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Heroes to me is a way to make me feel better. Heroes is my addiction. On most of my "paperwork," is the symbol, I love it alot. I try to find out new stuff about it everyday. When I'm having a bad day, i look up Heroes. I'm going to cry when Heroes gets cancelled or its over for good. Heroes has inspired me in ways I can't explain. I only know a couple people who watch Heroes. I probably know more, but thats all I can think of right now. But my true friends and family think that I'm the number one fan. But I'm not even close. I don't know how i survived life without Heroes. Heroes has helped me think of things I couldn't've thought of before it. Sure mabey some things are more pessimistic than others. Even still today, I don't (scratch that) can't read between the lines. Heroes has helped me do this because there are many implied things in Heroes and I want to be a big fan. Therefore, I HAVE to read between the lines. Listed below are my favorite characters, episodes, graphic novels, etc. and why they are my favorites. Some deal with my feelings but others don't. (Mainly its just the Characters that are that way..)

As of Summer 2009

My Favorite Characters:

Hiro Nakamura

Hiro inspires me so much is hard to explain. I like to be optimistic and nice to everyone. Hiro at first seemed to be optimistic (which he still does don't get me wrong!) but I also like the revenge side to him. Like when he killed Takezo Kensei and then went back to the present time to kill Adam Monroe; the same person he just killed. Hiro makes me laugh. Like the waffle thing! His mom and him got along so well, just like me and my mom. Also, his famous quote, (to me!) "Yatta!" is one of my favorite quotes in the world. And it inspires kid to think they can do what ever they want! "I did it!" Its like a Disney movie. But, he has too much pride. Like when Ando got his power, Hiro still wanted to be the leader; and not the sidekick. And when Mohinder told him not to use his power because of the nosebleeds, and he went and turned around and used it. All in all I love him to death and I'm going to cry for a year if he dies...


Sylar is the best plot developing character to me. Without Sylar, there would be no need for Heroes to me. Yes, I would still watch it, but I will be mad. The cockroach appears by Sylar the most that I can tell. In Genesis, Mohinder said that he proposes that the cockroach is in the form of God. And I love God. This is the main reason why he is one of my inspirations. Gabriel is an awesome and cute name! People may think that Sylar is evil, but I really think he is good. He did save Luke at least three times. His relationship with Elle, was an odd one though that had a rough ending and a murderous beggining. I know that he kills lots of people, but he only does it because the hunger has taken him over. But I know he can overcome it and be able to manage it like in I Am Become Death. He inspires me to be brave. That nothing can hurt me. And no one will try to stop me because they're afraid. And I think that's a wonderful message to give to people. To overcome these phobias that everyone has.

Peter Petrelli

How can I describe Peter. He inspires me because of his relations with his family. I do not like Angela, Arthur, Heidi or Nathan. Simon, Monty, and Alice I don't mind but the others I hate. Peter is something different. He gets all of the attention. The New York Explosion; The Shanti Virus Outbreak; The burning down of Pinehearst; and the "destruction" of Sylar (ha! By the way!). Peter. To me he is the Batman of Heroes. He is feirce. Can hide himself well and is virtually unstopable. Thats what he is to me. Peter is really the only guy I'm possitive is a good guy all the time besides Hiro. He always does what he thinks is right. He may be wrong, but he goes for what his heart says. He finds ways to work around people and with them. Using The Haitian to defeat Aruthur was smart. Although it did surprise me that he actually did pull the trigger. And changing into The President was also a smart idea. Peter is a loved character by most fans. If it weren't for Peter, I don't think Heroes would have the amount of fans it has today.

  • Oh my goodness I love Peter so much!!

Secondary Favorite Characters

My Favorite Episodes:

Season One:

How to Stop an Exploding Man

This episode was a favorite of mine because it brought everyone together. And Linderman died. The fight between Sylar and Peter was phenominal. The way Hiro stabbed Sylar was awesome too! The way Sylar threw Hiro and then died was memorable. The whole scene when Sylar was dead, Hiro had been transported, Noah thrown against a wall, D.L. shot by Linderman, Matt shot four times by (technically) himself, and Peter was left by himself was the best in the episode. The anticipation that captivated my attention was wonderful! Is the bomb gonna kill lots? Or is it not? It was one of the best in the whole show.

Season Two:

Cautionary Tales

The anticipation of this episode was untimingly. The scene where Noah gets shot, was waited for since the season premire episode (i think...). I think the breakdown of Claire was disturbing both Noah and West. When Katio died (the second time) made me cry. How Hiro just accepted that his death was inevitable and gave the speech that Kaito still lives on the hearts of everyone who knew him. Bob breaking down was excelent! Because how he had pushed his daughter and yet became a father when he learned Noah had him. The best part about this episode was this fight. The trade of Elle and Claire. And Elle's bolt of lightning like Pikachu when bringing Claire and West down was phenominal! But Mohinder traded sides. That was the part I thought was..stupid of him. All in all, the similarity and hate between Elle and Claire was what made it good. And the forgiveness of West. Elle shot. Noah Shot. Claire devastated. West helping. Mohinder dark. Bob in tears. A great Heroes episode!

Season Three:

From Villains: Dual

Dual was a favorite of mine because I thought it was the best of Villains. Villains was not one of my favorite volumes at all. Granted the first few epsiodes were ok, but then Arthur came in. Dual was getting back to the Heroes is knew and loved. The way Sylar trapped Noah, Angela, Claire, and Meredith in Primatech was really thought out. I had thought Eric had really died. And encorporating Echo in the show was good. At Pinehearst, how Mohinder lost his monster side was good. Pete and Nathan having another fight was great! And the ending, Flint and Meredith both burning down the two companies simultaneously, was spectacular. Brother and Sister. Fire and Fire. Company and Company. In the end, every company dies.

From Fugitives: 1961

1961 was a wonderful episode. My favorite part was the introduction of Coyote Sands! It was amazing how all four volumes were incorporated into one episode! Including the fifth! The first was mentioned through the socks, Chandra Suresh, and Charles Deveaux. The second was through Bob Bishop. The third was through Dr. Zimmerman. The fourth was incorporated because it was the whole thing! The word 'Redemption' was spoken, which is the reference to the fifth volume. I liked the introduction to Alice! I didn't like that the cook was racist to Charles. But it was back then. I liked how Peter and Nathan got reunited and got over their horrid past. I liked how Angela broke down in this episode. How there was finally something to be her weakness. All in all, this was a great comeback for Heroes, I think and I liked that everything came together in the time of need.

Season Four:

I've loved every single episode in Season Four and I am currently listing every episode and crossing off the ones that weren't as amazing as others.

  • Orientation/Jump, Push, Fall
  • Ink
  • Acceptance
  • Hysterical Blindness
  • Tabula Rasa
  • Strange Attractors
  • Once Upon a Time in Texas
  • Shadowboxing
  • Brother's Keeper
  • Thanksgiving
  • The Fifth Stage
  • Upon This Rock
  • Let It Bleed
  • Close to You

My Favorite Graphic Novels:

Flying Blind

West to me is an inspiration. The way he describes his alien vs. robot thing is outstanding. I agree completely with his description. I am most definately a robot. An alien to me, is what I want to be in a sense. The robot follows everything by the book. They don't think outside the box. Which is why I'm in between. I try to think outside the box. They see side to side and aliens look up. I like to look up at the clouds and see what I can see. If I need to break a rule to keep to my path, I might do it. It depends on the task. I agree though; it is an expression of a larger truth. And I would much rather be alone than surrounded by robots.

Molly's Dream

This was an awesome one to me. I loved it alot. Molly is a favorite character of mine. (But not as much favorite to make it to my extreme favorites...) As I mentioned earlier, on most of my "paperwork," is the symbol. This graphic novel is full of the symbol. And gold ones at that. How they came out of an explosion, was amazing. The symbol is three meanings to me. To fight for what you believe in, to follow your destiny, and that God is watching over you. The cockroach was phenominal. Like Mohinder said, cockroaches are God in disguise. And Sylar made of cockroaches was awesome because they mostly appear in front of him. Maury is also in it. The drawings Molly made of Maury, appear in it, in cockroaches also. I love this one mainly because I love the symbol alot.


I liked this one because it reminded me of Superman 3. The struggle between Clark Kent and Superman. Good Peter vs. Bad Peter. He did turn out to be the bomb, and yet he still was the good guy. And mabey the jet pack thing was meaning that it can be prevented from killing millions. Everyone has internal struggles. It comes in all shapes, sizes, and forms. We all run into them probably at least once a day. I have alot of internal struggles (and an active imagination). And I think that this graphic novel has both. An internal struggle and imagination. Technically it is just a dream but something had to trigger that sorta dream. (And now that I put this, my mind went to Sanjog Iyer!)

My Favorite Webisodes

  • With so few webisodes in each "series" and they're so short, that its hard to decide which is my favorite. So my reasonings will be small....

Going Postal: The House Guest

I liked how when Echo came home, and Gina was all over him. And then when The Constrictor came in, he was all over her! I thought it was smart of Echo to think of ear plugs. I would'nt've! The way the blood ran out of The Constrictor's ear was really cool! I really think this had a good plot and could've had more webisodes..

Destiny: Escape

I liked this one because Santiago finds and reconnects with his father. And how Santiago now knows why he has a power. Because his father has one(the same as Santiago's) and his mother has one. And I like how S.L.W. dies and Santiago and Elisa's relationship starts.

Recruit: The Truth Within

I really only like this one because of the drama. We finally find out the Rachel had been lying the whole time to Angela and Carlos. She did have the serum. And her mother is alive. I liked the twistedness that Angela "trusted" Rachel and let her go but then followed her only to capture her again..

Hard Knox: Fear

This one was hard because there wasn't that much going on until this webisode. But I liked how Knox stood up for himself and killed Bartell. He knew he could change his lifestyle. And he did. He went from the underdog to the main man now! All with a little courage and confidence from Matt.

Nowhere Man: Pulling the Strings

I like this one because the drama picks up. Doyle finally had enough. He counldn't let Kyle keep treating Lauren like trash; which I think is sweeet of Eric. I like how the relationship between Lauren and Eric heats up! I like how Eric then makes Kyle look like a monkey and shuts him up! And then abducts him!! Back to the old Doyle!! Mwahahaha!

Slow Burn: Part ?

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4
  • Part 5
  • Part 6
  • Part 7
  • Part 8
  • Part 9

My Favorite IStories

I've only read Friend or Foe, but so far, Operation Bad Blood Chapter 5 is my favorite.


Omg! I freakin love the song that's in Heroes, "Eyes" by Rouge Wave! I freakin love that song!

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