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Peter's Stupidity
Peter is stupid.jpg
Peter is stupid

On multiple occasions, Peter demonstrates extreme acts of stupidity. (Feel free to edit, any other examples or pictures would be highly appreciated)

Season 1


  • Peter tries a pick-up line on Simone in the presence of her dying father.
  • Peter chooses to jump from a potentially fatal height to prove that he can fly, as opposed to something safer.

Don't Look Back

  • Peter fails to notice that he's hovering above the ground while trying to convince his brother that he can fly.

One Giant Leap

  • Peter repeatedly jumps off a children's playground in public, failing to realize that if he does manage to fly, someone may see. He also doesn't notice the small child enjoying his pain.

Nothing to Hide

  • Despite all of the lies Nathan has told, Peter believes that Nathan could not obtain the Linderman painting for him.


  • Although he telekinetically threw Isaac across the room moments earlier, Peter chooses to turn invisible instead of telekinetically disarming the heroin addict engulfed in a jealous rage. Soon after, Simone is accidentally killed.


  • Peter again decides that invisibility is the best way to win a fight. He is shortly impaled with a piece of glass in the back of his head.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • Peter hears Claire's thoughts and learns that she doesn't trust him anymore because he took her to Nathan. He leaves the car and doesn't close the door. When he returns, Claire is gone.
  • Instead of leaving New York and going to explode in a less populated area, Peter fights Sylar and risks killing millions.

Season 2


Four Months Ago...

  • Peter skips numerous chances to have sex with Elle.
  • Peter doesn't even try to fly away from the Haitian instead of running.

Truth & Consequences

  • Peter trusted Adam without even using telepathy on him.


Season 3

The Second Coming

  • Future Peter is running down a street. Running. Did he forget he can fly and teleport?
  • Future Peter tries to convince Future Claire he's up to a good thing, but still ends up stopping time and taking her gun before teleporting to the past.
  • Future Peter arrives when Nathan is about to reveal the existence of people with abilities and shoots him. He could just go to an earlier date and warn his brother what happens if the world finds out.

The Butterfly Effect

  • Future Peter decides to put Peter in a level 5 evolved human, later Peter breaks out.

I Am Become Death

  • Peter doesn't believe his future self the formula will destroy the world, despite having had a look at a newspaper. Like he's the one who knows better.
  • Future Peter says he shouldn't attract attention. Perhaps if he turned invisible, Future Claire wouldn't have shot him.
  • Peter enters the Bennets' home with burning hands, while he already knows fire cannot harm Sylar.
  • Peter repeatedly tells Gabriel to give him his power when he knew it comes with a hunger. When he finally acquires it, he kills future Nathan, and almost his present day mother, because of the hunger he was warned about.
  • Gabriel tells Peter to escape, but he decides to stay and convince Future Claire not to kill little Noah. Again, he forgets about his slate of powerful abilities. As a result, Noah is killed and Costa Verde wiped out.

Dying of the Light

Eris Quod Sum

  • Peter doesn't bother to thank his dad for ridding him of the murderous hunger.
  • Peter escapes and tries to fight back against his father, even though he knows that Arthur has all of his abilities.
  • Peter believes that Sylar will help him, regardless of the whole super-powered serial killer bit. He is shortly defenestrated.


A Clear and Present Danger

  • Last time Peter saw Nathan, he saved his life and told him he loves him. Now, he doesn't even want to exchange a few words with his brother, who asks him for forgiveness.
  • Peter accidentally freezes plane 195, creating a hole in the plane.


  • Peter still refuses to believe Nathan, despite Nathan's just saved his life.

Season 4

Tabula Rasa

  • When shot at by Jeremy Greer, instead of stopping time so he could get close to Jeremy and replicate his ability, Peter instead chooses to sneak around back. He is later shot in the chest. On top of this, he is also unaware for about 15 seconds that he has been shot.

Brother's Keeper

  • Peter told to "Nathan" to go to Midland and find Matt. Sylar got his body back because Sylar touched Nathan.
  • Peter replicates flight for healing but forgets to heal Hiro first.

The Fifth Stage

  • Peter chooses to give Nathan a dramatic farewell scene. While Nathan's death is tragic, he somehow forgot that he just let a serial killer loose. Perhaps that nail through the skull would have been a wiser decision.

Let It Bleed

  • Peter shares his recent troubles with a crazed man holding a gun, believing he has made a connection. He ends up getting shot in the chest. Again.

Close to You

  • Peter tells Emma that he'll call her later. We'll let you figure out why this is a problem.

The Art of Deception

Peter decides to enlist Sylar's help even though the only evidence he has of Sylar's impending reformation is an ambigious dream. Now, let us examine his options and their possible outcomes.

  • Peter brings Sylar into the picture
  1. Sylar's reformation falls through and sticks. He saves Emma and everyone is happy.
  2. Sylar becomes good, but his Hunger returns after seeing the potential of Emma's enhanced synesthesia. Emma is brutally murdered and countless others will no doubt follow suit.
  3. Sylar's "reformation" turns out to be some odd dream metaphor and he scalps Peter and Emma and countless others as he carries on the foreordained massacre.
  • Peter tries to stop Emma on his own
  1. He succeddes, and everyone is happy.
  2. He succeddes, but Emma is killed in the process.
  3. He fails, and Emma's massacre goes ahead.
  • Peter does nothing
  1. Emma's massacre falls through but he lives.
  2. This causes him to avoid the typical self-fufilling prophecy and everyone is happy.

Now regardless of what actually happened, look at the difference between the risks and benefits here. Was this really a smart and well-thought out decision?

Memorable Quotes

"I've been up here all night thinking about this, thinking about my destiny."

"What are you doing, Pete?"

"It's my turn to be somebody now, Nathan!"

- Peter (to Nathan, just before he jumps of a rooftop thinking he can fly. He shortly ends up in a hospital) (Genesis)

"Wait, you didn't know you were going to heal when you jumped off the building?"

"No *laughs* that's kind of stupid, huh?"

- Claire, Peter


  • Since the episode Our Father, Arthur showed the same kind of stupidity as Peter, when Sylar was holding the bullet and René wasn't blocking his ability anymore, Arthur could have used telepathy on Sylar. But Arthur choose not to and it caused him to die. It is possible that Peter got his Stupidity from his father, but this is never confirmed.
  • Peter may have also inherited his stupidity from his mother. For example, she turns Sylar into Nathan instead of just using Claire's blood or Hiro's space-time manipulation to bring him back to life.
  • It has also been theorized that Peter may have used the ability of space-time manipulation to go back into the past and become his own father. This, of course, would have created an ontological paradox of genetic deformities, explaining Peter's stupidity.


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