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Kaito Jr

Kaito And His Wife Gave Birth To A Son But Did You Know He Had A Twin Brother?.


Episode:Great'a Scott'a

Hiro Finds Out He Has A Twin Brother Kaito Jr.

Graphic Novel:YATTA

Kaito Jr Tells Hiro And Ando That They Have To Save The Beerleader To Save The World.

Graphic Novel:Sleeping Angels

Kaito Jr remembers about his father and what he told him when he was little and how he has no family left.He then kicks he carbourd box.

Episode:A Clear And Present Danger

Just as Kaito Jr escapes Kaito's Box he gets captured by the government.He states that this is not a "YATTA" moment. He gets moved to Flat 52.

Memorable Quotes

Do You Like Waffles? (Kaito Jr)

Yes (Hiro)

YATTA (Kaito Jr)

(Kaito Jr To Hiro


  • Kaito Jr Was Born First


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