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Photographs/main characters

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Many photographs have been taken of main characters.


Claire BennetNoah BennetElle BishopTommy ClarkJoanne CollinsLuke CollinsSimone DeveauxD.L. HawkinsMaya HerreraAndo MasahashiIsaac MendezAdam MonroeHiro NakamuraMatt ParkmanAngela PetrelliNathan PetrelliPeter PetrelliMicah SandersNiki SandersTracy StraussSamuel SullivanMohinder SureshSylarNotes

Claire Bennet

Noah Bennet

Elle Bishop

Tommy Clark

Joanne Collins

Luke Collins

Simone Deveaux

D.L. Hawkins

Maya Herrera

Ando Masahashi

Isaac Mendez

Adam Monroe

Hiro Nakamura

Matt Parkman

Angela Petrelli

Nathan Petrelli

Peter Petrelli

Micah Sanders

Niki Sanders

Tracy Strauss

Samuel Sullivan

Mohinder Suresh



  • In a CBR interview, the writers revealed that Peter's "prom photo" is "actually from Milo's personal stash. You'll notice a lot of the photos we use on the show are from personal collections. It makes everything more real."
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