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Extended yells
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My characters in Heroes have shouted at the top of their lungs, often extending their yells as long as possible. Common yells include "NOOOOOOO!!!" and "AHHHHHHH!!!"

Season One Occurrences




  • Peter finally wakes up from his coma, screaming bloody murder -- "Aah! Aah! Aah! Aah!"


  • After Sylar leaves Noah in the same cell Sylar was kept in, Noah angrily yells, "No! No! Noooo!"


  • After Claude is shot by a taser, he cries, "Ahhhhh!!"
  • Peter's voice echoes as he yells "Don't lie to me!" at Isaac.

Company Man

  • Thompson foolishly shoots Ted in the shoulder. Ted screams "Ahhhhh!"


Five Years Gone

  • Future Hiro tells Ando that "there's something [he] needs to tell [him]", but before he can continue, he is shot by a taser gun. Future Hiro howls, "Ahhhhh!"
  • Right before Hiro and Ando leave the dark future, someone screams loudly.

Season Two Occurrences

Four Months Later...

Out of Time

  • In the outbreak future, Peter screams "Caitlin!" twice when a CDC hazmat crew showers her.
  • Later, Peter sees Caitlin again, this time being taken away to Ireland, and says, "No. No! No!"

Four Months Ago...

  • When Maya sees all the people she has killed, Maya shouts, "Nooooooo!"
  • Peter screams while his memory is being erased by the Haitian.

Truth & Consequences

  • Peter recalls himself and Caitlin being confronted by the CDC hazmat crew, and he yells "Caitlin!" Adam tells him there is no need to yell.
  • In his room, Noah loudly calls Mohinder a "son of a bitch" for going after Claire.
  • Hiro, wielding the Kensei sword, yells his battle cry as he charges at Peter.


  • Adam, buried alive by Hiro, screams "Carp! Let me out! Carp! Carp! God! Carp! Ahhhhh!!!!!! Let me out!!"

Graphic Novel Occurrences

Memorable Quotes

"This is usually the part when people start screaming."

- Sylar (to Isaac Mendez) (.07%)



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