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Sylar and his new partner in crime, Danko.

Syko (pronounced "psycho") is a fan-created term for the uncanny alliance between Sylar and Danko.


Shades of Gray

After reveling with his father, Sylar appears in Danko's apartment, leaving him a gift.

Cold Snap

Sylar leaves a tied up incapacitated Eric Doyle as a gift for Danko.

Into Asylum

After appearing in his car, Sylar tells Danko that they would benefit from working together. He leaves just as Danko is about to shoot him, leaving him to think about the idea. Later, Sylar informs Danko that his team has been compromised by a shape shifter. Sylar then goes to the apartment of the suspect only to be surprised by Danko. The two collaborate on the suspects whereabouts only to find he has a fetish for taking the faces of other men and going out on the town. Danko and Sylar soon find a matchbox for a nightclub, Garden of Eden. After arriving, they see that the Martin has assumed the identity of Danko but he soon disappears once he see the duo. After separating and get back together the admit that they can't find him, with Sylar suspiciously onlooking. The two leave but both pull out guns with Danko catching him on the draw. The real Sylar walks out of the club surprised that Danko killed him. Danko admits he didn't kill him, leaving him to the mercy of Sylar. Danko asks that he doesn't remove his brain.

The next day Noah Bennet arrives to see a dead Sylar with a knife implanted in the back of his head. Noah seems to be fooled by the dead shape shifter still in his Sylar form as a coroner zips the body bag up. Later, the coroner sits in the passenger seat of Danko's car. As Danko is telling her that she is free to be whomever they want, she shifts and is shown to be actually Sylar. Danko reveals their plan to have Sylar be the only one left.

Turn and Face the Strange

Danko on looks as Noah examines the dead body of who he presumes is Sylar, but is actually the deceased shape shifted James Martin. As Noah revels in this, Danko dishes on the dead Sylar's demise and notes on Noah's number of near nabs of Sylar. After Noah receives a surprise visit from Sandra, Danko introduces himself. They part ways, and Danko makes his way to the bathroom. There, he meets another urinal-bound Danko, revealing that the first Danko is actually a shape shifted Sylar. Danko reminds him that this isn't a game and that Noah Bennet is on the case. Sylar admits that he doesn't want to kill Noah, he wants to destroy him.

Sylar then toys with Noah and puts his marriage on the line when shape shifts into Sandra Bennet. Ironically, while this is going on Danko's love life is also being tested by a testy Matt Parkman. After Noah is pushed to the edge with Sylar's mind games, he realizes that he cannot be in this alone and assumes that Danko must be his partner in crime, he soon finds out that his assumptions where correct when he tricks Danko into telling him the truth. He wants to know about Sylar's whereabouts and Danko tell him that he is in the form of an Agent Donner. The pair arrive to meet the team, Noah immediately takes action and threatens Agent Donner. After intense mind games ensue, Noah shoots him and expects him to get up as Sylar, but he does not get up. Terrified at what he's done Noah goes on the run. After the other members leave to pursue Noah, Danko is left with the dead body of Agent Donner. Danko starts talking to it and he rises, shape shifting into Sylar. Danko comments on his ability to play dead.

I Am Sylar

Sylar is told by Danko to assume the life and role of Agent Taub. Sylar soon regrets the decision when he wakes up as Taub and notices that all of his body parts aren't returning to their pre-shifted forms. Danko and Sylar meet him at a park where Sylar believes that his ability is actually turning into Agent Taub, as his DNA isn't returning back to normal. Danko informs him that his appearance as Sylar has to become less noticed and leaves. Sylar carves the words "I Am Sylar" in his arm before returning to his role as Agent Taub and watching the scars heal.

Tom Miller sits in his home in Richmond, Virginia drinking cocoa and receives a message from Rebel, informing him that he needs to escape now. Sylar suddenly appears in Tom's home, scaring him. Tom tells him that he shouldn't scare him and asks if he is Rebel. Sylar states that he is a rebel. Danko and his team approach from the outside. Tom asks why they are being hunted and and Sylar stated it's because of fear. He then asks Tom to display his ability and Sylar watches as Tom disintegrates a porcelain doll. Sylar then proceeds to take his ability. As Danko and his team hear the scream and enter the room they see "I Am Sylar" splashed on the wall in blood over Tom's body. Agent Taub, who is really Sylar, appears and states that this killer must have some ego.

When Danko returns to his office he finds Sylar, who admits that he is having problems with his powers. Danko states that he needs to get over his little identity crisis. When Sylar uses his ability to fix Danko's watch, Danko assumes that he stole that ability too, Sylar informs him that was his original ability.

Danko later comes to Agent Taub's apartment (where Sylar is living) and explains that Rebel has been found and that Agent Taub needs to join the team. Soon, Danko and his team close in on the abandoned warehouse that Rebel is operating from. Danko orders the power to be cut to the building--no power means no machines. As the team moves in, Agent Harper turns to speak to "Taub", but he is no longer there. In the warehouse, Micah quickly stuffs his belongings into his backpack, but as he is leaving, Sylar steps in front of him. Sylar is surprised to find that Rebel is just a kid, but Micah says he knows who Sylar is, and what his problem is. Sylar doubts him, but Micah says that Sylar has forgotten who he really is. He explains that people with powers are all connected and that Sylar is special and can save them all.

Sylar secretly helps Micah escape. Danko asks why Sylar didn't kill Micah, but Sylar replies that he didn't need the extra power--with all that's going on in his head, talking to machines would be too much to handle. Danko tells him they've gotten plenty of intel from Micah's systems, including the locations of dozens of specials. He orders Sylar to go after them, and to change back into Agent Taub.

Later, as Sylar and Nathan are exchanging threats, Danko appears and tasers Nathan, knocking him unconscious. Sylar is annoyed and Danko tells him to become Agent Taub again so they can go after the fugitives. However, Danko is surprised when Sylar comes out of the bathroom in his own form, instead of Agent Taub's. He says he needs him to be Taub again but Sylar says he's not interested in what Danko needs. Before Sylar can finish his sentence, Danko sticks a knife into the back of his head and Sylar falls to the floor. Danko calls to ask for a clean-up crew but before he can finish, Sylar gets up and pulls the knife out. "That hurt," he says to a shocked Danko.

An Invisible Thread

Danko stares in amazement as Sylar takes out the knife and stands back up, explaining that it he was able to move his 'weak spot' using shape shifting. Turning to Danko he throws him across the room before telling Danko his plan to become President, Danko assures him, he'll never let that happen but Sylar, turning into him and taking his gun shoots agents waiting outside the room. As Danko is still restrained, Sylar turns into Agent Taub and calls the other agents in, who arrest Danko, as he swears at his former associate.

Later in custody of Building 26, Danko and Noah discuss how they will stop Sylar, as they are released by Hiro they prepare a syringe to take him out, but Danko turns on Noah, resulting in Hiro injecting him.

Memorable Quotes

"He's a better you than you."

- Sylar (to Danko, when referring to James Martin in Danko's form) (Into Asylum)

"If we do this... if we succeed... you'll be the only one left."

"Funny how that works."

- Danko, Sylar (Into Asylum)


  • Interestingly, Sylar and Danko share one thing in common, killing evolved humans. While Sylar kills to collect their powers, Danko kills for eradication.

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