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"Agent 147"
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance 90lbs
In-story stats
Known ability Accelerated probability
Alias Agent 147
Nickname Agent 147
Age 32 (2010)
Date of birth 1978
Occupation Formerly a double agent conspirating against the UNC and working with the LCK

"Agent 147" is a code name for the mad man who conspired against the UNC and eventually blew it up.

Character History

Agent 147 was a conspirator to destroy the UNC. In 2004, he completed it by placing bombs periodically throughtout the UNC and then went and killed each founder one at a time. There were two left when a ninja steppen in and started throwing water at him. He dodged all of the water, due to his ability, and when one accidentally hit the founder who taught the Agent, Agent 147 laughed and flew out of the cave (with a jet pack), bursting a hole in the top and letting water gush in. Seconds later, the bombs went off. He hasn't been heard from since. There were signs that he came and helped a guy murder founders of another company. But there's no complete evidence that it's him. But who knows...


At the UNC, Seasion is seen telling Jamie that two more recruitees came and that he can't train them today becuase he has to renew the contract with Kaito. Jamie says that she will train them and two children of age 17 and 24 come in. Seasion says that the 17 year old is Gomer A and that the 24 year old refuses to have a "trainee" name so he said they named him Agent 147 and that he still is a trainee, but with an agent name. After training a little bit, Jamie decided that Agent 147 was working well, but he was taking things too far. He wasn't listening to directions at all.

Jamie noticed that Agent 147 had accelerated probability and thats why he was so fast. Jamie told Gomer A to go to his quarters because he needed to talk to Agent 147. She told him that he wasn't following directions. She said that she now knows why. Agent 147 was shocked when he heard he had an ability. She said that there's a company that helps keep this place running that can help him control his ability. She handed him a Primatech Company card.


When Gulp wakes up at the LCK warehouse, he sees Agent 147 there and when King Rosko orders them to fight, the UNC team gets freed. As Gulp is about to free Carl, Agent 147 speeds up to Gulp and says good bye. They fight by Agent 147 dodging water from Gulp. But one drop eventually hits Agent 147 and renders him unconcious. When King Rosko escapes, he teleports Agent 147 away to an unknown location.


Seasion and Maxwell recognizes Agent 147 talking to a criminal they were trying to find. When they talk about it and then turn back around, they are both gone. Later, they ask Agent 147 what he was doing there and if he knew the man strapped in the chair. He replied with drugs and they let him go.


First, he is shown helping the Trio escape from the Cave Below. Then he later refuses Gulp's orders to catch them, so he charms him by putting a spell on him. Gulp goes about his wishes without remembering Agent 147.

Knock Out

Jamie gets a rumor from Agent 147 that Lilly Ninja is plotting against the UNC.

A Solitary Journey

When Perry Adams sits in the bar, he watches the news that says that Perry escaped from jail with a fake lawyer. The lawyer is Agent 147.

The Future is Set

Agent 147 returns to the New Jersey warehouse and tells King Rosko that he lost Robert. King Rosko collapses to the floor and Agent 147 lies him on a bed. Rosko tells him that he is dying and when he does, a tear rolls down Agent 147's face and it lands on a parch of paper. He picked it up and began to read it.

Evolved humans Abilites

Agent 147 contains the ability of Accelerated probability.

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