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Dreams Until Death.jpg
Gael and Bianca on their wedding day.

Biael is the fan name for the relationship between Gael and Bianca.


Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1

In Berlin, Germany Devin and Gael are talking about the Company as Bianca swims in the Wannsee. She comes back up to the surface after two and a half hours being under. Bianca passionately kisses Gael as Devin comments that she shouldn't be flaunting her ability. He then comments the only way she can get away with it is because her superior (Gael) is her fiancé.

Later that night Gael and Bianca have dinner at a restaurant. After sitting down Gael informs Bianca that he is assigned by the Company to watch her since they suspect she might be a double agent. Upset, Bianca gets up and leaves.

Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 2

As Bianca and Devin wait for the German to show so they can bag and tag him, Bianca tell him that she's pissed at Gael for lying to her why he came to Berlin. Devin reasures her that Gael loves her and is just trying to protect her. They break into the German's room and discover that he is not there and that he knows where Gael is located.

The two of them drive off to check on Gael. Bianca trys to call him on her cell phone and panics when he does not answer. They make into his hotel room just as the German was about to kill Gael. The two of them come in guns blazing. Bianca manages to get Gael to safety, but Devin is killed by the German.

Graphic Novel:Hindsight

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Graphic Novel:Foresight

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Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 1

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Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 2

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Graphic Novel:Into the Wild, Part 3

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The Butterfly Effect

Sylar strolls down the street in Costa Verde when a car pulls up with two Company agents. The video feed from the car shows the two getting out and using tasers on Sylar, but they prove to be ineffective. He then sends the two back into the car. Bob turns off the video feed from his office and tells Elle that Agents Cruz and Karina were some of the best agents in the Company.

Graphic Novel:Dreams Until Death

Gael is driving with Bianca, having been sent after Sylar by the Company. Sylar had been spotted in the area of the Bennets' home, and they were the closest agents to the scene. As they approach the scene, Bianca asks to hold Gael's hand, and that he not let Sylar gain her ability. Gael agrees to not let that happen. Just then, Gael spots Sylar walking down the street and parks the car nearby. As they jump out of the car and Bianca orders Sylar to the ground, Gael thinks back on the life he could have had with Bianca, now believing they are both about to die. He imagines getting married to Bianca, their honeymoon, having children, giving them away to marriage and celebrating Christmas with their new families as grandparents.

After completing the daydream, he joins Bianca in tasing Sylar. However, it has no effect and Sylar uses telekinesis to thrust them across the hood of their car. Bianca manages to pull out her gun and fire a few rounds at Sylar, but he is unaffected due to having obtained the ability to heal himself. Sylar then jumps onto the hood of the car and asks which of them is the special agent, and Gael replies he is. Sylar responds by killing Bianca, and then splitting Gael's head open. Realizing Gael lied, Sylar throws Gael onto the ground next to Bianca and drives off in their car; and as he dies, Gael takes hold of Bianca's hand. Gael notes that he fulfilled his promise and now they will be together forever.

Memorable Quotes

"How long has she been under?"

"Two and a half hours."

"That's my Bianca."

- Gael, Devin (Graphic Novel:Berlin, Part 1)


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