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Timeline:March 2007

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Timeline edit

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Early 2007

Trust Issues

February or March 2007

Trust Issues

March 11, 2007

Four Months Later...

March 12, 2007


Prior to March 13, 2007 or later


  • Gael Cruz has accompanied Devin Patterson and Bianca Karina to Berlin on a mission to bag and tag a German target. While Bianca explores a lake, Devin argues with Gael about his motives in Berlin and suggests that he is there to monitor his fiancée, which Gael denies. (Part 1)
  • That night, Gael and Bianca dine at a restaurant and Gael tells her he is there to check her out as a potential mole. This angers Bianca and she leaves to join Devin at the stakeout. (Part 1)
  • The German is robbing a a bank when he receives a visit from an informant who gives him information and photographs on the Company agents that are targeting him. The German decides to attack Gael first. (Part 1)
  • Bianca and Devin enter the German's apartment and deduce, from the open door and photos on his desk, that he's been tipped off and is targeting Gael. They rush to get to Gael's hotel room.(Part 2)
  • The German arrives at Gael's hotel room and secures him to the wall. Bianca and Devin arrive just when the German shoots Gael in the stomach. While Bianca helps her fiancée get out of the room, Devin engages in a gunfight with the German, which ends in Devin's death. Bianca then throws a gas canister in the room and knocks the German out. (Part 2)

March 13, 2007 or later

Prior to March 17, 2007

Donna's Big Date, Part 1

  • Donna goes on a date with a person she met on the internet named Blake until warned by evsdropr that he is a killer. Later that night, Donna shoots him using her ability and flees.
  • Elle captures Donna, and informs her that her date was Thompson, Jr. and that she will be a good fit for the Company.

Donna's Big Date, Part 2

Prior to March 19, 2007

Four Months Later...


  • Maya and Alejandro arrive in Coatepeque, Guatemala where they take refuge at Nidia's house.
    • Maya and Alejandro cross the border into Mexico.
  • Bob sends Mohinder to Haiti to treat another victim of the virus. In Haiti, The Haitian accepts Mohinder's treatment.
  • Hours later Bob arrives in Haiti where Mohinder pretends to have had his memory wiped by The Haitian. Bob surmises that the formula must have worked.
  • Later Mohinder calls Noah to tell him that his deception worked. Noah greets The Haitian as he arrives at Copy Kingdom.
  • Claire finds it increasingly difficult to keep her secret from West.
  • Peter tries to escape from captivity.
  • Matt and Detective Fuller investigate the death of Kaito Nakamura.

The Rogue


Petrified Lightning

The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight

The Line

Out of Time

Four Months Ago...

Cautionary Tales

Our Lady of Blessed Acceleration, Part 2

March 18, 2007

Cautionary Tales

March 19, 2007

Truth and Consequences

Prior to March 20, 2007

Trust Issues

Career Choices

Trust Issues

  • The Company assigns Donna to internal affairs and she investigates Cushing's murder. (Part 2)
  • Evsdropr provides missing evidence to Donna--a bagged bullet that when tested points to Thompson, Jr. as Cushing's killer. (Part 2)
  • When Donna confronts Thompson, Jr. with the evidence, Thompson, Jr. produces his own bagged bullet and confides in her about the circumstances that lead to Cushing's death. He then has Donna returned to active duty as his partner. (Part 2)


Root and Branch

The Kill Squad

March 20, 2007


  • Sylar and Maya wait for Mohinder at his apartment
    • He arrives and is forced by Sylar to take him to his lab. Sylar forces Maya and Molly along too.
  • Angela tells Matt and Nathan that Adam was locked away 30 years ago after trying to release the virus. She tells them to kill Adam, and Peter if they have to.
  • Adam and Peter arrive at Primatech in Odessa, Texas. Hiro stops time and tells Peter he must kill Adam for murdering his father. Peter knocks Hiro out and time starts again. Adam retrieves his sword. They continue to fight their way to a locked Vault where the virus is kept.
  • Nathan and Matt arrive at Primatech where they encounter Hiro.
  • Peter opens the vault with Telekinesis and holds off Hiro as Adam enters the vault.
    • Matt and Nathan arrive, convincing Peter that Adam wants to release the virus.
  • Hiro confronts Adam in the vault and teleports him away but Adam drops the virus first.
    • Peter enters the vault and catches the virus before it breaks on the floor.
  • Hiro avenges his father's death by burying Adam alive.
  • At home, Sandra and Claire argue over whether to out the Company.
  • At his office, Bob tells Elle that she is a disappointment.
    • Elle goes to Noah in his cell, he tells her that her her father experimented on her when she was young.
  • At The Dawsons' home Micah tells Niki that Monica has been captured by the gang. They leave to rescue her.
  • Later Sylar, Maya, Mohinder and Molly arrive at the lab where.
  • At her fathers office, Elle see's Sylar at the lab and sets off to capture him to impress her father.
  • Micah and Niki track Monica's whereabouts using Micah's ability.
  • West tries to stop Claire outing the Company, she refuses but gives him his file before he leaves.
    • Claire discovers that her father is alive after he returns home.
  • Maya finds out the truth about her brother after Molly uses her ability to locate his body.
    • Maya is shot by Sylar but is restored back to life by the regenerative blood.
      • Sylar steals the last vial as Elle arrives, she strikes him with lightning but he escapes. Mohinder tells her she saved their lives.
  • The gang members set fire to the building Monica is tied up in. Micah and Niki arrive as the building begins to collapse.
    • Niki goes inside and rescues Monica, becoming trapped. Monica escapes and she watches on with Micah as the building explodes.
  • At Yamagato Industries Hiro tells Ando what he did to Adam.
    • Adam screams inside his coffin.
  • Sylar injects himself with Claire's blood and regains his abilities.
  • Nathan calls a press conference to reveal the existence of Evolved Humans.
  • A Peter, from an alternate future, travels back in time from 2011 to Nathan's press conference and shoots him twice to stop him from revealing the existence of evolved humans. (The Second Coming)

The Second Coming

  • The present-day Peter catches up to his future self in pursuit. To put him out of the way, the future Peter transfers him into the body of Jesse Murphy, a Level 5 prisoner at Primatech Research, and impersonates the present-day Peter through illusion.
  • In Costa Verde, California, Claire watches in shock as her father is rushed to the hospital on the news.
    • She calls Peter but he tells her to stay put.
  • Nathan arrives at the hospital and resuscitation is started as Peter waits outside.
    • The doctor delivers the news that Nathan couldn't be saved. Peter kisses his brother on the head, and he comes back to life.
  • At Level 5, 'Jesse Murphy' shouts to be released as Knox, Flint and Noah Bennet listen on from their cells.
  • In Tokyo, Hiro and Ando are settling into executive management at Yamagato. Hiro receives a message from his dead father.
    • The message tells him to safeguard the Formula in his office's safe. Hiro ignores this and opens it. Inside lies part of a formula to create synthetic abilities.
  • A speedster by the name of Daphne Millbrook steals the formula and escapes after punching Hiro in the face.
  • Claire packs to leave and visit her father but she is stopped by Sylar, who has come for her ability. She locks herself in a closet after a lengthy chase.
  • In Mohinders apartment, Maya hides with a bat and hits Mohinder as he enters, she apologizes saying she thought he might have been Sylar.
    • Mohinder tells her he sent Molly to live in India with his mother and plans to follow her. This upsets Maya as she wants a cure to her ability.
      • After Maya accidentally uses her ability, Mohinder realizes he may have found a cure.
  • Claire stabs Sylar with a knife and tries to flee, but Sylar stops her with telekinesis.
    • Sylar takes Claire's ability and leaves after telling her that she cannot die, even if he wanted to kill her.
  • Future Peter returns to retrieve the gun used on Nathan but is confronted by Matt.
    • When Matt discovers the truth about Future Peter he transports Matt to somewhere in Africa.
  • Sylar walks down the street having taken Claire's ability.
  • Nathan leaves the hospital and goes to a church believing his survival to be down to divine intervention. He collapses.
  • Sandra and Lyle return home to find Claire weeping after Sylar's attack.
  • Later, Governor Robert Malden and Tracy Strauss watch Nathan on the news and express approval.
  • Hiro travels to the future to see what happens with the Formula gone and witnesses the death of himself at the hands of an unlikely assassin.
    • He also witnesses the destruction of Tokyo before teleporting back to the present day.
  • Mohinder manages to synthesize a compound that can give powers to anyone; he chooses himself as the first subject.
    • On a dock, he injects himself with the formula and demonstrates a remarkable new power while being at gun point.

The Butterfly Effect

March 20, 2007 or later

The Butterfly Effect

  • Maya visits Mohinder to apologize for her behavior the previous day, and finds him performing impossible acrobatics due to his new powers. The two share a kiss and then have sex.
  • Bob reprimands Elle for allowing Sylar to get away and expresses doubts in her competence.
  • Hiro and Ando learn the identity of the speedster: Daphne Millbrook. They teleport to her apartment in Paris to investigate.
  • In Washington, DC, a reporter approaches Tracy Strauss with pictures from and asks for a comment. Tracy threatens him and drives off.
  • Hoping to "feel something," Claire makes another videotape and attempts to be hit by a train. Peter saves her at the last minute, and learns what has happened to her.
  • Tracy arrives in Odessa and offers Nathan the open senatorial position. Nathan initially believes she is Niki, and is advised by Linderman to take her up on the offer.
  • Sylar breaks into Primatech Research and kills Bob, taking his power of alchemy. Elle releases Noah Bennet from his cell, and is attacked by Sylar herself. She subdues him with a blast of lightning that destroys the power grid, releasing at least a dozen Level 5 prisoners.
  • Hiro and Ando offer Daphne a trade: her (late mother's) track medal for the Formula. She manages to get away with both, but Hiro has placed a tracking device on the medal that leads them to Berlin, Germany.
  • After a visit from Peter, Nathan calls Tracy and accepts the seat on the Senate. The reporter once more visits Tracy, now with the video of Niki and Nathan at the Corinthian Hotel. Tracy, trying to throw him off, accidentally freezes him and causes him to shatter.
  • Nathan and Linderman play checkers, and it is revealed that Nathan is the only person who can see him.
  • Noah returns home to retrieve some files, and tells Claire about the escaped prisoners. To protect his family, he hires Claire's birth mother, Meredith Gordon.
  • In Africa, Matt is awakened by Usutu, a mysterious man with the gift of precognition. The two begin on a "spirit walk."
  • The present-day Peter, stuck in Jesse Murphy's body, leaves Nathan a message before he departs with Knox, the German, and Flint.
  • Angela visits Sylar, being held prisoner in Level 5. She reveals to him that she is actually his real mother.

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

  • Tracy visits Dr. Zimmerman who explains that she is one of triplets who were given synthetic abilities in an experiment.
  • Mohinder intervenes in a domestic dispute, but ends up wrapping his neighbor in a cocoon.
  • Hiro and Ando attempt to escape from the Company, but are caught. Angela sends them to Japan to retrieve Adam Monroe.
  • Tracy tries to kill herself by jumping off a bridge, but she is saved by Nathan.
  • Usutu has Matt eat a paste and listen to his music, which gives Matt a vision of his future with Daphne.
  • Future Peter takes his younger self to the future.

March 23, 2007 or later

Angels and Monsters

  • Mohinder abducts a drug dealer from Central Park, and cocoons him.
  • Peter returns from the future and attacks Sylar in his cell. Consumed with "the hunger", he also attacks Angela, but Sylar saves her and knocks Peter out.
  • Claire tries to recapture Stephen Canfield, but he convinces her to help him reunite with his estranged family. When Noah and Sylar arrive with the same objective, Canfield creates a black hole in the middle of the house as a distraction and escapes.
  • Hiro and Ando dig up Adam from his grave at Aoyama Cemetery. Adam takes them to a bar where he starts a fight and escapes, but is captured by Knox. Daphne and Knox recruit Hiro, but ask him to kill Ando which he apparently does.
  • Angela tells Nathan that his power is synthetic like Tracy's.
  • Searching for Claire, Meredith is captured by Eric Doyle.
  • At Griffith Observatory, Noah tries to get Stephen Canfield to kill Sylar, but he throws himself into one of his own black holes.
  • Daphne tells Linderman that she has completed her recruiting mission, although she works out he is an illusion. Maury Parkman tells Arthur Petrelli that their plan is nearly complete.
  • Usutu tells Matt he must find his "spirit guide". Matt begins following the turtle away from Usutu's hut.

Dying of the Light

  • Claire and her mother Sandra go to rescue Meredith from Eric Doyle's clutches, but he forces them to play a game of Russian roulette.
  • Knox brings Adam to Pinehearst, where Arthur Petrelli steals his healing ability. Arthur heals from his paralysis, and Adam ages 400 years in seconds and crumbles to dust.
  • Matt Parkman returns from Africa with the turtle, where he meets Daphne at the airport.
  • Nathan and Tracy visit Mohinder, who drugs them and tries to cocoon them.
  • Daphne frees Sylar and Flint from the Company cells, and Sylar releases Peter. They fight again, and Peter drugs Sylar and locks him up, then heads to Pinehearst.
  • Hiro and Ando arrive in Africa on their mission to capture the precog Usutu, but he's ready for them. They wait until nightfall to try and capture him without using Hiro's powers, and Usutu offers to reveal the villains behind recent events.
  • Peter arrives at Pinehearst, where he is stunned to see his father alive and well. Arthur hugs him, stealing his powers.

March 26, 2007

Eris Quod Sum

  • Claire and Sandra find Elle in their house, and she asks for their help as she is unable to control her powers.
  • Nathan and Tracy try to escape from Mohinder, and he grabs Maya and escapes through the skylight.
  • Mohinder takes Maya to Pinehearst, where Arthur removes her power and asks Mohinder to work on the formula with him.
  • Arthur orders Daphne to kill Matt Parkman if he refuses to join them. He kills Maury when he protests and tries to intervene. (
  • Claire and Elle decide to go to Pinehearst to see if they can remove their powers. Claire absorbs Elle's electricity when her overloading puts the plane they are on at risk.
  • Angela appears to Sylar in a vision, and tells him he can escape from his cell. He does so and heads to Pinehearst to rescue Peter.
  • Nathan and Tracy call in the Company to Mohinder's lab.
  • Sylar rescues Peter from Mohinder's experimentation, but is captured himself. Arthur tells him that Angela tried to kill him as a baby, and when Peter returns to save Sylar, Sylar throws him out of a window. Arthur wonders how Peter survived the fall.
  • Claire takes an injured Peter away from Pinehearst, but Elle is determined to go in despite Peter's warning.
  • Nathan and Tracy also head to Pinehearst, with Nathan determined to confront his father.
  • With Hiro reluctant to time travel, Usutu tricks him into eating some paste which causes Hiro to go into a trance.

March 26, 2007 or later

It's Coming

  • Hiro awakens from his spirit walk, but Arthur Petrelli arrives, killing Usutu and wiping Hiro's mind. Distracted by Ando and Usutu's painting of an eclipse, Arthur lets Hiro go, and Ando manages to convince him to teleport them away.
  • Arthur re-introduces Sylar to Elle. Elle attacks Sylar, who absorbs her anger and realizes he can acquire powers through empathy rather than killing.
  • Nathan confronts his father, who asks him to join him. Although Nathan is unsure, Tracy assures Arthur she can gain Nathan's support.
  • Hiro and Ando appear in a bowling alley in Tokyo. Hiro believes he is ten years old, however Ando manages to show him how to use his powers.
  • Matt attempts to bring Angela Petrelli out of her coma. He succeeds only after Daphne confesses she's falling in love with him after Arthur tricks Matt while initially posing as her. Angela uses this to remind Arthur they were once like that and to release them.

The Eclipse, Part 1

  • An eclipse occurs, which has the effect of stripping the powers of evolved humans.
  • Nathan and Peter fly to Haiti to find the Haitian, but they are captured by his brother, Baron Samedi.
  • Hiro and Ando arrive in New York, where they use a 9th Wonders! comic to locate Matt and Daphne. Daphne runs away to her father's home in Lawrence, Kansas. Hiro teleports himself, Matt and Ando to Kansas to follow her. Matt discovers that Daphne was crippled without her ability.
  • Mohinder cocoons himself in a bathroom, and emerges free of the mutation.
  • Noah takes Claire to a safe house and begins to train her to fight, but they are attacked by Sylar and Elle and Claire is shot. Noah takes Claire home, then returns to take out Sylar.
  • Hiro and Ando head to Sam's Comics, where they meet Sam and Frack, and find the new issue of 9th Wonders!.

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • Claire's bullet wound gets infected, and although Sandra calls an ambulance, doctors are unable to stop her from dying.
  • Noah pursues Sylar and a wounded Elle. He cuts Sylar's throat with a knife and leaves him to die.
  • Mohinder knocks Flint unconscious and escapes from Pinehearst, and goes to visit Maya.
  • The eclipse ends, restoring powers to those who had them.
  • Peter, Nathan and the Haitian defeat Samedi. The Haitian agrees to help Peter, but Nathan decides to take his father's side.
  • Hiro reads the 9th Wonders! comics but becomes frightened when he reads about Sylar and Adam. Sam convinces him he can save the world, and they discover a clue in an old issue of the comic.
  • Sylar and Elle arrive at the Bennets' house, and Sylar tries to kill Noah. Hiro appears and transports Sylar and Elle to a beach, where Sylar confronts Elle about her knowledge of his parentage.
  • Hiro transports Claire to the Deveaux rooftop sixteen years ago, when Kaito Nakamura handed her as a baby to Noah.

Our Father

  • Sylar kills Elle on the beach, then steals her phone to find a whole new list of superhumans, including the one he needs.
  • Matt, Ando, and Daphne hunt down the owner of Isaac's last 9th Wonders story.
  • Nathan joins his father and meets the marine test subjects for the new formula.
  • Peter and the Haitian prepare to confront Arthur.
  • Sylar takes the power of Sue Landers and heads towards Pinehearst.
  • Arthur goes back in time 16 years and takes the catalyst from Hiro. He then comes back and completes the formula.
  • Peter arrives at Pinehearst and shoots Arthur, but Sylar stops the bullet. After learning that Arthur is not his father, he releases the bullet, killing him.
  • Mohinder gives the formula to Scott, who starts shaking, and then exhibits his power of enhanced strength, throwing his chair into the wall.


  • In the moments before his death, Arthur reflects on his life.


  • Peter and Nathan argue about the formula.
  • Sylar traps Angela, Noah, Meredith, and Claire inside Primatech.
  • Matt, Daphne, and Ando try to find Mohinder.
  • Mohinder, facing death, tries to inject himself with the formula. Peter stops him long enough for Daphne to steal it.
  • Flint and Knox help Peter trash Pinehearst, noting that if others had powers, they wouldn't be as special anymore.
  • Nathan is woken up by Scott, who is quickly killed by Knox. Knox continues to keep an eye on Nathan.
  • Noah releases Echo, Eric Doyle, and Danny from their cells to help kill Sylar. Soon thereafter, Sylar kills Echo, cuts off Pine's arm, and overpowers Doyle. He then injects Meredith with adrenaline, causing her power to go berserk.
  • Ando injects himself with the formula and discovers he can amplify others' abilities.
  • Tracy kills Knox as he is about to beat Nathan to death.
  • Hiro and his younger self steal the formula from Kaito's safe, but are interrupted by Kaito, who then tries to kill adult Hiro with the Kensei sword, thinking him an enemy. Hiro tears the formula in half and is saved by Daphne, her power amplified by Ando.
  • Hiro and Daphne arrive at Pinehearst and steal the formula from Tracy.
  • Peter and Flint flip a vat holding the formula, which spills over Mohinder, curing his mutation. Nathan knocks out Flint, who wakes up and sets Pinehearst on fire. As the building is about to explode, Peter injects himself, getting his power back, and flies Nathan to safety.
  • Sylar captures Angela and forces her to confess that she is not his mother. When she claims to know who his real parents are, Claire stabs him in the head with a piece of glass.
  • Meredith explodes, destroying Primatech. Only Angela, Noah, and Claire appear to escape.

The Recruit

  • During the explosion at Pinehearst, Rachel Mills discovers her power of teleportation and tries to save David Sullivan (Part 1)
  • Ryan Hanover injects himself with one of the three remaining doses of the formula. Rachel injects an injured David with another dose,who then starts writhing in pain, and Ryan then shoots her in the shoulder. (Part 2)
  • David kills Ryan, and Rachel is forced to kill him when he attacks. She then decides to not destroy the last dose of the formula. (Part 3)
  • Rachel uses her power to exit the lab (Part 4)
  • Rachel hides the serum in her gunshot wound. (Part 5)
  • Mohinder takes the last vial of the serum and, after escaping Tracys car, destroys it. (What We Have Wrought)
  • Angela interrogates Rachel Mills in a Primatech facility in Tappen, NJ., then lets Rachel leave the facility. (Part 5)
  • In a gas station restroom, Rachel removes the capsule with the serum from her wound and goes outside. She is captured by Angela and Carlos. (Part 5)

Episode Notes

  • Kaito Nakamura's death occurred on March 11th, discovered because his funeral was a day before the events of Truth and Consequences, which was the 18th. He died the week before his funeral, March 11.
Timeline edit

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