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Fan Creation:Maphne

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Matt and Daphne reconcile in a telepathic vision.

Maphne is the fan-coined term to describe the relationship between Matt Parkman and Daphne Millbrook.


One of Us, One of Them

Matt, while somewhere in Africa, peruses Usutu's prophetic paintings of his life. He comes across one that hasn't happened yet, of himself with a blonde woman and a child. He asks about it and Usutu informs him that it no longer depicts the future. Slipping into a precognitive trance, Usutu paints over the image with a new one showing Matt crying and holding the woman's burned body. Deciding that he's found his reason for being brought to Africa, Matt asks Usutu to tell him how he can save her. Usutu brings him inside his hut and helps him to slip into a trance of his own.

I Am Become Death

Matt, having eaten a mysterious paste, has a vision of the future in which he is married to a woman named Daphne Millbrook. They are raising Molly together and also have a daughter of their own, Daniella. Daphne, an agent of Pinehearst, convinces Matt to let her ask Molly to locate Peter so they can finally take him out. Matt is reluctant, telling her that she needs to slow down now that she has a family, and she promises to do so after this one last assignment.

While fighting Peter, Daphne is caught in Costa Verde when Sylar explodes. Matt and Molly are anxiously watching news reports of the explosion back in New York City when they hear a knock at the door. Matt answers it, overjoyed to see Daphne again until she tells him that she wasn't fast enough and collapses in his arms, dead from massive burns to her back.

Waking from his trance, Matt tells Usutu what he saw and vows to find Daphne so that he can save her. Usutu tells him to find his totem animal to help guide his way, and Matt begins following a nearby turtle.

Angels and Monsters

Daphne receives her latest recruitment assignment from Pinehearst: Matt Parkman. Linderman (really an illusion created by Matt's father, Maury) explains Matt's power to her and she accepts.

Dying of the Light

Daphne is reconsidering attempting to recruit Matt, but Linderman convinces her to go through with it. Each looking for the other, the two almost immediately run into into each other at JFK Airport. Daphne is surprised when Matt calls her by name, and he agrees to go some place private to talk. She gives him her pitch for Pinehearst, but he notes that she doesn't seem too sure about the company. Brushing this off, she asks him how he knew her name and he describes his vision to her. Understandably wary, Daphne gives him her card and is about to leave when he tells her that they named their daughter Daniella, after her grandmother. Slightly more believing, she asks Matt to stay there while she finishes her assignments for the day and he gladly agrees.

Daphne helps Flint escape from Primatech and gives Sylar a Pinehearst card before returning to the airport to see Matt still waiting for her. She then attempts to recruit Mohinder, but is shaken when she finds Nathan and Tracy strapped to gurneys in a back room of his lab. When she returns to the airport to find Matt only just leaving, hours after leaving him there, Daphne tells him that he seems sweet and that Pinehearst wouldn't be a good fit for him. Matt warns her that, in the future, Pinehearst is going to get her killed but she tells him that she has to keep working for them. He asks her what her heart is telling her, and she replies that it's telling her to "keep running too fast to get caught". He asks her to come with him so he can protect her, but she informs him that he can't and runs away.

Eris Quod Sum

Daphne answers to Arthur about why she failed to recruit Matt. She nervously tells him that he just wasn't buying her pitch and asks him how she can fix things. Arhur orders her to kill Matt, much to Maury's outrage. When Arthur telekinetically snaps his neck for his protests, Daphne insists that there has to be another way.

Later, Matt answers the door of his apartment to find Daphne pointing a gun at him. She explains that her employers think she betrayed them and that she has to kill him in order to prove herself. Matt tells her to shoot him so that she can be saved, but Daphne makes him turn around first, which he does. He makes a final entreaty to her, describing their future together and after a long moment, she drops the gun. She begins apologizing for being unable to stop something and he reads her mind to learn about his father's death.

The next morning, she's explaining to him what's happening, and tells him that they'll be sending someone to investigate. Outside the apartment, Knox listens in on their conversation before bursting in. Daphne panics and tries to run, but Knox clotheslines her, audibly breaking her neck. Matt then digs inside his head to find his worst fear and kill him, but Knox just punches straight through Matt's chest. The two seemingly dead, Knox leaves, and the whole scenario is revealed to be a mental illusion created by Matt. Daphne kisses him on the cheek, telling him that what he did was amazing and that they need to run now. Matt tells her that he's going to stay and fight them. She tells him that it won't bring his father back, but he replies that it's his job to bring people like them to justice and suggests that they go to Primatech for help.

Later, Daphne talks to Arthur on the phone, telling him that it worked and that Matt believes she's on his side now before returning to his side.

It's Coming

Matt and Daphne arrive at Primatech, only to find it seemingly deserted. Following a vision of Usutu, Matt finds Angela's room where she lays in a coma. He tries to read her mind but only gets mental feedback in response and he decides that he has to help. Daphne says she'll go try to find a nurse, but instead runs over to Pinehearst to inform Arthur of what Matt's doing. She tries to get him to leave Matt out of things, but Arthur tells her that if Matt tries to go into Angela's head, he'll be waiting for him there.

Daphne returns to Matt, telling him that she couldn't find anyone. He tells her that he's going to go into Angela's head, and she worriedly asks if he can get hurt doing that. He admits that he's only done it once before, but just having her there makes him feel better about it and he tells her to just keep watch before leaning back.

Inside Angela's mindscape, a twisted version of the Primatech building, Matt finds her handcuffed to a chair and tries to free her, but Angela tells him that Arthur's locked all of the doors. Finding one that's open, Matt is about to escape with her when Daphne enters. She says that she's there to help him and they hug, but she then pulls out a large knife and stabs him in the stomach. In the real world, Daphne watches as Matt flinches and cries out "Daphne, don't!". Hurrying to his side, she finds blood on his abdomen and tries desperately to get him to wake up. When that doesn't work, she begs him to bring her inside the mindscape, which he unconsciously does. She finds herself next to the wounded Matt and tells him that they have to go, but Matt backs away from her in a panic. She tells him that she's there to help, but Matt tells her that she stabbed him. Her knife-wielding doppelganger tells him not to trust her before revealing herself to be Arthur, who tells him that a woman will betray him at every turn. Matt disagrees, but Arthur tells him about how Daphne informed him that he would be there. Daphne tries to explain that she didn't know what she was doing and confesses that she loves Matt. They embrace, and Angela tells Arthur that he loved her like that once, which finally convinces him to let her go. Her cuffs fall off and Matt gets them all out of there.

Matt, his wound gone, asks Daphne if that was really her back there. She confirms that is was and that she meant every word of what she said and they hug. Outside, Peter and Claire arrive looking for Angela. Peter says that they can't trust Daphne, having seen her fight him in the future and Matt violently attacks him, saying he's the one who can't be trusted. After they work things out, Matt and Daphne wind up on Angela's 'team' who will go up against Arthur.

The Eclipse, Part 1

Back in Brooklyn, Matt and Daphne look for Hiro's phone number so they can get him to help them. Daphne is nervous and scared of Arthur, since she betrayed him. She says that she also betrays Matt, but he assures her that he trusts her completely. She wonders how he can think he knows her so well and he tells her about their future again, which she dismisses as a dream. He insists that he won't let anything happen to her and they're interrupted by Hiro and Ando coming right to their door, guided by a comic book. When she sees the state Hiro's in, Daphne gets even more wary of things. Matt tries to restore Hiro's memories, but doesn't know how and Daphne panics, saying that she has to get out of there. She tells Matt that he paused when he told her that he trusted her and that he doesn't really know her before running away, but not before Matt picks up thoughts of home and Lawrence, Kansas. Matt tells Ando that he has to go after her, and Hiro, spotting a corn farm in the pages of his comic, teleports the three of them to Daphne's old home. Matt hears her thought inside, but as they approach the house, an eclipse begins.

Matt knocks on the farmhouse door and Daphne's father answers, saying that she's not home. Matt calls out to her and Daphne responds, telling him to go away. Mr. Millbrook brushes him off, and Matt attempts to use his ability to make him let him in, but he finds that his power isn't working and he's stuck outside. Inside, Mr. Millbrook asks Daphne if she's going to tell him who that was, and she says that she isn't before telling him that "it's happening again". Matt seems ready to give up, but Hiro throws corn at him and tells him about the 'Hero's Quest' until he resolves to save Daphne.

Matt waits until Mr. Millbrook leaves before returning to the front door and knocking again. Daphne tells him to leave again but he refuses. He tells her that he does know who she is, that she's smart, beautiful, funny, and that he's in love with her. He promises to never give up on her and she finally tells him to come in. When he does, she comes in from a back room on crutches and leg braces, telling him that she didn't want him to see her like that.

The Eclipse, Part 2

Matt asks Daphne what's going on and she explains that she has cerebral palsy, which her powers normally negate. She tells him to read her mind if he doesn't believe her, but he lets her know that he's lost his powers as well. She thinks that this is Arthur's way of punishing them for going against him and that she's a villain. Matt tells her that she's a good person, but Mr. Millbrook returns and Daphne says that Matt is leaving.

At Sam's Comics, Matt finds a comic that shows Daphne running away and realizes that the eclipse's effects are temporary. Matt hurries back to the corn farm to find that Daphne's already left and her father doesn't know where. Matt, his own ability back as well, overhears Daphne's thoughts from the fields while her father wonders if he could have done more to make her stay. Thanking Mr. Millbrook, Matt goes to find Daphne fiddling with a scarecrow while she mentally berates herself. Matt asks why she's still there and she explains that she wanted to talk to Ray, the scarecrow that she made when she was 13 to save her father's crops. Matt uses this as evidence that she really is a good person and tells her that he understands what she's going through. She asks if he forgives her, but he tells her that he's not the one she needs forgiveness from. Understanding, Daphne runs back to the house and embraces her father. Matt and Daphne then return to Sam's Comics together to learn that there is a final 9th Wonders story that they need to find.

Graphic Novel:The Caged Bird, Part 2

Matt watches on as Daphne reconciles with her father.

Our Father

Daphne brings Matt and Ando to a bike messenger service to find Isaac's final sketches. The dispatcher attempts to escape with them but Daphne stops him and brings him back. They look over the final, unpublished issue of 9th Wonders, discover that Hiro is trapped in the past, and begin to try to find a way to rescue him.


Matt, Daphne, and Ando go to Mohinder's lab to try to find him, but find it deserted. Daphne figures he's at Pinehearst and, though Matt doesn't want her to risk it, she runs there and steals a vial of the formula. Ando wants to use the formula to give himself an ability, but Matt is wary of what could happen until Daphne points out that their own powers seemed to come out of their own deepest wishes. Ando injects himself and passes out until Matt wakes him back up. He attempts to time travel, but nothing happens. Matt and Daphne watch closely and try to offer advice, but Ando grows frustrated and slams his hand down on a table, sending up red sparks. Matt and Daphne try to coax him into controlling his new ability, but he inadvertently uses it on both of them in turn, causing Matt to hear the thoughts of everyone in the city at once and causing Daphne to run so fast she travels back in time a few seconds. Matt posits that she ran faster than light, and after teasing him for a moment, she suggests that she and Ando go back in time together to save Hiro. Matt is once again worried for her, but she assures him she'll be fine and they successfully pull it off. Finally, Hiro and Daphne decide that they need to return to Pinehearst to destroy the formula once and for all. This time, Matt just smiles and tells her to go "be the good guy". When she returns triumphant, they happily embrace.

A Clear and Present Danger

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Trust and Blood

Daphne grabs Ando and they head to Russellville, AR, to find Matt and Hiro. Daphne super speeds around the place and gathers everyone, but is shot by Danko's team members. Matt uses telepathy to get the shooters to shoot at each other, but he cannot rescue Daphne as she is taken away by the men.

Cold Wars

Matt, thinking that Daphne is dead, interrogates Noah mercilessly using telepathy. He soon gets angry enough to point a gun at Noah. Noah tells Matt that Daphne is still alive, and lets him acknowledge her location.


Matt gets Peter's help to infiltrate Building 26 and rescue Daphne, but they are unsuccessful since Daphne had been transferred.

Cold Snap

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Memorable Quotes

"I had this dream, about the future. But it wasn't a dream, it was real. And you and I were... we were married. And I know about your speed ability, and we had this beautiful baby girl and this pet turtle and we were so, so happy. We're soul mates. I came here looking for you and what did I find? You were waiting for me, I mean, that's got to mean something, right?"

"Um, this is getting kind of stalky. So, um, I've got to go."

- Matt and Daphne (Dying of the Light)

"If I don't kill you, they'll kill me."



"Shoot me. Go ahead, if it's the only way that I can save your life, do it."

- Daphne and Matt (Eris Quod Sum)

"Matt, please. I made a mistake. I trusted the wrong people but I can't lose you. I love you."

- Daphne (to Matt) (It's Coming)

"We had a life together."

"In a dream."

"Uh, it was a spirit walk."

- Matt and Daphne (The Eclipse, Part 1)

"I came here because I know exactly who you are. You are smart, and beautiful, and funny. I don't even care if the spirit walk is all bunk, I'm not gonna - I'm never going to give up because... because I'm in love with you."

- Matt (to Daphne) (The Eclipse, Part 1)

"Life just took a lot from you and you were trying to take something back. I get that. We're all flawed, powers or no powers. But when it counts, you're a good person. I know it and you know that I know it."

- Matt (to Daphne) (The Eclipse, Part 2)

"Haven't you ever had faith in something even though everyone else said not to?"

"(looks at Daphne) Yeah. I have."

- Ando and Matt (Dual)

"How do you know so much about Einstein, Einstein?"

- Daphne (to Matt) (Dual)

"Do one more thing for me?"


"Fly me to the moon."

- Daphne, Matt (Cold Snap)

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