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Humane possible abilities
Snake girl.jpg
A girl is able to put her leg right next to her head, wich is similar to what people with elasticity can do

There are some abilities that talented humans without an ability can perform also.

Human abilities

Humane possible ability Description Holders of this ability
Constriction It's possible for human beings to perform similar effects by squeezing someone at the right place and with the right strength. The Constrictor
Danger sensing It's possible to predict the outcome of an situation. Evan Davis
Elasticity Some people are born this way and they perform similarly. Piper
Enhanced memory People with a very high IQ or people who have autism can do this but not as enhanced as people with this ability. Charlie Andrews, Matt Neuenberg, Katherine Murry, Pacy McNeil and Trevor Tanaka
Lie detection Some humans can detect lies but not in a similar way to people with this ability. Sue Landers and Sylar
Sedation Some people are able to put someone in a seduced state, but not in a similar way. Therese Bryne and Samson Gray

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