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Denise Black
Portrayed by Iheartheroes
First appearance 90lbs
In-story stats
Known ability None
Formal name Denise Black
Alias Denise Black
Nickname Denise
Age 20 (2009)
Date of birth November 20, 1989
Place of birth Philadelphia
Date of marriage None
Date of death February 14, 2003
Home Michigan
Residence Michigan
Occupation Student
Significant other Sakamito Caramine
Parent Jamie Black; dad lost in the OKC Bombing
Guardian Seasion Caramine

Denise Black was the love intrest of Sakamito Caramine. Now she is on a deserted island with her mother, placed there by John.

Character History

On November 20, 1989, she was born. In 1995, her dad gave her a crystal necklace right before he went on this business trip to Oklahoma City. Unfortunately, her dad was killed in the OKC Bombing. In memory of her father, she went to this site a year later, and that's where she met Sakamito. They became really good friends, and when Jamie got too emotional with their old house, they moved to Michigan, where Sakamito lived. With her mom always on business trips, she stayed with Sakamito and Seasion Caramine alot. There, a relationship bonded. They were always together. Went to classes together, walked home together, ran out in the fields and watched stars together all the time. At about age 8, they shared their first kiss. At age 12, his grandfather told her that he sent him into a "military school" and that he wouldn't be home too often. So, she never went there again. She then became a cheerleader and a popular girl in school. One time when Sakamito came back, they had a sexual experience. He was in love with her so much, and she loved him. But he was never there. Three times, they had sex. Unfortunately, since her mom isn't home that often, guys usually came over for a little enjoyment. And when he found out about these others, he asked her after their last sex, "Why do you bother to please me, when you go off pleasing others right after?" Then, he left. This was February 9, 2003. 5 days later, her house caught on fire. All they could find of her was the crystal necklace and that was it. Nothing of her or her stuff. Sakamito kept the crystal necklace and wears it 24/7. Everyday he regrets the last thing he said to her. Everyday he cries for her. Everyday he wants revenge on fire. Everyday he kills because of the revenge..


Gulp Ninja remembers their first kiss under the stars in the tree branch. He also thinks of how he had just found out that she was cheating on him.


Denise is staring at the stars while looking out her window. Sakamito walks in behind her. He sits down beside her and tells her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too and they kiss. He then looks at her and tells her that he has to go to a new school. He tells her that his grandpa is making him join this stupid organization and that he is hardly ever going to be home. She starts to cry. Seasion budges in and takes him. She tries to fight back and he yells back at her that he loves her. And she yells it back too.

Later, at the UNC, her mother is talking to her on the phone, they hang up, and Jamie asks Seasion why he had to break her daughters heart.

Denise is then seen at school. She completely changed the way she looked and the prissiest girl in school, Mary Wolff, took her into the janitor's closet and changed Denise's clothes. She then became the most popular kid in school.


Denise and Gulp are sitting on a grassy hill in a very sunny setting. She leans over and kisses Gulp. She motions her away and feels his phone buzzing. He got it out and saw on the screen "CARL." She tells him to stay and he says, "I can't Denise, I've got work calling me." He walks away and then flies to meet his friend Carl.

Cold Rain

In his death note, Gulp says that he hurt Denise, and that he loved her. He says he always wanted a child. He thinks that when Denise died, his child could've been inside her. Or someone else's child.

Time We Share

After John put Denise on a deserted island and burnt down her house, Denise just waits on the island for someone to arrive. Jamie arrives on the island, and the two of them hug. They talk about how none of this would've happened if it weren't for the UNC. They say that Gulp is fine.

Later, on a beach in the sunset, Jamie is seen with Denise's dad, and they conceive a child, naming her Denise.


Denise is depicted through fire in Gulp's future that Teiresias and Seasion watch.

Treachery and Innocence

Jamie, Seasion, Samuel Sullivan, and Sakamito come to get Denise, which is when Sakamito first meets Denise. Samuel takes them to a carnival, where Ken, Kaito, and John come and attack them. After they try to escape, Ken grabs Denise and throws her. Jamie tries to catch her but John trips her. Samuel sends a tree out to catch her. Ken, Kaito, and John take all five in to the Company and bags and tags them. The Haitian wipes their minds and they are placed back to where they started off.

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