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Claire and Gretchen lay in the trunk (Strange Attractors)

Glaire is a fan coined term describing the relationship between Claire Bennet and Gretchen Berg.


At the Arlington University campus, Gretchen meets Claire, whose name she recognizes from the murdered cheerleader incident in Odessa, TX on Homecoming night at Union Wells. Gretchen suggests that she would have changed her name, and Claire tells her that she did for a while, and she was hoping that people would have forgotten.

Gretchen introduces herself to Claire

Later, at the dorm mixer, Gretchen apologizes to Claire about ever mentioning the murder, and then the two girls attempt to play Guitar Hero III. Gretchen improves her skill at the game, but neither girl does well.

Jump, Push, Fall

Gretchen waits outside of Claire's dorm room for Sandra to bring Claire back after Annie's death. Gretchen discusses the supposed suicide note with Claire and her mother, who believes Claire probably missed it. When Sandra leaves, Gretchen claims that this must be a murder, and they need to need to find a way to prove it.

Gretchen gets some books on forensic science and brings them to Claire while in a cafeteria.

Gretchen explains 'Jump,Push,Fall'.

She explains the process of the "Jump, Push, Fall Test" that she learned from an episode of Crossing Jordan, using an orange as a visual aid. When she gets to "push", she sends the orange flying onto an opposing table of girls, who reluctantly, with disgust on their faces, returns it. Gretchen says they need to get a dummy or cadaver that matches Annie's height and weight. Claire doesn't want to get involved, but Gretchen tells her she already is.

Gretchen sees Claire heal after Claire jumps from her dorm room window. The girls exchange awkward waves.


Gretchen tries to get Claire to talk to her about what she witnessed. Later, Noah comes by and invites Claire to lunch. Claire goes to the bathroom to brush her teeth and Gretchen approaches her and asks if she's a vampire, some kind of alien or government experiment. She follows Claire back to her dorm room and takes advantage of Noah's visit to get herself invited to lunch. At the lunch, Gretchen talks about Claire hiding her powers. She then talks about how she plans in majoring in biology and talks about a case she read on the Internet about a girl who didn't feel pain and can heal herself. Noah realizes she's talking about Claire. Gretchen then asks what Claire plans to major in. When Claire says she doesn't have to declare until her third year, Gretchen says that some choices are inevitable. She then asks Noah about his job and he admits that he's retired. She leaves for the restroom and Noah and Claire discuss the situation. Later, Gretchen and Claire walk back to the dorm and Gretchen apologies for being too pushy. She says that when she was in junior high, students used to tease her and call her "Retchin' Gretchen" because she smelled of vomit and they thought she was bulimic.

Claire and Gretchen talk

Claire finds that hard to believe but Gretchen doesn't deny it. Claire invites Gretchen to ask her anything, and Claire reveals her power. Later, the two girls chat and Claire lets Gretchen cut her hand to show her how her ability functions. Shortly after this, Gretchen asks to borrow a book from Claire, who responds by inviting her to be her roommate.

Hysterical Blindness

At Arlington University, Claire and Gretchen share breakfast and Claire admits that it's a pleasant change of pace for her to have a normal morning. She says her life is full of possibilities. Rebecca Taylor comes over and says that Claire can't escape her destiny and asks if she'll be rushing the Psi Alpha Chi sorority, the one that Sandra went to. Claire agrees to stop by but Gretchen objects, insisting that sorority's are a social crutch for people who can't make friends on their own. Claire invites Gretchen along, promising to be her best friend if she comes. Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

Claire and Gretchen arrive late for the rush ceremony at the sorority house. Rebecca begins the rush by starting up some speed-dating to introduce pledges to the sorority members. Claire tries to talk about her life as best she can, but she discovers that everyone has learned about her background from Gretchen.

Back in their room, Claire discovers that Gretchen is wearing her sweater. Gretchen asks if she can continue wearing it and Claire gives her permission to continue wearing it. Gretchen goes to the restroom and one of her books falls on the floor. When Claire goes to pick it up, she notices that it's turned on Gretchen's laptop, and it has photos of Claire, web pages of Costa Verde High School, and an article on murder-suicide. Claire quickly closes the laptop as Gretchen comes back. She tells Gretchen to go on ahead to the sorority mixer and Gretchen reluctantly agrees.

Later at the sorority, Claire arrives and is greeted by Rebecca. She is introduced to Kara Hayback, another ex-cheerleader. As they talk, Claire notices a falling banner pole and pushes Kara out of the way. It just misses both of them. Claire looks up and sees Gretchen on the balcony above.

Gretchen kisses Claire, before admitting her crush.

Gretchen returns to the dorm room where Claire is waiting. She denies doing anything, but Claire says that Gretchen was the only one there and either felt threatened or wanted to force Claire to reveal her powers. When Claire explains what she saw on the laptop, Gretchen angrily accuses her of violating her privacy. She then admits she was "Google-ing" Claire, but Claire says she saw the information on Annie. She accuses Gretchen of obsessing about her and insists that all she wanted was a normal life. Gretchen insists she didn't kill Annie but is stalking her just a little. She grabs Claire and kisses her, and then admits she has a crush. Before Claire can say anything, Allison and the other sorority sisters come in and inform them they've been accepted.

Later at the Carnival, Rebecca explains to Samuel that, while invisible, she made it appear that Gretchen dropped the banner pole and that she dropped the book to reveal the pages on Gretchen's laptop.

Rebecca returns to the dorm as the sorority sisters prepare to initiate Gretchen and Claire.

Strange Attractors

Claire and Gretchen, while trying to get to sleep, decide to discuss Gretchen's feelings for Claire. Claire is worried that Gretchen may kiss her while she sleeps and Gretchen laughs, assuring her that she will not. Claire then surprises Gretchen by saying that the kiss was not so bad. Becky and the other sisters burst into the room and "kidnap" the girls, placing them inside of a truck. Gretchen is close to Claire in the truck and Claire admits that she doesn't know how she feels about Gretchen. When they arrive at the slaughterhouse, Claire and Gretchen team up to try and escape before the other girls Olivia and Ashley. Gretchen and Claire walk through the slaughterhouse and Claire asks Gretchen how long she has liked girls. Gretchen admits that she has had more boyfriends than girlfriends and then learns that Claire is a virgin. Gretchen says that they are strange attractors and is then pushed to the floor by Claire, who manages to move her just in time to avoid being hit by a hook.

Claire tells Gretchen that someone may be after her and Gretchen says that no one was in the room with them. Claire explains that there are lots of people with abilities and that someone may be trying to kill Gretchen like they killed Annie. They meet up with the other two girls and agree to work together to get out. Claire and Gretchen go into one room and Gretchen is attacked by an invisible Becky. Claire tries desperately to save her but Becky pushes her onto a spike. Claire manages to get Becky off of Gretchen just as the girls arrive. As Becky flees, Gretchen helps pull Claire free. She and the other girls then watch her heal.


In the slaughterhouse, Olivia and Ashley wonder what they just saw, and Ashley is describing the fact that they just saw Rebecca turn invisible and Claire impaled on a steel rod. Claire says they were attacked by wild dogs, and claims that the sorority sisters must have put hallucinogenics in the water bottles. Gretchen claims she saw Olivia and Ashley making out. Olivia accepts the story and Ashley goes along with her, and Claire say that they should all keep it to themselves. Gretchen admits that she's not okay and points out that Becky tried to kill her.

Later, in their dorm room, Gretchen is doing an Internet search to determine why Becky wants Gretchen and Annie dead. Claire plans to go to the sorority house and see if she can find answers in Rebecca's room, but Gretchen wonders if Rebecca is in the room with them. Claire sprays talcum powder around the room to see if Becky is there, but Gretchen isn't reassured and suggests she should go with Claire. Claire then tells her to stay there and not let anyone in the room, and hands her the talcum powder, gives her a thumbs up, and leaves. Gretchen is left holding the talcum powder.

Claire leaves Noah and returns to her dorm room, and discovers that Gretchen is packing. Gretchen explains that she is going home and doesn't believe that there's anything Claire can do. Claire explains that she called her father and says that Gretchen is too important to her to lose her. Gretchen says she's already booked her flight, but René comes in and Claire explains that he can keep Becky from turning invisible. Gretchen insists that she's the target and it may be everyday life for Claire, but she can't handle it and she's just not like Claire. As she goes, Claire tells René to follow Gretchen until she gets on the plane.

Later, Claire tries to go to sleep without success and looks over at Gretchen's empty bed.


Claire is talking to Noah on the phone. She says she isn't in the mood and tells him that Gretchen moved out and across campus. Noah believes that he's responsible but Claire says that it wouldn't have worked out anyway.

Later, at Noah's appartment , Claire is studying the news clippings that Noah has been collecting about the compass , when there is a knock at the door. Noah lets the person in: it's Gretchen.

Gretchen explains that Noah called her because he knew they were both feeling low. She says that her new roommate is awful, she's a slob, and no one has tried to kill her in days. Claire suggests that she should move back in again, and Gretchen admits that Claire is the only person that has understood her.

Later in Gretchen's car, Claire tells Gretchen they have a couple of days and she wants to find out where the compass leads. She admits that she stole it from Noah, and she wants to know what choices she has. Claire asks if Gretchen is willing to come, and warns that Becky might be there. Gretchen insists on going with Claire and they leave, following the compass' arrow.

The Fifth Stage

Claire and Gretchen arrive at the carnival and prepare to go in. Claire then begins to have second thoughts and worries that Becky may try to kill Gretchen again. Gretchen insists that she'll support Claire and tells her she's been on the road to the carnival all of her life, so she should check it out. Samuel comes out to greet them and brings them in. He gives them free passes and says the whole night is on him. Claire reiterates that they're just looking, but wonders what she is supposed to be seeing. Samuel insists the carnival is more than normal than it appears, and they go from town to town until they find a more permanent way to live. He offers them popcorn and insists it's the best in the world, and invites them to meet his family. When they're done with the popcorn, he'll walk them back to their car.

The two girls look around and go by an exhibit for "the Replicating Man" and then come to Lydia's tent. They go inside and Lydia explains that Claire should take her hand and then she'll show her what she needs to see. Claire takes her hand, asks, "Am I supposed to be here?" and an image of herself wearing the banner of "the Indestructible Girl" appears on Lydia's back. Lydia informs her that it's her desire. Gretchen takes Claire and leaves.

As they walk down the midway, Gretchen wonders about Claire's secret desires. Claire notes that it's amazing that all of the carnival folk figured out a way to live openly. Gretchen points out they're conning people, but Claire notes that it's better than being hunted by the government. They come to a booth where a burly guy is participating in a baseball pitch game. A little girl objects, saying that he's had his turn. The burly man keeps missing and Claire points out that the game operator is using a power to redirect the ball. The little girl steps up and she wins thanks to the game operator using telekinesis. The girls finish off their popcorn and Samuel arrives. He offers to show them the backstage where they live and Gretchen objects, but Claire agrees. Samuel tells Gretchen that she's welcome to join them and they don't exclude anyone. Claire goes with him and Gretchen follows after a minute.

Backstage, Samuel tells a fairy tale about an ogre to the carnival children while Claire and Gretchen watch. Claire insists it isn't so creepy behind the scenes, but Gretchen points out that they're exploiting their abilities. Doyle comes over, wearing carnival garb, and admits that Samuel found him and everything changed. Now he can be completely himself. Doyle wants to talk to her later and Claire assures him that she'll be there for a while. Once he leaves, Claire explains that Doyle kidnapped her once and she had to get her mother to shoot her but she got over it. Samuel asks Claire to tell the children one more story before bedtime. She tells a story about a frog while Gretchen nears Samuel and asks what he's up to. She warns him that Claire is emotionally vulnerable, but Samuel insists that the one thing his family can offer in great abundance is love.

Claire finishes her story with a "happily ever after" and Samuel sends the children off to bed. One of them hugs Claire before going and Samuel assures her that the children love her. The burly man comes back and demands to see Samuel. He insists that they stole his money and Samuel denies it. He tries to talk him down but the man punches Samuel repeatedly. Samuel refuses to fight back and finally Claire intervenes. The man smashes a bottle and cuts Claire across the face. She glares at him and the man watches in shock as the wound heals. She tells him that he can't hurt them, and he runs off in fear.

Claire tends to Samuel's wounds, as Gretchen looks on. She asks why he let the man beat him up. Samuel explains that he made the choice to preserve the family's well being. He admits he could have defended himself, but the path of least resistance was the wisest in this case. Samuel points out they're both learning about themselves and seeking out ways to live their lives on their own terms. Claire points out that Samuel and his people can live out in the open, but he notes that he's been treated like a second-class citizen and now he wonders if there's another way. He insists there must be a way to move beyond the carnival and says that Claire can help them. He tells her she needs to do some soul-searching and invites her to stay there to do it.

As Claire and Gretchen leave, Claire tells her friend that she's going to stay for a couple of more days. Gretchen understands that Claire has found a place where she belongs. The two girls hug while Samuel and Lydia arrive. Claire tells Gretchen she will see her on Monday and Gretchen replies by saying "I hope so". Claire turns and walks towards Samuel and Lydia, and Gretchen goes off to her car.

Let It Bleed

Claire returns to her dorm room and finds a note from Gretchen saying that she's studying late in the library.


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The Art of Deception

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The Wall

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Memorable Quotes

"Gretchen? I really really wanna trust you but my life has been a complex series of disasters and, it's been a really really long time since I felt safe enough to tell anyone the truth but I'm tired of keeping this secret to myself. So ask me anything, I'll tell you the truth"

- Claire (Ink)

"Can I... see it?"

"See what? The healing?"

"If that's not crossing the line"

- Gretchen, Claire (Ink)

"I have a crush. I'm crushing on you."

- Gretchen (Hysterical Blindness)

"Are you afraid I'm gonna kiss-attack you in your sleep?"


- Gretchen, Claire (Strange Attractors)

"I need you"

- Claire (Strange Attractors)

"I wanna hold your hand"

- Claire (Pass/Fail)


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