important.

The Anti-Tracker Alliance meets with Hana.

Bennet, Ted, and Matt meet Hana in a playground, but Hana's trust in Bennet dwindles. Bennet says that the only way they're going to be safe is if the tracking systems are taken out. He explains that there are actually two tracking systems and that Hana must go and crash the satellite one. As Hana walks away, Bennet mentions that if Hana can't take out the satellite, no one can.

Bennet, Ted, and Matt stop at a used car lot in St. Louis, Missouri. Bennet quickly stops Matt from calling his wife, saying that they must cut themselves off from their family, in order to protect them, no matter how much they want to see them. They are in even more danger now due to the Company's new, more effective tracking method, the Walker System, which they need to stop at its source.

Later, the trio arrive at New York City, heading towards the Company's sky-rise building at Kirby Plaza. However, they also happen to find Claire and Peter Petrelli at the plaza, and Claire and Bennet have a joyous reunion. But their happiness is cut short when Mr. Bennet explains that Peter is absorbing Ted's power. Later, after Peter succeeds in neutralizing his new ability, Bennet talks to Claire and learns that Peter Petrelli is her uncle. He also informs Claire of the reason he is here -- to destroy the Company's tracking system so they can start over and build a normal life. Bennet listens to Claire say that maybe everyone has a destiny. Bennet informs Ted, Peter, and Matt of a town in Nebraska with the population of 15 and wants them to go there and wait for instructions. Bennet sends Claire with them because she tells him that she has a destiny and that she can stop another meltdown.

Mr. Bennet and Matt arrive at the Company's facility and Matt manages to get past security with the help of his power. The two of them run into D.L. and Jessica and they ride the elevator together. Bennet tells D.L. and Jessica where Linderman is and him and Matt set off to take out the tracking system. They run into Thompson, who sneaks up behind Matt, but Bennet kills him easily. They continue to move and eventually end up in Molly's room, where Bennet realizes that the tracking system is a young girl. Bennet holds Molly at gunpoint, saying that if she lives, nobody will be safe. Bennet lowers his gun after he discovers that Matt and Molly know each other. Later, Bennet and Mohinder try to hide Thompson's body and Bennet tells Mohinder that the Company once stood for something, but has been corrupted. He says that the only thing that is important to him is protecting his family. Moments later, Mr. Bennet receives a phone call from Claire and receives news of Ted's death. He asks for Peter and informs him of their tracking system and discusses how they can stop Sylar. Bennet tells Peter to stay close to Claire's phone, wait for them to find Sylar's location, and keep Claire safe. Later, Mr. Bennet asks Molly to find Sylar. Mr. Bennet points out that the location Molly pinpoints is Isaac's loft. Realizing this, he hurriedly calls Peter, but to his surprise, Angela is the one who answers his call. He listens to Angela say that she is taking Claire to a safe place and requests that he say goodbye to her. Bennet instructs Claire to stay with Angela and Nathan and try to escape when she is out of the city. Bennet tells her that he has a plan and that he loves her. Bennet tells Matt that they need Peter to stop Sylar, but Matt doesn't want to listen, despite Bennet's warning that Sylar will kill him.

Kirby Plaza showdown

Mr. Bennet finds Peter lying in an empty street. He tells them that he found him with the help of the tracking system. Bennet insists that he stay with Peter because he saved Claire's life. Peter worries that he may not be able to stop Sylar and that he may explode, but Bennet says that he'll put him down himself, ensuring that he is a good shooter. When Peter thanks Bennet, Bennet tells him to call him Noah. They walk off and later arrive at Kirby Plaza. Bennet ensures that Sylar is there, but when Peter turns his head, Sylar appears behind Bennet. Sylar quickly throws Bennet into a wall, and Bennet drops his gun in pain. A while later, Peter begins to explode and Bennet gives his gun to Claire. As Claire holds Peter at gunpoint, Mr. Bennet sees Nathan fly in and fly Peter into the atmosphere. After the commotion is over, Bennet tells Claire that they should go home. Claire mentions that their house burned down, but Bennet tells her that home is anywhere their family is together.

A new life


A month after the explosion, Noah has reunited with his family and they are en route to Costa Verde in California to start a new life as the Butlers. They enter Kenny's Diner and overhear Officer Cindy and another officer tell Marcus about an odd case they came across involving corpses that looked as if they had misshapen bones and muscles all their lives. As Marcus takes Claire's order of waffles, Sandra's order of pancakes, and Lyle's order of a cheeseburger and fries, Noah tells Marcus he wants to order off the menu.

That night, in a hotel, Noah tells his wife he's going for a walk, but Sandra stops him and makes him take Mr. Muggles for a walk. Downstairs, he puts Mr. Muggles in the Rogue and takes a baseball bat to the diner. He enters and heads out back to find Marcus taking out the trash. Noah tells him they met several years ago, but Marcus says he doesn't remember that. Marcus puts it off as old age, but Noah comments to himself that he knows it was due to "unnatural causes." As Noah threatens to stop Marcus from hurting anyone else, Marcus tells him he can't be stopped and lifts a metal trash can over his head, holds it for a moment, and then crushes it as if it was paper. Noah catches Marcus by the wrist as he tries to attack, commenting on how he knows his ability only works if his fingers touch what he wants to crumple, and proceeds to beat Marcus with the baseball bat until he's unconscious.

Noah sneaks up on Marcus.

Noah heads back into the diner and calls Bob to tell him about Marcus. He accepts Bob's thanks for helping, but declines the offer to come and work for the Company again. Bob tells Noah they'll find him anyway, but Noah says they won't and walks Mr. Muggles back to the hotel. Noah goes to sleep along with the family and wakes up the next day to continue their travels.

Bringing down the Company

By March 2007, Noah and his family have moved to Costa Verde and Noah has formed an alliance with Mohinder Suresh to bring down the Company.

Noah drops Claire off for her first day of school at Costa Verde High School. After warning her to stay out of the spotlight, he gives her a Nissan Rogue. At his new job at Copy Kingdom, Noah is harassed by his new boss. He takes a verbal lashing at first, but eventually threatens his manager, who agrees to let him work on his own schedule. During dinner in his new home, Noah and his family talk about their new lives as "The Butlers". He receives a phone call on his cell phone, and speaks with Mohinder about bringing the Company down once and for all. The next morning, Noah enters the kitchen, and Claire tells him that he may be able to hide who he is, but that she can't. Noah explains that his job is to keep their family safe no matter what it requires. Claire understands and tells him that it must be difficult to live such a normal life after the life he was living before. Noah tells her that their current life is a nice vacation compared to before. After Claire leaves for school, Sandra picks up a newspaper and shows Noah an article about Kaito Nakamura's death. Noah tells her that he knew this would happen, and shows Sandra an old painting from Isaac Mendez depicting Kaito laying in a pool of blood. He tells her that it's part of a series of eight paintings, but that he was only given the first one and needs to find the rest of them.

Search for the paintings

At Copy Kingdom, Claire tells her father that her car was stolen. He takes the opportunity to tell her that he needs to be able to trust her and that she can't afford to make mistakes like this or else she'll be found. She tells him that she may be missing an opportunity to help people, but Noah retorts that he's protecting her because if someone gets a hold of her she'll be in for a life of agonizing tests and research.

Noah calls Mohinder and asks if Mohinder's trip was productive. Mohinder replies that he'll have the answer very shortly. Mohinder explains that it doesn't appear he's raised any suspicion and that Bob seemed more disappointed in himself for having trusted Mohinder so completely, however that they're going to watch him more closely from now on. Noah tells him that he'll find the rest of the paintings himself now and that Mohinder's given him just what he needs. Noah greets a customer, the Haitian, welcoming him to Copy Kingdom.

The next day, Claire reads Activating Evolution, and Noah mentions that Sandra is making waffles. He apologizes for talking to her the way he did, and offers his help. Claire asks what would happen if someone found out about her, and Noah mentions they'd have to leave at a worst case scenario.

Later, Noah receives a phone call from Mohinder. Mohinder finds Isaac's paintings, and takes a picture of the 8th picture in the series and sends it to Bennet. Bennet receives the picture, and it is of Bennet, lying dead with cracked glasses and a couple kissing in the background. Noah turns and sees Claire. Noah tells her goodnight, and she walks away. Bennet looks at the picture of the painting again in fear.

In the morning, Noah looks at the painting depicting his death, thinking about what could have happened. When Sandra walks in, Noah asks her if she knew anything about Claire, if she had met a boy. Claire enters the room, and the two ask her if she has met anyone, assuring her that there aren't many people they can trust. When Noah asks to meet him, she claims that there is no boy.

At dinner, Sandra suggests going out dessert. Claire claims she can't go, because she has to go to the library. Noah offers her a ride, but she turns down his offer and says she'll walk. As she leaves, Noah follows her out the door. When she turns the corner and he catches up, she is gone. That night, Claire comes home late. Noah is waiting up for her, and again mentions the boy. Claire again denies it, and reassures him by telling him that she joined the cheerleading squad. When she finally gets him to calm down, he makes her agree to one thing: She can join the cheerleading squad, but she cannot date. When she exits, the Haitian enters, and reveals to Noah that he'll have to go to Odessa, Ukraine. Noah states that he'll think of something to tell his family.

Noah and the Haitian in Russia.

Noah and The Haitian arrive in Odessa, Ukraine. Noah receives a phone call from Mohinder stating that he wants to turn Molly into the Company in hopes that she will get better. Though Noah tells Mohinder not to do this, he goes ahead with it anyways.

Mohinder later calls Noah again. Mohinder explains Bob's plans to Noah, who tells Mohinder that he has to take the risk, or else they will get rid of him and they will lose everything they've worked for. He explains that they have to do bad things sometimes in order to take down the Company.

In Odessa, Ukraine, Noah and the Haitian sneak into Ivan's home, then knocks him out with a gun. Noah and the Haitian have Ivan handcuffed in a chair, and Noah asks Ivan about the series of eight paintings depicting Kaito and Noah's deaths. Ivan tells him that he's retired and that he's the regional sales manager of a textile factory. He reminds Noah that he trained him and Claude, and that the Haitian can't help get information from him. Noah tells him that the Haitian can pull out specific memories from his head, and as an aging man, those memories make his life worth something. Ivan says that he won't since he's his friend, but Noah reminds him that he was his friend, and tells the Haitian to start with taking the day of Ivan's wedding from his memory. After a memory is removed, Ivan continues to resist Bennet's questions by cursing at him. Before he can show his distaste to the remark, Noah receives a phone call from Claire asking if she can borrow the car. He allows her, so long as she locks the door this time. She asks where he is, and he tells her that he's at a seminar. After Noah hangs up, Ivan asks about the rough life Claire must have since the Bennet's are hiding, and offers his old protege a chance to come back to the Company, claiming that it has changed and they have new directives. He offers the Haitian and the Bennets protection and the whereabouts of the paintings.

Later, Noah asks why Ivan never mentioned anything about his daughter to Noah, and he realizes that she died. Ivan tells her that she died of leukemia. Noah tells him that if he forgot the memories of her, she would seemingly never have existed. He tells the Haitian to take the memories of Ivan's daughter from him, but Ivan tells them the location of the paintings in a warehouse by the train yard where they tagged the liquid man. When Ivan asks if the Haitian will remove any memories of Noah and the Haitian, Noah tells him that if he did so, the Company would be onto him, so he decides to make it look like a home invasion and a senseless murder. Ivan tells Noah that he can give him a new life so he doesn't have to run, but Noah shoots him, telling the dead Ivan he knows what life he's chosen.

In the warehouse, Noah and the Haitian find the remaining six paintings from Isaac, placing them in order. The paintings depict several things, including a vial, an angry blond woman, two men sword-fighting, Mohinder firing a gun, and Noah's death. Noah calls Mohinder, and warns him not to get too close to the company when he discovers a painting in the warehouse of Mohinder holding a company gun he is using to shoot him. Noah then returns home to Costa Verde where he discovers Claire is secretly dating West, even though Noah ordered her not to because it could jeopardize their safety. He then tells his family they're moving because of what Claire has done, but Claire refuses to go saying they should leave without her.

Attempting to avoid his own death, foretold in the Isaac Mendez paintings, Noah goes to Claire's school to try to talk with West. West unexpectedly kidnaps him as he walks out of the house by grabbing him and carrying him high into the sky. Noah convinces West that Claire is not setting him up, and West brings them down for a rough landing. On the ground, Noah tells West that he needs to break up with Claire for her own safety, but he changes his mind when he receives a call from Mohinder to meet him at an intersection where he claims to have spotted West.

A prophecy is fulfilled.

Noah and West join forces to protect Claire. They go to meet with Mohinder, where they knock out and kidnap Elle. While they have Elle tied up at the Bennet home, Noah learns that Claire has been kidnapped and calls Bob to arrange a trade. During the meeting, Bob releases Claire and Noah releases Elle, who walk by each other. West tries to fly Claire away, but when Elle shoots them down with a lightning bolt. Noah then shoots Elle and threatens to kill Bob, but Mohinder shoots Noah in the eye, fulfilling the prophecy in painting #8 of the Isaac Mendez series of eight.

Thanks to an infusion of his daughter's blood, Noah recovers from his gunshot wound. He finds himself in a barren room strapped to a hospital bed. Mohinder comes in to check on him. Bennet tells Mohinder that he made a mistake by aiding the Company. Mohinder responds that he helped the Company save lives and stopped Noah's paranoia and violence. When Bennet is told that he was healed with Claire's blood, he panics and demands to know where his daughter is. Mohinder dryly answers that Claire is safe at home. As Mohinder leaves, Bennet shouts at him for his betrayal.

Prisoner of the Company

Noah is in the infirmary after being shot in the eye and healed. Evsdropr arranges to have Donna Dunlap put next to Noah, and he warns her to refuse any offers from the Company. Felicia informs Bob that Noah had talked to Donna, and the Haitian removes her memory of Noah. Later on, Noah sees Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap watching him through the window of his cell. When Thompson, Jr. steps away, Noah tells Donna that it was a bad move to ignore him when he warned her to run away.

He has been locked in a cell by the Company and sits idly bouncing a ball against a wall. Elle walks in and watches him for a short time before asking him to tell her about her past. Her attitude and threatening remarks cause him to ignore her plea, but when she asks politely, he tells her that "They (the Company) wanted to see how much wattage you could discharge. You'd pass out from the pain and we would all want to call it a day, but not Bob. He said his little girl was stronger than that. Many parents couldn't bear to see their child suffer...well, most parents anyway." Bob walks in at that moment and is wondering what Elle is doing there. She leaves, and he tells Noah that Claire is becoming a problem. Noah smiles, but when Bob says that it's unfortunate and that they may have to take drastic measures, the grin on his face disappears.

A little time later, Noah arrives at his home, shocking Claire and his family. He says that he didn't plan any of this but has found a way to protect all of them. He has to go back with the Company, much to everyone's dismay. As he leaves the house, Bob is seen standing in the background. Following the meeting with his family, Noah is taken back to the Company's facility and locked in a cell. Later on, Noah sees Thompson, Jr. and Donna Dunlap watching him through the window of his cell. When Thompson, Jr. steps away, Noah tells Donna that it was a bad move to ignore him when he warned her to run away. He also talks with Sabine about the Dumont system, telling her that Julien has been kept under the Company's control for "years", being forced to clone himself for them. He adds that Julien is a "valuable asset for the Company to lose", whether he survives extraction or not. As Sabine escapes with the root Julien, she walks past Noah in his cell.

Heroes Evolutions

Following the release of Trust Issues, Part 2, was updated with a message that Noah Bennet no longer worked there and that clients of Noah Bennet would be contacted by a new agent.


Memorable Quotes

"I've done some things I am not proud of to keep you safe."

- Mr. Bennet (to Claire) (Fallout)

"I'm comfortable with morally gray."

- Mr. Bennet (to Thompson) (Company Man)

"I'm just a paper salesman."

- Mr. Bennet (to Matt Parkman) (Company Man)

"Home is anywhere our family is together."

- Mr. Bennet (to Claire) (How to Stop an Exploding Man)

"It's done."

- Mr. Bennet (to Bob Bishop) (Powerless)


  • Mr. Bennet speaks fluent Japanese and Russian, and can even think in Japanese if needed. (Company Man, The Line)


  • Noah Bennet appears in more graphic novels than any other character.
  • Mr. Bennet's driver license lists his birth as 8/6/62, the same year that Primatech Paper Company claims to have been founded. The license lists his height as 6'1". The license specifically gives no first name, stating his name as just "Bennet". He signs his name the same way. It otherwise appears to be a normal state ID for Texas.
  • His Visa card, on the other hand, appears to list two names. (Family Man)
  • In an an interview, Tim Kring's original script for the pilot listed this character's name only as "H.R.G." — standing for Horn-Rimmed Glasses.
  • Bennet is a variant of "Bennett", meaning "blessed". Incidentally, Mr. Bennet and his wife had difficulty conceiving a child. Then one day, Bennet was blessed with a baby girl whom he held very dearly.
  • Mr. Bennet's first name, Noah, wasn't revealed until the season one finale.
  • On the television show Passions, there is a character named Noah Bennett. Passions and Heroes are both programs on NBC.
  • Mr. Bennet needed glasses when he was 41 years old. He said his father also needed glasses at 41. (Company Man)
  • In the script for the unaired pilot, Claire's father's name is Kent. He is 43 years old, and is a separate character from the man who wears horn-rimmed glasses.
  • Jack Coleman became a regular in the eleventh episode of the first season, Fallout.
  • According to the file Mohinder keeps on Claire (which includes a birth certificate), Noah's date of birth is November 4, 1966 and he was 25 when Claire was born. However, it should be noted that Noah is not Claire's birth father, and did not even meet his daughter until early February 28, 1992. Additionally, the date of birth listed on the birth certificate directly contradicts August 6, 1962, the date listed on Noah's license. Most likely, the birth certificate has been doctored or is a fake.

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