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Timeline:April 2007-December 2014

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Timeline edit

Pre-eclipseOctober 2006November 2006December 2006-February 2007March 2007April 2007-December 2014Post-2014Possible futures


March 2007

Between March 2007 and June 2007

Red Eye

  • The Kill Squad members take capture Ricardo Silva and Anna and take them to a clearing in the woods, where they beat Ricardo up. (Part 1)
  • Anna neutralizes the Kill Squad members and Ricardo fills them with rage, turning them against each other. (Part 1)
  • After all of the Kill Squad are dead, Anna runs away from Ricardo, saying that he's turned both of them into monsters. (Part 1)
  • Later, Anna is on a new university campus in Ithaca, NY, where she meets Claire. (Part 2)
  • Ricardo use his ability on two guards, who shoot Claire. Ricardo claims he was only trying to protect Anna after seeing Claire's Primatech file. Claire explains that she isn't working with Primatech, and convinces Anna to at least talk to Ricardo. (Part 2)

Under the Bridge

Almost Famous

  • Matt Parkman works as a concert security guard, and telepathically detects a deranged fan's desire to kill singer Heather Haze. A grateful Haze offers to thank him on stage for saving her life, but Matt uses his powers to alter her memory in order to keep a low profile.

Out of Town... On Business

  • Noah meets with Angela and discuss Primatech's destruction and its consequences. (Cold Wars)
  • Noah is back at home, living a normal life, when Nathan approaches him and recruits him for his operations. (Cold Wars)
  • Nathan, Noah, and Danko meet and discuss how their operation is going to run. While Nathan prefers the "one of us, one of them" principle, Danko thinks using capture squads is more effective. (Cold Wars)
  • Noah goes to Danko's apartment to meet Danko. They discuss each other's experiences and Noah says that Danko is the boss and he will listen to him. (Cold Wars)

April 2007

May 2007

May 3, 2007

May or June 2007

A Clear and Present Danger

  • Nathan is now the head of Homeland Security, and has hired Danko and Noah to help capture evolved humans.
  • Tracy is captured by Danko, as is Mohinder.
  • Peter confronts Nathan, but Noah arrives and captures Peter.
  • Hiro and Ando retreat to Tokyo, but Hiro is captured by Danko's men.
  • Sylar searches for his real father. When attacked by another of Danko's teams at his father's home, he slaughters all of his assailants except for Agent Simmons.
  • Matt persuades Daphne to stay under the radar. He and Claire are captured by another of Danko's teams after Matt learns to draw the future.
  • Claire is released by Nathan, but sneaks onto the plane that the other evolved humans are being transported away on. She frees Peter, who fights the guards, and she makes her way to the cockpit, only to find Noah co-piloting the plane. Peter accidentally absorbs Tracy's power and freezes a hole in the plane, causing it to depressurize. The plane goes out of control and is on its way to a crash landing.


  • Maya goes to a group of traffickers at the Angry Skunk bar to seek protection from Danko's team.
  • "Rebel" contacts the group of traffickers to arrange for Maya's ID.
  • Misha and another trafficker are captured by Danko's team and they give up the meeting point of Maya, Angie, and Harmon.
  • Danko's team heads to capture the three others, but Angie and Harmon use their abilities to escape.

Trust and Blood

The Swimmer

Building 26

Cold Wars


  • Claire, with the aid of Sandra and Lyle, gets Alex Woolsly to safety.
  • Peter and Matt try to rescue Daphne.
  • At Building 26, Peter obtains evidence incriminating Nathan.
  • Matt is captured by Danko, wired up with explosives, and placed at the center of Washington, DC.
  • Sylar and Luke stop and Sylar remembers disturbing information about his father.
  • Sylar remembers the day when his father sold him to Martin Gray and killed his mother.
  • Peter releases the evidence, exposing Nathan's operations to the media.
  • Sylar leaves Luke and continues the trip alone, with a new goal: to kill his father.

Shades of Gray

Cold Snap

Into Asylum

Turn and Face the Strange

  • Matt goes after Danko and takes the one person he truly cares about hostage.
    • Hiro rescues Matt before he is killed by Danko.
        • Hiro introduces Matt to his son for the very first time.
      • Alena leaves Danko for good.
  • Sandra confronts Noah about Claire's whereabouts at Building 26.
    • Later Sylar pretends to be Sandra, confronting Noah with divorce papers.
      • Noah finds out the truth about the dead Sylar he saw earlier.
        • He later puts a gun to Sandra's head, mistaking her for Sylar.
  • Danko tricks Noah into thinking he shot an innocent man, forcing Noah to flee.
  • Mohinder visits his Father's old apartment finding out his father was part of an Operation Icarus at Coyote Sands back in the 1960's.
  • Angela, Peter, Nathan, Claire and Noah converge at Coyote Sands.
    • They dig into the night.


  • Angela reveals her past at Coyote Sands to Peter, Nathan, Claire and Noah.
  • Peter flies away with Nathan in pursuit.
    • Peter and Nathan talk in a Cafe about forgiveness.
      • They return to Coyote Sands.
  • Alice creates a sandstorm with her ability.
  • Noah is attacked by Mohinder, who believes Noah is trying to capture him.
    • He tells Mohinder that he was a double agent, and is on the run from Danko.
    • Mohinder says he traveled to Coyote Sands to discover what his father did there.
  • Alice reveals that she has been at Coyote Sands ever since Angela left her.
    • Alice disappears.
  • Angela, Nathan, Peter, Claire and Noah leave Coyote Sands, but Mohinder remains behind.

I Am Sylar

  • Sylar has an identity crisis, unable to control his ability.
    • He sits in a park and voices his concern to Danko who advises him to stay as Agent Taub for a while.
  • Matt assures Janice that he will bring their son back as soon as possible.
  • Rebel sends a text that warns Tom Miller of imminent danger.
  • Sylar visits Richmond, Virginia; acquiring a new ability from Tom Miller before Danko arrives.
    • Back in Washington DC, Sylar again confronts Danko in his office, revealing Rebel's whereabouts.
  • At Isaac's Loft, Hiro uses Ando as bait to be captured by Danko's team in order to infiltrate Building 26.
    • Their cover is blown en route to Building 26, but they find another way to locate it.
  • At Agent Taub's apartment Sylar shapeshifts back and forth into his dead adoptive mother.
  • At an abandoned warehouse, Sylar shapeshifts into Micah, distracting Danko's men so that he can escape.
    • Back at Taub's apartment Micah gives Sylar the idea to take on the form of Nathan Petrelli.
      • At Nathan's Office, Sylar shapeshifts into Nathan.
  • Matt arrives at Janice's House with their son.
    • Later he uses his ability to protect them from Danko's Agents.
  • At a cafe, Nathan, Angela, Peter, Claire and Noah watch as Sylar poses as Nathan to deliver a live press conference. Nathan heads to Washington to stop Sylar with Peter in pursuit.
  • Outside Building 26, Hiro suffers serious pain when trying to use his ability.
  • Nathan arrives at his office and has a confrontation with Sylar before Danko appears and tranquilizes him.
  • Outside Arlington, VA, Noah suspects a fake roadblock ahead, he let's Claire and Angela out, then drives into the trap.(An Invisible Thread)
  • Matt Parkman makes his way back to Washington, DC.(An Invisible Thread)
  • Danko stabs Sylar in the head with a knife but he survives.
  • Agents capture Mohinder at Coyote Sands.

An Invisible Thread

  • Sylar frames Danko by shooting his team.
  • Angela and Claire arrive at The Capitol in Washington, DC. Angela leaves to search for Matt Parkman.
  • Claire meets with Sylar posing as Nathan. He convinces her by using his ability.
  • Danko is taken into custody at Building 26 as Hiro and Ando look on outside. He is locked in a cell with Noah Bennet.
  • Peter arrives at Nathan's office and rescues him.
  • Hiro and Ando freeze time inside Building 26, releasing Noah and Danko from their cell. They rescue all EVO's including Mohinder Suresh.
  • Claire and Sylar as Nathan reach the Stanton Hotel in Washington, DC, she becomes suspicious when 'Nathan' uses his wrong hand to write.
  • Danko tries to tranquilize Noah but Hiro rescues him before collapsing. Noah heads to the Stanton Hotel, he tries to call Claire but Sylar answers, holding Claire hostage.
  • Peter and Nathan arrive at the Stanton Hotel, they fight with Sylar. Claire and Peter leave after Sylar and Nathan fly out of the window. Sylar returns to the room with Nathan and slits his throat.
  • Noah meets with Claire and Peter.
  • Matt arrives in Washington, DC. Angela convinces him to accompany her to the Stanton Hotel to save Nathan. Arriving they find him murdered.
  • Sylar shapeshifts into Liam Samuels, then gets into a limousine and shakes hands with the President. However the President is really Peter having taken Sylars ability. He tranquilizes Sylar.
  • Matt is persuaded to brainwash Sylar into thinking he is Nathan, he does so and Sylar shapeshifts into Nathan.
  • Angela, Noah, Claire, Ando, Hiro, Mohinder, Matt and 'Nathan' watch 'Sylar' burn.

June 2007

June 15, 2007

July 2007

July 2007 or later

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January 2008

January 24, 2008


December 2010

December 7, 2010

December 14, 2010


January 2011

January 25, 2011

February 2011

February 9, 2011

  • While watching a news report, Noah sees that footage of Claire's very first attempt video has made it to the media, courtesy of "Hellbee". Noah recognizes "Hellbee" as a moniker Lyle used, and angrily calls Sandra to tell her what he has learned. Sandra rags at him about his various misdemeanors and tells him that she will talk to Lyle and call him back. (Save the Cheerleader, Destroy the World)

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The dates of the following events, drawn from the Heroes graphic novels, have been contradicted by episodes of the television series. Although Bob and Elle are killed by Sylar in 2007, as seen in The Butterfly Effect and The Eclipse, Part 2, the graphic novels indicate that they are alive and well as late as 2008. They have also been contradicted by Evs Dropper mentioning Matt Neuenberg's death in an interview that must have taken place in 2007 given Connie and Julien's deaths. The separate, semi-canon timeline of these issues is detailed below.

Timeline edit

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