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Bennet Family Portrait.JPG
A family photo of the Bennets hangs in their home.

Loyalty to, and responsibility for one's family is a driving force in the lives of many evolved humans.


The Aswans The Bennets The Bishops
The Bowmans The Bustamantes The Butlers
Caitlin's family The Campbells The Chavezes
Cole/Mykah The Collinses The Coolidges
The Clarks The Cranes The Crums
The Davises The Dawsons The Deveauxs
Edgar's family The Ellises The Fradys
The Franklins The Frenches The Gallaghers
The Gitelmans The Gordons The Grays
The Greers The Gutierrezes The Hawkinses
The Herreras Khufu's kin The Kravids
The Lemays The Lindermans The Logans
The Lubbocks Lynette's family Marc/Seal
The Mendezes The Millbrooks The Millses
Adam Monroe's family The Murphys The Nakamuras
The Otomos Pamela's family The Parkmans
The Peaks The Petrellis The Pierces
The Pines Piper's family René's family
The Roizes The Sanderses Santiago's family
The Shaws The Shelbys The Spatneys
The Spragues The Strazzullas The Sullivans
The Sureshes The swordsmith's family Sylvia's family
The Tavaras The Taylors The Thompsons
Valerie/Victor The Walkers The Winawers
The Woolslys

Season One Recurrences


Don't Look Back

One Giant Leap

  • Niki Sanders discovers information regarding her husband D.L. Hawkins' past.
  • Paulette Hawkins defends her son, despite mounting evidence of his guilt
  • Matt realizes that his relationship with his wife Janice is not perfect.


  • Niki and Nathan discuss their children
  • Nathan cheats on his wife with Jessica, Niki's alter-ego.
  • Peter and Mohinder muse that we are all imperfect copies of our parents.


  • Mr. Bennet attempts to protect Claire, with help from his Haitian associate.
  • Matt and Janice Parkman discuss their marital problems.
  • Niki and her estranged husband D.L. meet again.

Better Halves

  • Claire and her adoptive mother bond as they make cupcakes.
  • Niki and D.L. talk about the $2 million that is causing them problems, and make up for the time being.
  • Claire meets Hank and Lisa, who claim to be her biological parents. Later, it is revealed that they were acting.
  • When Jessica acts up, Niki and D.L. fight, resulting in D.L. taking Micah.

Nothing to Hide

  • Simone's father Charles Deveaux passes away.
  • As Niki searches for her son, Micah, he calls out for help.
  • Theodore Sprague worries about his comatose wife Karen.
  • Matt learns that his friend Tom McHenry was sleeping with his wife Janice.

Seven Minutes to Midnight

  • Mohinder travels back to India for his father's funeral.
  • Mohinder decides to continue his father's research once again, after some insight has set in.
  • Mohinder learns he has a sister, Shanti, who passed away when she was five.


  • Nathan attempts to protect Peter from a prophetic painting painted by Isaac.
  • Mr. Bennet attempts to protect Claire from another painting of the same collection.
  • As Jessica plots revenge, Micah convinces D.L. that Niki needs their help.

Six Months Ago

  • Hal Sanders, Niki's father, visits Niki.
  • Niki mourns Jessica, her sister who died at age 11.


  • Nathan waits for Peter to be released from the Odessa Sheriff's Department.
  • Mr. Bennet explains to Claire his secrets, but goes behind her back and modifies the memories of Sandra Bennet, her brother Lyle, and wishes to modify Claire's memory.
  • Niki turns herself into the police to protect her family.


  • While Peter recovers in the hospital, his family watches vigil. Nathan tenderly kisses his comatose brother and expresses his love for him.
  • Hiro recalls stories his father told about Takezo Kensei.
  • Matt and Janice decide they need to reconcile their marriage and be honest with each other.
  • Niki yearns to hug her son.

The Fix

  • Financial troubles cause familial strains for Micah and D.L.
  • Claire searches for her biological family.
  • Matt and Janice find out their family will be growing.
  • Hiro is abducted by his father.



  • Claire seeks advice from her birth mother, and has mixed feelings about her birth father.
  • Sandra does not recognize her own family.
  • Micah tells his parents they should pursue their abilities together and fight crime as a family, but Jessica has other ideas.
  • Matt takes the bodyguard job in order to provide for his wife and unborn child.


Company Man



  • Claire gets explanations from her biological grandmother about her birth family. For the first time she meets her biological father, Nathan.
  • When Mr. Linderman asks Jessica to use Micah's abilities, she tells him no, and does not allow Mr. Linderman to interact with Micah.

Five Years Gone

The Hard Part


  • Mr. Bennet learns that Peter Petrelli is Claire's uncle.
  • Bennet tells Claire that he came with Ted and Matt to take out the Walker system so their family can be safe and they can start over.
  • Hiro meets his father at Jittetsu Arms, knows that he must show him respect, and talks with him.
  • Kaito and Hiro train with each other.

How to Stop an Exploding Man

  • D.L. believes in Niki and tells her that she has always been the strong one, not Jessica.
  • Kaito tells his son to not forget his legacy.
  • Peter goes to his brother for his help.
  • Angela tells Mr. Bennet that Claire is with her family, but Bennet proclaims that he is her family.
  • Bennet tells Claire that he loves her and Claire says that she loves him too.
  • Claire asks Nathan how he can let his brother kill all those people.
  • After Angela tells Claire that she can give her a family, Claire says that she already has a family.
  • D.L., Niki, and Micah are reunited at the Company's facility.
  • After Niki swings a parking meter at Sylar, Micah calls for her help and Peter tells her to go to her family.
  • Peter tells Nathan that he loves him and Nathan says that he loves him too.
  • Bennet and Claire are together as they see the explosion in the sky.
  • Niki, D.L., Micah, and Molly are together as they see the explosion in the sky.
  • Bennet tells Claire that home is anywhere their family is together.

Season Two Recurrences

Four Months Later...



The Kindness of Strangers

Fight or Flight

The Line

Out of Time

  • Matt tells Maury that he isn't scared of him anymore. He says that he's a good father, and that Maury doesn't know what it's like to fight for someone he loves.
  • Noah and Claire argue about how they both are putting the family in danger. Noah tells the family it is no longer safe and that they must move. Claire tells him that if they do, they are leaving without her.

Four Months Ago...

  • Nathan tells Peter that if Peter goes, he goes. After Peter explodes, Peter flies Nathan to a hospital to treat his radiation burns.
  • Alejandro marries Gloria. Alejandro tells Maya that they have never had family before.
  • Bob asks Niki if she is willing to put her family in danger.
  • D.L., Niki, and Micah celebrate Micah's birthday together.
  • After D.L. is shot and killed, his family attends his funeral.
  • After Adam treats Nathan's radiation burns, Peter takes a photo of him and Nathan with him.

Cautionary Tales

  • At Kaito's funeral, Hiro is called up to deliver a eulogy in his father's honor. He walks up to the podium, but then quickly walks away without saying anything. Ando meets up with him and asks if he's okay. Hiro time travels to try and save his father.
  • Bob introduces Elle as his daughter to Mohinder.
  • Bob and Noah capture each other's daughters, and they arrange a trade.
  • Noah tells Elle of the Company's experiments on her, which were lead by her own father, Bob.
  • Hiro takes Kaito to Ishi's funeral. When Kaito asks why he did this, Hiro replies that he needs to make him understand his pain.
  • Angela tells Matt if he forces her to tell her about Victoria Pratt, he's not only as bad as his father, but he is him.
  • During Hiro's second time at Kaito's funeral, Hiro is again called on to eulogize his father, but he still refuses to do so, saying that if he does, he is accepting that he is gone. He then goes on about all the things his father taught him saying that his father lives through his teachings. Hiro rubs off the red paint of his father's grave.

Truth & Consequences

  • Bob asks Elle if she can regain his trust.
  • Niki reunites with Micah, and when Micah is about to show D.L.'s medal to her, he discovers that it is missing.
  • Alejandro finds a print out of the New York Chronicle about a man, Gabriel Gray, who murdered his mother.


Season Three Recurrences

The Second Coming

The Butterfly Effect

One of Us, One of Them

I Am Become Death

Angels and Monsters

Dying of the Light

Eris Quod Sum


It's Coming

  • Peter Petrelli and Claire Bennet take turns protecting each other as they run.
  • Elle attacks Sylar for killing her father.
  • Nathan reminisces about his father and a fishing trip at the lake where Pinehearst got it's name.
  • Sylar blames his and Elle's parents for making them monsters.
  • Arthur teaches Sylar about his powers and, in extension, his emotions.
  • Angela reminds Arthur of the love they once had.
  • The Petrelli sons prepare for battle against their father.
  • Claire reasons she's the catalyst that her grandfather is after.

The Eclipse, Part 1

  • Arthur and Angela Petrelli send their teams out on missions against each other.
  • Sylar hunts his niece in order to prove himself to his father.
  • Noah Bennet goes to every length to protect Claire. He then seeks revenge against her attackers.
  • Matt Parkman has to go through Kaito Nakamura's files to find information on Hiro.
  • Peter and Nathan test each other's patience as they try to work together.
  • Mr. Millbrook takes care of Daphne when she runs back to him.
  • Sandra berates Noah for running out on the family when she's forced to care for a wounded Claire alone.

The Eclipse, Part 2

  • The Haitian stands against the terror regime of his brother.
  • Peter and Nathan fight for their lives against the Baron.
  • Claire loses the fight for her life as Sandra helplessly watches.
  • Sylar and Elle discuss plans on living without the influence of parents.
  • Noah Bennet hunts Sylar and Elle, wanting them to feel the fear Claire did.
  • Daphne and Mr. Millbrook patch things up between them.
  • Hiro reads about Kaito's death in an issue of 9th Wonders.
  • Nathan decides Arthur's plan will save the future and joins him.
  • Noah tells Sylar that Angela lied about his parentage.
  • Hiro takes Claire to the past to witness her adoption.

Our Father

  • Claire Bennet shapes her future by aiding her family in the past.
  • Hiro Nakamura is given the chance to say goodbye to his mother.
  • Sylar discovers for himself the truth about Arthur.
  • Peter is sent to murder Arthur and learns the motive behind Angela's betrayal.
  • Nathan develops Arthur's plans as the new face of Pinehearst
  • Arthur gives Claire a message for her grandmother.


A Clear and Present Danger

Trust and Blood

Building 26

  • Noah gets into trouble when he lies to the family again, and Sandra finds out.
  • Claire hides her heroism, and Alex Woolsly, from both of her parents.
  • Sylar learns that his father was close to another boy.
  • Annapurna is forced into a wedding to please her grandfather.

Cold Wars


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Shades of Gray

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Cold Snap

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Into Asylum

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Turn and Face the Strange

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I Am Sylar

An Invisible Thread

Season 4 Recurrences

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Jump, Push, Fall

The Fifth Stage

Peter is trying to get Nathan out of Sylar.

Later when "Nathan" tries to jump off a rooftop, Peter grabs his hand, Nathan says to Peter that he needs to let go and that Peter needs to say to Angela that Nathan loves her and that Peter needs to take care of Claire. Nathan says to Peter that he loves him and Peter says the same and Peter lets go, causing Nathan to fall and die.

Graphic Novel Recurrences

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