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MMM, M3, or the House of M, refer to the relationship of Mohinder Suresh, Matt Parkman and Molly Walker.


Mohinder Suresh and Matt Parkman are Molly Walker's guardians and live in Mohinder's apartment.

Don't Look Back

Audrey and Elisa Thayer discuss her probable abduction, and note that an "Amber Alert" has been issued for her. However, Matt Parkman uses his powers to locate her hiding in a hidden room under the stairs in her home.

One Giant Leap

After Matt convinces Audrey of his abilities, she hopes to employ him to read Molly's mind for clues about Sylar. As they approach the safe room in which Molly was being held, however, they hear her screaming, find the agent left to guard her pinned to the wall by a chair, and see a mysterious man Audrey believes to be Sylar dragging her off. The man lets her go when confronted, and Matt comforts her as Audrey pursues the suspect.

The Hard Part

Molly is in the custody of the Company. Thompson brings Mohinder Suresh to her and tells him that Molly has the same medical condition that killed his sister Shanti. Her condition also prevents her from using her powers, which are necessary for finding Sylar. She describes it as, "I just think of the person, and I know where they are." Molly gives Mohinder a yellow star drawn on a piece of paper for good luck. Mohinder realizes that antibodies from his own blood are the cure for the virus and uses them to treat Molly.


In the Company's Kirby Plaza facility, Molly tells Mohinder that she feels better and doesn't want to be stuck with any more needles. He tells her she may need a few more treatments to get better, but she says she is already cured, since her power has returned. She demonstrates by locating Matt Parkman and indicating his location on a map. Mohinder asks if she can locate Sylar so he can be stopped, but Thompson interrupts, telling them a helicopter is coming to take them to a safe location.

Knowing from the security monitors that Matt and Mr. Bennet are coming for Molly, Mohinder tells her to hide. Matt and Bennet break in and find her, but Mohinder knocks Matt unconscious and holds his gun on Bennet. Bennet keeps his gun on Molly, creating a standoff.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

When Matt Parkman wakes up, Molly recognizes him. Molly identifies him to Mohinder as the man who promised to keep her safe. Matt reassures her that no one would hurt her, causing Mr. Bennet and Mohinder to lower their guns.

Molly, sleeping due to her recent transfusion, wakes up when Mr. Bennet mentions Sylar. She again refers to him as "the boogeyman." She tells the three that she can tell them where Sylar is. Matt asks how it works, so she describes that all she has to do is think of the person, and pin point them on the map. When Matt asks if she could do it for anybody, she replies, "almost everyone; there is only one that I can't." She explains that he is a lot worse, and that when she thinks about him, he can see her. Mr. Bennet changes the subject, asking her to locate Sylar. She pin points a spot on Reed Street, signifying Isaac's loft.

Later, Matt, who went to find Sylar on his own, calls Mohinder to warn him that Sylar may be on his way. Mohinder warns Molly, and as they prepare to leave, she uses her clairvoyance once again to tell Mohinder, "he's already here." When they run into the hallway, they find a wounded D.L. Hawkins, and attempt to help him. Molly finds out that the elevator has been shut down. Niki and Micah soon run out. Micah activates the elevator, impressing Molly. They all then escape from a group of Linderman's guards.

In Kirby Plaza, they all watch the bout between Sylar and Peter Petrelli, while Mohinder attends to Matt's wounds. As paramedics take the wounded Matt away on a stretcher, Molly runs up and asks him not to die, that he is her hero.

Four Months Later...

Matt picks Molly up from her school, she tells him that he is late. As the two walk away Ms. Gerber pulls Matt to the side and asks him questions about Molly. She notes that Molly is sleeping in class and that she is having nightmares. Matt explains that he's doing his best, but the teacher questions whether considering his injuries and divorce that he's a suitable guardian. She then shows Matt some of Molly's disturbing drawings of eyes with the symbol. Later, Matt arrives at Mohinder's apartment to bring Molly some pizza. during dinner, Molly remarks about how she missed Mohinder because he would actually cook. but Matt tells her that he ordered pizza so they can talk. Molly asks if they wanted to talk about his new badge, and Matt remarks that he passed his detective's exam with flying colors. Molly asks if he cheated, but Matt explains that his ability is similar to an athlete's skill, giving them a natural advantage. He then asks Molly about her drawings that her teacher had shown him, saying her teacher is worried about Molly. Molly tells Matt that she doesn't want to talk about them, but when Matt persists, she screams that she doesn't want to talk about it, then leaves the room.

That night Molly has a terrible dream, Matt hears her and comes into the room. He reads her mind and hears her screaming, as well as a deep voice saying "I can see you". Molly wakes up scared and they hug. Matt asks if she saw him, and where he is, but she tells him that she can't tell him where he is, or he'll kill Matt.

Bob tells Mohinder that he knows of his setup with Matt and Molly, and does not want to change that, finding it okay in his books.


Mohinder returns to his apartment, and finds both Matt and Molly asleep.


Matt wakes up, and makes sure that Molly is asleep. Grabbing his side arm, he heads into the apartment's kitchen, and aims his gun at a man. The man turns around, and Matt is surprised to see it is Mohinder. Mohinder explains he will be working downtown, making it convenient with him helping out with Molly. Matt warns him that this is not good - the Company can now easily find Molly if it wishes to. He reminds Mohinder that the Company once abducted him. Molly wakes up, and gives Mohinder a big hug.

The Kindness of Strangers

Molly wakes up screaming, and Matt gives her a hug straight away. Molly apologizes, saying that she cannot help it. Mohinder rushes to her aide, and Matt asks if he can help. Molly requests a glass of water, and Matt exits to get it her. Mohinder follows, and the two talk about Molly's nightmares. Matt explains that her nightmares are becoming more common, and says that, after they calming Molly down, they should try and figure it out. Mohinder returns to Molly's side, and Molly asks when her nightmares will stop. Although Mohinder does not have the answer, he soothes her by singing a lullaby, while Matt watches.

Matt looks at a recently acquired photograph, when Molly and Mohinder return back home. Molly hugs Matt, and he says that he needs to talk to the both of them. Mohinder asks if everything is fine, and Matt explains that his father left when he was 13, and now he needs to find him, as he is involved in Matt's case. Molly agrees to help, and Matt shows her the photograph. Molly suddenly backs away, and throws the photograph on the floor, shocking Matt and Mohinder. Matt asks what is wrong, and she, now frightened, tries convincing Matt not to ask her to find him. She then reveals that Matt's father is the "nightmare man."

While Mohinder comforts Molly, Matt apologizes to Mohinder, insisting that Molly find his father. Mohinder deems this to be unacceptable, and they have a verbal spar, with Mohinder accusing Matt of wanting to get back at his father for leaving. Matt insults Mohinder about his relationship with his own father, Chandra. Mohinder notices Molly, and Matt turns around. Molly agrees to help Matt find his father, and he happily hugs her, thanking her for this opportunity.

Matt and Mohinder watch over Molly as she prepares to find Matt's father. Mohinder tells her to stop if it starts to get dangerous. Molly uses her ability, and sees Philadelphia. She finds an apartment building, and gets scared about entering - Matt tells her that it will be fine, as they are there to protect her. She goes to the third floor and sees the door, and becomes frightened, saying that the nightmare man will see her. Matt quickly orders her to get the door number, and Molly tells him that it is 9. Matt commands her to leave, but Molly is seen by Matt's father, and falls unconscious. Matt hears Molly's cries for help as she falls. Mohinder and Matt desperately try to wake up Molly.

Fight or Flight

Mohinder and Matt watch over Molly while she is in her nightmare-induced coma. Matt realizes his mistake in forcing Molly to find his father, and Mohinder tells him he was wrong. Mohinder reminds Matt that he now knows where his father is, and should go visit him in order to stop him from harming Molly. Although Matt wants to remain at Molly's side, he gives this a second thought, and realizes that Angela knows his father. He leaves at once, while Mohinder stays.

Matt tells Nathan about what his father did to Molly, and fears that Nathan will suffer the same fate. Nathan decides to help Matt out in order to save Molly.

Outside the apartment, Nathan reminds Matt that there is not a family reunion waiting outside - he has to confront a suspect in order to save his little girl. Matt gets his gun out and breaks inside, demanding to know why Molly is in a nightmare from Maury. He disarms Maury, and wants information about Molly's status. Maury claims that he was protecting himself, and Matt demands that he reverses the coma. Unfortunately, he is tricked by his father, and brought into his own nightmare.

Mohinder calls Noah about Molly's status, and warns him that he is going to bring Molly into the Company. Noah tells him that it is completely reckless to bring her in, Mohinder says that there is no hospital out there to help her, but the Company has the materials to aide her.

Molly sleeps inside the Company's hospital, as Mohinder watches her through a window. Bob joins him, and Mohinder says that he had nowhere else to turn. Bob tells Mohinder that he made the right choice, and that they will make sure Molly is all better. However, he gives Mohinder an assignment, requiring him to leave Molly's side.

During his nightmarish vision, Matt sees Janice, his ex-wife, stood holding a baby. She tells him that he walked out on her, despite knowing that the baby was theirs. She warns him that he will eventually leave Molly, just like his father left him.

Graphic Novel:Molly's Dream

Molly dreams that Matt and Mohinder are watching over her - Matt is in his police officer outfit. Matt wants to do something to help wake her up, when she suddenly springs to life, and gives Matt a hug while screaming his name. All of a sudden, his body becomes partially frozen. Molly looks up, and Mohinder is attached to the ceiling with knives in him. Mohinder tries warning Molly that "he" is coming to get her, and then warns her that her bed is turning into a cockroach. Molly ends up forcefully leaving the two in their half-paralyzed states.

The Line

Mohinder tells Bob that he is taking Molly away from the Company. However, she is still in a coma. Mohinder kisses her on the forehead, and tells Bob he cannot leave yet.

Out of Time

Matt is at Molly's bedside, apologizing to her for putting her into the condition she is in. He lets her know that he blames himself for his father leaving. When he tells Molly he loves her, her monitors beep. Matt uses his ability to project "I love you Molly" into the girl's mind causing her monitors to beep again.

Matt hears Niki beginning to punch holes into the door of Bob's office and heads out to investigate, only to find himself in his childhood home where he sees Molly at the table. She explains they are in Maury's nightmare. Matt is able to pull his father into the nightmare with him and Molly. Maury and Matt argue, and Matt tells his father he thinks he can trap him in the nightmare he has created. He tells Maury he isn't scared of him anymore. He says he's a good man, a good cop and a good father, more than his father could have been, and, with Molly, leaves the nightmare. Matt wakes up to find Maury lying on the floor. Molly then wakes up and tells Matt she heard that he loves her.

Cautionary Tales

Matt is attempting to find the last person in the photo of the group of twelve and Molly tells him that she can find the last person who is still alive, adding that she no longer has nightmares. Matt doesn't want her to find people anymore and to just be a normal little girl. Molly can not agree with this and knows that she is special. As they argue, Matt discovers that he has the ability to send commands to her telepathically through his thoughts, and commands her to finish her breakfast.

Truth & Consequences

Mohinder is in a taxi and is on his way home when he receives an unexpected phone call from Sylar, who reveals that he convinced Molly's babysitter to go home early, and that he and a friend are the apartment, in need of his help. Molly lies in the apartment, asleep, while Sylar strokes her hair.


When Mohinder returns to his apartment in Brooklyn, he is greeted by Sylar who invites him to have breakfast which Maya made. In Mohinder's apartment, Maya is provoked by Sylar into using her ability. Molly begins to succumb to its effects, but when Maya stops, she falls into Mohinder's arms. The four then head to Mohinder's lab where Molly offers to find Alejandro. However, after searching for him, she claims he "isn't anywhere". After Maya confronts Sylar about this and she is shot, Molly screams and runs to Mohinder's side.

Memorable Quotes

"Just... keep her calm. Alright? And then we'll just-"

"- Figure it out, right?"

- Matt, Mohinder (The Kindness of Strangers)

"Don't forget whose side you're on."

"I'm on her side."

- Noah, Mohinder (Fight or Flight)



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