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Ability related job
Powers sylar aptitude.jpg
Sylar is using his ability to fix a watch.

Some evolved humans use their abilities to help them with their jobs.


Job Description Person Ability
Watchmaker Sylar is good in his job because he understands the structure and working of a watch. At the time, Sylar was unaware that he was using an ability. Sylar Intuitive aptitude
Taxidermist Samson uses his ability to sedate a rabbit. The ability is stolen from an unknown source. Samson Gray Sedation
Paramedic Peter uses different abilities to get the best care for his patients. He uses several abilities. Peter Petrelli Ability replication
Company chairman Bob used his ability to make gold and sell it. He then used the money for company purposes. Bob Bishop Alchemy
Carnie Teddy has only used his ability once so it's still unknown what purpose his ability has for his job. Teddy Cloaking
Diamond mine owner Eli used his ability to create workers to work in his mine. Eli Cloning
Carnie Jennie, Gail and Chris bowman show their abilities to the public for money. Jennie Bowman, Gail Bowman, Chris Bowman Fire breathing
Carnie Little Miss Goldenrod probably is using her ability to turn her hair into gold, then cuts her hair off and sells it. The money is going to the carnival. Little Miss Goldenrod Gold mimicry
Carnie Game operator is using his ability to move the balls that a customer is throwing to win a game. Game operator sometimes cheats, when a customer is throwing a ball in the right way, Game operator sometimes make the ball move the other way. Game operator once used his ability on a ball that a little girl was throwing, he made the ball move the right way so the little girl would win the game. Game operator Telekinesis
Worker Khufu and his kin used their abilities to levitate big objects and put them into place Khufu and his kin Levitation
Firefighter D.L. used his ability to save a woman from a burning house. D.L. Hawkins Phasing
Farmer Au Co used her ability to grow fruit to feed her village. Au Co Plant growth
Painter Daniel Linderman was interested in Isaac's paintings because he can paint the future, Linderman bought them from Simone. Isaac Mendez Precognition
Thief Daphne used her ability to steal things. Daphne Millbrook Super speed
Cop, FBI agent Matt uses his ability to read the minds of his suspects. Matt Parkman Telepathy
Puppet Man Eric Doyle uses his ability to move dolls, as entertainment for children. Eric Doyle Puppet master

Memorable Quotes

"Just a talent I have for the way things work, how the parts should go."

- Sylar (to Chandra Suresh) (Six Months Ago)

"Look, the type of research you're talking about is extremely expensive."

"Trust me. That won't be a problem. Let's just say we have our own private Fort Knox."

- Mohinder, Bob (Four Months Later...)

"With my ability, I could get promoted to chief. But I don't. I just want to be a normal guy."

- Matt (to Daphne Millbrook) (A Clear and Present Danger)

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