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Top 5 Fan Quotes
Top 5 Fan Quotes

Top 5 Fan Quotes is compilation list of Heroeswiki member's favorite quotes.


Many great quotes have been generated from the Heroes-verse. Fans stay on top of them, and this page welcomes members to list their favorite Top 5 Fan Quotes.

Favorite Quotes

HiroDynoSlayer's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "Don't you need to write any of this down?"..."Memory is not an issue for me." Mohinder, The Haitian (Crossroads)
2) "You really think you...can control me?" Sylar (to Eric Doyle) (Dual)
3) "Wow. So you're like a serial killer...(I'm not a serial killer)...But you've got a pattern. You go after specific victims. You collect mementos...(Okay, technically, I'm a serial killer)." Luke Campbell, Sylar (Building 26)
4) "Haven't I killed you before?", "It didn't take." Sylar, Peter (How To Stop An Exploding Man)
5) "The s.o.b. is thinking in Japanese." Matt (Company Man)

Tanderix's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "Enough!" "I say when it's enough! You've got the power to stop me; what're ya waitin' for?!" "I've tried!" "And, when you've left New York a smokin' wasteland, we'll put that on your tombstone! 'Here lies Peter Petrelli - he tried!' Dig into that file cabinet of yours an' pull somethin' out! Fly, stop time, paint me a pretty picture! Do... something... unexpected!" Peter, Claude (Unexpected)
2) "Are you Rebel?" "I'm a rebel." Tom Miller, Sylar (I Am Sylar)
3) "I want only has Claire Bennet, daughter of Noah Bennet" Claire Bennet (to Noah Bennet) (Orientation)
4) "I've lived for 400 years, who's to say I won't live 400 more?" Adam Monroe, (to Hiro) (Powerless)
5) "You really think I'm that kind of stupid, doc?" "Honestly... yeah, I did." Flint, Mohinder (The Eclipse, Part 2)

Catalyst's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "Luke. You really got to stop trying to be my friend, or I'm going to have to kill you" Sylar (to Luke Campbell) (Building 26)
2) "Son, until you change that attitude, you're grounded." Arthur Petrelli (to Peter Petrelli) (Eris Quod Sum)
3) "Who is it
It's destiny.
Why can't destiny loose our number?"
Ando Masahashi, Hiro Nakamura (Fallout)
4) "Hi five turtle." Matt Parkman (to Turtle) (Dying of the Light)
5) "You've got the power to stop me, what are you waitin' for?"
"I'm trying!"
"And when you've left New York a smoking wasteland, we'll put that on your tombstone: 'Here lies Peter Petrelli. He tried.'"
"Dig into that file cabinet of yours and pull something out. Fly. Stop time. Paint me a pretty picture. Do--something--unexpected!"
Claude Rains, Peter Petrelli (Unexpected)

Radicell's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "What are you, her mother?" Eric Doyle (to Sandra) (Dying of the Light)
2) "Indian food?" Noah Bennet (Building 26)
3) "Hiro, you son of a bi--" Adam Monroe (I Am Become Death)
4) "I want to know everything you know about Nathan Petrelli."
"He was lousy in bed."
Danko, Tracy Strauss (Shades of Gray)
5) "You."
Future Hiro, Hiro (.07%)

Skullman1392's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "I want you out of my son's life."
"Yeah, well people in hell want ice water, it doesn't mean they're going to get it."
"Woman, you have no idea what I'm capable of."
Niki Sanders, Paulette Hawkins (One Giant Leap)
2) "I accidentally set my grandmother's house on fire when I was six. Caused a blackout in four counties in Ohio when I was eight. I spent my ninth birthday in a glass room with an IV of lithium in my arm. I've lived in this building for sixteen years, ever since the shrinks diagnosed me as a sociopath with paranoid delusions. But they’re just out to get me, 'cause I threatened to kill them. I'm twenty-four years old and I've never gone on a date. Never been on a roller-coaster. Never been swimming. And now you know everything there is to know about me. I don't have the luxury of being more interesting than that." Elle Bishop (Four Months Ago...)
3) "While you were busy playing Abu Ghraib, I was trying to make ice in an oven. This is a breezy 68 degrees and I've worked up one hell of a cold snap." Tracy Strauss (Cold Snap)
4) "You were flawed, weak, malleable. Someone I could manipulate because that's what I do, because you're right. I'm a monster too." Angela Petrelli (Dual)
5) "You know, last time I saw you, you were dead."
"Things change."
"I'm counting on it."
West Rosen, Noah Bennet (Scenic Route)

Dan's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "Cake?!" Sylar (Our Father)
2) "Its like swimming...but inside out!"
"I'm swimming! Haha!"
Ando, Hiro (Close to You)
3) ""What am I thinking now, Parkman?"
"Your last thought.""
Thompson, Noah (Landslide)
4) "Pinehearst? Sounds like a dishwashing liquid." Sandra (Eris Quod Sum)
5) ""I gotta use your cell."
"No service! I should've gone with Sprint.""
Matt, Usutu (The Second Coming)

Leckie's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) Payback is very bitchy Hiro (An Invisible Thread)
2) I don't get to fly very often, you know. Especially not first class.
Well, I'm glad my life savings could broaden your horizons.
Sylar, Matt Parkman (Shadowboxing)
3) "What am I thinking now, Parkman?
"Your last thought."
Thompson (to Matt), Mr. Bennet (to Thompson) (Landslide)
4) "Sorry, I've got plans for this little piece of paper, Pikachu."
"Pikachu?! Excuse me."
Tracy Strauss, Hiro (Dual)
5) "Stings like a bitch, doesn't it?" Noah (to Elle) (Cautionary Tales)

Yoshi's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "When I was a kid... I used to wish some stranger would come and tell me my family wasn't really my family. They weren't bad people, they were just... insignificant. And I wanted to be different. Special. I wanted to change. A new name, a new life. The watchmaker's son... became a watchmaker. It is so futile, that I wanted to be... important." Sylar, Chandra Suresh (Six Months Ago)
2) ""Are you going to eat it?"
"Eat your brain?... Claire, that's disgusting."
Claire (to Sylar) (The Second Coming)
3) "This is Bridget, and she has a very special ability. Any object she touches she can see its history. Everywhere it's been, everyone who's ever touched it."
"What's she gonna do to me?"
"Feed you."
Angela (toSylar) (One of Us, One of Them)
4) "You're not butterfly men, You're an evil butterfly men." Hiro (to Samuel) (Once Upon a Time in Texas)
5) "That’s enough, Gabriel"
"My name is Sylar!"
Noah, Sylar (Fallout)

Altes's Top 5

Quote From Source
1) "I know you're scared Claire. I would be scared too if I were with someone like me." Sylar (The Second Coming)
2) "Pigeon. Help me. I've lost the formula. I failed my father. I've lost my destiny. And now I'm talking to a pigeon." Hiro (Dual)
3) "Oh, Claire is gonna be so mad at me." Sylar (An Invisible Thread)
4) "I wanted to be Claire Bennet again. I thought people might forget."
"No, girl. Google's your enemy."
Claire, Gretchen (Orientation)
5) "All this talk of souls and spirits sends my head spinning. I am not a religious man. But there is one thing I do believe in: blood. Time to carve the turkey." Sylar (Thanksgiving)

Ricard Desi's Genesis Top 5

Quote From Source

"What am I thinking now, Parkman?"

"Your last thought."

Eric Thompson

Noah Bennet

"What do you think it is that makes this... bomb thing go off?"

"Don't know... Probably bad guy?"

"Bad guy?"

"Yes, like billain."

"What's that?"








Nathan Petrelli

Hiro Nakamura
"Boom." Sylar Landslide

"Are you the one? Saving you, did I save the world?"

"I don't know... I'm just a cheerleader."

Peter Petrelli

Claire Bennet

"Law enforcement attracts a certain type of male personality."

"And what type of personality would that be?"


"And the female personality?"

"Bitches. We like to keep it in the canine family."

Audrey Hanson

Matt Parkman

Ricard Desi's Generations Top 5

Quote From Source

"First you show me that I can be harmed by no weapon, and then you cut me deeper than any blade possibly could."

Takezo Kensei

The Line

"Are you reading my mind?"

"No... Yes. Sorry."

Nathan Petrelli

Matt Parkman
The Kindness of Strangers

"We can probably get there faster, you know, because you can... "

"I'm not a cargo jet, Parkman."

Matt Parkman

Nathan Petrelli
Fight or Flight

"Shoot me and there is no going back! You'll condemn yourself to hell!"

"I know."

Ivan Spektor

Noah Bennet
The Line

"Where is he? Where is the Haitian?!"

"The Haitian?... Isn't he in Haiti?"

Bob Bishop

Mohinder Suresh

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