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Name Ability Location Sources
Abe Light absorption New York, NY The Agent
Abigail Forcefields London, England Sum Quod Sum, Part 2
Acerra, Felipe (deceased) Phasing 180 Normandie St. The List, The Map
Agent Electric manipulation Moab, UT Walls, Part 1
Agent Sound absorption Unknown Going Postal
Agent Super speed Moab, UT Walls, Part 1
Aiden Flight Unknown Slow Burn
Anders, Syn Empathic manipulation Saint Paul, MN Habbo
Andrews, Charlie Enhanced memory Midland, TX The List, Seven Minutes to Midnight
Angie Flight CA Libertad
Arnold (deceased) Space-time manipulation Unknown Orientation
Aswan, Abu Levitation 1428 Sabah, N Ave., Cairo, Egypt The List, The Map, History of a Secret
Au Co (deceased) Plant growth Au Co, Vietnam War Buddies, Part 4
Aviv Telekinesis Unknown Slow Burn
Axelson, Elizabeth (deceased) Unknown Unknown Exposed


Bahn, Lukas
Evolved human detection Washington, D.C. Assignment tracker map
Bailey, Bridget (deceased) Clairsentience London, England BBC Two Suresh Emails, Heroes Evolutions
Barbara Water generation Unknown The Agent
Baron Samedi Impenetrable skin Haiti The Eclipse, Part 1
Bennet, Claire Rapid cell regeneration Odessa, TX and Costa Verde, CA Genesis
Berman, David Unknown New York, NY The List
Betty (Candice Willmer, Michelle) (deceased) Illusion Clayton, NY The List, Company Man, Betty, Part 1
Bevington, Byron Precognition Marshfield, VT The List, The Map
Bishop, Bob (deceased) Alchemy Unknown Four Months Later...
Bishop, Elle (deceased) Electric manipulation Unknown Fight or Flight
Bowman, Chris Fire breathing Unknown Faction Zero
Bowman, Gail Fire breathing Unknown Faction Zero
Bowman, Jennie Fire breathing Unknown Faction Zero
Brooks, Felicia (deceased) Disintegration touch Hartsdale, NY Donna's Big Date, Part 2
Bryne, Therese Induced sleep and soporifia Boston, MA Faction Zero
Burton, Penkala (deceased) Unknown 12 Marshy Lane, Albert Lea, MN The List, The Map
Buzzetti, Daniel Unknown Greely, CO The List


Caleb (deceased)
Spider mimicry Unknown Yang & Yang
Callum Illusion Unknown Faction Zero
Campbell, Luke Microwave emission Newark, NJ Trust and Blood
Canfield, Stephen (deceased) Gravitational manipulation Los Feliz, CA Angels and Monsters
Cavanaugh, Frank (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List, The Map
Chobham, Tracy Teleportation 4 Pear Lane, Frostburg, MD The List, The Map
Cole Carbon isolation and formation Unknown The Civilian
Comey, Mrs. Heating Unknown Hysterical Blindness
Constrictor, The (deceased) Constriction Los Angeles, CA Going Postal, Part 1
Coolidge, Chris (deceased) Enhanced synesthesia Unknown From the Files of Primatech, Part 1
Coolidge, Emma Enhanced synesthesia New York, NY Ink
Cooper Electric manipulation Lyneboro, CT The Civilian
Crane boy Unknown Boise, ID Five Years Gone
Crazy Tom Illusion Unknown The Agent
Croatian, The Weather control Unknown Faces, Part 1
Crocker, Perrin Bone spike protrusion Unknown Under the Bridge, Part 1
Crocker, Travis (Shard) Extraskeletal manipulation Unknown Slow Burn
Cushing, Leonard (deceased) Acid secretion Mesa, AZ and Las Vegas, NV Trust Issues, Part 1


Datre, Nicholas (deceased)
Unknown Unknown The List
Davis, Brian (deceased) Telekinesis New York, NY Six Months Ago
Davis, Evan Danger sensing Unknown Slow Burn
Davis, Josh Shape shifting Unknown Slow Burn
Damian Memory manipulation Unknown Tabula Rasa
Dawson, Monica Adoptive muscle memory New Orleans, LA The Kindness of Strangers
DeMille, Echo (deceased) Sound manipulation Los Angeles, CA A Nifty Trick
Deveaux, Charles (deceased) Telepathy Manhattan, NY 1961
Dowland, Arthur (deceased) Unknown Unknown The Map
Doyle, Eric Puppet master Costa Verde, CA The Butterfly Effect
Draph Original: Claircognizance
Given: Ability replication
Unknown Slow Burn
Drucker, Richard (deceased) Electronic communication Netherlands, Argentina and Paro, Bhutan The Last Shangri-La, Heroes Evolutions
Dumont, Julien (deceased) Cloning Hartsdale, NY Root and Branch, Part 1
Dunlap, Donna (deceased) Telescopic vision Baltimore, MD and Hartsdale, NY Donna's Big Date, Part 1


Super speed Unknown Orientation
Edward Accelerated probability Lima, Peru Destiny, Part 4
Elephant man (deceased) Unknown (synthetic) Fort Lee, NJ It's Coming
Eli Cloning Unknown Prodigals, Part 1
Elisa Water mimicry Lima, Peru Destiny, Part 1
Ellis, Sarah (Eden McCain) (deceased) Persuasion UT, Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY Don't Look Back
Essex, Donald Water mimicry Memphis, TN Under the Bridge, Part 2
Evan Cloning Port Arlesburgh Revolutionary War, Part 1


Female fugitive
Unknown Unknown A Clear and Present Danger
Ferguson, Robert Size alteration Alexandria, LA Assignment tracker map
Finder, Rebecca Unknown Unknown The Map
Fitzgerald, Michael Enhanced strength Unknown Viewpoints
<span id="Fletcher, Harry1">Fletcher, Harry1 (deceased) Unknown New York, NY The List, The Map
Franklin, Benjamin (deceased) Electrical absorption Philadelphia, PA A Lesson in Electricity
Fusor's accomplice (deceased) Dehydration France Golden Handshake, Part 2
Future terrorist (deceased) Future terrorist's ability Albany, OR Resistance


Gaines, Markus
Animal control Dayton, OH Assignment tracker map, Faction Zero
Garcia, Manuel (deceased) Teleportation Levittown, NY Faces, Part 1
German, The (deceased) Magnetism Munich, Germany and New York, NY Assignment Tracker 2.0, Berlin, Part 2
Gitelman, Hana (deceased) Digital communication Israel and Missoula, MT Wireless, Part 1, Unexpected
Gordon, Flint Jr. (deceased) Pyrokinesis Unknown The Second Coming
Gordon, Meredith (deceased) Pyrokinesis Kermit, TX The Fix
<span id="Gramble, Paula1">Gramble, Paula1 (deceased) Unknown Monteith, IA The List
Gray, Gabriel (Sylar) Intuitive aptitude Queens, NY One Giant Leap
Gray, Samson Intuitive aptitude Newark, NJ and Unknown Exposed
<span id="Green, Pam2">Green, Pam2 Unknown Unknown The List, The Map
Greer, Jeremy (deceased) Jeremy's ability Cainan, GA Tabula Rasa
Grigsby, Howard Luminescence Peach Pit, GA Blindsided
Guyanan local Unidentified Guyana The Kill Squad, Part 3
Guillame (deceased) Bliss and horror Haiti It Takes a Village, Part 1


H, Dee
Luminescence St. Petersburg, FL Heroes Evolutions
Halebi, Amid3 Induced radioactivity Los Angeles, CA The List, The Map
Hanover, Ryan (deceased) Unknown (synthetic) Fort Lee, NJ The Recruit, Part 2
Harding, Paul (deceased) Hair manipulation Washington, D.C. Assignment tracker map
Harmon Wall crawling Unknown Libertad
Harrison, Eric Lee Size alteration TX Faction Zero
Harvey, Morgan Empathic manipulation Unknown Slow Burn
Hawkins, D.L. (deceased) Phasing Las Vegas, NV The List, Hiros
Hawkins, Paulette (deceased) Ability augmentation Las Vegas, NV The Kill Squad, Part 3
Herrera, Alejandro (deceased) Alejandro's ability Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Maya y Alejandro, Lizards
Herrera, Maya Poison emission (lost) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Maya y Alejandro, Lizards
Hovey, Gordon Granulation Unknown Exodus
Hovsepian, Curtis Unknown Grant Pass, OR The List


Pyrokinesis Lima, Peru Destiny, Part 4
Iyer, Sanjog Dream manipulation Chennai, India Seven Minutes to Midnight


Telekinesis Unknown Slow Burn


Kaplan, Howie
Oil secretion Unknown Hanging By a Thread
Karina, Bianca (deceased) Lung adaptation Hartsdale, NY Root and Branch, Part 1
Kelly Persuasion Lyneboro, CT The Civilian
Kemp, Donald (Store) Dimensional storage Unknown The Civilian
Khufu (deceased) Levitation Egypt History of a Secret
Khufu's kin (deceased) Levitation Egypt History of a Secret
Kimball, Ethan (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Korolenko, Anna Neurocognitive deficit Ithaca, NY Friend or Foe
Krause, Mary (deceased) Acidic blood Unknown The Agent


LaCarte, Elena
Unknown Unknown The Map
Landers, Joe (deceased) Unknown Unknown The Map3
Landers, Sue (deceased) Lie detection Orange County, CA The List, Our Father
Large guy (deceased) Metal mimicry Unknown Faction Zero
Lecomte, Miles Memory theft San Francisco, CA Faction Zero
Lewis, Brendan (deceased) Plant manipulation Silver River, WV The Kill Squad, Part 1
Linderman, Daniel (deceased) Healing Las Vegas, NV War Buddies, Part 2
Liquid man Water mimicry Odessa, Ukraine Team Building Exercise
"Little Miss Goldenrod" Gold mimicry Unknown Smoke & Mirrors
LoFontaine, Bo Magnetism Unknown Slow Burn
Logan, Connie (deceased) Appearance alteration Hartsdale, NY Faces, Part 1
Lydia (deceased) Empathy Unknown Orientation


Pyrokinesis Odessa, Ukraine Team Building Exercise
Macon, Joe (deceased) Imprinting Pittsburgh, PA Out of Town... On Business
Magnetism terrorist (deceased) Magnetism Albany, OR Resistance
Male fugitive Unknown Unknown A Clear and Present Danger
Manhattan target Nerve gas emission New York, NY Faces, Part 1
Marc Health optimizing Unknown The Civilian
Marcus Crumpling AZ Normal Lives
Martin, James (deceased) Shape shifting Arlington, VA Into Asylum
Masahashi, Ando Ability supercharging (synthetic) Tokyo, Japan Dual
McNeil, Pacy Photographic memory and reflexes NY Faction Zero
Mellouk, Samir Phasing Paris, France Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1
Mendez, Isaac (deceased) Precognition Manhattan, NY The List, Genesis
Menzies, Noel (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Michael (deceased) Laser emission CA Doyle
Michaels, Ian Plant growth NY Upon This Rock
Middle school boy Deoxygenation Santa Cruz, CA Five Years Gone
Millbrook, Daphne (deceased) Super speed Lawrence, KS and Paris, France Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 1
Miller, Tom (deceased) Disintegration Richmond, VA I Am Sylar
Mills, Leona Age transferal Newport, RI The Recruit, Part 4, The Agent
Mills, Rachel Teleportation Calabasas, CA and Lyneboro, CT The Recruit, Part 1
Misha Telekinesis Unknown Libertad
Monroe, Adam (deceased) Rapid cell regeneration England and Japan Lizards
Muller, Magdalena Cloning Unknown Faction Zero
Mulligan, John Temporal rewind Unknown Faction Zero
Murphy, Jess (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Murphy, Jesse (deceased) Sound manipulation New York, NY The Butterfly Effect
Murry, Katherine Enhanced thought processing Los Angeles, CA Faction Zero
Mykah Silicon manipulation Unknown The Civilian


Nakamura, Hiro
Space-time manipulation (lost/reactivated) Tokyo, Japan The List, Genesis
Nakamura, Ishi (deceased) Healing touch Unknown Our Father
Neuenberg, Matt (deceased) Enhanced memory St. Louis, MO The Man with Too Much Brains


Parkman, Matt
Telepathy Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY The List, Don't Look Back
Parkman, Matt Jr. Activation and deactivation Los Angeles, CA Cold Snap
Parkman, Maury (deceased) Telepathy Philadelphia, PA Fight or Flight
Pearl Shattering Unknown Purpose
Petrelli, Angela Precognitive dreaming Manhattan, NY The Second Coming
Petrelli, Arthur (deceased) Ability absorption Fort Lee, NJ Angels and Monsters
Petrelli, Nathan (deceased) Flight (synthetic) Manhattan, NY The List, Genesis
Petrelli, Peter Original: Empathic mimicry (lost)
Current: Ability replication (synthetic)
Manhattan, NY Genesis
Pham, Teresa Hue Unknown Shreveport, LA The List
Pine, Danny (deceased) Metal mimicry Austin, TX Villains
Pinkham, Leonie (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Piper Elasticity Unknown Different and the Same


Rains, Claude
Invisibility London, England and New York, NY Godsend
Ramierez, Tina Chlorine gas exudation Unknown Viewpoints
Redhouse, Sparrow Terrakinesis Albuquerque, NM and Brooklyn, NY The List, String Theory, Rebellion, Part 2
René Mental manipulation Haiti One Giant Leap
Repairman (deceased) Seismic burst Unknown The Wall
Richard Telekinesis Unknown The Wall
Ricky Green energy blast Unknown Reaching Out, Part 1
Rosen, West Flight Costa Verde, CA Four Months Later...
Rossling, Albert (deceased) Weather control San Diego, CA Assignment tracker map
Russian, The (deceased) Age shifting Moscow, Russia Comrades, Part 1


Sanders, Micah
Technopathy Las Vegas, NV Nothing to Hide
Sanders, Niki (deceased) Enhanced strength (synthetic) Las Vegas, NV The List, Five Years Gone
Santiago Accelerated probability Lima, Peru Destiny, Part 1
Scott (deceased) Enhanced strength (synthetic) Unknown Our Father
Seal Intuitive Empathy and Empathy Communication UT The Civilian
Sharp, Cyril Unknown Unknown Exposed
Shaw, Alice Weather control Coyote Sands, AZ 1961
Shaw, Mr. (deceased) Seismic burst Unknown 1961
Shell, Sebastian (deceased) Object displacement Beijing, China Assignment tracker map
Silva, Ricardo Primal rage Unknown Friend or Foe
Skinny guy (deceased) Phasing Unknown Faction Zero
Smither, Dale (deceased) Enhanced hearing Bozeman, MT Unexpected
Soo Hoo, Adam Clairvoyance Kailua, HI The List
Sprague, Mindy Energy absorption, transference, and redirection Indiana, Los Angeles, CA, Londonderry Township, PA From the Files of Primatech, Part 3
Sprague, Ted (deceased) Induced radioactivity Los Angeles, CA and NV Nothing to Hide
Strazzulla, Amanda Spontaneous combustion Northfork, CT Boom
Summers, Glaeden (Glade) Non-biological duplication Unknown Slow Burn
Strauss, Tracy Freezing (synthetic) Washington, D.C. The Second Coming
Sullivan, David (deceased) David's ability (synthetic) Fort Lee, NJ The Recruit, Part 2
Sullivan, Joseph (deceased) Empathic manipulation Unknown The Puppet Master
Sullivan, Samuel Terrakinesis Unknown Orientation
Suresh, Mohinder Original: Mohinder's ability (synthetic)
Current: Enhanced strength (synthetic)
Chennai, India and Brooklyn, NY The Second Coming


Tanaka, Trevor
Enhanced memory Unknown Faction Zero
Tavara, Linda (deceased) Aura absorption Unknown The List, War Buddies, Part 7
Taylor, Becky Invisibility Arlington, VA Hysterical Blindness
Taylor, Mr. (deceased) Seismic burst Unknown Shadowboxing
Taylor, Zane (deceased) Melting Virginia Beach, VA Run!
Teddy Cloaking Unknown Tabula Rasa
Teenage patient Electrical absorption New York, NY Blackout, Part 1
Toby Inflammation Lyneboro, CT The Civilian
Thorn, Alethea Belief induction Las Vegas, NV Faction Zero
Traveler Omnilingualism Unknown The Last Shangri-La


Usutu (deceased)
Precognition Botswana Assignment tracker map


<span id="Valcan, Michelle5">Valcan, Michelle5
Unknown Unknown The Map
<span id="Valcek, Michelle5">Valcek, Michelle5 Unknown Saginaw, MI The List
Valerie Shifting Unknown The Agent
van den Burg, Theodore Plant manipulation Netherlands Faction Zero
Velasquez, Diego6 (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Ventris, Norman (deceased) Unknown Unknown The List
Victor Shifting Unknown The Agent


Walker, Ida May (deceased)
Mediumship Unknown Moonlight Serenade
Walker, James (deceased) Freezing Los Angeles, CA Don't Look Back, Behind the Eclipse
Walker, Molly Clairvoyance Los Angeles, CA and Brooklyn, NY Five Years Gone
Washington, Benjamin (Knox) (deceased) Enhanced strength Los Angeles, CA The Second Coming
Watcher, The Nerve manipulation Unknown Slow Burn
Wheaton, Kelli Dimension hopping Philadelphia, PA Faction Zero
Woolsly, Alex Underwater breathing Costa Verde, CA Building 26


Zeitlan, Trevor (deceased)
Shattering Manhattan, NY Villains