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Analysis.jpg Episodic deaths is a canon analysis. The information has come from canon sources. Analysis.jpg

Elemental Manipulator/Episodic deaths
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20,000 people in Costa Verde die in I Am Become Death.

There are multiple episodes of Heroes in which characters die.

  • Bold information refers to a major or recurring character (excluding temporary), and
  • Information in italics refers to future character information.

Season One

Season Two

Season Three

Season Four


  • Ishi Nakamura is the only character to have died of natural causes. She died after passing on the catalyst.
  • Sylar has the highest kill count of any character. He has killed 38 people (excluding graphic novels) and caused the death of another.
  • Claire and Sylar have both temporarily died twice.
  • There were 7 death-free episodes in Season One, 1 death-free episode in Season Two and 3 death-free episodes in Season Three.