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Lighters is a story about Gulp Ninja's life.

(The third story in the Gulp-Ninja Series)


Story Development

Wind 3-P · Maxwell Wakes · Prophecy · Excelerated Jump · The Lighter · Electric manipulation



The story opens with Denise Black staring at the stars while looking out her window. Sakamito Caramine walks in behind her. He sits down beside her and tells her that he loves her. She tells him she loves him too and they kiss. He then looks at her and tells her that he has to go to a new school. He tells her that his grandpa is making him join this stupid organization and that he is hardly ever going to be home. She starts to cry. Seasion barges in and takes him. She tries to fight back and he yells back at her that he loves her. And she yells it back too.

At the UNC, Jamie is talking on the phone with someone who is very upset and crying alot. They say goodbye and hang up. She turns around and sees Seasion. She asks, "Did you have to break my baby's heart?" He replies saying that his ability was manifesting and didn't want her to get hurt, or possibly die. She says that this hurt her more. They part ways as a tear rolls down Jamie's face.

Seasion is later shown taking Sakamito to training class. He introduces him to a boss at the UNC, Wind 3-P. Wind 3-P gives Sakamito the name Sakamito B. The two go to class without Seasion and Sakamito goes and sits down in a desk. A girl turns around and says "Hi, my name is Emma D! What's yours?" They converse while not paying attention to Wind.

Meanwhile, Carl is seen chasing a car while in his cop car. He pulls it over and asks for their lisence. The man steps out and says that he needs him. The man shoves Carl in the back of the car and drives away.

Seasion talks to one of the other founders, Maxwell Wakes, when Jamie walks in. She tells Seasion that she needs to speak to him in private. She says she's sorry for the way she acted, but a man who is prophesized about in Sakamito's life, is in trouble. Seasion's eyes are widened and asks if it's the geek and she says yes. He says he'll be back. He takes off and leaves.

Emma and Sakamito became somewhat good friends and studied together, until Emma passed the class (because she had been in the class a year before Sakamito). They still talked but she went on to become Lilly Ninja and he was still Sakamito B.

Carl was taken out of the car and placed in a jail cell. He noticed that the jail house was an abandoned one. He looks around and sees no other jail birds. He asks the man why there aren't any other people here. The man replies with, "We take one person at a time, take their life, and light their body like a lighter. Then move on to the next victim." Carl looks worried and asks "We?" The man points to the back of the jail cell. There is a man there; he put his hands in the air and created sparks on his hands. He says that they are ready for the life taking part.

Denise is then seen at school. She completely changed the way she looked and the prissiest girl in school, Mary Wolff, took her into the janitor's closet and changed Denise's clothes. She then became the most popular kid in school.

Seasion lands at an old warehouse, walks in knocks a man down and jumps into a jail cell. He has a maniacal look on his face and says "Lighter!" Lighter looks at Seasion and says "Seasion, its so nice to see you again. Too bad you'll be in flames!" A battle goes on and afterwards, the Lighter looks at himself in a mirror; he is all beaten up. Seasion grabs Carl, turns to the Lighter, and says "Don't mess with my grandson's life." He jumps up with his ability and lands in Los Angeles. He tells Carl to stay out of trouble and to train to be a cop at this place. Carl looks at a group of trainee cops and sees Matt Parkman. Carl is hesitant but accepts it.

Seasion goes back to the UNC and talks to Sakamito about why he had to take him away from Denise.


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