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Teiresias is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The tenth story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Teiresias · Spontaneous combustion · The Haitian · Mental manipulation



Deep in the boughes of the Underworld, a man is staring into a firey pit. Another person walks up to him. "Excuse me, are you the blind prophet, Teiresias?" the man asks.

The man staring into the pit replies back, "Yes Seasion, I am. Sit down, my boy. I need to tell you of a young man in your life." Seasion sat down next to Teiresias and they stared at the fiery pit. Fire jumped up and formed the shape of a boy. "This is your grandson, Sakamito..." Teiresias told Seasion about Sakamito's life and the fire showed what he was narrating. Seasion took out a notepad and started to take notes. "You can't take notes!!" Teiresias yelled, and the note pad burnt up faster than Seasion could throw it out of his hands. When he blew the ashes off his hands, here were ring marks burt onto his palm. He showed Seasion all about Sakamito's life, how he will meet the love of his life in 1996, about Carl, that he will be recruited into the UNC in 2000, etc. "...and after a long life, he will die, and exactly one year later, at the same time of day, you will die."

Seasion gauped in astonishment. "When will he die? What is the reason he will die? This "nerdy" cop, how and where do they meet?" Seasion asked a series of questions until Teiresias says:

"I cannot tell you the answers, for those are the questions you must ask yourself. If I give you the answers, you could try and prevent fate," Teiresias told him and he told Seasion to go and send the kid. Seasion leaves and he is now at his house. Sakamito runs up and hugs his grandpa. Seasion shows Sakamito the way into the Underworld. When he is there, he wonders around until he finds a tunnel made of concrete. He stays there for a while and then follows down the tunnel.

Seasion finds his son and daughter-in-law. He puts blinders over their eyes and takes them outside. He brings them to the roof of a tall building. He looks at his watch; 9:00 A.M. They ask where they are and how he did that. He says nothing but hugs them as he is crying. "There is one thing he actually told me the exact of, and that is this," Seasion says good bye and jumps away. Moments later, the building explodes and the two die along with 166 others.

In the Underword, young Sakamito walks into a room and sees a man standing in a fiery pit with a semi-ring of fire blowing around him. It was like lava bouncing up and down. Teiresias walks towards Sakamito, and says, "Sakamito, sit down. I need to tell you something important."

As he follows his orders, he says, "Sir, where am I?"

"You are in the Underworld, where the souls of corpses reside to live along in the afterlife."

Sakamito looks confused and says, "Why am I here? What is a course? And what is an afterlight?"

Teiresias grunts and says, "You are in the Underworld, where dead people reside to live on."

Sakamito still looks confused and says, "Why am I here? Am I dead?"

"No, I am here to tell you of your future. Now, you musn't tell anyone of the future you will hear. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir! But what if I don't want to know?"

"SHUT UP!" Teiresias cried. "In 2015, a woman will come and murder you in the User:Gulp-Ninja Series/Lake Ontario|place you reside]]." The fire again made a story of what he told.

"Why?" Sakamito asks.

"Just remember. She will murder you in the place you reside. She will murder you in the place you reside. She will murder you in the place you reside." Teiresias and Sakamito go back and forth on getting it in his head, until he gets it and Teiresias tells him to go home and disappears.

Seasion is retelling what he knows to Jamie and he also writes it down in a notebook. After that, they go and eat dinner together. Seasion got spaghetti and Jamie got chicken cordon bleu. Just as soon as they get their food, Seasion catches on fire and Jamie shoves her hand over it and her hands transforms into water, putting the fire out. Teiresias and a Haitian walk over and stand above their table.

"You were not supposed to tell any one of the prophecy of your grandson. So my friend here, will wipe both of your meories clean of any of this 'prophecy' business," Teiresias said and the Haitian put his hand on Seasion's forehead and wiped his memory clean and then did the same to Jamie's. The two mysterious men then walked out of the building and split ways, with Teiresias shifting down into the Underworld.

Sakamito is now wondering the complextions of the Underworld unaware of how to get out. He saw abunch of souls, they looked like ghosts to him. When he turned down a corner and saw a portal. At least 168 ghosts were flying past at that moment. Two souls floated over to him. "Sakamito!" They said. Sakamito saw who it was; it was his parents. He wondered how they got in there and why they were in there. They said that they were murdered alond with all those other people. A spear pokes Sakamito in the arm. He turns around and there in front of his eyes was a Hoplite phalanx formation. With 50 greek soldiers lined up with 18 feet long spears. They ask him why a mortal is in the Underworld.

"I was here with Teiresias and I can't get home!" Sakamito said. One came forth to him and he told him that they will destroy his bones and make his soul stay in the Underworld if he doesn't get out in one minute. He then yelled charge and Sakamito ran as fast as his legs could carry him. The Hoplite was following right behind him with the swords ready to stab him. The ones in the back threw their spears and some almost his Sakamito. He spoke to himself, "She will murder me in the place that I reside. She will murder me in the place that I reside." He repeated it until he was practically screaming it. He realized that all of them are men and that he doesn't live there. He stopped and thought about it as they came closer to killing him until he fell through a gap that appeared in the ground. Within a minute or two, he was lying on his couch thinking the words "She will murder me in the place that I reside." He tried to say it outloud, but failed at it. He could say each word, just not in that sequence. His brain just would not allow it.

Two Months Later

Seasion is shuffling through some papers in his desk and finds a small notebook. He opens it and reads the prophecy that was erased from his memory.

The End.

Charatcer Appearances

Scrcrambled Eggs Nominations

  • Isaac Mendez is this story's Scrambled Egg. Isaac Mendez gets this award because he too is a prophet like Teiresias.


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