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I stood in my apartment, looking around at the squalor. I had been hiding out in this one for over a month, and I had stayed too long. Danko, the government's evolved-human-assasin, was coming for me.

I gathered my ball berings and looked around. I had been acquiring sharp objects over the course of several months, taking them with me from house to house. I knew that this day would come, knew that I couldn't keep running forever, knew that somebody would figure out what I did. And they did. Danko sent his best team, headed by Special Agent Hanson to kill or capture me. I heard a knock on my door.

"Homeland Security! Open up!" came the voice from the door.

"You'll never take me alive!" I shouted, firing a knife through the door. It skewered one of the agents through the gut, and he collapsed. Suddenly, the door burst open, and four agents swarmed in. I raised a hand full of ball berings and fired them at the agents. I aimed for the kneecaps of the agents, trying not to kill them. Not because I dislike killing, but because I dislike making my would-be captors vengeful. I knew that they would find me again, send a bigger team, and would attempt to kill me. No second chances from Danko. The last thing I needed was a hundred agents trying to waste me because I killed their buddies. I was a little remorseful at killing the one behind the door.

I turned to walk away, but a popping noise spun me back around. I saw one of my ball berings fall to the floor and Special Agent Hanson get back to his feet. His face shifted and changed. Suddenly, Sylar stood before me, in all his awful glory. I began to run, but suddenly could not move. He was holding me still. I knew what was coming next. I squirmed and writhed, but Sylar was just too powerful. He forced me into a wall and began to cut open my head. The next thing I knew, he was on the floor, a huge hole was in the drywall behind him, and I was accelerating a large chunk of the ceiling out of my way.

Just before I left, Danko himself rushed in with a camera. He seemed to know that something had gone wrong and took my picture. I flew east, across the ocean and landed in what I thought was Ireland. I felt something warm and wet enter my mouth as I landed. I touched my lip, and found blood. I realized that my nose was bleeding. I walked away, exausted by the exertion necessary to move the ceiling. I was free... for now.

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